How Do I Get to Ehline Law Los Angeles from Calabasas?

Are you stuck in Calabasas, California, and want a serious injury lawyer in Los Angeles? Yes, this is a small town with around 24,176 residents since the last census in 2016. Many people get injured while passing through, so you likely want an experienced lawyer located near Stanley Mosk Courthouse as your counsel. We have made it easy with the below interactive map and driving directions.

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Driving Directions

  1. Start out going southwest on Park Sorrento toward Parkway Calabasas
  2. Turn right onto Parkway Calabasas.
  3. Merge onto US-101 E.
  4. Take the Grand Avenue/Temple Street exit, EXIT 3A.
  5. Turn left onto W Temple St.
  6. Turn right onto N Grand Ave.
  7. N Grand Ave becomes S Grand Ave.
  8. Turn right onto W 5th St.
  9. Arrive at:
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633 W 5th St #2890 Los Angeles, CA 90071
(213) 596-9642