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Feb 10, 2021

Are there More Accidents on the Monday after Daylight Savings Time?

Are there more accidents on the Monday after Daylight Savings Time?      It happens every year in late winter; people still seem to be surprised by it and not ready for it. In almost every area of the United States (there are still some hold-out areas that do not change the clocks), people "spring" ahead one hour in March. They lose that one hour sleep on Saturday night. They enjoy more light on Sunday night, but are they ready when they get up for work on Monday morning? Are they groggier on Monday morning and sleepier on the Monday afternoon commute? And does that sleepiness lead to more traffic accidents? Research shows that though the change is only an hour, it takes time to adjust, and there is a spike in accidents for the first few days.     According to research conducted at the University of Colorado at Boulder from March to November 2002-2011, they found the time change could have caused more than 30 deaths a year (302 over the ten years). Also, the federal Fatality Analysis Reporting System showed a 17% increase in traffic incident-related deaths the Monday after the spring time change. Traffic fatalities all week after the difference were higher than average.     Some of the effects can be attributed to more reduced visibility (remember, while it stays lighter later into the evening. Conversely, it's darker then into the morning). Most of the accidents, though, are caused because people are struggling to stay awake, according to researchers. Some police departments report a 10% increase in accidents just after the time change.     No one plans to have an accident, but if you are injured in one, call the experts at the Ehline Law Firm APLC. All initial consultations are free. We answer the phone, and, in some cases, we can cover your medical expenses upfront.

Mar 13, 2020

Santa Monica Injury Resources

If you are a resident or a tourist, there are many things you should know about the risks of serious injury. If harmed, people also want to know about the best means of obtaining assistance. Santa Monica is a coastal community with a population of 89,736 as of the 2010 U.S. Census. More about Santa Monica Public Transport Dangers of Bike Paths Hiking in Santa Monica Mtns Freeway Dangers Recent Statistics Crimes Can also Result in Injury Claims Santa Monica Courts Insurance Requirements California Liability Insurance Requirements Uninsured Motorist Perils Various Questions and Answers About Liability Insurance Abuse of Senior Citizens Although the population is small compared to L.A. City and County, density is the issue in Santa Monica. It is simply not a large city. The Pier and Muscle Beach up the boardwalk in Venice attract rollerbladers and runners. One common thing is that everyone seems distracted. People get packed into a small area in droves. Also, tourists come here in droves, making it dense, and packed. Santa Monica is a significant vacation getaway. Hence, there is a statistical chance of getting run over by a car just due to numbers alone. Furthermore, bicyclists and motorcycle riders are at particular risk. They have no metal cage to protect them. Couple that with the chance of getting injured due to the negligence of someone else. Then you can see the risk of injury is quite high. Ehline Law Firm, Santa Monica injury attorney, helps consumers hurt here. First and foremost, we help them understand their rights. Then we work to help resolve their liability insurance claims and medical issues. We know many people are from out of town. But we have offices convenient to every City in California. And we can even go to you to help out. Below we will learn some more about Santa Monica's injury claims and the attorneys who prosecute them. More About Santa Monica. This metropolitan City is an affluent area. Hollywood stars and executives live in the surrounding towns. So tourists take open-top buses to Brentwood, Mar Vista, and Venice in the southeast to spy a look at them. Rent control types live here. Of interest, wage earners who pay real money for gorgeous homes all live next to these renters. There are community colleges and lots of young people. Further south of the strip, is Main Street, with its many bars and restaurants. So it remains a mixture of affluent, single-family neighborhoods, renters, surfers, young professionals, and students. It also appears to be a great place to disappear for criminals and people laying low. For example, gangster Whitey Bulger resided here for years before he was finally apprehended. But Santa Monica, California, is a beautiful and famous place. The City is known for its Westland "pier cam." (See Santa Monica Piercam.) Santa Monica's 3rd Street Promenade has world-famous restaurants, stores, several movie theaters, and abundant parking structures everywhere. Montana Street, off Wilshire Blvd, has been pictured in numerous Hollywood films. Santa Monica gets its name from Saint Monica of Hippo. Santa MonicaPublic Transportation The Big Blue and Little Blue Bus offer cheap transportation. There are also taxis everywhere. You can probably see being hurt is a possibility while visiting here. Sometimes it isn't always just an accident. The bottom line is, you will need legal counsel if you suffer damages. What Are Some Prevalent Personal Injuries in Santa Monica, CA? What Are Some Dangers of Santa Monica Bike Paths? The "Santa Monica Beach Bike Path" is usually crowded. But it has open stretches of the bike path as well—these head north towards Malibu Beach. You will find skateboarders, rollerbladers, runners, and joggers, etc. So you will also probably see street actors, performers, musicians and merchants haggling with tourists. There is also sporting activity going on, like volleyball. Suffering an injury from a flying skateboard, or bicycle on the boardwalk happens. Seeing a rollerblader scraped up, or laying on the ground, is not unusual either. These are all severe events requiring a real expert at bicycle and tort law. On the South Side of the Pier, you will pass "muscle beach." The Pacific Ocean has activities like surfing, bodyboarding, kneeboarding, swimming, and skimboarding. Lifeguards are usually on duty at the Pier. But that does not mean they are doing their job reasonably, or even locating all the dangers. What Are Some Dangers of Santa Monica Mountain Hikes? There are many places to suffer an injury in the West Side. For example, you could suffer damage on a hike in the mountains. These hills and valleys are just a short drive north from the Pier. The Santa Monica Mountain Recreation Area is 150,000 acres. Popular activities there include mountain climbing, hiking, and butterfly watching. Also, some favorite tourist activities include bird watching tiptoeing through the tulips, and nearby gay bars. Sometimes no go zones are not adequately noticed. Sadly, improperly maintained roads and paths are not marked as such by the City. This can result in liability for the County or the state. Bad things happen to visitors when the government is not caring for its facilities. Santa Monica Parks are open seven days per week. If you suffered an injury while hiking, it might not be your fault, and you may be able to sue the government. The Park hotline is as follows: (818) 597-9192 extension 201. What About the Dangerous Santa Monica Freeways? Douglas Park (24th Street & Wilshire Boulevard) features green, bowling. Apart from the bowling, the park also features outdoor tennis courts. (Read more on World 66.) The City is accessible by the world-famous Santa Monica Freeway. (Read more.) Freeways are a potential source of personal injury. The 10 West is rife with wrecks. Mainly we see this near the Bundy offramps. When individuals suffer physical or emotional wounds, and the property gets ruined, we can help. And legal counsel is a significant step in determining your insurance damages claim. Bad people caused these "damages," not you. So you should not be forced to pay for their negligence. After all, it was from the defendant's failure to exercise due care or their carelessness. The damages are sometimes the result of a Defendant's intentional conduct, malice, negligence, recklessness. Taking your dispute to the local courthouse avoids the wild west scenario of "self-help." What are the Injury and Accident Statistics In Santa Monica? Information from the Santa Monica PD Annual Report reveals that you could be injured while visiting here. Suffering harm requires setting up a claim, follow-through, and aggressiveness. Ehline Law Firm's offices are all above. What About the Santa Monica Recent Market Mayhem? Recently, 35 pedestrian victims suffered personal injury by an out of control car driver in an automobile accident. Due to its large concentration of pedestrians, motorcycles, bicycles, and cars, it is a recipe for severe pedestrian accidents and injuries. Therefore, suffering a personal injury in Santa Monica is always a distinct possibility. The Federal Highway Administration Statistics: Killed are 6,000 pedestrians every year. Ninety thousand pedestrians suffer personal injuries every year. Dying is a pedestrian or bicyclist every 3 1/2 minutes in an accident. Pedestrian injuries and fatalities from accidents result in $20 billion in societal costs. Crimes Can Also be a Cause of Personal Injuries and Accidents? You better believe it. A tort can be a crime, and crime can be a tort. For example, if someone punches you in the face without your consent. Then, this could be a criminal battery, as well as a civil battery and also personal injury. The criminal battery gets the wrongdoer a criminal record with a conviction or a People v. West type plea bargain. The civil battery gets the injury victim a public civil money judgment. So that is what happens if the criminal becomes found liable. As high as it is, Santa Monica is no stranger to crime and personal injury. (Read More.) Recently, five people shot at the Santa Monica Pier due to street gangs. Santa Monica Pier Problems. Recently, five people had gotten shot at the Santa Monica Pier due to street gangs. (click here.)Having a family member slain in the City would be both a crime and a personal injury tort. The crime would be murder. On the opposite side, the personal injury tort, a wrongful death personal injury. You or your family may recover money damages for a slaying. For example, O.J. Simpson remained liable by a civil jury of killing his ex-wife in Brentwood. This falls under the personal injury tort of wrongful death. But O.J. Simpson was found not guilty of the murder of his wife and that of another man. A California criminal jury acquitted him. Much evidence excluded by Judge Ito at the California criminal trial. So this came into evidence in the civil case against O.J. Simpson. But a civil jury, with all the evidence before them, felt O.J. was liable. Therefore, you or your family could win a civil judgment if the wrongdoer is not guilty. After all, being "innocent" and "not guilty" are as different as apples from oranges. Santa Monica Courts Recognized as Fair and Balanced by Ehline? Santa Monica Superior Court is famous for its terrific judges and fair play to all parties to any civil or criminal litigation. The Court has first juries who are well instructed by the Superior Court judges to follow the law. The local jury pool comes from a vast cross-section of the Los Angeles County population. Sometimes the parties to civil litigation will request a trial by judge. The client will usually waive this right to a jury if the case involves complex issues that a Santa Monica judge will more likely understand. Trial by the judge also saves an enormous amount of administrative time and resources, such as using up valuable jurors. Superior Court judges will most probably appreciate it when a party to civil litigation waives its right to a jury and go with the judge trial. Want More Information? Trial by the judge will also cut down on attorney time, which means fewer attorney costs, and attorney's fees passed on to the injured victim. The Constitution provides that in "a civil cause," any waiver inviolate of the right to a jury determination must occur by the consent of the parties as provided by statute. Trial by the judge also saves an enormous amount of judicial time and resources, such as using up valuable jurors. Superior Court judges will most probably appreciate it when a party to civil litigation waives its right to a jury and go with the judge trial. Of course, in most injury cases, the defendant has insurance—for example, the automobile case. Let's say the victim is in a rear-end car accident. That case will more than likely filed in the City if not settled first. Minimum California Liability Insurance Requirements and the Under-Insured Motorist California requires each driver has insurance no less than $15,000.00 per person per occurrence. It provides a maximum of $30,000.00. This is for all individuals, per incident. What is a California Uninsured Motorist? The California uninsured motorist is a person who is driving around in violation of California law. The police will not be happy with someone driving around their City with no insurance. Presumably, this because uninsured motorists are a leading cause of serious injury accidents. (See educational Berkeley Report.) What if an injured victim is in a car wreck by a wrongdoer with no insurance? In that case, the injured victim will have to sue the uninsured wrongdoer. But this can be futile with no insurance money to pay for any potential judgment. Also, this can preempt the wrongdoer to file for bankruptcy protection. Judgment creditors stand at the back of the line behind secured debts. So the chances are slim that the injured victim will recover anything. Q: How Do I Protect Myself Against Uninsured and Under-Insured Motorists? In truth, there are many people illegally in the country and driving without any insurance, or who can only afford minimum insurance protections. With the enormous tax burden the average citizen faces, this is no real wonder. Q: But What if I Need More Insurance Protection in Santa Monica? What if an insured consumer is riding around and gets in a rear-ender, and has the following injuries: broken back, broken hip requiring a hip replacement, neck injury requiring disc fusion surgery? That would be upwards of $1,000,000.00 in medical bills alone. How could a person be protected? A: Purchase More Coverage Amounts. A smart consumer will purchase additional insurance protection. Believe it or not, buying more protection does not cost that much more, and it is well worth it. Other Pitfalls of Not Having California Car Liability Insurance – The Prop. 213 Case Under Proposition 213, an uninsured injured victim may not recover pain and suffering damages if a wrongdoer injures him in a crash. Pain and suffering damages are usually a significant part of the damages recoverable to an injured victim. Q: But How Are People Registering their Cars? Required insurance for Vehicle Registration? The State of California Department of Motor Vehicles requires a vehicle owner or titleholder to purchase liability insurance before registration. (Read More DMV Public Brochures.) A: The Uninsured Motorists Purchase Insurance Coverage, and Stop Paying In addition to document fraud, many people purchase insurance from a place like Survival Insurance, for example. Great, now they take that proof to the DMV, for instance, and register the car. Then, the wrongdoer will immediately go back to the insurance broker, cancel and get a refund. Or, they won't stay current on insurance payments, and the insurance coverage will lapse. Voila, no insurance, and a certified car. Other Insurance Issues. There are other instances where an injury victim bit by a dog. People injured outside the home, or by slips and falls, etc.. Sometimes they are not in a car. In these cases, there may be a homeowner's insurance protection or med-pay coverage. But getting a reasonable Santa Monica personal injury attorney is key to finding out how to proceed. Dedicated to investigating your bodily injury claim is what we are. We seek to find the insurance coverage available to protect others from harm. The injured victim should strike while the iron is hot. While memories are fresh, the investigation should begin. Defendants need to get tracked down and even skip traced.  Ehline makes it happen. Do or die. What About Santa Monica Rent Control? Much to the chagrin of property owners, this City has rent control laws. What this means is, a property owner must subsidize a renter. Therefore, rent may not increase. Hence, this is the law. This is true even though the costs of maintenance and mortgage are extravagant. The upside is that the tenant can live in some of the most excellent real estate on the planet, for cheap. Cheap here can mean less than its fair market value. Due to the adversarial rent control laws, there often arise many landlord-tenant disputes. Many of the landlord-tenant cases have to do with retaliatory eviction. Civil Code Section 1942.5 covers this. Usually, a tenant will complain to the City, the owner, or someone else like the press. It is often about habitability problems. The landlord, already overextended, cannot pay. Sometimes the landlord will get desperate and simply evict the tenant. In some cases, there is a rebuttable presumption the landlord evicted as retaliation. After all, he must have been complaining about the premises. He got the landlord in trouble. Ehline represents tenants and landlords in landlord-tenant disputes. Sometimes a landlord-tenant dispute will get out of hand. The parties may get into a fistfight or worst. There are cases of knife attacks and shootouts in landlord-tenant disputes. Elder and Dependent Adult Abuse in Santa Monica? Ehline learned Elder Abuse Law from Mark B. Hankin, drafter of EADACPA. We will fight for you against increasingly hostile insurance companies and attorneys. We will go the extra mile and help you recover damages for your injuries.

Mar 13, 2020

Cable Car Injuries

Ehline Law Firm specializes in winning plaintiff personal injury claims against the City and County of San Francisco.  Contents: A History of Cable Car Accidents in the Bay Area Getting Paid for Injuries Hiring a Lawyer Our Cable Car Injury Law Firm Proudly Sues for Victims in the Bay Area of California Our caring Bay Area law firm helps plaintiffs. Therefore, these law offices are always motivated to help individuals with suing for MUNI Railway injuries. Therefore, we help people victimized by someone's carelessness in their operations. This company has proudly recovered millions of dollars for California accident victims.  Most of all, we stand with the little guy. We act as a person's sword and shield in their hour of need. Cable Car Accident Facts Cable car injuries can be among the very worst types of catastrophic cases for the people involved. The U.S. Department of Transportation shows cable car injury rates rising over the past four years. Therefore cable car collisions have more than doubled. Of particular interest, the MUNI bus has a five times higher rate of bodily harm than electric trolleybuses. They also beat light rail accidents in the number of accident victims. Cable cars travel at a speed of nine miles per hour. The science shows this is a high enough rate of speed to result in accidents. Hence, serious injuries often befall victims. These rides are also a favorite of tourists. Thus, many victims feel naked and afraid so far away from home. Ehline Law Firm takes pride in assisting people. We enjoy helping those who have nowhere to turn. Michael Ehline was a U.S. Marine. Thus, he considers it a solemn duty to run to the sound of the gunfire. Cable Car Accidents Through the Years. Over the years, our city has become the focus of some severe tragedies involving cable cars. So below for you is a sampling of some of the most noteworthy wrecks. Hence, this will probably give you an idea of the prevalence and severity of injury in these tragic cases. 1967: In the year 1967 on Hyde Street, a cable car loaded with passengers ran away, crashing into several automobiles with the wreckage catching fire. Killed were two people. Forty-three were injured. 1988: In May 1988, on the same hill on Hyde Street, a cable car sped down the same hill causing passengers to be thrown to the pavement when impacting a truck. In this crash, twenty people became injured. 1993: In October of 1993, a runaway cable car at Hyde Street and Beach Street struck three parked cable cars after the brakes failed. In this crash, ten people suffered harm. 1995: In 1995, an empty cable car became a runaway car hitting a passenger car and trapping an Australian tourist between the two vehicles. The man suffered severe enough injury to his left leg that required amputation. 1999: August 16, 1999, a cable car traveling down from Nob Hill struck a protruding rod in the street, resulting in the vehicle coming to an immediate stop with fifty passengers, many of which were tourists. In this incident, six of the fifty passengers required hospitalization, and twenty other passengers needed treatment at the scene of the crash (Source.) 2005: In August 2005, a cable car came to a sudden stop at California and Powell Streets due to the gripmen from the California and Polk Street lines activating cable cars at the same time. Five people sustained injuries in this mishap. 2007: In January 2007, at a North Beach intersection, a cable car struck and killed a seventy-six-year-old pedestrian. Cable Car Accidents are Not Uncommon Of particular note, these are incidents that occur with regularity. Our San Francisco municipal railway injury attorneys have a clear understanding of the engineering dynamics. They comprehend the operation of cable cars. Our paralegals and law clerks learn about their interconnected braking systems. Therefore, our whole staff is always learning. Thus, their goal is to know the rules and regulations that oversee the operation of these vehicles. Lawyers of Ehline Law Firm have specialized knowledge in the causes of these collisions. Michael Ehline likes to help people less fortunate than himself. He is grateful for the success of the firm. He gives back by going the extra mile. Michael is an expert on passenger boarding injuries, runaway cars, and sudden stopping. These are the situations that most often result in harm to passengers. Pursuing Damages in Cable Car Mishaps If you or a loved one suffered harm, such as fractures, brain injuries, paralysis due to a cable car malfunction, we could help. Contact the Municipal Railway injury attorneys at Ehline Law Firm Personal Injury Attorneys, APLC, for a free consultation. Hence, we will gladly evaluate your claim. Then we will conduct a thorough investigation. Our services include giving you a definite, caring explanation of your case in blunt terms. Once you hire us, we get to work right away. We start by ambitiously tracking and interviewing witnesses. Carrying out witness interviews is essential. The plaintiff must collect evidence in cable car collisions. Thus, research on these crashes must happen immediately. Our compassionate law firm uses experts for an expertly prepared case. Of particular importance, delaying gathering scientific and other evidence can result in a loss. Noteworthy is the fact that MUNI investigators and defense lawyers will be working overtime to obtain written or tape-recorded statements. They seek to record confused witnesses in a way that distorts the facts. Hence, they try and turn the tables in their favor. But our professionals will put a stop these tactics. Instead, we will surround you with guardians and protect your claims. Were you injured by a Cable Car in San Francisco?  Know your rights! Was Your Cable Car Operator Properly Trained? Particularly relevant, proper training is a requirement under California law for cable car operators. Hence, they must be proficient in starting and stopping cars as smoothly as possible. Therefore, the operator has to use excellent care and diligence. Furthermore, a great driver will have a record for safely operating and transporting passengers. Failure of this duty of care is negligent. There are also statutory rules and regulations for cable car operators. Have you suffered harm and believe you have a claim against the cable car? The opposite maybe is right. Your case may be against the City and County of San Francisco. Therefore, you may also need to bring a government claim. You may have a complaint against the Municipal Railway. It is probably a good idea for you to contact cable car legal specialists at our law firm. Your warm, loving, and attentive, professional lawyers are happy to discuss your pending case toll-free at (888) 400-9721. Ehline Law Firm Personal Injury Attorneys, APLC 50 Francisco Street #460 San Francisco, CA 94133 (415) 684-7688.

Mar 13, 2020

Newport Beach Bus Accidents

Welcome to Ehline Law Firm. It seems like rather than worry, you are pro-active about your personal injury case. So that is why you probably came here looking for information about bus accidents. Our law firm helps people recover monetary compensation. We are experts at helping with bus accidents in the city of Newport Beach. Most people are unaware that bus crashes happen due to a wide variety of causes. One of the consequences to passengers is mental and physical injuries. So we help get people money to compensate for those things. Read on, but whatever you do, "do not delay" to action. The law has time limits to file a lawsuit! It's probably smart to strike while the iron is hot. Do We Have the Skills You're Seeking? Yes, we do! So it goes without saying that wounded victims are probably seeking compensation. They will probably want a local Newport Beach firm. People also want a representative with experience, litigation skills, and resources. You need support since these are also rare cases. Bus company liability needs to be determined right away too. Most of all, an aggressive lawyer can promptly dig deep. As a result, legal experts can work quickly to find out what happened. Bus Driver Negligence that Leads to Bus Accidents in Newport Beach. The bus drivers operating a bus on the streets and freeways have traffic congestion. Noteworthy is that handling a coach on the winding mountain roads can be risky. Rain and inclement weather also present problems. Hence, if the bus driver is not entirely concentrating on the road, death is a risk. Not being focused on driving can cause dangerous mistakes. Therefore, this puts the passengers at risk. It seems like driver error is always the reason for a wreck. Plus, we all hear in the news about crashes from drivers going over the speed limit. Other calamitous errors include unsafe lane changes. Some operators will drive aggressively in lousy weather. So when a bus accident does occur, we do a comprehensive investigation of the bus crash. Of particular interest, we work right away to determine if negligence played a role in the collision. The More Common Types of Bus Driver Negligent Include: Speed Limits: Bus drivers operating the bus over the speed limit will have a tricky time maneuvering. Their reaction times become reduced, and they must perform sharp braking. Consequently, it can result in them making hard turns. Flipping the vehicle, or rolling the behemoth is a real possibility. Traveling over the speed limit increases the risk of bus accidents. Bus Driver Fatigue: Bus drivers and other commercial drivers are legally required to keep log records. So by law, these records must include the amount of sleep they have had. The documents also list the number of hours they drive. Unlawful records falsification can occur. Of particular interest, fake files are to the advantage of the driver that is trying to meet schedules. Bus driver fatigue increases the risk of a bus accident. Furthermore, this is a negligent action when there is a bus crash. Hence, this may be considered negligence, per se. Bus accidents caused by a fatigued driver will mean holding the bus company or owner responsible. Distractions Kill Besides being tired, there are many other pressing problems facing bus operators as follows: Bus Driver Unsafe Lane Changes: On a regular route, the bus pulls over to the right to pick up and let off passengers. If the bus driver fails to see oncoming traffic, the consequences can be a bus accident. Bus Driver Distractions: Distracted drivers put passengers at risk. Distractions increase the risk of a bus crash. Distracted bus drivers change radio stations or make other adjustments. Examples include driving and eating. The usual suspects include texting or talking on the phone. Hence, this will take their focus off of the road and the traffic around them Driving Under the Influence: When bus drivers are DUI, passengers are at risk. Thus, operators are liable for operating the bus while stoned on alcohol. Bus companies or bus owners may also be accountable. Under respondeat superior, they are responsible for the actions of the driver. Examples of gross negligence include hiring a person with a bad driving history. It is probably a bad idea to hire a bus driver with multiple DUI offenses. It may not be smart to hire an employee who has a record for reckless driving either. Character matters. Lack of Maintenance and Defective Parts The causes of bus accidents include when the driver loses control. But sometimes other reasons exist. As a result, you must determine the cause right away. Hence, a lawyer must investigate with a fine-toothed comb. He must gather evidence. In some cases, he may find that improper maintenance is the culprit. Evidence may show the cause of the wreck was defective steering. The culprit may have been faulty brakes or broken engine parts. They all can play a role. Thus, owners and repairers are responsible sometimes. Indirectly, they too could have played a role in causing the bus crash. In other words, a lot of people can be on the hook. Of course, often investigations include the help of other experts. Most important here is ensuring those liable parties stand accountable. After all, it was their actions or inaction that caused or contributed to the disaster. The negligent parties that can be responsible include: The bus owner The bus company The company responsible for bus maintenance The mechanic(s) The manufacturer in charge of a defective or inferior design The manufacturers of defective parts When Motor Vehicle Drivers are Negligent. Bus accidents also occur if they due to the careless or dangerous driver of another motor vehicle that the bus driver cannot avoid in time to keep a collision from happening. Thus, this would be the driver that runs a red light. It could also include one that is speeding. Hence, examples also encompass unsafe lane changes. Distracted bus drivers may even be under the influence. Negligent motor vehicle drivers include those who drink or do drugs and drive. Methamphetamines are the drug of choice for many long haul drivers. Bus companies cannot knowingly hire druggies. But if the company knew or should have known the driver was on meth, we have a problem. There may be circumstantial evidence. In this type of circumstance, the bus company or owner's insurance company may be on the hook. Expert Legal Representation in a Newport Beach Bus Accident Case Representation by experts like Ehline is essential. You bet your bottom dollar that the bus company defendants will have prominent money lawyers. There is also the fact that the law limits the amount of time to sue. Depending on the defendants, you must rapidly file a bus accident injury claim. Thus, waiting can mean ruining your case. In conclusion, consulting an experienced legal warrior will protect your rights. We Make It Happen? Last, we have the litigation skills to assist brutalized clients. Our forte remains to max out the compensation legally possible. Our commitment is to your family and loved ones. Your Newport Beach bus collision is essential to us. Reach out to the attorneys of Ehline Law Firm. Call toll-free at (888) 400-9721. 

Mar 13, 2020

Glendale Motorcycle Accidents

Crashed bike laid down
Motorcycle laid down.
Lawyers Helping Victims of Glendale Motorcycle Accidents Statistics show that each year in the U.S., there are 72.34 motorcycle-related wrecks per 100,000 registered motorcycles (Source.) Motorcycle laid down. Table of Contents: Don't Delay Hiring an Accident Lawyer File Your Claim We Can Help You What Happens with the Settlement? What to Do Next? There are unreported crashes, such as those arising from unregistered bikes that are in accidents as well. Glendale is an exciting place to ride because it has many old, winding roads and byways like the 134, that are unique to this city. Even an experienced rider will find some aspects of navigating this town on two wheels to be quite treacherous. There are always stories of bad wrecks involving motorbikes in the local Glendale news. Even though the city, state, and county is arguably immune from being sued for this crazy roadway design, you may still have a case. So even if it was a: Pothole Uneven surface A substantial change in conditions that dropped your bike So, in that case, you can still bring a claim against the government for a single-vehicle crash in many instances. Michael Ehline of Ehline Law Firm Personal Injury Attorneys, APLC has also ridden the dangerous pathways in this town, and it is no joke. The most significant danger is passenger cars. Sometimes women are putting on makeup start to veer off into your lane of travel, or it could be a law enforcement officer on his cell phone, not paying attention. Whatever the distraction is, it is real, and it can kill an unwary rider. As riders and not just lawyers, we genuinely are the rider's friend. All across Greater L.A., we are the champions of the little guy who is just out enjoying the thrill of riding. Our mission is to hold the person or municipal corporation that caused your motorcycle crash accountable for what they created. Biker Accidents and Glendale Riding is not for the faint of heart. Riders are 30 times more likely to be killed or maimed in a crash, which means that our firm is called upon often to aid fallen riders. Although not precisely daredevils, we are involved in charities. Plus, we volunteer our time to wounded vets and hurt rider charities. As kindred spirits, we also fight like mad dogs on behalf of the survivors of riding mishaps. Our number is 888-400-9721. As demonstrated below, Ehline is the only clear choice when faced with a bad crash in Glendale. As discussed, Glendale and West San Gabriel Valley are locations with substantial and often congested traffic on the freeways and neighborhood streets. Study data shows that motorcyclists are 37 times more likely to suffer injuries in a collision than drivers of other types of vehicles. You're probably going to need prompt guidance and assurance from a legal professional at some point if you often ride in a populous city like this. After a Motorcycle Accident Happens, What Do You Do? When involved in a motorcycle crash, some steps can be taken to help protect your rights, including: Get immediate medical care. Even if you do not believe you are seriously injured, it is still essential to obtain medical treatment. After all, not all injuries are immediately apparent. Some injuries may take hours, days, or weeks for symptoms to appear. Never admit fault. Do not admit fault or partial fault at the scene of the accident or to the insurance companies. Do not speak to the other party's insurance company or their representatives. Handling the insurance company let this be your attorney's responsibility. Report the accident to your insurance company. It is essential to report any accident to your insurer. But we do not suggest you make a recorded statement. Never do anything without the advice of your lawyer. So retain an established personal injury attorney first. They should be a personal injury lawyer specializing in motorcycle accidents. After all, cycling wrecks remain unique and unlike other motor vehicle mishaps. Provide your attorney with any information. If you have any information from the accident scene, turn it over. This info you give your lawyer can include: Witness names. Contact information. Pictures snapped on a cell phone at the scene. You should also take shots of the damaged bike and other vehicles and jot down any additional pertinent information. How Do You Get Help For Motorcycle Accident Claims in Glendale, CA? Often motorcycle insurance claims can be resolved through negotiation or mediation with the insurance companies themselves. After all, we want to avoid the need to go to trial. In the event a beneficial settlement cannot be made on behalf of the injured victim, then your representative will attempt to determine all the parties that should pay you. Next, we turn up the heat. The more defendants available to pay, the better the chances of getting money in your bank. It is pointless to have a large verdict when the defendant has no way even to pay you. If there is more than one defendant, there is more money on the table in almost every case. Also, there is something that our opponents know about us already. We go the extra mile for our clients, instead of being a high volume law firm mill. When you hire us, you are not just a file; you are our friend. We are in it for the long haul. Parties Commonly Named in Motorcycle Collision Cases Include: The other vehicle drivers involved in a collision or crash. The owners of the other vehicles, if different from the driver. Truck companies or owners can be liable too. Or maybe their employee was involved in the incident. Motorcycle manufacturers. They may be liable when there is a poor design, or they have manufactured a defective part, in which either is wholly or partially at fault for causing the crash. Motorcycle mechanics. They may be held liable for improper repairs or the use of known defective parts that contributed or caused a motorcycle crash. Government entities. When they are responsible for maintaining roads, signals, or signs in the location in the crash occurred, and they failed to provide proper maintenance. If the other party involved in the incident is uninsured or under-insured, you may be able to pursue a claim with your carrier. When this happens, it should be understood that the insurer will attempt to pay out as little as possible. After all, the liability policy providers are looking out for their own best interests; if an agreement cannot be reached with the insurer for a fair settlement, your lawyer may suggest filing a lawsuit against your carrier. What About Retaining a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer? When hiring a firm or solo practitioner, it is crucial to do it as soon as you are out of the hospital. At the very least, you must be lucid enough to pick up the telephone. You may want to have a close person to assist you in this task. In a motorcycle wreck, the most important thing besides a great doctor, and surgeon, is a phenomenal lawyer. A great lawyer is a dedicated lawyer above all else. He is like a loyal dog. He collects evidence before it gets destroyed or forgotten. Plus, if you blow the statute, you're out of luck. For this reason, it is crucial to retain the services of a highly aggressive lawyer as soon as possible. Get your legal documents filed before the "statute" runs out. Ehline Law Firm Personal Injury Attorneys, APLC has technical and procedural skills. So this means we have the know-how to guide a motorcycle insurance or court claim to ultimate victory. Glendale motorcycle wrecks deserve only the very best legal help. That is what you get with Ehline Law Firm. Do or die; we make it happen. Obtaining Recovery in a Glendale Motorcycle Crash. A negotiated settlement, arbitration, or court award can compensate you for the following: Medical care costs. For your hospital stay, and other care as needed. Rehabilitative costs. Things like physical therapy. Loss of income. For things like missing work. Reduced or lost future income for things you can't do that you did once before. Pain and suffering. For the newfound pain now, and into your golden years. If the fallen rider died, the victim's family could file a wrongful death claim. The wrongful death lawsuit will help the family to recover for their losses; These can include the loss of financial support, loss of companionship, and other losses. In some cases, the victim's estate may be able to file a legal action to recover compensation on behalf of the victim's heirs. Contact Us. Did a motorcycle crash cause you injuries? If so, our Glendale advocates are here to act on your behalf right this instant. So call us toll-free at (888) 400 -9721. Sources: Interview With Harry Hurt: "MAIDS Report": Glendale City Incidence Reports: Ehline Law Firm Personal Injury Attorneys, APLC 655 N Central Avenue Glendale, CA 91203 US Phone: (818) 485-2311

Mar 13, 2020

Ehline Law's Community Service to LA, Beverly Hills, and CA

Fire Truck Beverly Hills
Building the Greater Beverly Hills Area, One Act at a Time Growing up in Southern California, our attorneys have a special obligation to make it a better place. And this remains especially the case for our lead attorney Michael Ehline. During his time in the Marine Corps, Michael learned the value of loyalty to his friends, family, country, and hometown. He never makes a promise he doesn't keep. And it shows in the way that Ehline Law has helped the community. As a result, Ehline Law goes out of its way to foster several worthy causes. We are proud participants in the Circle of Legal Trust, which coordinates and cooperates with other law firms to offer the best services for our clients. Ehline Law also sponsors the annual Carlsbad Walk Like MADD event against drunk driving. We've been featured on CNN, Newsweek, and other major publications. Michael utilizes his role as a legal expert as a springboard to help out accident victims beyond just California. Michael has lobbied the United States Congress on Behalf of Transportation Safety. He also has fought hard to end cruise ship man overboard cases. These wrongful deaths are among the most difficult to stomach. So we wasted no time in offering our help to the International Cruise Victims. Ehline Law involves in several other community service programs. Our lead attorney is engaged in extensive mentoring programs. He got his start in the legal field by "reading the law" such as Abraham Lincoln did and working under a judge. This experience helps craft a better learning experience for up and coming attorneys. Ehline Law sponsors a scholarship for prospective attorneys. Michael also runs several columns to help attorneys better serve their clients. These have been featured on such sites as the Catskill Mountain Eagle. We also support the efforts of the Beverly Hills Bar Association, and the California State Bar. Here to Help You. In conclusion, Ehline Law believes in the community first and foremost. It is the foundation on which our professional life builds and is a chance to give back. Contact us for more information about our firm, mentoring opportunities, or scholarship funds. Ehline Law Firm Personal Injury Attorney, APLC 509 S Beverly Dr. Fl 115 Los Angeles, CA 90212 US Phone: (424) 666-3967 Company Name: Ehline Law Firm Personal Injury Attorneys, APLC

Mar 13, 2020

Long Beach Wrongful Death Lawyers

Michael Ehline at the court
Michael Ehline, Esq., at U.S. Supreme Court
Attorney Michael Ehline leads the proud Long Beach wrongful death lawyers at Ehline Law Firm ("Ehline Law Firm.") Michael Ehline, Esq., at U.S. Supreme Court Death Certificate Table of Contents: Who can File a Claim? What Cause these Accidents? What is a Fatal Death Accident Claim? Standard Damages in a Wrongful Death Accident We Promise You Great Service! Michael and the expert staff at our proud law firm are winners. Our fame is in helping plaintiffs involved in accidents caused by negligent defendants. Michael's quotes are in the Daily Journal Magazine. And CNN, as well as many other famous publications, have covered his exploits. Michael was also selected as a Personal Injury Litigator by the LA Times. He is also the winner of the Litigator of the Year Award. Everything we do here is to earn the trust of personal injury victims. And this is all bolstered by our news features, awards, and accolades. Why Not Hire a Law Firm With a Proven Track Record? Why wouldn't you want to hire the best lawyer for your case? EFLPI is well regarded with millions of dollars in verdicts and settlements won. We help personal injury victims just like you. Because when you lose a loved one due to the careless acts of another, you're going to want a heavy hitter like Ehline Law Firm to help you. And this remains true even if the death was partially the fault of the decedent you bereave. The plaintiff's attorneys at Ehline Law Firm have a terrific track record for successful outcomes. We happily assist individuals with catastrophic, fatal crashes and accidents. These are the tragedies leading to loss of life in Long Beach, California. We go after the person or persons who caused you or your family injury. We help people in their darkest hour and instill confidence and compassion. When someone you love passes away due to the negligence of another, call (888) 400-9721. How Do Ehline Law Firm Wrongful Death Lawyers Protect Your Rights to Financial Support? If an accident results in a fatality, your family can bring a wrongful death claim as victims. Because of this, your family may recover damages for their losses. What that means is that you could get money for your financial and other injuries. First, Ehline Law Firm lawyers will try and settle the case with the defendant's insurance company. If no agreement can be made to resolve the case, you, the plaintiff, can sue for wrongful death. Of particular interest, this is not a suit for the dead victim's damages. In a statutory death claim, the surviving family has suffered losses of their own. They are distraught; they are mourning. So the survivors have lost the love, affection, and financial support of the decedent. (These are your damages.) Compare Wrongful Death To Survivors Action or Negligent Infliction of Emotional Distress? In a wrongful death claim, the survivor's loss would not have happened if the defendant had paid attention. The defendant's inattentiveness caused the decedent's and the plaintiff's injuries. So those left behind can sue for things like loss of consortium, but not for the distress of the death while it took place. In a survivor's action, the dead person's estate can try and sue for the deceased person's tangible and intangible losses. But you don't get paid for witnessing the death unless an exception applies. And you would look under the Negligent Infliction of Emotional Distress theory. Negligent Infliction of Emotional Distress Distinguished? The bystander theory remains your only avenue of compensation. And you prove this by showing the victims perceived the death of a loved one as it happened. So now you can sue for your injury damages under Thing v. La Chusa (1989) 48 Cal.3d 644. But in Thing, the victim was cleared to sue for negligent infliction of emotional distress ("NIED"). And the plaintiff did so under the bystander theory. What is a Bystander, and Why is it Important? A bystander is a person who perceived the injuries to their loved one as they occurred. Hence, this typically means they saw or heard the wounds as they happened. Wrongful Death Further Contrasted With NIED. In contrast with NIED, the wrongful death lawsuit is based on other things. Defendants can be an individual, company, or entity. The survivors could still get paid something no matter where they reside. The death may have been a traffic accident where a driver was reckless. But the fault could also lie with an employer. Hence the penalty could be due to a workplace fatality caused by neglect in following safety codes. People even can die due to a defective product accident. Whatever type of accident occurred, it resulted in the death of a loved one. So naturally, this leaves the surviving family traumatized. Now, it could be the survivor also was present during the death. Thus, he or she would have a mixed bag claim for wrongful death and NIED. So in a death case, victims sue for intangibles like emotional support. They also seek compensation tangibles like money for unpaid bills. In an NIED case, the victim has direct losses like their loss of work and their pain and suffering. Get it? But the family gets stuck with unpaid debts like funerary expenses. So the wives and kids left behind usually remain to hold the bag. But mortgages still need paying. And collections agents will be calling to get reimbursed for medical expenses. Everyone else wants to get money for their financial losses. Thus, the family will need to bring a wrongful death lawsuit to recover damages. The at-fault party must be held to account. What Family Members Can File a Wrongful Death Claim? People who can sue: The victim's spouse The victim's children Dependent stepchildren Any dependent minors, who have lived in the victim's household for at least six months Dependent parents However, in the event the deceased victim does not have a spouse, others may step in their shoes. Children Parents of others may have rights. So in that incident, more distant family members may be able to bring a claim. Also, the estate of the deceased may be able to file a complaint of its own. The claim is called a "survival action." So here, the estate seeks compensation. But it's for what the dead person would have gotten had he or she remained among the living. But the recovery in the survival action goes into the victim's estate. The estate may owe money to creditors, for example. And the residual gets distributed to the heirs. The accomplished wrongful death lawyer can assist in the recovery of financial compensation. He or she will sue for the losses that you suffered. Hence, the Ehline Law Firm will seek monetary support for loss of love, companionship, etc. Contact Us. If your family has lost a loved one in a Long Beach Wrongful Death Accident, get a lawyer.  We offer a free consultation to evaluate your case. Let our attorneys determine the best way to proceed with your legal action. Call Ehline Law Firm at (888) 400-9721. Ehline Law Firm Personal Injury Attorneys, APLC 5001 Airport Plaza Dr #210 Long Beach, CA 90805 US Phone: (562) 731-0668

Mar 13, 2020

Long Beach Truck Accident Lawyers

Bad truck crash in Long Beach.
Big Rig Truck crashed into center divider image.
Michael Ehline of Ehline Law Firm created this page to assist people hurt by big trucks. These are the large shipping container tractors with trailers moving in and out of the Port of Long Beach, and the city at large. Big Rig Truck crashed into center divider image. Table of Contents: Accidents in Long Beach Attorneys’ Services are Needed Be Aware of the Steps to Take Important Information About Claims Settlement Can be Reached Who Do You Call? Ehline Law Firm has years of valuable experience and has won significant awards granted by courts and juries. Because of this, Ehline Law Firm has the respect of friend and foe alike. In fact, the firm has sued in numerous cases, including commercial rigs. We have sued in cases involving: Mac, or Peterbilt trucks with balding tires. Cases we help with often involve tire retread blowouts. Sometimes the trucker relies upon the rig's trailer brakes. Companies often do this instead of applying their rig's brakes to try and save money. Getting involved in an 18 wheeler accident in the LBC usually results in major injuries. Injuries like this can include: Head trauma Spinal cord injuries Paralysis Multiple fractures Death Internal bleeding Have You Been Injured in a Long Beach Big Rig Accident? Many truckers use their vehicles as portable parking lots for new and used cars. This helps to get vehicles quickly from the port to the local car dealership. Many are in and out of the port several times a day, stacked upon these large trailers. Depending upon the Bill of Lading, shippers may get loaded up with hazardous chemicals. But some are simply bob-tailing with nothing in tow. Sometimes the driver is only deadheading the empty truck back to another job. Intermodal containers remain very common along the 710 freeway. But most passenger car occupants are clueless as to the dangers they face from big rigs. They don't know what is rolling down the highway in these storage containers. In all events, the trucks themselves have thick, sturdy frames. Thus, they can easily crush a small car or SUV as an empty aluminum can. Therefore, the chances of killing people inside small vehicles are increased. Dangers become compounded when considering shippers attempt to save money by skirting safety regulations. Tire carving and bad retreads are a safety problem. Using trailer brakes instead of rig brakes means higher chances of blown treads. And this remains especially true when carrying an over-sized load. Bikers and people on foot are always at risk for flying treads as a result. Also, one should never drift, tailgate, or crowd next to a big rig when they are traveling. If a person gets injured as a result of a safety violation, or mere negligence, none of this matters. So while you are laying there in the hospital, all you want is to get better. What About Truck Accidents in Long Beach? Long Beach has a significant number of railway and flatbed trucks in operation at any given time. And this stands in stark contrast to many other California cities. Coinciding with this is the fact that this port city is home to: Some of the worst commercial driver wrecks in the U.S. Noncommercial vehicle occupants are at daily risk on the freeways and streets. This port city has roadways that are often congested. There are areas where it is risky to drive. DANGER: There are a lot of big rigs running along I-710, between Artesia and Sepulveda Boulevards. And this is just east of Carson. These crowded roads have many cars, motorcycles, and freight liners. Traffic phasing problems have occurred near the Long Beach Airport at Signal Hill. Obviously, faulty signals mean a higher risk of an accident. Other high-risk areas include Palm Beach at the intersection of Ocean and Shoreline Drive. What are Some Other Increased Dangers You Face From Trucks in Long Beach? Your dangers become increased when you factor in people: Making unsafe lane changes Running red lights. Recently a person ran the stop sign at Long Beach Aquarium and rear-ended another vehicle. Sometimes trucks will tailgate on these same winding roads and roundabouts. Other times passenger cars and trucks don't signal and make improper turns. Therefore, even when a less experienced driver is careful, collisions may be unavoidable. Compounding your dangers are that any one of those big trucks could lose control. Examples include: Filled cement mixers that lose control. Fishtailing trailers losing control. Several tons of metal could come crashing down on your car. What do fire trucks, cargo, and military transport trucks have several things in common? They are all high up off the ground. Cabs that are hard to see from. There are many blind spots. These vehicles are noisy. Plus, the truck drivers are often unable to hear horns and other warnings. So setting aside dangers to the environment, these behemoths are an immediate threat. Anyone on the road is a potential truck crash victim. In fact, in the U.S., a traffic accident kills a person every twelve to fifteen minutes. Roadway collisions with motorized vehicles of this size often result in serious injuries. These injuries can change the victim's life forever. What is a Jackknife Accident? When an accident occurs due to a collision with a jack-knifed big rig, serious injuries can become sustained. Definition of Jackknife Jack-knifing of a big rig occurs when the trailer pivots and the truck and trailer create the shape of a “V.” When this happens, the container slides across several lanes of traffic. Thus, it can happen when the truck driver applies the brakes suddenly. The trailer sliding can hit other vehicles on the roadway. Hence, sometimes it results in severe injury or death. What are Some Motor Vehicle Accident Statistics? The Long Beach population is approximately 440,000 people. People are packed in like sardines into its infrastructure. In 2011, at least 63 people were in wrecks in Long Beach. During that same period, 26 total people died. Five deaths were related to drunk driving. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says motor vehicle collisions are the number 1 cause of death for Americans ages 8 to 34. There are 2.5 million people hurt in crashes yearly. Half of these people become permanently disabled. So this means they lose cognitive function. Many suffer from brain injuries. Some even become paralyzed from the neck down. Due to the multiple parties and potential sources of recovery, these are complex claims. These types of cases require a staff of trained tort law specialists. How Will The Services of a Long Truck Accident Lawyer Benefit You? When hiring an attorney, they should be of good reputation and skill. Having a representative who understands the industry jargon is fantastic. But even better if they understand the regulations and legalese. Having a champion to act as your legal sword and shield is of paramount importance. So immediately after a bad wreck, you need an aggressive representative. Legal representation cannot be delayed. If so, it can mean missing the deadline to file legal documents. Also, delays mean witnesses can’t remember details, or they are challenging to locate. Consequently, it could mean losing crucial evidence. Ehline Law Firm has a stellar record when it comes to getting clients money in personal injury cases. Ehline Law Firm has multiple years of experience. This is necessary to handle the most complex injury cases. Parties Commonly Named in Truck Accident Lawsuits Include: Truck drivers. Truck owners. Employers of the truck driver, such as when the accident occurs during the work schedule. Vehicle manufacturers, when there is a poor design or defective part that contributes or causes the crash. Truck mechanics, when there have been improper repairs, or there is a known defective part used. Government entities charged with maintaining roadways, signs, and signals that create a hazard. Accident claims go against the insurance company of the at-fault party. When parties are under-insured or uninsured, a person may file complaints with their insurance. And this is to recover damages. But insurance adjusters will be looking out for their own best interests. So they may not offer a fair settlement. If this happens, lawyers may suggest filing a bad faith action against your insurance. What About When Truck Accident Claims Cannot Settle? In some cases, resolving truck accident claims happens through skilled negotiation. Also, this is a form of mediation without filing your lawsuit. Unfortunately, sometimes you can be forced to file a case and maybe to a jury trial. So if Ehline Law Firm can't settle, we make sure and name all known defendants and sue those negligent parties.  We go the extra mile to get you paid either way. Your settlement or award of compensation may include: Medical expenses Rehabilitative costs Assisted living services Lost wealth and income Reduction of, or loss of future earnings Pain and Suffering But what if your truck accident results in a fatality? Well, in that case, your surviving family may file a wrongful death case in the Long Beach Courthouse. This legal claim will help your surviving family recover for their loss of financial and other support by the passed away victim. It also helps get you paid back for: Lost love Companionship Other intangibles But the estate of the decedent can also file a legal action called a “survivors action.” So this would be a claim to recover compensation for the victim’s heirs and the decedent's own pain, etc. Contact Us Now! All of this stuff sounds confusing, right? But that's ok. Our Long Beach trucking accident lawyers can help you to decipher this process. Our attorneys will assist you in protecting your rights and obtaining the recovery you deserve. To that end, we offer you a free telephone consultation 24-7. And if you're unable to meet in our offices, we can come to you at no cost. Schedule an appointment by calling (888) 400-9721 or by using the contact form on the Ehline Law Firm website now. Ehline Law Firm Personal Injury Attorneys, APLC 5001 Airport Plaza Dr #210 Long Beach, CA 90805 US Phone: (562) 731-0668

Mar 13, 2020

Long Beach Train Accident Lawyers

Foam sprayed on train container.
Bad train accident scene.
Need to File a Train Crash Lawsuit in Long Beach? Ehline Law Can Help The train accident attorneys at Ehline Law Firm have proudly assisted injury victims in Long Beach, California, for over ten years. Our representation includes helping people in train wrecks. How could that happen, you ask? Well, without warning a train wreck can injure people or take lives. Ehline Law Firm gets wounded passengers money for their troubles after a train crash. Bad train accident scene. Table of Contents: Why Train Wrecks Happen in the LBC Train Operator Negligence Common Operations Negligence Improper Maintenance Defective Train Parts and Repairs Bad Drivers Getting a Lawyer What Makes Ehline Law Firm Different? We are right here in this historic maritime community of Long Beach ("LBC"). Proven track record helping injured Southern Californians get indemnified for tragic calamities. Our expert team is here to assist you and your families 24-7. We make insurance companies pay their fair share. Marine veteran and attorney Michael Ehline and his team take great pride in helping you. Ehline Law Firm's motto is “do or die.” What are Some Reasons Long Beach Train Accidents Happen? Long Beach train wrecks can occur for numerous reasons. But the most common causes of train crashes are due to negligence. These mishaps include: Operator error Lack of proper train maintenance. For example, outsiders hired by the railroad company may have improperly cared for the rail tracks. Train Conductor Negligence as a Cause of Injury? Train operator negligence can be a reason for devastating accidents. An engineer is responsible for a train that weighs hundreds of tons. When the train operator is not alert and fails to remain focused on the tracks, accidents occur. Type of train does not matter. Hence, whether a passenger train or freight train, calamities often result in mass casualties. Inexperienced train operators are often responsible for avoidable errors. The consequences of traveling at speeds too fast for curves, cause derailments. People inside and outside the train are at risk for permanent disabilities and death. Thus, when operators fail to conduct safe operations, they're acceptable outside margins of error. Therefore, people get hurt. Ordinary Operator Negligence Can Lead to Serious Injuries or Death? The most common types of operator error or negligence can include: Train Operator Not Alert: This happens when a train operator does not focus on operating the train and the tracks. Thus, he may be talking and texting on a cell phone. Or he could even be eating or adjusting the radio. Conductors are also easily distracted. Hence, their negligence can result in a crash. Operator Fatigue: The fatigued train operator places the passengers and crew at a higher risk of being injured. Train operators travel long distances. They can get tired. So this can contribute to their inability to focus on the operation of the train and the tracks. Traveling too Fast: The train operator that moves at a higher rate of speed than they should; can cause the train to derail. Of particular danger is moving too fast on curves. The more cars that are attached to the train’s engine, the longer time to stop. Even more disconcerting is if the train is traveling at too fast. When it needs to stop quickly, this can cause the train to derail or hit fixed objects. Failing to Stop: Trains have lights at intersections and exchanges. When there is a failure to stop, this can cause a wreck (Learn More.) Improper Maintenance. The lack of proper maintenance of a train or the tracks can also cause a train to crash, collide or derail. It is also possible for the train operator to lose control even when focused. The train can go off the rails at increasing speed. When there is a lack of maintenance of the train or the tracks, people can die. Inadequate maintenance places passengers and crew at a high risk of being serious injuries. The negligent parties accountable include: The company that owns the train. The transit company when the train accident involves a local train. Defective Train Parts and Repairs Train accidents are also attributed to: Defective parts Mechanical repair company, or person that is responsible for the maintenance of the train. When a wreck occurs, the negligent party(ies) can be held accountable with the help of Ehline Law Firm. Negligent parties include: Repair companies or mechanics enlisted to perform maintenance on the train. Parts manufacturers, when the part is defective or weak design. What About Liability of Negligent Vehicle Drivers? When there is a train crash, it is not always the train operator that is at fault. For example, the accident can be due to the driver of another train that causes a collision. Furthermore, it could have been the driver of a car or street driven vehicle. For example, when ignoring the train warning arms and lights, motorists can cause a train crash. Same goes for cars parked on the tracks. Thus, the train engineer and the owner or driver of the vehicles can be jointly and severally liable. So each pays for the role that each of them played in the smash-up — making sense so far? The Long Beach Train Accident Attorney Legal advice is valuable after involvement in a Long Beach train accident. Hence, it is vital to have an experienced train accident attorney protecting your rights. The train or transit company and their lawyers can be intimidating to injured victims. The insurance company or train part manufacturer will also have legal representation. They have heavy hitters protecting their client's interests. So the victim's goal is compensation. The defendant's purpose is not to compensate the injured victims after a train crash. Contact a Lawyer to Protect your Train Crash Rights in Long Beach. The personal injury plaintiff attorneys at Ehline Law Firm protect your victim’s rights above all else. So we provide the best possible representation for your ailments and monetary reimbursement. You are tearing up. So you deserve to recover fair compensation. The compensation is to cover your injuries, damages, and losses suffered. Our compassionate counselors can be reached by telephone at (888) 400-9721. Let our team give you a no-obligation consultation.

Mar 13, 2020

Long Beach Slip and Fall Lawyers

Man falls on wet floor.
Caution Sign. Slip and fall danger.
We Offer Legal Help for Slip and Fall Accident Victims in the City of Long Beach Welcome to the Ehline Law Firm slip and fall injury page. And with millions of dollars in payouts to victimized clients, we make it happen for you. We do this by helping survivors of trip, slip, and fall claims in the city. And we help you by getting you money for your injuries after slipping, tripping and falling. Caution Sign. Slip and fall danger. Table of Contents: Mishaps in Long Beach Recover Compensation Service of Legal Advocate Take Action Trip, Fall, and Slip Claims The physical and emotional cost of a slip and fall accident can be overwhelming. This is a type of incident that can result in back injuries and broken ankles. Some cases can result in broken bones and for some victims, brain damage. Why Is Ehline Law Firm So Good? Our law firm has a positive record for winning favorable settlements and verdicts. We have won in all types of personal injury claims in this city. We take pride in the fact we are available 24 hours a day to respond to your questions. Our team is willing to come to your bedside at home or in the hospital. Ehline Law Firm is willing to do what it takes to earn your case and your trust. In fact, the second a slip and fall accident occurs it can change your life immediately. What are the Long Beach Trip and Fall Incidences? Long Beach residents, like every other community, are at risk for slip and fall accidents. And they can occur anywhere and happen in an instant. Even if you remain careful when walking, you may not be able to steer clear of a fall. Falls like this can result in serious injuries. Were you or a loved one has been harmed in a Long Beach trip and fall mishap? So how Do you Take Action After a Slip and Fall Mishap? If you had a slip and fall accident, there are some actions you can take, including: Get medical treatment immediately. Do not avoid medical care, even if you think you were not seriously injured. After all, not all injuries are immediately apparent. Because of this, they can take hours to reveal themselves. And in some cases, days may pass, or weeks may go by before signs of injuries show themselves. Document the names of witnesses and contact information. If you are unable to do this, have someone else collect this information right away. Notify the property owner, manager, or operator that the fall took place. But make sure the reporter writes an accident report and obtain a copy. Determine the hazard or dangerous condition responsible for your fall. IMPORTANT: Photographs and measurements must be taken before the scene of the incident changes or gets altered. Do not speak to the other party’s insurance company. Leave this up to your attorney to handle. Hire an accomplished slip and fall lawyer as soon as possible. Provide your counsel with any information from the scene of the accident. Therefore, give the agent your photos, witness contact information, and the copy of the written report by the property owner. Do everything possible to strengthen your case. Why Should You Retain a Lawyer Who Acts Promptly? It is essential to hire counsel as soon as possible after your incident. And acting quickly will allow a proper investigation. Hence, collecting evidence before the hazard being altered is achieved. Witnesses will be located with a fresh recollection of the incident. Thus, the claim gets timely filed. Ehline Law Firm has a stellar record of recovery in premises liability cases. Therefore, we are ready to go to the mat for you. What are the Basics of Slip and Fall Accident Claims? So the good news is that slip and fall incidents can settle without going to trial. But this is only achieved through skilled negotiation on behalf of the victim by a lawyer. Often, your case will resolve through court-ordered mediation. When these two options do not work, it will be necessary to file a court action. The common parties named in slip and fall accident lawsuits include: Grocery Stores Food Stands Hospitals Hotels Motels Swimming pools Gyms Public Showers Property owners Property managers Franchise service providers Corporations Individuals Government agencies responsible for maintaining safe public places, where the dangerous condition is located (Learn More About Premises Liability Here.) How Do You Recover Damages in a Long Beach Slip and Fall Case? The compensation recovered will be had in one of three ways. Negotiated settlement Arbitration or Taking the lawsuit to trial. And the compensation the victim of this type may receive: Medical expenses Rehabilitation costs Assisted living services Pain and suffering Loss of income Reduction or loss of future earnings. Also, if a slip and fall accident is fatal, the family may have the legal right to bring a wrongful death claim. Thus, the surviving kin can file a civil suit to recover compensation. Relevant here, survivors can seek compensation for losses of financial support by the victim. Thus, intangibles like loss of love and companionship included too. Plus there maybe are other losses like property that damaged or destroyed. For example, a fallen person could have dropped a computer during the commotion. The victim may have tripped and landed on their expensive iPhone, breaking it. The estate of the victim may also be able to file a legal action. Hence, you can sue to recover compensation for the victim’s heirs. Contact Us Our powerful law firm offers a free consultation to discuss your case. Don't worry, if your physical limitations prevent you from meeting in our offices. And this is because we will go to your location. Our ethos is "do or die" for a reason. Scheduling an appointment is simple. Call now at (888) 400-9721, or use our contact form on the website. Ehline Law Firm Personal Injury Attorneys, APLC 5001 Airport Plaza Dr #210 Long Beach, CA 90805 US Phone: (562) 731-0668.