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One of the biggest hassles injury victims deal with are those items of experience outside of your wheelhouse. For example, few things are more overwhelming than you having to deal with the aftermath of a tragic personal injury resulting from the fault of someone else. Getting better and healing is all you really should be worried about.
But instead, you have to hunt down insurance people, and legal counsel. And you just don't even know where to start. You see all the Personal Injury Lawyer billboards, you hear the radio show jingles. But you also know these could be PI mills.

Besides that, some Charlatans may just be referring out to a green, wet behind the ears attorney. Some of these PI mills may be owned by people who live in, or are even based in New York or another state. So the question is, how do you hire a great accident attorney? And who is the best Los Angeles personal injury attorney for your case?

Ehline Law Firm Personal Injury Attorneys, APLC is here to answer all your important legal questions about your accident insurance claims and more. Our empathetic, caring and intelligent negligence law attorneys are trained to soothe and comfort your shattered minds and bodies. You can rest well that you'll be passing off some of the worries over your legal troubles.

So you only need to call us at (213) 596-9642 after a bad mishap such as a brain, or burn injury. Even if it's a laceration from a bad cruise ship, car, truck, bus, motorcycle wreck or slip and fall you will have bills and pain. Retaining a personal injury law specialist right away could protect you, your elderly parents or spouse. So calling now will be your best course of action.

What Are Some of Our Most Common Personal Injury Law Practice Areas?

Car Accident Attorney in Los Angeles

Car Accidents

By far the most common of the Los Angeles trauma cases we help with, are those faced by ordinary Angelinos daily. What are these you ask? Well car accidents would be the answer. This is because LA is an economic hub in California. As such, commuters in motor cars, vans and buses travel to work just as commerce is being shipped alongside. Distractions, stop and go traffic, and driver error mean an accident can happen day, morning or night, without any warning. So naturally, Uninsured ("UM") and Under-insured "(UIM") accidents also occur. Knowing what to do is so hard without legal help. So the first step to take after a crash is calling us at (213) 596-9642.

Los Angeles Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Motorcycle Accidents

Just because bikes can lane spit doesn't mean they will get there faster during rush hour. Freeways can create a choke point for bikers. This can lead to more accidents because motorists may not paying attention to the brake lights in front of them. But it's not just the main highways where this happens. In fact, many more terrible T-bone and left turn wrecks happen on surface streets near where riders live and work. Everyone is inconvenienced by the hazards presented by car crashes in LA. Making matters worse, is that cycles have no rider protection. So at impact, even low impact, expect injuries to the smaller, unprotected bike and occupants. Death or serious injury are almost guaranteed. An attorney who rides will be of great help.

Los Angeles Bicycle Accident Attorney

Bicycle Accidents

Like motorcycles, bicycles are at serious risk. Retaining a lawyer like Michael Ehline, the lawyer who rides the Venice Beach Path on his bike is a plus after the spill occurs.

Big Rig Accident Lawyer Los Angeles

Big Rig Truck Accidents

Because these humongous vehicles take so long to slow and come with many blind spots, cars are at great risk for unexpected collisions. But a disastrous strike is all it takes to cause a pile up chain collision.

Bus Accident Attorney Los Angeles

Bus Accidents

LA Bus accidents occur daily. A lumbering bus with unbuckled passengers presents a risk to those aboard and pedestrians. Cars become smashed like foil. But only a highly trained personal injury attorney can take the legal action to win your case and particular scenario.

Cruise Ship Accident Attorney Los Angeles

Cruise Ship Accidents

These are large, floating conveyances of passengers at sea. We see the cruise lines trying to sweep crimes under the rug. But man overboard cases, and sexual assault by crew and passengers in international waters are our specialty. We have advanced understanding of passage contracts. But these are just part of our skill-set. Michael Ehline actually lobbies Congress for legislation of passenger safety laws. So we are a cut above in this crucial field of law.

Dog Bite Attorney Los Angeles

Dog Bite Attacks

Los Angeles, CA is notorious for dog bite attacks. Strict liability makes dog owners financially liable for attacks on kids and adults in almost every case. When a violent canine jumps on you, or nips you, you have the right to sue in court. So you should let one of our personal injury lawyers help you. Scars from lacerations and claw marks come with huge medical and associated costs. Why not let help you get the payment you deserve?

Drunk Driver Accident Attorney in L.A.

DUI/Drunk Driver Accidents

Some lawyers defend DUI claims as Michael Ehline did. Some in the legal field help prosecute DUI cases. Michael Ehline did that as well. So our chief counsel knows drinking and driving from both sides of the counsel table. This highly illegal activity of inebriated driving means certain injury or death to others. A lawyer dealing with personal injury cases should fight for their clients and hold the driver accountable for the destruction they caused.

Hit and Run Accident Lawyer Los Angeles

Hit and Run Accidents

Hit and runs are often alcohol or drug related. The criminal flees the scene and fails to exchange ID and insurance. Helpless victims sometimes never get justice. But you may be surprised at how a personal injury attorney can uncover crucial evidence, or some other insurance coverage for your accident. Call us to learn how we can help.

Limo accident attorney Los Angeles

Limousine Accidents

Michael Ehline owned and operated a limousine company when he was younger. So he knows all the tricks and excuses the industry and insurers use. When you need help with a high school prom or wine tour gone bad, we are who you call. Uber Black is not immune. These are limousines and charter party vehicles for hire. When the rules are broken, you need the best limousine accident lawyers in LA. And we think ELFPC fits that bill.

Pedestrian Accident Lawyer Los Angeles

Pedestrian Accidents

People on foot, or pedestrians can be hurt by flying rubber from a blown tire, or vehicles careening into a bus stop. But you probably have seen cases in the news like this yourself. Often these are sensational stories with mass casualties. Time is always of the essence due to the costs of hospital care and lost wages. Accident attorneys like us can help you take swift legal action.

Slip and Fall Accident Attorney Los Angeles

Slip and Fall Accidents

Proving notice, actual or implied is how we win a slip, trip and fall case. Think of the banana on the grocery floor. The grocer should be aware and make reasonable inspections. Failure to do so means they had constructive notice of the problem. Also, making a report and getting medical care is key. This is because the defendant will often deny there was an incident at their premises and you are making it up. Getting a great lawyer at Ehline Law Firm as soon as it happens means a lot in winning.

Wrongful Death Attorney Los Angeles

Wrongful Death

Bereaving the tragic loss of a loved one is beyond comparison to any other tragedy. What makes it worse, is when the death could have been avoided but for someone's negligence. But families can rest assured that Ehline Law Firm will be there to help settle the score with legal justice.

Elderly Abuse Attorneys in Los Angeles

Elderly Abuse

Neglect of the elderly by a care provider is of utmost concern to So when a senior in your family is abused rest assured that we will fight hard for you. Last thing you want is to go it alone against an uncaring insurance company, or stubborn defendants who won't own up to their portion of fault. Anyone who has dealt with an adjuster or claims representative knows they were patronized and made to feel small. So it is never really a good choice to go it alone after a terrible accident. We all know insurance companies won't fight to get you your due. In fact, they are trained to do just the opposite. Instead of getting manipulated, informed clients know that is what negligence law firms are for.

Construction Accident Attorney L.A.

Construction Accidents

Construction sites are dangerous places with many factors making them more prone to accidents than constructed sites. Construction workers on job sites remain exposed to varying bad accidents. It is not uncommon to see injuries of all types stemming from the building industry. There are cases of large falls into trenches, all the way to stepping on a rusty nail. Both cases are famous for leading to long-term health problems if there is a survivor at all. Broken bones and lockjaw are a few ways workers and bystanders might suffer.

Brain Injury Attorney Los Angeles

Brain Injury

A brain injury is a catastrophic injury to brain matter. Although it could be complicated by nerve and other injuries, it directly involves the brain itself. Even with modern surgical advances and therapy, hope remains grim for a normal life once injured.

Burn Injury Attorney Los Angeles

Burn Injury

Burn injuries are the most painful. These types of injuries also require a very long convalescence period. The melted skin and severe issues to nerves can traumatize a person for life.

Spine Injury Attorney Los Angeles

Spine Injury

All injuries to the nervous system are very delicate. But the physical and emotional harm from spine injuries devastates families. Most parents find themselves broke under the weight of the expenses.

They help get you paid back for your lost wages, medical bills and other problems arising out of accidents. In fact, the good PI firm go the extra mile for personal injury victims to get them top dollar. In fact, strength of superior counsel by your side means increasing the chances of a favorable outcome in your serious case. Ehline Law Firm offers competent advocates. Our firm is run by an inactive, veteran U.S. Marine. Do or die, we make it happen for you and your family. That is our promise.

So call us if you think your particular case is not listed above. Also, if you have been injured wrongfully or negligently by someone, reach out. Another thing we do is offer a free initial case consultation. Because of this, we will be more than happy to give you the best possible advice on your legal matter.

Our base is in the greater Los Angeles Area. But we think we can provide you the best legal representation in the Golden State. Furthermore, we have many satellite locations in the state of California. Southern areas include Carlsbad and San Diego.

Also, OC Locations include Laguna and Huntington Beach. Furthermore, inland locations include San Bernardino and Riverside. Last, Pacific Coast locations include Santa Monica and Torrance and even Long Beach. But these are only a few of the geographic areas we cover.

Our attorneys serve victims with pride. Also, our professional attorneys have been working to get big settlements for victims for years. Consequently, some of our attorneys have been successfully defending and fighting for victim's right for more than three decades. Hence, our excellent lawyers are very devoted.

Thus, we wouldn’t hold back from personally inspecting the accident site. Because of this, we will drive or fly to the crash scene. Most of all, we urge you to contact us because we build a relationship of trust. So we know is that you and Ehline Law Firm are fighting for the same thing. Also, we’ll never let the case enter the court without trying to resolve the matter with a settlement.

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