Reviews and Testimonials

"Michael Ehline has an excellent reputation in his field for professionalism, superb courtroom advocacy, and a keen intelligence that serves clients who desperately need assistance to make their lives whole again." (full review)

- Debrah D.

"I was in a bad car accident and needed help fast. Mike over at Ehline Law Firm PC helped me win a significant settlement." (full review)

- Registered Nurse Alma A. of East Los Angeles, CA

"The service was amazing, and the result was better. I was able to pay off all my bills and got a great economic recovery. If you are ever in a car accident, don't hesitate to call ELFPI! Do or die, they made it happen for me!" (full review)

- Disabled U.S. Marine John Fry of Torrance, CA

"In short, as a client, I recognized Ehline's stellar service and his firm's culture of highly intelligent go-getters." (full review)

- Web Developer F.M. of San Francisco, CA

"He was able to get me the maximum amount for my particular situation for my pain and suffering and my medical and other bills." (full review)

- Iana of Los Angeles

"Mike is a consummate professional, especially when it comes to personal injury law." (full review)

- Ellen C. of Glendale, CA

"After my Uber accident, I was not getting answers. I was a passenger, and no police report put me at fault. Thrilled Irene and Mike assisted and guided my case." (full review)

- Chemere

"Michael was always there to answer any questions and worked hard on my case to get the best results for me and my family." (full review)

- A.G., Insurance Admin

"I called Ehline Law Firm PC. Michael was responsive, he kept me in the loop, helped me find good doctors, got me a great settlement." (full review)

- Statistician Bob Stein of Venice Beach, California

"Michael Ehline answered the phone himself when I called, met me at the accident site, took pictures, was aggressive, tough on the insurance company, helped me get money for my bike, and got me a HUGE settlement." (full review)

- Video Editor Joe A. of Santa Monica, California

"Ehline Law took my case, sent out an investigator and found a witness. After that, we nailed the lady who ran me over and got justice." (full review)

- Drake of Los Angeles, California

"This is a lawyer that knows the laws, even out on the ocean, don’t let the cruise line company fool you." (full review)

- Past Client in Los Angeles, California

"Mike’s doing a terrific job handling a most unfortunate situation involving a California-based ." (full review)

- Katie, Medical Supplies, United States

"My case was solved and settled before I knew it and I couldn’t be happier with the quality of service Mr. Ehline provided." (full review)

- Professional Actor Ryan Gangle of Beverly Hills, California

"Michael has a keen sense for justice, and compassion for his clients; he is respected by his peers, and is highly successful as a trial advocate." (full review)

- Jurist Laurie Robbins, United States

"I was very scared at first, but he comforted me instantly with his calm yet determined demeanor and knowledge of the law." (full review)

- Kate

"I got a ton of money after firing my first lawyer (who wanted to settle for a few thousand) and hiring this former U.S. marine, I was thrilled." (full review)

- Thomas J. of California

"Ehline Law Firm are consummate professionals and manned by a former U.S. Marine who fought very hard for me and got me paid big bucks." (full review)

- Edwin M, Artist, Downtown Los Angeles, CA

"Highly recommended to any one seeking recourse and justice in their personal injury cases." (full review)

- Andre van Wyk of Slovakia (Circle of Legal - Trust Honory Lawyer at Digital Marketing Solutions)

"Michael has a long history of large monetary settlement for his clients." (full review)

- LawyerDave S. of Slepkow & Associates, Rhode Island

"This lawyer is very aggressive, and does not back down." (full review)

- Robert H. of Beverly Hills, California

"Michael always returns phone calls immediately and is a zealous advocate for his clients. You cannot go wrong with him representing you!" (full review)

- David S. of Santa Monica, California

"My whole family loves this guy - he really saved us! I guess I shouldn't be surprised - he IS a Marine after all. Thank you, Mr. Ehline!!" (full review)

- Past Client from Los Angeles, California