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Elevators revolutionized the industrialized world, allowing for massive transport along dozens of floors in high rises. While the elevator has provided increased convenience, it comes with its own injury. Dozens are injured every year by this now ubiquitous machine.

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Many modern elevators are safer than those from the past, although even modern ones cause injuries – often quite severe.

Often these types of injuries can be terrible, including:

  • Trapped arms or
  • Hands in caught in elevator doors that once moving, could cause loss of the limb and even death.
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You, as a victim of such terrible injuries, will have many problems to look forward to. There is of course the long and painful physical and emotional recovery, coupled with severe medical bills.

If you or a loved one was involved in such an accident, you need a skilled attorney at your side. The attorneys at Ehline Law Firm stand ready to work with you and your family to get through this difficult time. For a free consultation of your legal rights, call us anytime at (213) 596-9642.

How Does ELFPI's Experience Make the Difference in Elevator Lawsuits?

Our founder’s years of experience in law practice and as a paralegal can be used to your advantage.
  • Our lead attorney, Michael Ehline, has over 20 years in legal experience, specialized from working in the greater LA area.
  • His associates in the practice also have the localized experience needed to get a better settlement from the defendant and a fair hearing in court.

How Will ELFPI Comprehensively Investigate Your Rights To Money?

If you choose us to be your advocates, the Ehline Law Firm will pull out all the stops to help you win. We will start with a clear examination of your case and include all elements of a strong negligence claim.

This will include full research of police and witness reports, medical records, travel to the scene of the accident, taking testimony, and determining how your case stacks up.

If your own Personal Injury Protection (PIP) Insurance does provide coverage, the responsible party for your injury often cannot offer you the true cost of your pain and suffering, especially when dealing with the mangling-type injuries caused by elevators.

Do Statistics prove the dangers of working around or on elevators?

Yes. Statistics can be staggering when you look at all the missing digits cases from these events, let alone deaths.
  • There have been at least 21 people killed per year due to working in and around elevators over the last nine years.
  • In the construction industry, those that repair or install elevators are actually rated the 5th highest in work related injuries and deaths.
  • A 7 year study by George Washington University showed that common elevator injuries were traumatic brain injuries, severe head injuries, cuts, and sprains.
  • From 1992 to 2001 there were a shocking 207 wrongful deaths related to elevators, including 146 deaths on or near elevators. There were another 61 killed riding, entering, or exiting elevators.
  • Over the course of 6 years, a total of 83 died while installing or repairing elevators. Of these, 27 died while working on shafts or cars and 36 killed while working next to an elevator.
  • Regular injuries caused by falling objects from an elevator.

What are the Various Causes of Elevator Accidents?

Many of these types of injuries are caused when the partitioned chamber also known as the "cage," is not flush with the building floor. This ridge is typically not noticeable but creates a:
  • Trip, slip, and fall risk to the commuters boarding or existing the elevator cars.

What About Your Risk of Elevator Door Traps?

Other examples include when passengers attempt to hold the doors by placing an arm or leg between them. This can cause loose clothing, fingers, and hair to be trapped and cause further injuries. Ouch!
  • What are Some Common Elevator Mechanical Errors?
Mechanical errors can also cause problems, such as sudden stops, acceleration, and forcing doors closed. Furthermore, rare cases of frayed or weakened elevator trolley cables snapping with safety brake systems failure can cause a free fall to the lowest floor– crushing or killing the occupants.
  • What About Employees Who Get Hurt in Elevators?
Employees, such as waiters and janitors can be hurt by these machines. As seen with the statistics, many of these types of severe harm can be fatal, including in the state of California.

Facing down both such a severe injury, recovery, and a court case alone is nearly impossible. Having a skilled advocate on your side is vital to win in court and get the settlement you deserve, especially when dealing with multiple negligible parties.

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Negligence that can be attributed to the manufacturer includes:

  • Not testing and inspecting for defaults before selling the elevator
  • Severe design flaws
  • Failure to warn of risks and hazards related to use (learn more about defective product here.)
The owner or manager of the building must maintain the elevator up to the proper safety code. In fact, they must assure proper maintenance and inspections. Failing this, they could be sued for negligence.

Also, failing to properly implement emergency or rescue plans for elevator emergencies, including training their employees could easily lead to a lawsuit. Any service company may be liable for elevators not properly maintained or flawed. Also, this remains true,whether from the start, or due to poor repairs.

What are the Legal Rights of Elevator Accident Victims?

Your rights can be many. But you're probably not a trained lawyer. The good news is, we are. If you have been injured due to such an accident, you must you know your legal rights.

You must immediately contact a legal expert to see what your options are. A specialized Los Angeles accident attorney that deals with elevator injuries can make sure that your dealings with insurance companies are on the up and up.

By and by, this assures you are not offered less than deserving compensation.

How Do You Get Compensation for an Elevator Related Accident?

The mounting medical treatment bills are just a part of the long process of recovery from such an accident. When dealing with lost income or increased living costs, the bills can quickly add up.

In fact they may become unsustainable. These are terrible for your pocketbook. But they are also terrible for your physical and mental health. Last, the results could lead to bankruptcy.

What About a Wrongful Death Due to An Elevator Accident?

In even worse cases, such as fatalities, the remaining family members have a tremendous burden to bear. Not only for the emotional and cash cost of a burial, but for a loss of income and emotional stability.

When faced with such a crisis, the helping hand of a legal expert is crucial to getting your life back on track.

Claims can be filed to make up for past and future suffering due to such an elevator injury are inter alia:

  • Repayment for past, and present medical charges.
  • Repayment for last rites and funeral ceremonies.
  • Payments for past, present and future pain and suffering.
  • Remuneration for extreme psychological and mental harm.
  • Compensation for pain management and long term therapy treatments.
  • Payment for past, present and future lost earning and lost ability to continue earning

How Do You Consult With a Lawyer Now Regarding Your Elevator-Type Calamity?

Having the knowledge of both personal injury law, the local court system, and specialization in elevator injuries are all vital pieces to assist in winning your elevator accident claim.

ELFPI can do what is necessary to give you your best chance in your injury lawsuit or liability insurance claim. Our reputation speaks for itself– winning hundreds of cases worth millions in settlements. Call us today for a free consultation at (213) 596-9642.

How Much is My Case Worth?

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Do I Need a Lawyer?

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