How Do I Get to Ehline Law Los Angeles from East Los Angeles?

East Los Angeles is famous for Low Riders, Zoot Suit Riots, the East LA Farmers Market, and comedy shows like Cheech and Chongs. This unincorporated city is approximately 96.7% Latino. [1] In fact, it has the highest percentage of Chicanos of all the 272 neighborhoods in Los Angeles County. [2][4]

Ehline Law Firm has serviced East Los Angeles for years. Check out our driving directions to get here quickly after a bad accident.

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Driving Directions

  1. Start out going south on Burger Ave toward Whittier Blvd.
  2. Turn right onto Whittier Blvd. 0.5 Miles.
  3. Turn left onto S Downey Rd. 0.3 Miles.
  4. Merge onto I-5/Santa Ana Fwy. 1.6 Miles.
  5. Stay straight to go onto US-101/Santa Ana Fwy. 3.6 Miles.
  6. Take the I-110 S/CA-110 N/Grand Avenue/Temple St exit, EXIT 3. 0.2 Miles.
  7. Turn right onto N Grand Ave. 0.1 Miles.
  8. N Grand Ave becomes Grand Ave. 0.0 Miles.
  9. Grand Ave becomes N Grand Ave. 0.4 Miles.
  10. N Grand Ave becomes S Grand Ave. 0.4 Miles.
  11. Turn right onto W 5th St. 0.1 Miles.
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