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  • 10 Ways to Make Money When Injured and Can't Work

    10 Ways to Make Money When Injured and Can’t Work

Are bills piling up after a severe car accident or a work-related accident? Did you injure your arm, leg, toe, or foot, lose your hearing or eyesight, or suffer permanent disfigurement? Are you languishing in bed trying to search for a lawyer? If so, you may fear losing your car, home, and family. Getting injured on or off the clock can significantly strain you and your family.

It’s hard when you cannot work and make money. Then, with a serious injury, especially in expensive, difficult to navigate, Los Angeles. It’s often challenging to interview for new jobs or hold down a current one in this state of diminished capacity. You’re starting to think about other ways to make money and whether you should apply for workers’ comp, where employers pay, or SSDI benefits, where the government pays.

If you’ve already applied for benefits as you can’t work because of a disabling injury, you’re waiting for that case to be approved to receive benefits. Those lost wages mean you can’t cover credit card payments or medical care. Roughly one in four people 20 years of age will experience at least a year off work because of a long-term disability before they get to retirement age. That’s a scary thought; you’re injured and unable to hold down a job and require financial help.

You’re old boss or manager may not be able to help much with financial assistance either, whether you were terminated or could not return to work in your injured or physically restricted state. And even a defined benefit can run out as you wait to heal over time.

What Makes Us Hiring Us Better Than Trying To File a Claim Yourself?

An unrepresented victim will typically be denied a benefit or paid less in the USA. There are laws in place to help, but they typically require an experienced and aggressive personal injury attorney with resources to enforce these rules and get victims paid what they expect. For example, if you were denied, you may need to appeal, and that requires advanced knowledge of laws, filing deadlines, and the right forms to file in case of a denial. We have the qualifications to collect money on your behalf if you decide to hire our company.

Ehline Law Firm can help you fight for what’s rightfully yours and can get the benefits you need after an illness or injury. Don’t limit your overall recovery. As seen above, you may get more money with a great attorney working on your or a loved one’s behalf when they cannot return to work due to severe injury or permanent disability cases.

Having a Great Lawyer Gets You In a Better Range to Win?

Yes, it does! Don’t question this truth. Call and talk to us, even if, in your mind, you feel like you don’t have a chance. We have information that most people won’t know to make an informed decision about their loss and reduced quality of life. Forget going it alone till you speak with a proven, charismatic, and aggressive lawyer in California. Please get in touch with us at (833) LETS-SUE to review your claim and see if it qualifies for the highest overall award. We may be able to help you online, right over your computer, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to discuss creating an attorney-client relationship.

However, if you are terminated and injured and still not convinced, read the rest of this page so we can earn your trust about how to pay bills as you heal and stabilize. You might want to share this bit of published information with your friends and family. It may provide a way to survive during these difficult times, even if the accident was partially or fully your fault.

However, there are plenty of ways to make extra money in a big city like Los Angeles:

Applying for Social Security Disability Benefits and Unemployment Benefits

Though it’s not one of the ten options, you should be applying for disability benefits and unemployment benefits after an illness or injury has left you unable to work. You may also sue the negligent party’s insurance company if you lose your income and must miss work.

Ehline Law Firm can help you start a claim against your job/employer or an insurance carrier to get the compensation you deserve for your injury or disability. Let’s learn about a number of ways to generate an income while you’re hurt and are trying to modify your life as you shop around for information from the best lawyers to meet your immediate needs.

10 Creative Ways to Generate Some Income While Hurt

In several states, including California, Hawaii, New Jersey, New York, and Rhode Island, injured employees are entitled to benefits through temporary disability insurance or another state-run program.

Below we created a list of information and helpful ideas to add some income to your bank account when you cannot return to work due to our serious injuries caused by no fault of your own or even partially your fault. Now you can create and plan the steps to take for the months ahead on your own terms as you heal and (hopefully) return to work and a stable pay check.

1a. Apply for Federal Government Programs

The Social Security Administration is responsible for the SSI and SSDI programs through the federal government. They can help you alleviate the financial burden of a long-term disability, but it might not be enough after you’ve reviewed your living burdens.

Generally, the average Social Security Disability Insurance amount is $1,455.67 per month as of April 2021. Likewise, eligibility requirements are in place, so short-term disability benefits are rarely awarded for the injuries a person might suffer during an accident at work, for example.

1b. Apply for Workers’ Compensation and Employer-assisted Programs

Your employer might offer short or long-term disability insurance, supplement health insurance products, or workers’ compensation as it may happen in the course of work as diagnosed by your doctor, for example. You can contact us anytime, 24/7, by dialing (213) 596-9642 to discover more about your rights, duties, and obligations as an unemployed person seeking or previously denied payment for a covered event in your life.

They all work differently, but the goal is to replace your lost income because of an accidental injury or illness.

  • Long-term disability benefits often pay a percentage of the salary until you can go back to work or for a specified period in the policy.
  • Workers’ compensation offers benefits that offset your lost income and expenses because of an injury while working.
  • Critical illness insurance coverage gives you a lump-sum payment based on your condition and diagnosis.
  • Accident insurance coverage also offers a lump sum after an accident is covered by that policy.

2. Sell Your Belongings

If your job doesn’t offer income replacement options, or you’re not eligible for them, you could sell your personal belongings online. People pay you for items you already own.

Many marketplaces are available, such as Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, eBay, and more. However, they generally charge a small fee for all sales.

Some people also use garage sales at their homes to sell items for cash without a fee.

3. Become a Freelancer

You don’t have to be crafty if you have marketable skills and could take a freelance job or two. Upwork and Fiverr have tons of job opportunities.

Here are a few ideas:

  • You’re a decent writer and can type and sit at a laptop during your injury.
  • You’ve got mobility and can become a freelance photographer to take photos and videos.
  • You’re experienced in translation, video animation, graphic design, and data entry.
  • You’ve got a great voice and could do voice-overs while injured.

4. Sell Crafts Using Etsy

Those with a knack for crafts can create and sell items through Etsy. Some popular products include sticker decals, cookies, greeting cards, and crocheted or knitted blankets.

Build an online store so that people worldwide can buy your handmade crafts. They will pay for quality; you don’t have to hire employees while supporting your family.

5. Rent Your Driveway

You may not have a vehicle but have a large driveway area and can make extra income by renting that out. It won’t make you rich, but generating a few more dollars is effective and easy until your benefits are approved.

If you live in a busy area with businesses nearby, you’ll find many professionals who may want a consistent place to park each day or rent the space for someone to put a vehicle for sale when unable to work.

6. Become a Driver

Some injuries won’t allow this, but if you’re able to sit in a vehicle for long periods, maneuver through traffic, and have reliable transportation, you can become a driver. Lyft and Uber services might be best for you because you could create a schedule that works for you and still make money when you’re unable to work your normal job.

Just remember that you must factor in the cost of maintenance, auto insurance, and more.

Many of these programs will pay you to take people places or bring them food. Most people like the ability to set their own schedules, but you will have an employer (through the sharing service). Likewise, you may have to qualify by proving you have insurance and offer reliability.

7. Get Websites to Pay You

Online surveys can help you earn some money, especially if you’re not mobile.

Many websites have teamed up with businesses that want to improve their products and services. These include Swagbucks, Survey Junkie, and Opinion Outpost, which all pay you rewards or money in exchange for taking surveys from your home. Please fill them out and get the benefit of cash or prizes!

8. Rent a Room

You might consider renting a room in your home to make extra cash, though this depends on where you live. Likewise, you will want to have a process in place to screen potential tenants and ensure they qualify with good references and a job.

Airbnb is another option because you can rent your house, apartment, tent, or room. Since you’re in Los Angeles, that might not be a bad idea!

9. Participate in Studies

If you have certain medical conditions, you might be able to participate in studies and make money. Some research centers focus on specific ailments, such as psoriasis, arthritis, or asthma.

10. Become a Pet Sitter

If you enjoy pets and can manage them when injured, you could become a pet sitter through Rover. This website helps you become a dog walker, board cats and dogs overnight in your house, or host a doggy daycare.

Depending on the job, you can make up your own hours and charge what you want. Plus, you can choose only to take certain animals or sizes.


Most people who cannot work because of an injury will seek employer benefit programs first. However, you may also qualify for government disability benefits, depending on your situation.

You learned about ten ways to make money while hurt, and Ehline Law Firm can help you file a workers’ compensation claim. Employers often need a slight push to get through the process quickly.

Apart from helping employees get a workers comp claim set up, we can also assist you with a personal injury claim against a negligent party and work hard to ensure that you receive appropriate compensation.

Injured, Unemployed, Going Broke? Schedule a Free Consultation With a Top Notch Disability Insurance Lawyer

If you’re a disabled person or employee or have severe injuries, you may qualify for assistance and other things, even if you were previously denied, so you can make ends meet. You might also be eligible for federal aid, and we can help you create a claim to receive that benefit. We can assess your bills, finances, and other related evidence to prove you are sick and prove any disabilities in your life causing unemployment!

We have the legal and financial resources and know the laws to win your entitled welfare disability claim benefits. We will answer all your questions swiftly to place you at ease and help you resolve this long- and short-term difficult situation. Please contact a superior Ehline Law Firm injury attorney at (833) LETS-SUE to get started and proceed with your filing a claim.

We want to hear your side of the story. You can also complete our above online contact form to communicate with a highly knowledgeable lawyer at our law office right over the computer via e-mail.


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