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Oct 27, 2020

Judge Barrett Sworn In To SCOTUS - Victory For Second Amendment

A Victory for Textualists as Amy Coney Barrett is sworn in as the newest Associate Justice of the Supreme Court. The 48-year-old transitions from the 7th Circuit Court of Appeal to the highest echelon of the judicial branch.
Oct 26, 2020

Poll - Can Trump Win? Trump Hits Manhattan Beach With Pro USA Car Rally

Torrance's neighbor, Manhattan Beach, California, saw a Trump Rally yesterday. But can Trump win in Calfornia? Take the poll.
Oct 24, 2020

Is The NFL Throwing Its Weight Around - Discrediting Brain Injury & CTE Research?

My Money is on Will Smith
An NFL football sits with a pile of money on a green field.
Knowing the full story about suicides, brain injury and the NFL highlights dangers to players/medical systems.
Oct 24, 2020

Can My Traumatic Brain Injury Self Heal? Examples and Explanations

Personal injury lawyer, Michael Ehline discusses TBI healing and the history of self-healing.
Oct 21, 2020

Poll - Will Google Alphabet Be Broken Up?

Google's presently employed allies at Twitter and Facebook don't even try to hide it. In fact, at least one of Kamala Harris' campaign officials also works for Twitter and openly advocates censoring traditional values supporters.
Oct 17, 2020

The History Of Your Disability Rights

As a society in the U.S., it remains all too common for individuals with disabilities to be treated differently or like second-class citizens.
Oct 16, 2020

Poll - Is Social Media The Propaganda Wing of Democrats?

Was social media caught delegating too much power to its admittedly left-wing fact-checkers, or does this lead to the DNC? Take the poll and learn about the battle over political censorship.
Oct 11, 2020

Baby Talc, Johnson & Johnson & Legal Rights

Word defect with magnifier and target. Concept of zero defects or tqm
Word defect with magnifier and target. Concept of zero defects or tqm.
The recent Johnson & Johnson lawsuit highlighted several major aspects of product liability law and responsibility. The drug and personal care giant was targeted by other lawsuits recently over one particular concern. The products from the company led to cancer!
Oct 9, 2020

The Fake Russia Collusion Hoax Unmasked

Crossfire hurricane and Obama's intentional targeting of Donald Trump to distract from Hillary's illegal server.
Oct 3, 2020

Injury Law Icon Stephen Barnes Dead In Airplane Crash - The Storied and Sordid History

While no foul play is suspected, many unsettled questions exist as to what law corporation was dissolved, if at all, and what really happened?