Nov 8, 2020

How Censorship Couldn’t Kill “Joe Biden Corruption” on Google

"Harris" 2020 - A Coordinated "Trojan Horse" Effort By Big Tech?

Biden harris 2020 - Stasi

Below this unbiased article presents two sides: the left and the right. The views expressed below do not necessarily reflect the views of the author. This year's election was the closest in living memory. Despite what CNN, Big Tech, and Republicans claim their Democrat party "partners say," this election has not been decided. But this did not stop Siri from appointing Kamala Harris, President. (See below Siri video). At the outset, Trump has already filed his lawsuit in Pennsylvania. And I have read it.

And I must say, it appears based upon the witness allegations it does not look good for Kathy Boockvar or Pennsylvania's politicians or Elections Board.

Who Is Kathy Boockvar?

This image of a few of Boockvar's anti-Trump Tweets should sum it up for Don Lemon and pro Biden "News."

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Here is what Trump says in his lawsuit about hardcore partisan Democrat Election's Board Supervisor "Boockvar."

  1. Kathy Boockvar openly and actively called on mail-in voters in Democrat majority counties if they made any mistakes such as failing to use the official envelope or failing to keep the ballot inside the "privacy sleeves," so Democrat voters could cure their mistakes before the election.
  2. Kathy Boockvar ordered primarily democrat vote counters to disparately treat mail-in ballot mistakes in Republican-majority counties with silence and TO NOT CONTACT REPUBLICAN MAIL VOTER ERRORS.
  3. Kathy Boockvar unilaterally exempted mail-in ballots from statutory law requiring a signature validation while forcing in-person voters to submit to a signature check.
  4. Kathy Boockvar openly encouraged vote counters to ignore statutory law, and IGNORE her own Supreme Court's ORDER, and CONTINUED to allow democrat mail-in votes with "missing privacy sleeves" to be counted as valid votes, along with UNSIGNED ballots, all in VIOLATION of Philadelphia law and the Supreme Court's emergency order demanding she STOP coaching vote counters to do so. (And this was posted on her official state website and in internal memos)
  5. Kathy Boockvar, the Elections Board, or the DNC have the right to ignore USC Article I Section III of Federal Law in handling the elections.

Last, the complaint points out that administrative agencies such as the Secretary of the Commonwealth cannot unilaterally and disparately ignore federal and state law or the Pennsylvania Supreme Court. (See a copy of Trump's complaint here).

At least three Republicans we interviewed showed they think electronic voting machines recently picked up by the states that initially went for Trump, along with vote counters who are openly hardcore left, are part of what decided this election. Most Republicans we interviewed, along with many physicians, say that Biden has dementia or Alzheimer's. And these same people believe these open and notorious facts were buried and censored by big tech, say those on the right.

See the Biden Video Indicating Symptoms Of A Mental Disease Or Defect.

Interestingly, the same amount of Democrats interviewed think that Biden will not last more than a year. But they are happy because this was about getting a hardcore socialist into office, Kamala Harris. Republicans have said all along this was all about getting hardcore leftist Kamala Harris in power as a Trojan Horse. The Second Amendment supporters were called conspiracy theorists and racists for repeating what Biden and Harris have both said. They are "coming for your guns."

The end of semi-automatic, centerfire rifles is now on the horizon unless federal law is followed. At least that is what Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch seems to suggest. He says there is no legal precedent allowing for a vote counting to continue past the statutory time. Fitton uses the Public Records Act and other laws to get documents lawmakers and enforcers try to conceal from the public that primarily shed light on internal corruption by politically left organizations like the USPS, FBI, colleges, and universities.

He is hated by the left, who want this information hidden from the public. So, of course, he is targeted by so-called fact-checkers and minders on the major social sites. Republicans claim Biden is just a Trojan horse to get a rabid Anti-Second Amendment leftist like Harris elected president. Apple has already sworn Harris into office based upon the Siri results. So far, military absentee ballots are being found in trash dumpsters, and vote-counters wearing Biden Harris paraphernalia are the ones counting the votes.

There is more than enough evidence of voter fraud at the outset to force new elections in the contested states. So much so, even the Democrat party's propaganda machines, Google, Facebook, Twitter, CNN, ABC, CBS, MSNBC, WaPo, are changing their narrative on voter fraud. Their party line is there is no evidence of "widespread" voter fraud, whatever that means. We see that democrat enclaves in the vote count department have a great system of plausible deniability. For example, they can blame any fraud on "independent contractors."

In other words, there is some fraud, but you can't prove there is widespread fraud, and if you try and make a law to make it hard to commit fraud, like Voter ID, you're a "racist." At least, this is what many on the right believe based upon what they see with their own eyes. To them, facts don't represent "conspiracy theories."

"...ballots were “incorrectly discarded” into the office trash by a “temporary seasonal independent contractor”. The contractor, who had started working at the Elections Bureau on Sept 14, two days prior the incident was discovered, was removed from service." - Source Reuters.

"A top Democratic operative says voter fraud, especially with mail-in ballots, is no myth. And he knows this because he’s been doing it, on a grand scale, for decades." - Source NY Post.

Republicans have complained for years about the pro-Democrat U.S. Post Office mail delivery employees.

going postalAs one Republican, we interviewed said:

"Find me a republican postal worker, and I will show you an anomaly."

“You have a postman who is a rabid anti-Trump guy and he’s working in Bedminster or some Republican stronghold … He can take those [filled-out] ballots, and knowing 95% are going to a Republican, he can just throw those in the garbage.” - NY Post, Supra.

"A few days after nearly 100 ballots were recovered from a dumpster in New Jersey, a Postal Service employee was arrested Wednesday on charges that he intentionally delayed and obstructed the delivery of mail, the authorities said." - See New York Times.

We see so far that many of these "independent" poll workers and vote counters are wearing pro Biden gear. (See images here). So it's no surprise people not plugged into Silicon Valley propaganda are upset, say the Republicans. Despite efforts by Big Tech to replace the front page SERPS with pro-Biden propaganda in response to searches like "Joe Biden corruption," people are wising up and using Parler and DuckDuckGo. Other non-biased, "neutral" platforms say Republicans.

But the youth are still using propaganda sites like Twitter, Google, and other Act Blue fronts, say the left. And as Republicans correctly point out, it's not the children but who teaches the children that will determine how they will vote. And it's the campus cancel culture environment that prevails, and subtle digs at Trump made by these public school teachers. It's obvious, say, parents, that "their allegiance is to a Saul Alinsky style of leftism using our kids."Democrats claim there is nothing wrong with this because these organizations think and act like them. Teachers and teachers unions are notoriously left-wing.

And we see how kids with MAGA masks or kids wearing pro-USA gear are suspended and set home, but kids wearing pro democrat BLM or ANTIFA gear are praised by public school teachers and other alleged communist educators. Republicans say this is why democrats hate school vouchers. It's far harder to reprogram an adult brought up on patriotic, Pro USA teachings. The new message is our founders were white. Whites are evil and privileged. Therefore, the Constitution is racist and anti-gay, and we need socialism to make everyone equal.
Consequently, we can use courts to decide the law as we see fit. And of course, all private firearms owners are racists as well. So they must be confiscated. Republicans say the Democrat-run cities are just like Venezuela, and that is how they want it in a town near you. Democrats counter that everyone deserves an equal outcome and that the state should decide what news is and isn't. Democrats believe that someone like Gavin Newsom is better suited to determine how much money you earned you should be allowed to keep. Sounds fair to me.

Republicans say that wealthy "limousine liberals" are trying to shut down any competition by packing courts with activist judges such as those in charge of Pennsylvania's entire court system, as well as their District Attorneys and legislators. Democrats say they have a supermajority that has nothing to do with their disparate treatment of Trump voters. So Republicans are "conspiracy theorists." It doesn't help that almost all major news media is run or controlled by influential billionaire leftists.

So now stories that are negative or go against any of their political partnerships and investments are "fact-checked" by left-wing organizations like Washington Post, or Twitter, for example. Heck, you can even buy your own NFL Team and promote kneeling when our flag is praised to millions of young kids, say those on the pro-USA left. At least that is what Republicans say. Democrats aver the Republicans have Fox News, considered by many mainstream Republicans as "Donna Brazil Lite."

So there is a huge battle right now as to what is and isn't news. So with big tech, apps, and teachers, Republicans believe this country is toast unless the Supreme Court enforces the U.S. Constitution. Millennials appear to be not researching on their own, say Republicans. And they are also alarmed as to why social media leftists think we need them to provide their version of what facts say because that is what they are doing.

Instead, youngsters rely upon Twitter and Facebook Democrats to "fact check," according to the Republicans we polled here. Moreover, the undercover video demonstrates that Facebook and Twitter Employees regularly shadow ban and harm people online who support Trump or "pro-American" beliefs, according to Republicans. And they also appear to believe that "fact-checkers" at Facebook and Twitter are not biased towards the left, which is false. And they are the ones who will be left with the social changes and economic disaster of unearned wage increases and the abolition of self-defense rights by the death of a thousand cuts, say Republicans.

What Does The Constitution Say?

The Constitution provides an apparatus to create laws by legislation. Under Article 3, the courts are there to uphold and interpret legislation and enforce it when states overstep their bounds, violate federal law, etc. And the definitions of the words as they meant in the text at the time of the national legislation are what apply. This is called "legislative intent." This has been the historical way all law has been dealt with by the courts. Lawmakers make the law, and judges see if the rules are unconstitutional. If not, the rules are upheld if they withstand judicial scrutiny as, at a minimum, legislatively reasonable.

So What Happened Here? Notorious RBG Died That's What Happened.

Ruth Rest in PeaceDemocrats states were able to take advantage of a window in which four leftist Justices could at least rubber stamp their Democrat-run State Supreme Court's decision to legislate from the bench. It appears they applied the so-called mailbox rules to allow late votes to be received after authorized the time by federal statute. Usually, calling an election is easy. But here, Fox News, CNN, and corporate-funded BIG media called the election for Biden and assumed Trump would concede.

But here, Trump will not accept what Chief Justice Roberts and the liberal Justices did by allowing blue states to ignore the text of the federal law, as will be discussed. And he also has damning evidence of widespread Dominion voting machine and vote counter fraud. The government encouraged voting fraud and disparate treatment of red counties over blue counties. The other more traditional Justices now have a textualist to join them in blocking the more leftist Justices from "legislating from the bench."

Notorious RGB's Death Created A Window To Let Kathy Boockvar Disenfranchise Millions Of Pennsylvania Voters In Red Counties?

If the witness testimony and the facts are true, the death of Justice Ginsburg, the Notorious RBG was played like a fiddle by the Democrats. As Barrett was being gilled by the Senate for confirmation, the Democrat Run State Supreme Court ruled that the mailbox rule can be used as a device to expand upon federal law. In other words, vote counting is over when the states say, not the federal government. Some pundits say that if Justice Barrett had been sworn in, all the ballots from dead people and people not eligible to vote could not have been mixed in with pro-Trump votes received on or before election day. 

And that is precisely what happened here, according to analysts on the right. Democrats in blue states and what Republicans say are "activist democrat judges" ignored the U.S. Constitution unilaterally and decided that federal law concerning when the elections are over was ignored.  As a lawyer, I can say with certainty that there is no legal provision, COVID, or otherwise for states to amend federal law without a federal law in advance to alter or amend existing law. What do I mean?

Well, states can make rules about how they will conduct elections, but they can't extend federal vote-counting guidelines using the mailbox rule. There is no precedent for this. But that is precisely what Philadelphia did here as a matter of clear vision. In effect, Republicans say the left-wing Justices in concert with the DNC and Boockvar decided to allow ballots sent to addresses of dead people, people who left the state, and all over the place to be counted after the statutory cut-off. Then they said it was ok to count votes after the federal statutory periods allowed under federal law. (See below discussion).

So it is likely in moy opinion SCOTUS will force new elections in the blue states mixed ballots of mail in voters along with in-person voters, which are far less succeptible to fraud according to the Supreme Court and Democrats like Jimmy Carter. But just weeks ago when Judge Barrett had not been sworn in was the time Pennsylvania had to strike. There were the four leftist justices led by Chief Justice Roberts and the others who support interpreting the law based upon the law's text and history. And as expected, the pro democrat Justices voted to ignore the textual and historical provisions set forth in federal law in favor of public servant Boockvar under the pretext of "COVID-19" requiring mass mailing of UNREQUESTED, insecure, easily tamper-able ballots under the "mailbox" rule.

"Justices Samuel Alito, Neil Gorsuch, Brett Kavanaugh, and Clarence Thomas would have required the state to stop accepting absentee ballots when the polls close on Nov. 3." - Source CNBC.

Here is the law:

"3 USC Section I - The electors of President and Vice President shall be appointed, in each State, on the Tuesday next after the first Monday in November, in every fourth year succeeding every election of a President and Vice President." - (Source).

For all you non-lawyers, they don't even teach this in law schools. But what this means is that all votes must be counted by election night. This is because you cannot appoint electors until all the votes are counted. And all electors must be established " each State, on Tuesday next after the first Monday in November, in every fourth year succeeding every election of a President and Vice President." And Trump was far ahead on the Tuesday next after the first Monday in November. But then, all of a sudden, the next day, voting machines in Blue states started flipping Trump votes to Biden. And unsolicited Pro Biden mail-in ballots showed up by the thousands. And the states mixed the late, non verified ballots together with the legal ballots before Justice Alito had a chance to stop the tainted ballots from being mixed.

The next case to come before the Court has Justice Barrett as the deciding vote. But no matter what, unless the text of the federal law is enforced, Biden-Harris 2020 wins. With the mess of the 2000 election in Florida, it should be no surprise that this year's election may come down to several key states. There is a strong chance that PA, FL, IA, GA, and OH all could be down to the wire. The Biden camp seems to see this, with his recent campaigning in Ohio. However, it appears that Donald Trump's campaign is the one to see this in full effect.

Official, Fillable Contact Us About Your Personal Injury Insurance Claims Form.In part, that is why the President launched a whirlwind series of campaign stops in the last few days of the election. Will it make a difference? I guess we found out after the Supreme Court decides whether or not to enforce federal law or if they will allow anarchy to prevail. I mean assuming Republicans claim the Constitution was thrown out and Biden won based upon votes from dead people, non-residents, and ignoring black and white federal laws. The problem Republicans face is that democrats and democrat appointed judges control the states where this is happening, so say the democrats. So good luck with that.

Besides, suppose the Constitution is enforced, and Trump does win based upon the federal requirement that all votes must be counted before electors can be placed. In that case, BLM and other democrat fronts like ANTIFA will burn down your business and riot. So the choice is yours say the Democrats. But what we know now is that the Biden camp also fears the New York Post bombshell's effects on his son Hunter. Hunter Biden used his family name-- and his father's former position as Vice President to leverage millions in foreign deals.

Furthermore, Joe's brother James also cashed in on the family ties with millions in Iraq contracts. From Kazakhstan to China to Ukraine, Hunter Biden profited while many Americans suffered from the effects of the Obama presidency. And now much of the info is coming out just days and weeks before the election. The question is-- is it too late to change the results as far as Google is concerned? Probably not. If you do a negative search on Biden about his corruption, the first several pages are pro democrat propaganda and non-responsive to the search query. Try doing an Apple Sir voice search.

Ask, "who is president of the United States? You will quickly hear, "Kamala Harris." Sure they will say it's a glitch, as they always do. But Republicans say it's just one more example of Millenials writing the algorithms controlling the search results.

See The Siri Search Claiming Kamala Is "President" Video Below.

Is It Corruption?

This whole situation reminds me of the quote from Harry Truman. “Show me a man that gets rich by being a politician, and I'll show you a crook.” Was Joe Biden directly involved in Hunter's affairs? It looks like we are going to find that out only after the election. Furthermore, the sheer scope is not yet clear. Hunter Biden talked about giving 10% to the "big man" or "chairman."

Logic dictates that the most likely candidate for the "big man" would be his father, the Vice President. Furthermore, with the Twitter, Facebook, and Google embargo on so much of this info, the true scope is still unclear. Would this be corruption? On Hunter and James Biden's parts, yes. They knew that they could leverage the position and namesake of their relatives to bring in millions.

It's not like Hunter was skilled or trained in dealing with Ukrainian natural gas. Burisma wanted him on their board for a straightforward reason. Furthermore, Joe Biden bragged about getting a Ukrainian prosecutor fired by threatening to withhold American aid. The prosecutor was looking into Burisma at the time.

Later, Biden also admitted that:

"We have created the largest voter fraud organization ever," says Republicans and Youtube Videos.

There was a clear familial advantage to the prosecutor being fired. This is remarkably similar to President Trump threatening to withhold aid from the same country in attempting to start an investigation into Hunter's role in Burisma. One person was impeached. The other has microscopic public scrutiny, especially from the news media.

The Role Of The Online Giants.

Everything fell apart when the New York Post ran a bombshell report on Hunter Biden's laptop. Joe called this Russian disinfo during the final debate. Furthermore, the emails were corroborated by one of Hunter's former business partners. The national security apparatus also stated conclusively that this is not the case.

“Let me be clear,” Ratcliffe said on Fox Business regarding whether Hunter Biden’s emails stemmed from a foreign election interference campaign: “The intelligence community doesn’t believe that because there is no intelligence that supports that.”

So what is in it for the big tech companies for Joe Biden to win? For starters, companies like Google, Facebook, and Twitter are staffed by rabid anti-Trumpers. Not only that, the companies have an exact role in preventing Republicans from getting elected at every level. While Facebook's info was celebrated when used to get Obama in the White House, the opposite is true when the Trump campaign did the same in 2016.

Furthermore, Democrats often support the cartelization of large businesses. A case in point is Amazon's Jeff Bezos making the Washington Post into the number one anti-Trump and Pro NFL message board in the nation. They often want rules for you and different ones for themselves. And the same goes for what is happening in 2016. Google consistently pruned its search results to exempt the anti-Biden messages from appearing.

1. Take a look at the spike in Google searches for: "Joe Biden Corruption."

Biden corruption results

Take a look at all the Pro-Biden News stories and so-called "fact checks" in response to the Google search above. Note that many fact checks will check facts that are not even presented by stories they fact check! And then claim an account as "false" or "misleading." Maybe it's because the people who run Twitter also work for Kamala Harris? After being subjected to left-wing teachers and then far left ANTIFA supporting college professors and campus culture, young kids fall for this propaganda type. And they are the votes that count say the right. The Democrat side, e.g., Big Tech, vote counters, etc., say "get over it," "Biden won." So that is where we are left.

Did You Need To Vote On Tuesday?

Conservatives and those who support the rule of law say probably not. The fix was in. The vote counters wearing Biden face masks and hats should have tipped you off that Trump had no chance.

See Image—vote counters.

Philly Vote Counters - Democrats

Hate what the tech companies did this time around? Republicans say unless you express your vote, it will keep happening. Senators like Josh Hawley want to look at political abuse by the big tech companies. Republicans that they need to be supported. Grab your friends. But Democrats counter that they control the bureaucracy, tech companies, and even BLM. So if you are a "racist," bigot'" etc. you will be targeted for canceling as all opposition must be silenced.

So both sides say grab your family. Vote in numbers too large to ignore. We have a clear political principle at stake. After all, as President Ronald Reagan stated, "we are always one generation away from tyranny." Republicans are moving away from Google, Facebook, and Twitter and on platforms that don't allow Democrat party operatives to "fact check" their news. But those sites keep crashing from server overloads.

So we'll see if the right can be as good as the left at running a social site. We had a unique choice in front of us on Tuesday. But there are so many allegations of fraud and abuse and cover-ups unless something is done to make both sides feel fairly treated without the other side having an unfair advantage, the right will always feel cheated. Hunter Biden will have gotten away with his corruption. Joe Biden would have escaped severe inquiry. He already has allies at the FBI and the DOJ. He is a political, "swamp creature," says the right. These elections and voting procedures are flawed, and they do create huge spaces to allow voter fraud without voter ID and electronic systems back with a paper verification system.

It is unacceptable in a democratic society for one side to use technology to sway the results of an election when that same technology has agreed to stay "neutral" in exchange for government exemptions. Google may think that it can censor what Americans see and search for, and it has done a great job helping Communist China do just that says the right. But Democrats say we are too hard on China. We need to go green and let China catch up, says the left.

The only way for pundits to be right is for us to stay home on election day. And considering what we have already seen with censorship, flag burning, and destruction of businesses -- most Republicans cannot accept such an outcome. Democrats say you have nothing to fear if you are not a racist, bigot, or homophobe. What do you think? Take the poll. Who won the 2020 election will be known as soon as the Court decides.

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