Mar 5, 2021

Are BLM Rioters Made Up of Paid Protesters?

A Split Decision.

Marxist emblem of BLM. Turn on the news over the last two months, and the unrest sweeping the country is shocking. Following the death of an unarmed black man, George Floyd, anger bubbled over in multiple cities across the country. Thousands took part in protests of many forms across the nation.

  • The question's popped up on multiple sites now: are the protesters organic? As in, did they come out to protest on their own?

Or were they directed via another means? Usually, this would mean that they were being paid. The jury is still out on this one. For most protesters, the answer seems to be no. For the leaders of the protests, the answer is a little more complicated.

What We Know Know About BLM.

Snopes rates the assertion as false. Some of the significant words are false. The average protester received no cash payment for their actions. Some of the theories include George Soros paying the protesters. He did not pay the rank and file. He did not pay for the transport of the protesters. Soros did not place bricks near the protests. Similarly, Craigslist denies the idea that most of the protesters are paid.

  • Pretty straightforward: case closed, right?

Not exactly. The average person who showed up to a protest wasn't receiving money from a billionaire or a group. However, activists are another story. There have been fundraising cases for radical causes, socialist protesters, and Marxist academics jockeying for position and favor during the protests.

There is also the accusation that the Black Lives Matter movement is Marxist in origin. Many of the leaders are, in fact, Marxists. Most of the rhetoric spread during the protests and online is extreme. This far-left ideology is infecting the protests at every level. This creates leadership structures and hierarchy. The question will soon become-- who gets paid from the donations and organizations sparked by the protests? The answer is Act Blue, which gives all of its money to the DNC.

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