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The Ehline Law Firm – Personal Injury Legal Video Index

At Ehline Law Firm, we’ve spent decades honing our personal injury lawyers’ expertise. You’re probably making an inquiry about a difficult-to-answer legal question, right? Welcome to our video library, where you’ll discover hundreds of videos on a variety of personal injury (Tort law) and criminal defense issues.

Please call us for a free consultation if you have any additional questions, or need legal advice from a USA personal injury lawyer after watching our law firm videos.

Thinking About A Personal Injury Attorney-Client Relationship?

Has your body broken, causing you to lose your job and access to services you need for your newfound disability or even daycare for your kids?

You may receive compensation, but you have to search for the right personal injury lawyer. From Dallas, Tx, to Washington DC, our nationwide counsel understand no matter how blessed you are, people get injured and even die.

Has anyone been injured in a motorbike crash? Have you been injured riding bikes before? I am Michael Ehline. I am an inactive Marine and have represented people all across the USA in serious personal injury and wrongful death matters.

    Watch The Ehline Law Firm In Action!

    When I create videos like this, I search online in forums and other places for commonly asked questions. Once I am happy I have garnered a feeling for what people will constitute a fair sampling, I film video tutorials for any potential new clients and the press.

    Included below, you will see an image of a professional, live lawyer as a thumbnail and a website video dealing with various tort and personal injury claims. Should you wish to learn more, or have a professional live chat, fill in our constant contact form or phone number can be reached 24/7 at (833) LETS-SUE.

    If you are just here to learn and are not seeking a free case evaluation personal injury expert, we hope you enjoy the Ehline Law Firm video library experience. This section of the website, built to give people an understanding of what makes a case will be enough materials to understand your rights. If you are eligible for the compensation you deserve, tell us about it before you mess up your case.

    We can discuss how clients can get the maximum compensation and other options like injunctions and criminal reparations.

    More Personal injury Q & A?

    As you read, we will answer these questions:

    • Q: Insofar as I have been injured, my injuries are still not in court.
    • How can your personal injury lawyer handle your legal matters?
    • Tell me the most important reason for retaining a personal injury attorney?
    • How can I pay my medical charges when I’m still facing a medical bill and awaiting information from my doctor, insurance company, or hospital?
    • Why should I contact another personal injury firm if I hate the representation I have today?

    We’ll discuss why it’s important to find a reliable personal injury lawyer if you want to be taken seriously by the insurance company for your category of personal injury matter.

    Car Crash Q & A Personal Injury Videos

    In our video series we cover:

    • What is No-Fault Insurance?
    • What is required before filing an insurance claim?
    • Should I pursue a personal injury claim even when I am also at fault with the other driver?
    • Is it really possible to file a civil lawsuit quickly and settle?
    • Should a person always file a claim to recover damages in the event of a motor vehicle collision?

      Truck Collision Q & A Personal Injury Videos

      In this section we cover:

      • What is the time to file lawsuits?
      • Should I sue my truck manufacturer for negligence?
      • Tell me the primary distinction between a vehicle accident and a truck accident.
      • What are truck crash remorse accidents?
      • How long does it take to file a truck claim?

        Bicycle accident Q & A

        Here our team explains:

        • Do motorbike riders have the right to sue if they are not wearing helmets?
        • Is it possible to sue after being injured in a traffic accident at an inadequate light?
        • Can bicycle accident lawyers help you get the best result?
        • Do you have any valuable recovery suggestions for bicycle mishaps?

          Pedestrian Collision Q & A

          Here we filmed sections about people on foot getting harmed, including answers to questions like:

          • Is there insurance coverage for a driver’s medical expenses in the event of an accident?
          • How much time does a pedestrian have to bring a claim?
          • Is there anything else that you can tell me about the potential monetary compensation to the hurt pedestrians/motorized vehicles?
          • Is it possible to sue another road user due to the accident occurring in a crosswalk?

            Slip and Fall Injuries Q & A

            World-famous advocate, Michael Ehline will explain:

            • Slip and fall accidents caused by poor lighting can be caused by poor lighting.
            • Potholes cause accidents sometimes because of potholes.
            • In New York City Slips and Falls is the most common injury state, including Staten Island and New Jersey.

              Dog Bites / Animal Attacks Q & A

              • What is Dog Bite Liability?
              • Does an animal bite case really require insurance coverage?
              • Why is my dog vicious?
              • Tell me the One Bite Rule in the U.S.?
              • What compensation do pet bite victims get back?
              • How do I pick a good dog bite solicitor/law firm in America?
              • Does a homeowner insurance policy protect dogs?

                Wrongful Death Law Q & A

                • What are criminal justice lawyers and what makes murder different than a civil claim?
                • Tell me the possible cost of wrongful death legal action after being sued?
                • What will happen if someone dies of wrongful negligence at an early age?
                • Who has proof?
                • What are the facts?
                • Is legal representation necessary?
                • How much does representation cost?

                  Traumatic Brain Injuries Q & A

                  • How much money does it cost Brain injuries Attorneys to work in California and other states pro hac vice?
                  • How long should I take before I pursue severe head Injury?

                    Criminal Defense Q & A

                    Often, issues like a Pitchess motion will come into play in a civil and criminal matter.

                    Our attorneys explain the differences and similarities between civil suits and crimes, including:

                    • How do I get legal representation in a false Arrest case?
                    • Can I avoid speaking to my police officer?
                    • Are there ever situations where someone can prove the facts themselves and what to do?
                    • How is it related to a felony case and it is called a misdemeanor?
                    • How will I know unless I am questioned on Miranda Rights?
                    • When is an arrest warrant required?
                    • Why should I seek professional legal help when I am preparing myself to face felony charges?
                    • When would my appearance in court be?
                    • The California police have launched a gun charge after a gunfight. What do I do?

                      Arraignments Q & A

                      Another difference between a civil case and a jailable offense is the arraignment. In a criminal arraignment, the defendant pleads guilty, not guilty, nolo contendere, innocent, or some other common law plea.

                      Drug Crimes Q & A

                      Are you a druggie? Probably not, but a criminal record for drugs makes you a pariah. Our video series attempts to explain lesser included offenses and the importance of legal help when seeking to please bargain property damages or hit and run case.

                      Mr. Ehline will also explain things like:

                      • How can I hire good and honest legal representation for an offense of cocaine or drugs?
                      • Why is marijuana illegal in some states?
                      • Fentanyl charges in CA, Heroin charges in CA, Marijuana charges in CA. (Meth charges in CA remain among the largest drugs charges in the United States).

                      Domestic Violence Q & A

                      Our charismatic, compassionate staff have seen it all. As part of our video series, we cover varying types of offenses families and partners may see.

                      Our educational videos will delve into:

                      • Criminal felony charges for domestic violence in Los Angeles, CA includes: Endangering the Safety of A Child, Falsely Accusing another of domestic violence.
                      • Can you list the causes of domestic violence within CA? We can.
                      • Tell me the definition of domestic violence?

                      Former Client Testimonials

                      I could not be more impressed with Ehline Law Firm. My settlement was larger than I anticipated and Irene quickly exceeded expectations. (Read more reviews here).

                      In a civil case, our educational videos explain how your answer, demurrer, motion to strike, motion for summary judgment, motion for summary adjudication, or some other pleading would be akin to your “arrangement.”

                      We also explain things like:

                      • What is an arrangement?
                      • Tell me the best advice for requesting bankruptcy lawyers to help?

                        Homicide / Murder Q & A

                        For years, we have seen cases like OJ Simpson result in a not guilty, but still land the acquitted criminal with a civil suit for assault, battery, wrongful death, false imprisonment, and so on and so forth;

                        In our videos, Michael Ehline gets down to the reasons why you can get out of jail, but not for free!

                        Here are some this Ehline discusses on tape:

                        • Homicide Defense Strategies for Murder in CA.
                        • The punishment given to murderers in California is different from other criminal charges including murdering someone in a state like New York.
                        • What might happen if someone kills another person while acting in self-defense?

                          DWI / DUI / DWAI Q & A

                          A motor vehicle collision is a typical result of DUI driving. Our expert reveals the secrets of DUI laws for victims and the accused drivers.

                          In this video library section we discuss and answer:

                          • Why I am so afraid of DWI?
                          • Do DWI defendants get convicted in California often?
                          • Am I going to prison for my DWI?
                          • What if they arrest me for a DUI?
                          • How can I get my DWI record checked?
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                          1. The Superlawyers Rising Star award was awarded multiple times to Michael Ehline from 2006-2015.
                          2. Newsweek Magazine awarded its “Premier Personal Injury Attorneys” award to Ehline Law Firm’s attorneys in 2015.  
                          3. Michael Ehline was interviewed by CNN about cruise ship law, and he was a guest on NBC discussing limousine law practice areas. Michael was also interviewed by Nancy Grace on CBS discussing his expertise in California dog bite law.

                          Our years of experience can help you hold all the negligent parties liable for causing your damages.

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