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Jan 4, 2019

Alphabet Suit Shows Depth of SDC Mess

Uber car accident
A car with a damaged backend
Multiple allegations and suits involving Google and Uber. What will the future hold?
Jan 4, 2019

Booster Seats are Not Just for Small Kids

Mom with baby seat near a car
Woman with baby safety seat placing it in the car
Curious about what car or booster seat to use for your kids? Look no further. Ehline Law Firm discusses it all here.
Jan 3, 2019

No Charges in Nursing Home Abuse Case—with Camera Evidence

California law dealing with those citizens in declining health
Action Alert - Ehline Law Reports that Ontario man is sick over apparent abuse of an elderly parent Nurse hits woman The son shocked over the treatment of 85-year-old mother in a Peterborough, Ontario nursing home. And he is even more devastated that the house and its monster employees, will not be facing criminal charges. Although this case happened in Canada, we wanted to demonstrate that even in so-called "un-greedy" socialist countries, physical, mental and outright criminal abuse against patients is a widespread allegation. Some would argue that the state will go out of its way to protect fellow government agencies and health care providers from lawsuits or criminal charges in a state-run society. Is that the case here? Although this case happened in Canada, demonstrate that even in so-called "un-greedy" socialist countries, physical, mental and outright criminal abuse against patients is a widespread allegation. Son is "Sick" About the Treatment of His Elder Mother in a Care Home According to Camille Parent, he is sick about the fact that the nursing home will not be facing charges, even though video camera footage was shown, of his mother is what he termed “manhandled.” At one point the video shows a dirty cloth being "shoved" into his mother’s face. Although there are more than 5000 hours of video, see for yourself a few snippets of a feces-covered cloth into mother's face. Note she is an Alzheimer's patient. Parent said he is confused that no charges on the nursing home staff at St. Joseph’s at Fleming nursing home, where his mother is a resident. The woman identified by her son as Hellen MacDonald, a resident at the nursing home, also has dementia. He said that he began noticing scratches and bruises earlier this year on his 85-year-old mother. Parent said he made complaints to the management, but he continued to see injuries, so he placed a hidden camera in MacDonald’s room. During four days, Parent said the video showed his mother being mistreated by the nursing home staff. The abuse included: MacDonald maltreated while getting her diaper changed. A dirty cloth shoved in the 85 year-olds face by a staff employee. A nursing home employee is blowing his nose on MacDonald’s bed sheets. Two of the employees were making out in his mother’s room, while she was in bed. Another nursing home resident was entering the room and rummaging through his mother’s things. No Charges Against the Nursing Home—is it Special Protection for Elder Abuse? The police said they were not pressing charges. What does the parent want to know why? He wants to see charges and wants to know why the elderly in long-term care are not protected and why no charges filed. The Ministry of Health investigated the nursing home and found several violations of the Long-Term Care Act.  they fired the four employees from the video. That the parent feels the police have failed in providing any reasons for their decision, they didn't file any charges. The Crown Attorney invited him to a meeting on Friday. If there are no current laws that the nursing home and staff cannot be charged, Parent argues for stricter legislation  helping prevent similar types of abuse. MacDonald’s son stated that he has not decided whether he will ask another police force to conduct an independent investigation into the nursing home abuse. But If a Human Did this to A Dog, Charges Would Be Filed The son rightly points out in the above video, that if this kind of stuff were done to an animal, the person who did it would already be in jail. Ehline Law Firm agrees. "Since before and even more after 2008, it seems like the U.S.  revered its view on humanity.  "Fish, frogs, dogs, and people in the country illegally, appear to have special rights that are not even afforded to humans and citizens," said Michael P. Ehline, who went on to say, "it is like Bizarro World from Superman." Does anyone doubt what the son is saying is true?  Watch the video! There is evidence of assault under California criminal and civil law.  Furthermore, there was an unconsented-to touching, that resulted in bruising and harm, there is even video evidence. In addition, there was also mental and physical anguish inflicted upon the woman. What more do the police need?  Ehline Law encourages you to share this article with your local Canadian and U.S. Lawmaker.  As an aside, in California, we have the Elder, and Dependent Adult Abuse laws and Ehline says: "there is no doubt that these nurses would be in jail, and that civil tort claims would already be working their way in the courts if this took place here"! The moral of the story is, get out there and support the son. Furthermore, this is shameful treatment of our seniors.  It could be your mom or dad next! In conclusion, take action. Sources: Police not laying charges over St. Joseph’s at Fleming footage:
Jan 3, 2019

Moped Attorney Talks Benefits, Accidents and Prevention

Our lead attorney, Michael Ehline with his bike
Motorcycle lawyer tells us about the various types and causes of moped/scooter accidents in LA.
Jan 3, 2019

Getting Paid for a Truck Injury In Long Beach

Google Meet your Competition
Will this be self-driving soon?
Michael P. Ehline, Esq., of Ehline Law discusses how to get financial recovery for a trucking injury in the LBC.
Jan 3, 2019

Personal Injuries Increased By California Gun Control Laws

Car accident lawyer Michael Ehline at gun range
Michael Ehline, personal injury lawyer.
Do good legislators in California have whittled away at our gun rights so much that a gun could blow up in your face? Literally?
Jan 3, 2019

The Debate is on to Open More Public Roads to ATVs

ATV Riding accidents
ATV Injury
Lawmakers, riders, manufacturers, and victims debate whether or not ATV's should get more public road access.
Jan 3, 2019

Ford Recall

Recall button in red with white letters on a yellow and black background
F-Series Recall a Safety Hazard Recall button in red with white letters on a yellow and black background Bloomberg reported on the recall and its potential effects. The recall affects Ford F-150 and Super Duty pickups. Ford shipped out the vehicles with faulty side doors. These doors often don't open or can appear closed without actually latching. Ford claims there have been no injuries yet. However, the recall affects the 2015-2017 model years. Furthermore, the F-Series of trucks is Ford's most popular. Overall, Ford expects a $267 million loss. Besides, the recent recall scandal eats into Ford's profit margin. It also undermines trust in the brand, still damaged from issues from the Great Recession. We wish the American company well. Everyone wants Detroit to succeed. However, pushing out inferior products won't cut it. Overall, the recall affects about 1.1 million pickups in the US. It also affects over 220,000 in Canada and over 20,000 in Mexico. Not the First Major Issue? This isn't the first recall Ford's had over the last several years. Ford was involved in several significant recalls, each of which was a unique challenge to drivers. Ford vehicles also used faulty Takata airbags. These airbags were infamous for causing death and injuries. Some riders even described them as IEDs. Furthermore, Ford's problems are just beginning in the recall. The issue hasn't resulted in reported deaths or injuries yet. However, when and if such an issue happens, the car giant is on the hook for millions in lawsuits and litigation. The company will be under a fine-toothed comb. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate in contacting us. The Ehline Law firm Personal Injury Attorneys, APLC is here to assist with any issues or concerns. Our team has decades of experience in handling such recall and auto safety issues. We are the people's advocates. Allow us to be your shield. Call or email us for more info. We will travel anywhere in the state to discuss your legal options
Jan 3, 2019

What Happens When a Robot is in an Accident?

US DOT and Michael Ehline - Los Angeles car accident lawyer.
Ehline attends the US traffic safety hearings. Making traffic and surface streets safer for commuters and pedestrians.
Attorney Michael Ehline discusses how people can and can't sue in an automated robot accident.
Jan 3, 2019

NY Based Cellino & Barnes Dissolution Holds Precedent for Future Cases?

Michael Ehline U.S. Supreme Court.
Attorney Michael Ehline. The Motorcycle Rider's friend.
The New York Firm finally to break up and go home, or to continue marketing in California?