About Ehline Law Firm Personal Injury Attorneys, APLC


The Los Angeles based "Ehline Law Firm Personal Injury Attorneys, APLC™," was founded in 2005. Our founder is attorney Michael Ehline. Michael started out as a Marine and small business owner.

Before too long, he ended up in the legal field. He first began his legal journey as a paralegal in the Real Estate and Personal Injury fields. Michael also worked as a law clerk for Los Angeles Deputy City Attorney, Patrick Milne, at the Criminal Prosecution Division, Airport Courthouse.

Ehline has opposed the Penal Code § 1538.5 motions, and also presented them for filing. Most of all, Ehline has learned the ropes of both criminal and civil law. And Michael is keenly aware of what victims in LA face on a day to day basis. (Read more About Michael Ehline)

Staff and Associates

Our entire firm and staff remain committed to fighting for people hurt in no-fault or partial fault accidents. Also, the vast duration of years of personal injury practice has tuned us into meeting the victim's needs. For example, we are cognizant of the difficulties you face in trying to normalize your lives after a calamity.

But we serve up empathy, courage, compassion, and commitment. Clients trust us for a reason. And now you too can sleep better at night during this arduous process you face. And this whole time we will use our knowledge and skill to get you justice in the form of maximum compensation.

Of special interest, we are not just local to LA. Ehline Law Firm serves wounded consumers up and down the entire California coastline. So our services extend from Greater Los Angeles to Sacramento, to San Diego. So we have helped clients in clients in Riverside County, San Bernardino County, San Francisco County, and others. Most of all, no matter where you are, our highly-honed and intelligent staff are trained to think outside the box.

In fact, this legal team is not only diligent; we are among the elite. Our promise is not an empty slogan. Throughout the duration of your case, we will remain by your side as staunch warriors.

Our Mission

The mission of EFLPI has remained the same since we first put out our shingle in 2005. And the goal of our mission is justice. But justice means many things to many people. However, in the personal injury law context, "justice" means giving you a say in your altered destiny. ELPFI acts as your sole voice during this period of time. And your voice is heard like a roar due to our aggressive, and tenacious focus.

Also, our toolbox is immense. Ehline Law Firm has so much experience in handling so many types of cases and areas of law that we can turn lemons into lemonade. Cases other lawyers reject are sometimes winners with the right lawyers. Ehline Law Firm can discover and exploit methods of compensation that less experienced firms cannot. So we are in the elite class. For example, not understanding the Jones Act means a passenger cruise ship claim will likely fail.

Being injured at your apartment complex may mean you have a landlord-tenant claim, and not just a personal injury case. Most of all, our well-rounded training makes us the best choice for a vast array of complex cases. And a green lawyer dabbling in chasing ambulances will not grasp the big picture necessary to win you the most money.

Below we have provided an example of some of the many types of personal injury cases Ehline Law Firm has won:

  • Airplane and Helicopter Accidents
  • Assaults and Sexual Battery
  • Bicycle Accidents
  • Boat Accidents
  • Car Accidents
  • Child Abuse and Priest Neglect
  • Construction Accidents
  • Cruise Ship Accidents
  • Dog Bite Attacks
  • Elder and Nursing Home Abuse
  • Motorcycle Accidents
  • Pedestrian Accidents
  • Slip, Trips, Falls and Falling Objects
  • Swimming Pool Accidents, Drowning
  • Train Wrecks
  • Truck Accidents
  • Wrongful Death and Survival Actions

Honor, Courage, and Commitment

The phrase "honor, courage, and commitment" is not just for Marines and elite Army Rangers. These core values set us far apart from other California personal injury practitioners. We honor our clients by providing superior, trustworthy legal services. In fact, we believe that individual clients remain entitled to phenomenal legal services.

So whether it's a simple automotive ear ender or a complex lousy drug lawsuit, our dedicated advocates act as your sword and shield. Also, we maintain a close commitment to you throughout the legal process. Clients know they can call us about the progress of their case, and receive prompt courteous assistance. And our commitment is to you and your family.

Naturally, we go the extra mile to keep you involved in case updates and to place constant pressure on the other parties who caused your injuries. Our laser focus allows us to gather the evidence and do the things necessary for you to win. Satisfaction is not easily won. Our veteran lawyers have the wherewithal to learn every detail in your matter. So you know when we negotiate, we negotiate from a position of strength.

We won't falter, and we will remain confident and steadfast. All the while, we will be working towards getting you the maximum settlement we can. Our fight won't end until you have a favorable verdict or settlement.

Most of all, clients know the Ehline Law Firm won't sit on their file and wait till the first day of trial to become serious. By frontloading your case, we have what we need early on. Also, earning return business is on our mind from day one as we take you through this legal journey. So giving our clients 6 Star treatment is simply required. And there are no shortcuts here. Once you are part of our family, we want it to be for life!

Do I Have a "Personal Injury Case"?

Maybe. As discussed under our FAQ section, personal injury cases arise when someone else is negligent. A necessary element of negligence is a resultant injury to your mind, body, or soul.

For example, another person may have killed your loved one (Ex: harming your emotions, or "soul"), or injured you personally (Ex: being thrown from a bike or motorcycle.) We assist you in using the legal system to create a personal injury case against the defendant(s). Also, we recognize that your personal injury matter remains unique, just like you!

So after you hire us, we sit you down and discover your goals, strategy, and patience threshold. That way, we can help devise winning tactics for your roadmap to success. For example, a personal injury case does not always mean using the court system to file a civil claim.

Often, a personal injury case remains an insurance claim alone. Ehline Law Firm can resolve your dispute and reach a settlement, no jury has to become impaneled. But if detailed, professional, and intricate discussions remain unfruitful, settlement negotiations can stall. Only when settlement discussions are exhausted will we consider filing a personal injury lawsuit.

In any event, the goal here is winning personal injury compensation. Since we can't throw a civil defendant in jail, or get a pound of flesh, your remedy remains monetary compensation. When another’s negligence harms you, you remain entitled to seek compensatory damages. Damages received will include money for current, past, and present pain, suffering, and lost earnings.

Also, you may need money to fix your car or replace other damaged personal items. And you will probably have hospital bills for expenses like physical therapy and medical treatment. But the 2-year statute of limitations is determined by law. And if you fail to act fast, you can ruin your case and end up getting paid nothing for your severe personal injuries!

What About Our Experience in Personal Injury Cases?

Ehline Law Firm has handled thousands of negligence claims against big corporations and insurers. We have pursued justice for all types of clients, from every different political and economic spectrum. Our veteran attorneys have deep love and respect for all people. Our owner has a blue collar background. He is honored to care for the needs of all his clients.

Our deep passion for you and the law means a lot when the chips are down. Our staff of injury law zealots vigorously litigate cases that won't settle. Victory is always far closer when you have seasoned troops at your disposal.

Do I Need Health Insurance?

Not always. In fact, there are ways to get you legal and medical help with no money down. And we will use everything within our means to ensure total success in this regard.

And our relationships don't just extend to clients. Ehline Law Firm's collaborative network includes top safety engineers, biomechanics, medical lien doctors, surgeons, life-care planners, nurses, and other award-winning experts. Ehline takes extreme ownership and leads the way. Keeping strong relationships is just one way we fight for your ultimate success. So even with no insurance, Ehline Law Firm may be able to get you the medical and professional help you need to win your case.

Your Outcome

With Ehline Law Firm you get more than you bargained for. So it's not only money that matters. Your sanity and self-respect also remain crucial here. Many lawyers have a reputation for being jerks, condescending, and behaving like egomaniacs.

Emotionally, you are already in bad shape. So you don't need a creepy, sarcastic lawyer making things worse. And you certainly don't need a pushy lawyer trying to dominate and browbeat you. That is simply unAmerican! Physically you remain vulnerable as you heal. So you need a lawyer who can treat you with compassion and dignity through this tedious healing process. Financially, you will likely be dollars out of pocket.

You need a lawyer who can help you get doctors on liens and perhaps other services to cover financial shortfalls. Ehline Law Firm does all these things as silent professionals.

We are not looking for praise. We are looking out for your best interests because we feel we owe a duty of sacred trust to our clients. Our work ethic and personable demeanor mean you will not just gain a great settlement; it means you will gain a lifelong champion offering strength by your side!

Driving Directions & Contact Form

Ehline Law Firm is accessible from the Santa Monica Interstate 10, the I-5, and I-405, and is statewide to serve you best. Contact us for more information and to set an appointment.

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What are The Upfront Fees?

As noted on our main page, we handle severe personal injury cases on a contingency basis. So we front costs and wait to get paid until we achieve a victory. No win no fee is the way we roll. All it takes to get our ear is to pick up your phone and call now. Being forced to deal with a personal injury case while unrepresented is a challenge no victims should face. And getting representation with no risk of further financial loss is a game changer. As you peaceably rest and repair, you are confident we'll fight to place you back into a better position than when you retainer us.

Why Musn't You Delay?

Memories fade and witnesses can pass away. Cases are becoming more sophisticated, as well. Unless you retain a premier industry leader like ELPI you are in for a rough ride. Our dedicated staff offers small firm service with big firm results.

Our team knows that you need a trustworthy firm that honors you as a unique person. We understand that achieving a favorable result requires a holistic approach. So if you suffered in a California personal injury, get a free consult. Just pick up your phone and dial (213) 596-9642.