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About Ehline Law Firm Personal Injury Attorneys, APLC

Best rated Personal injury attorneys in Greater Los Angeles County, California - Ehline Law Firm

The Ehline Law Mission Statement

We pledge our allegiance to our clients in pursuit of public justice. We do so by practicing compassion and being good listeners.

We earn client trust by using technology to communicate in real-time and by using our superior wealth and infrastructure to deliver superior settlements and other victories during the arduous litigation and trial process.

This is all part of our greater mission to deliver our clientele an unparalleled and utmost professional encounter when navigating intricate legal scenarios involving catastrophic traffic accidents (cruise ship man overboard claims, complex accident avoidance systems defects claims), motorcycle accidents, elder abuse, sexual abuse, dog bites, and wrongful death claims.

We work on our cases in-house and follow a proven, time-tested method to handle each traffic accident case and injury-related claim. We already know in this fast paced world, clients are expecting a lawyer with the best reputation not just for results, but for great service and client treatment.

Matt Schneider



“Great legal team, especially Alan. Excellent car accidey lawyers. Their legal aid and diligent support was top cabin.”

Adam S.



“Mike at Ehline Law in Torrance helped lead me through finding doctors and with moral support after a brain injury in a crosswalk…

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…Although I was able to settle my Long Beach car accident quickly, without Mike’s help, I doubt I’d of been able to defend the matter alone. Mike displayed knowledge and expertise throughout my journey, which lasted less than a year. He was confident about expert in interpreting the laws and techniques to win against the insurance adjuster. Mike was always able to turn any lemon into lemonade. I got thousands more than I thought I would.”

Michael Mehdved



“I truly value having Ehline attorneys by my side handling my complex legal issues on several instances throughout the years…

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They were very highly professional, devoted, and caring during the entire proceedings” 

Brian Bercera



“I was impressed by their professional case management and humility. I definitely recommend them as a very professional …

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business in the Los Angeles area.”

Roger Moran



“Michael Paul Ehline, is in my estimation a phenomenal trial lawyer. He’s achieved some …

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pretty historic results handling other cases as well as my case. I’m very happy and hope he keeps doing well.” 

Memphis Royal



“Highly responsive and reliable when I needed quick answers to important questions…

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Mike took care of our damages claims very quickly. Highly recommend their services.”

Giselle Hurtado



“I was totally blown away by the outstanding level of superior service. Meeting the attorney and president, Ehline…

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…is the best thing that has ever happened during my life since the crash. Mike took my case after several others rejected it. But him and Howard had faith in my story and trusted me. Thanks to this power couple, I am back to normal after the accident, with a few shackles in the bank for my troubles. They have several locations, and are adept. But aside from that, they are always ready to discuss and cover revelations, which was important, as I was living on savings! I wholeheartedly urge you to hire them!”

Carlos Perdomo



“I got embroiled in an auto accident back in June 2019. I contacted Ehline law firm and my attorney …

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James handled my case with a velvet hammer. The insurance adjuster was running a scam to underpay me, but my case settled for over $100 thousand dollars. Appreciate you, Ehline law for being so caring, considerate and kind. I strongly recommend Ehline law firm and attorney Jim to everyone who wants superior results and obtain what they deserve after a spine injury or other type of accident.”

Stephanie Garcia



“Michael is a powerful lawyer! I strongly recommend hiring Ehline Law to anyone trying to find a law firm …

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to help them after being in an accident, to get the help they best deserve…”

Guy G.



“Without reservations, I recommend Michael, Irene and Howard, and other people that worked so hard …

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… at this law firm on my case. They are superb! It is a terrible experience anytime you need a lawyer helping you, and usually has deleterious financial implications. The love I felt from their team means a lot to me after spending hundreds of hours and getting nowhere handing the case by myself. I felt comfortable with Mike from day one. He made the entire process clear, and I never felt taken by surprise. Irene was very personable and friendly. Can’t recommend them enough! Thank you Ehline for instilling confidence in me from the start.

You will meet one-on-one with elite trial lawyer, Michael Ehline, or another top-rated lawyer with our personal injury law firm. There, you will tell us your side of the story so we can get to know you better and learn about your unique personal injury case in the process.

More about Michael Ehline:

Ehline is admitted to practice law California Supreme Court and several federal courts, and tried three cases to the jury while he was still in law school, as a Certified Law Student. In the last 10 years, personal injury lawyer, Michael Ehline has recovered millions for seriously injured victims who had suffered injuries due to no fault of their own. He has appeared on Nancy Grace (Public Justice) and countless other TV programs and acted as an expert on various, viral civil rights law podcasts.

You don’t have to speak on the phone to tell us the details about what happened. You only have to fill out one of our online Contact Us forms, and we will contact you to arrange a risk-free, confidential in-person meeting before you try speaking to the insurance company.

You can rest assured knowing we will conduct a detailed case review of your potential case. To do the best job on your case and get you the most compensation, we have to take this approach. You already know we are in business to win battles.

As part of our elite lawyer ethos, we promise to keep fully informed every step of the way and remain available using updated technology, including secured text, email, and other methods of open communication. We understand you will want updates, and we consider this a good thing. We will follow this open-door policy with our clients throughout the pendency of their claims.

The Ehline Law Mission Statement

We pledge our allegiance to our clients in pursuit of public justice. We do so by practicing compassion and being good listeners. We earn client trust by using technology to communicate in real-time and by using our superior wealth and infrastructure to deliver superior settlements and other victories during the arduous litigation and trial process.

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The Ehline Law Corps Value System

Ehline Law was founded on a bedrock of USMC’s core values. Second-generation Marine Michael Ehline calls his “corps values” after the core principles his Vietnam Vet father, the Corps, and years of practicing law instilled in him.

Michael received his juris doctorate after he was already a practicing lawyer from graduating the California State Bar Law Office Study Program. Ehline Law Firm stands out for obtaining big firm results in a small package.

Our elite status helps our clients feel protected because they have to know they can focus on getting better and healing. This helps allow us to form lifelong bonds with our clients. With Ehline, you are not just a file. You are also our friend.

This is important because the California State Bar website indicates over 55,000 licensed attorneys exist in Los Angeles. You have to find someone to represent you who is selfless.

You need a legal team that places the needs of others before their own, whether that’s helping victims obtain medical care, offering other legal support, or making other sacrifices for the team.

Resilience is important, as you don’t want a wishy-washy lawyer. You need someone who can demonstrate mental and emotional strength in facing challenges and setbacks and maintaining a positive attitude even in the most demanding circumstances, whether during contentious negotiations or full-blown trials.

Adaptability: Being flexible and open-minded, readily adjusting to changing situations and environments to achieve mission success. The Ehline difference is already clear. What else makes the proven legal experts at Ehline Law better? It is the core values that we put behind our work that you deserve behind your case.

Our core values include:


You have to hire a lawyer who will stay dedicated to winning and staying by your side. Demonstrating unwavering dedication to our teammates, clients, and mission is what we do. We are the same with our peers as well, which is why we get so many case referrals.


A major asset of having Ehline at your side is Upholding the highest standards of integrity, ethics, and moral conduct, both in their medical responsibilities and their service as military personnel. Our integrity is world-renowned. Michael Ehline is famous for his steadfast commitment to honesty, accountability, and the highest ethical standards in all his actions and life decisions. Michael is obligated to provide you every shred of information of value about their case, including any problems that can pop up.

From our point of view, you can never have enough information relating to your unique case. Accordingly, we will keep you in the loop throughout the entire insurance settlement process.


Commitment relies heavily on providing the same amount of detail-oriented work to make sure you are taken care of. We are ready to carry you through the dark times till final victory. Displaying a steadfast commitment to the core mission and supporting the well-being and health of clients who are also seriously injured victims is our forte. Our clients come first, and we believe that accident victims deserve the highest value from the law offices handing their case.


Ehline strives for excellence in their legal skills, medical expertise, personal physical fitness and appearance, and overall job performance to make sure they stary prepared for any last minute situation. Our personal injury law firm has Marines and even a former Navy Seal as team mates. We spend copious amounts of time researching, investigating and planning as the more you suffer in planning, the less you bleed in court!


We have a firm understanding that for many newer clients, this is the first time they have had to hire a lawyer, let alone a personal injury lawyer.

By offering warmth and sympathy with your case, our personal injury lawyers are trying to develop a strong attorney-client relationship to help us all get through the complex legal process.

Hence, we always make best efforts to instruct and advise you over strategic matters and make sure you totally understand each aspect of your case. During our free consultation, accident victims will be able to ask important questions and get the respect they need when seeking assistance in the Northern USA. We also deal with multiple levels of maritime law claims throughout the California and Texas.

Dedicated to Providing Assistance Regard of the Complexity of Your Case

Ehline Law Firm Personal Injury Attorneys have the experience to work on your behalf on complex injury claims, including those involving defective products. Attorney Michael Ehline has extensive experience handling serious traumatic brain injury cases, arising from motorcycle accidents throughout Southern California, and he is involved in several military motorcycle charities in the U.S.

If you or a loved one have been stuck dealing with injuries you never bargained for or are facing an issue with Princess Cruises, touch base with our charismatic, courteous legal team. We will be able to set aside some time and calmly go over everything confidentially.

If we decide to form an attorney-client relationship, will will begin the insurance settlement negotiation process or making other claims with utmost professionalism, immediately. We are ready to help you in Texas, as well as California and our verdicts and settlements totaled over $150 million in less than a decade. Drawing on our experience gives you access to a powerhouse of information and bankroll to bring you the best possible outcome after suffering a terrible loss and damages.

Give Michael a call today and see if he can negotiate for you too:

The veteran legal team at Ehline Law are ready to hear your side of the story. You only have to each out to our staff. You will receive, top notch, personable service. We won’t just zealously fight for you and your family, we will also keep you fully informed about every detail, so you are not left eagerly wondering, stressed out about your life. Turn to us and let us do the worrying. All you need to do after hiring our experienced advocates is to try and rebuild your life emotionally and physically. Contact us today or leave us a message on our online contact us form – we’re ready to listen to your side of the story.