How Do I Get to Ehline Law Los Angeles from Malibu Beach?

The City of Malibu, also known as Malibu Beach is located in west of Los Angeles, California. It’s famous for the TV series "Baywatch," professional surfing and celebrities. Its most famous sandy beach is called Zuma Beach.

A bit further east, you will find the Malibu Lagoon State Beach. Surfers and locals call it Surfrider Beach. It is a local hot spot for surfers. Some famous landmarks include Adamson House. Here tourists and visitors will see local history on display at the Malibu Lagoon Museum.

There is hiking and even horseback riding on its mountain trails and canyons. Further inland you will see wetlands, waterfalls and grasslands in the Santa Monica Mountains. Malibu ZIP Codes include: 90263, 90264, 90265. As of 2016, Malibu had a residential population of 12,879.

If you were injured in Malibu, the situs for your civil case is likely going to be in Downtown Los Angeles. Do you need a personal injury lawyer?

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Driving Directions

  1. Start out going southeast on Stuart Ranch Rd toward Civic Center Way. 0.0 Miles.
  2. Stuart Ranch Rd becomes Webb Way. 0.1 Miles.
  3. Turn left onto CA-1/Pacific Coast Hwy. Continue to follow CA-1 S. 12.5 Miles.
  4. Stay straight to go onto I-10/Santa Monica Fwy. 12.8 Miles.
  5. Merge onto CA-110 N/Pasadena Fwy via EXIT 13B on the left. 0.8 Miles.
  6. Take the exit toward 9th St / Downtown. 0.3 Miles.
  7. Take EXIT 22 on the left toward 9th St / Downtown. 0.3 Miles.
  8. Take EXIT 23A toward 6th St / Downtown. 0.3 Miles.
  9. Turn slight right onto W 6th St. 0.3 Miles and ARRIVE AT:
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