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Date Modified: April 9, 2023

Hello and welcome to Ehline Law Firm Personal Injury Attorneys, APLC. Were you run over in a San Diego shuttle bus accident? Maybe you are an off-duty Marine run over while bicycle riding or struck by a train? I am attorney Michael Ehline. San Diego is a special place for me. As a legal researcher and paralegal, I regularly studied law books and research papers at the UCSD School of Law, law library, when I lived in Ocean Beach. Prior to that, I lived at Camp Pendleton as a U.S. Marine and then in Oceanside, CA. I love Sea World, the Gaslight District, touring the USS Midway, and almost everything else about San Diego, especially its airport.

But I can say that many young Marines are getting killed on motorcycles. There are way too many big rug trucks trying to meet deadlines. There are overworked cops who get abusive, and there is a state government and connected areas that are soft on crime. Because the rule of law is no longer normal for some, carelessness and recklessness have bled into the general society. Ladies are putting on makeup using their rearview mirrors during stop-and-go traffic.

College kids are breaking into cars, and people are getting injured. When good people are injured in a dog bite, elder abuse, a bus accident, a train accident, or other horrific motor vehicle accident, Michael Ehline and the legal experts at Ehline Law Firm are coiled and ready to strike on your behalf to help you obtain maximum compensation. Below, I am going to share some tips and secrets to getting the most financial compensation. I will also offer you a free consultation with a legal expert.

  • The Local Personal Injury Attorneys and staff at Ehline Law Firm welcome you.

If you’ve been injured in an accident, our San Diego personal injury attorneys can help. Our best injury lawyers in San Diego have recovered millions of dollars for our clients, and we’d be honored to fight for you.

  • Are you looking for San Diego personal injury attorneys and want someone you can trust?
  • The personal injury claims we’ve won for thousands of injured clients in the San Diego, California, area add up.
  • Cases we help with include product defects, dog bites, motorcycle accidents, and slip and fall claims that cause a brain, or spinal cord injury, or wrongful death.
  • Serious bodily injuries can cause victims to undergo a prolonged recovery period and immense physical suffering and result in a bankruptcy claim. We’ve won clients over $150 million to date.

Insurance Company Settlement Negotiations

At last, you landed on the right lawyer website. Are you tired of dealing with a two-faced insurance adjuster with a yellow streak down their back? We will make Mercury or another insurance adjuster beat a hasty retreat if they mess with our clients after presenting these downtrodden victims a lowball settlement offer. Now you can get back in the saddle again with confidence, and here’s why.

By forming an attorney-client relationship with our former U.S. Marine personal injury attorneys, you can answer back with supreme confidence. With us by your side, you’ll have the aggression and strength to help your bounce back. Our veteran lawyers know that the insurance company’s goal is to break your back. We know that families can lose everything without experienced San Diego personal injury lawyer case representation to fall back on, especially in wrongful death cases.

Our serious personal injury law firm legal team has helped injured and suffering victims normalize their lives, earning our clients millions in the process. The bottom line? Our team is in the business of giving free legal advice and winning personal injury cases. We built our name and claim to fame, helping clients on a contingency basis term.

Our local San Diego, CA, law offices have recovered significant financial results for thousands of injured clients since hanging our shingle back in 2005. Our serious injury lawyers in San Diego get the best possible settlement, or we go to trial. We have the capability, bankroll, and resolve to make the other side back off and pay you the compensation you deserve. Call our compassionate staff today.

Learn more about our proven track record, office, and options—call (619) 312-6050 or email If you are not convinced, keep reading if you wish to get yourself and your family back in the saddle again. It’s payback time!

Why Choose Ehline’s Experienced San Diego Personal Injury Attorney?

If anything, statistics prove clients get more money with powerful legal representation using experienced personal injury attorneys. At least, that’s the idea. But hiring the right personal injury attorney in a bustling place like San Diego can be a mind-numbing, health-altering process.

With scorched earth insurers and newly graduated mediocre attorneys with spammy websites everywhere, no guarantee exists anyone will achieve success or great case results following an accident. Even worse, lawyers from across the country who don’t even live here or know our culture are taking over the city. Anyone hiring our great trial attorneys will have more respect from parties and courts because we are California natives, many of whom are former Camp Pendleton, CA residents.

Our philosophy and characteristics force us to be committed to the client’s best interests, do or die.

  • A personal injury lawyer will travel to your home, hospital, or offices
  • We can Uber you to our nearby location
  • Build compelling compensation

24/7 Attorney Hotline?

After an accident in San Diego County, the idea is to strike while the iron is hot. Our best San Diego personal injury lawyer is standing by right now to help with your claim and offer you more information.

Free Confidential Consultation?

You don’t need to worry about embarrassing yourself over being at fault or financially broke. Free San Diego personal injury lawyer case evaluations are just part of our service. We will listen to your side during your free case review and guide you over the next steps in your case and meeting any deadline. This will be a free consultation with the best personal injury lawyers in San Diego, California, offering a no-win no, fee promise.


Damages recovery is the forte of our highly-rated personal injury lawyers in San Diego. The personal injury specialists at Ehline Law Firm have a proven track record of success, with over 15 years of experience litigating negligence claims for injured clients all across San Diego. With representation and experience like this, you can heal while we work.

Contingency Fee Basis

All trauma victims in San Diego will receive a “no win, no fee” promise from our personal injury attorneys, eliminating the lack of money argument claimants have for delaying swift action.

Conveniently Located?

We make it easy for San Diego clients with questions about their losses to keep them from getting behind the eight ball. Ehline Law group’s famous personal injury lawyers in San Diego help defend injury cases in nearby East San Diego, West San Diego, Northern, Central Valley, and Southern California areas. We’re convenient to Temecula, National City, Oceanside, La Jolla, Ocean Beach, Pacific Beach, UCSD, and USD. Call us today. Our very best personal injury lawyer will bend over backward to help you.


Our staff’s competency and compassion for clients have paid off. This wealth enables us to reinvest our vast financial resources and expertise. Sometimes we might work with costly specialists in their field to prove your claim. We can provide superior legal services this way because we are bankrolled.

Advance All Case Costs

In pursuit of San Diego justice, we offer clients financial peace by advancing the enormous costs to service their lawsuits along the way to keep clients from getting behind the curve.

Reputation and Experience?

We take swift action. Our legal team’s fame and experience came from challenging wealthy companies and their insured’s hurt as the plaintiff in many types of accidents. Someone who knows our resolve is the City of San Diego.

Our San Diego injury attorneys have won significant settlements from this agency and others throughout the state. We have the experience necessary to handle complex litigation with proven trauma case results. We’ll listen and offer free advice.

Tough on San Diego Insurance Companies?

Absolutely. When your hire our aggressive firm in San Diego, CA, you’ll never look back or beat a retreat. You must hold any liable party with a source of insurance funds responsible for paying their portion of the fault on your behalf. With our reputation for doggedly fighting insurance companies, injured San Diego, California residents, and visitors remain in good hands with our superb personal injury law field experience.

The plaintiff or their family will need someone with dogged determination, professionalism, and knowledge of Southern California insurance laws. We won’t let the insurance company put your important insurance claims on the back burner. Your future life may depend on who you name as your San Diego personal injury lawyers. You’ll never take a backseat with us, and we’ll answer back the cheapskate insurance adjuster with more than a typical ambulance chase would. We will strike fear into their hearts since we will hold them to account with honesty, integrity, and the law.

  • Our law firm will negotiate settlement negotiations with insurance companies, insurance adjusters, or another responsible defendant.
  • Fact, we get clients maximum financial recovery for their pain, suffering, and economic loss claims. We do so in or out of the courtroom with professionalism and elan.
  • Our superb reputation as one of California’s top-quality personal injury law firms was earned by helping each person we represent receive a maximum compensation outcome.

Favorable Claims Outcomes?

Our California personal injury law firm maintains a STORIED history of earning people compensation. Our personal injury lawyer team has earned clients over $150 million in high-quality verdicts and settlements in personal injury claims.

Types of Personal Injury Attorney Awards and Accolades

Our lead Southern California personal injury lawyer has been recognized, awarded, and decorated by his peers and the national press.

  • Michael Ehline is a full “Gold” member of the Martindale-Hubbell peer organization.
  • Starting in 2006, the Multi-Million Dollar Advocate prize award was earned yearly by our best personal injury lawyer, Michael Ehline.
  • CNN national news 2009 interviewed attorney Michael Ehline as a featured guest speaker. (discussed dog bite law).
  • In 2010, CBS Television Distribution producers hosted attorney Ehline to speak on their hit TV show “swift justice,” where Nancy Grace interviewed Mr. Ehline for his bodily injury law expertise.
  • In 2013, the National Trial Lawyers Association award was granted to Michael Ehline, forever establishing him as a Top 100 Trial Lawyer.
  • The Los Angeles Times Litigator award was presented to Ehline Law Firm in 2015.
  • Our law office manager has made the Leatherneck Magazine list of elite businesses inside the USMC community.
  • Multiple Super Lawyers Rising Star Awards.

Our law office itself is the subject of many articles and news stories.

News & Client Recognition:

  • Our San Diego personal injury lawyers have earned multiple consumer awards and 5-star reviews from membership rating organizations like AVVO, Yelp!, PI Warriors International Inc, and others.
  • Michael Ehline has been a Circle of Legal Trust member since 2012, an organization dedicated to trusting attorney-client relationships.

If you’re a party seeking a free consultation and legal representation in a personal injury case, call our 5-star trial lawyer today. More information to answer your questions is a phone call or email away.

What Do Our Past Clients Say About Our San Diego Personal Injury Attorney?

Reviewer: Juan

(5 Out of 5 Stars)

“Terrific Staff and aggressive lawyers. I am extremely pleased with the service Gabriel gave me and the prompt return phone calls from the legal secretaries. I highly recommend the Ehline Law Firm if you get into an accident.”

Reviewer: Rand

(5 Out of 5 Stars)

“Irene handled everything with my collision and got me a tremendous cash windfall; at least, I didn’t think I’d get that much! I am more than satisfied with their legal team and Marine mentality of do or die. Thanks, Ehline Law!”

It’s simple to browse our personal injury attorney listings in your immediate location. You could search for a particular lawyer if a friend referred you or learn more by exploring the attorney profiles section in our navigation menu.

We include each lawyer’s contact information, legal background, email, phone, and biographical data to assist you. Some profiles link to other relevant information or recommendations.

San Diego, California Personal Injury Laws 101

When a defendant’s carelessness harms a victim, an experienced personal injury attorney at Ehline Law seeks maximum compensation from the insurance company.

We can help secure the victim’s financial costs for emotional damages and bodily injuries. With few exceptions, you must choose a decorated attorney who has years of experience handling accidental mishaps you face, or you may never get back on your feet again.

Is It Worth Hiring A San Diego Personal Injury Lawyer?

Studies by U.S. experts prove that accident victims receive far more personal injury financial compensation with an attorney. The insurance company will invariably pay much more for accident cases with a proper case evaluation.

When you do the math, after paying us your agreed fee, our local law offices will still net you a much larger payment yield for your severe injuries than going it alone as a plaintiff.

Our civil law expert will make the necessary tabulations. We take care to use the best accounting methods to pay you the maximum compensation.

Can I Represent Myself In A Personal Injury Case?

You’re not required by law to hire an injury attorney to represent your San Diego personal injury claim. Engaging our lawyer to file your personal injury lawsuit can sometimes be more expensive than your settlement with more minor injuries.

The insurance company adjuster will tender an unreasonable offer for your claim. Your lawyer may suggest self-representation in small claims court to receive maximum compensation and avoid litigation.

In that injury case, you can file all the court paperwork and make the appearances yourself. But if you’re in pain and need medical care, you dial our phone number to discuss your rights.

How Do Our Personal Injury Attorneys Evaluate Cases?

Your injury firm will request and review applicable policies and request copies of your policy from your insurance agent.

Your legal team must evaluate/develop quality evidence for damage evaluation and validation purposes. This is one way our firm can rule out any concerns over available coverage types or something like med-pay benefits. Were you injured in a place of business or a public place?

  • Your top-rated personal injury attorney in San Diego will request copies of other policies, including a review of PIP, Uninsured Motorist, Under-insured Motorist, or comp and collision payments covering injuries in auto accidents in personal injury claims.
  • Your lawyer will request witness examinations to help prove your type of damages.
  • We will request and review applicable reports and request copies of CHP or metro police reports, Caltrans traffic safety studies, etc.
  • Our law firm will initially demand the insurer accept legal liability for your damages from the accident and seek coverage on a case-by-case basis.

How Do Personal Injury Lawyers In San Diego, CA, Get Paid Their Contingency Fee?

Due to our large size and clout, our personal injury lawyers handle all PI cases on a contingency fee basis. We never charge any fees unless we secure compensation on your behalf – there are never out-of-pocket fees with us.

Once we win, we charge our contracted percentage of your recovery for our legal services. We obtain compensation from your final settlement or jury verdict per our agreed-to fee-sharing agreement.

What Percentage Do Our San Diego Personal Injury Attorneys Get Paid From Your Case?

Most contingency fee agreements will pay your attorney fees based on a gross percentage recovery, between 33% and 40% of a settlement. But in case of a trial, the better trial lawyers will receive a fee of between 40% or even 50%.

We resolve most cases for a 33% fee of your gross award.

Example: What is a third of $100,000? 1/3 is .3333333, which is also 1/3, or here, $100,000 translates into a commission of $33,333.33.

Also, no law prevents you from negotiating a reduced percentage or another form of trade or fee payment.

TIP: If your minor child is hurt, their legal caretaker stands as their “guardian ad litem.” We typically reduce our attorneys’ fees to protect the incompetent child’s interests.

What Does An Experienced San Diego Personal injury Attorney Look For?

Medical care is vital. Physically visible injuries are not required for a personal injury claim. Whether you seek compensation for your exorbitant medical expenses, lost earnings, or mental pain and suffering, your San Diego personal injury attorney will need to ensure you receive compensation. We utilize many factors to evaluate an insurance claim in an S.D. catastrophic injury case.

Did the injury create compensatory damages, such as medical charges, including hospital bills, lost wages, or property damage?

Various Types of Cases We Represent in San Diego, California

Personal injury can be a broad topic with many different legal requirements for the plaintiff. Here are some of the ways a person can be injured in San Diego, CA.

Many different types of injuries can also occur, including broken bones, burns, brain injury, and wrongful death, depending on the severity of the accident and the type of vehicles involved.

How Do Accident Lawyers Calculate My Damages?

  • Prove liability: The first step is proving the plaintiff’s liability burden to a judge or insurance company. Injured parties must show the defendant was negligent and at fault after they breached their duty to pay attention or act reasonably, causing exposure to situations leading to damage. Guidance, counsel, and advice from professionals at our office can help individuals prove these things.

Damage Exposure To Plaintiffs

A damages calculator (personal injury lawyer)will accurately estimate your compensation based on past, present, and future legal damages for insurance adjusters or jury members. Damages can total $1 or 1 million dollars.

The pursuit of maximum damages is the primary reason a claimant seeks the advantage of legal assistance with credentials. Everyone has that right to justice in California courts.

Damages In a Typical San Diego, CA Case?

After reviewing evidence, and determining party fault, receiving a favorable insurance company payout or jury verdict in court remains the next step.

Your damages result could include the following:

  • Economic damages: Your lawyer totals up your special damages like medical bills, personal items ruined (property damage), and lost wages.
  • General Damages: Our accident attorneys hire experts and use other methods to value intangible losses. Sometimes punitive damages will issue. The severity of your injury is a huge aspect affecting your non-economic pain and suffering damages values.
  • Demand Package: Next, our experts send an insurance settlement demand letter to the insurer, laying out financial goals.

TIP: It’s a bad idea not to call a doctor right away. Don’t make the mistake of delaying a medical assessment and treatment. Get to the hospital and hire a licensed specialist to gather evidence and calculate dollar figures in your case. These are important decisions.

How Much Is Fair Personal Injury Claim Compensation Worth?

Your decision in a San Diego personal injury law firm can significantly impact how much you put in your pocket. The value of a personal injury case differs depending on your damages; the injuries can leave you down and out and permanently unemployed.

An average motor vehicle accident insurance settlement amount can range between $5,000 and $100,000! We are in a stronger position to negotiate with the adjuster if you have severe injuries. But your legal team will begin litigation if the at-fault insurance company refuses our damages assessment and fails to settle.

How Are Damages Paid In My Personal Injury Claim?

Fair compensation for the accident victim can be paid in staggered amounts or as a single lump-sum payment when spread out into periodic payments. Structured settlement annuities can be tailored to meet you and your family members’ needs, just like the rich folks in Forbes Magazine.

Why Choose A Local San Diego Personal Injury Law Firm Near Me?

Look for winning traits in choosing your San Diego injury lawyers. San Diego County is a massive geographical area. Many of its citizens live, work, or commute miles each day, often in bumper-to-bumper traffic.

Swaths of the Southern California economy are spread over this vast area, so you could likely cross paths with a careless person. Sometimes insurance companies will give you a raw deal.

You deserve someone who will handle settlement discussions with your insurance company, handling all communications with the adjuster. Your personal injury lawyers must navigate your matter through the court system if needed.

We will hire investigators to help gather evidence at the accident scene and reconstruct what caused you to be hurt.

  • Common consequences of personal injuries

Let’s take a look at what happens when you get injured, like being hit by a bus, a falling-down accident, or suffering a worker’s compensation injury claim. Accidents that cause personal injuries can harm our lives in many decisive ways. Accidents can lead to personal injury and wrongful death with devastating and immediate consequences to your life partner and kids.

After getting hurt, you will face feelings of rage, stress, and anxiety. The medical bills, surgery, and physical therapy expenses can spiral out of control in a personal injury case.

You may even be facing a temporary or long-lasting bodily injury, physical impairment, mental impairment, and property damage repair charges. Some injury victims will remain disabled, unable to return to the workforce in a meaningful capacity.

San Diego Accidents We Help Clients With?

A tremendous civil law professional has the education, skills, resources, and passion for helping in all negligence law practice areas. Even if you think it’s your fault, another party may be liable for acts of personal negligence.

It’s malpractice not to hire someone for something so serious. Our duty is to find the liable defendant and hold them accountable on your behalf.

A top professional injury law firm should specialize in litigating fatalities and catastrophic injuries in accident cases like:

  • Auto Accident: Most injury victims we help tend to be folks hurt in auto accidents. (people with passenger car accidents, bicycle accidents, motorcycle accidents, and commercial vehicle auto accident claims). Were you run over by a car or bus in a San Diego pedestrian accident?
  • Slip and Fall: Slip and fall, aka slip, trip, and fall, are common premises liability claims. We help people win any slip-and-fall personal injury claim.
  • Elder Abuse: Nursing homes are infamous for neglecting our San Diego seniors. We can help you. (We don’t handle medical malpractice, however)

San Diego Personal Injury Cases We Take?

Personal injuries can be expensive. Treatment can cost families a fortune.

We help individuals get paid for any personal injury claims arising from:

  • Airport Accidents: We are world famous for tarmac and airport terminal accidents in San Diego. We help with slips and falls and falling down escalator mishaps. We also help with shuttle bus and airport rental car collisions.
  • Dog bites: A dog bite in San Diego, including animal attacks (even serious accident cat attacks) at premises like a business, are an area of law our negligence attorneys practice regularly. Our reputation for giving small children and females extra attention over their deep puncture wounds and lacerations gives clients confidence and trust after suffering dog bites.
  • Burns: A severe burn injury in San Diego can disfigure. And even with surgery, in the end, some cases see permanent harm to your body and senses.
  • Brain Injuries: We litigate CTE and other head injuries in San Diego regularly.
  • Wrongful Death: Loss of life in a San Diego wrongful death is a devastating outcome in a negligence claim. Survival actions and accidental killings may require help with estate planning, conservatorships, and more. Our negligence attorneys work in these areas of law, including serious injury and wrongful death lawsuits.
  • Spine Injuries: San Diego spinal cord injuries can happen on a hum up Mt Mother *ucker, a motorcycle accident, surfing a Trestles, or while bicycling around town. We help pin down faults to get you paid for their long-term effects.

More San Diego, CA Practice Areas

One of the best choices an injury victim can make when facing legal questions is to speak to a caring, skilled San Diego personal injury lawyer at Ehline Law Firm today. Let’s discuss your case confidentially!

Here are some issues clients must understand about a wrongful death case.

  • Victims: People who can seek compensation are generally the decedent’s surviving spouse, domestic civil partner, and children.
  • Causes: Premises liability cases, defective products liability cases, government entity claims, vehicle accidents, cruise ship accidents, and maritime claims.
  • Damages Under California Law: The survivor seeks to recover compensation money for loss of love, consortium, earnings, and future income from the careless killer.

Your attorney’s professionalism, charisma, and tact matter.

Are You Seeking Car Accident Attorneys?

Our very best car accident attorneys in San Diego, CA, assist injury victims with these personal injury law matters.

Motorcycle collisions are the most deadly and happen to any motorcycle rider 24/7, which is why we have a 24-hour phone hotline.

Do You Need A Motorcycle Accident Attorney?

Our San Diego motorcycle lawyers are inundated with these cases with the high fuel prices and bumper-to-bumper jams.

Who Does My Accident Attorney Sue And When?

Here is the information you or your loved one must know about the San Diego, CA personal injury claims litigation process.

Potential defendants:

  • The State of California for a poor road or sidewalk maintenance issue (poor road conditions cause many vehicle crashes)
  • An area like a retail store, private home, or restaurant property owners (Ex: Slip and fall accidents)
  • Your bosses in a worker’s compensation matter
  • A rogue employee like a bouncer or a delivery driver
  • Product manufacturers / product liability. (The dangerous products claims area requires many years of practice).
  • The driver who caused a car accident.
  • Dog owners.

The record shows that brain injury claims caused by a slip and fall accident mainly arise from tripping and falling cases, often against LA City during construction accidents.

But they can be anything from product liability cases, like a defective motorcycle part or exploding airbag injury during car accidents, pedestrian accidents, truck accidents, and other auto accidents. Motorcycle accident victims, in particular, will need insurance policy money immediately.

We will review any pictures, medical records, or other evidence free of charge. We’ll make insurance policy claims against any responsible parties under applicable negligence laws. You can phone us. Contact Ehline Law Firm at (619) 312-6050 24/7. Our best attorney is in is just a call away.

Statute of Limitations In Different Personal Injury Cases

Injured victims must file their case or lawsuit within the statutory or contractually agreed time frame (deadline) from their injury date. The California statute of limitations can differ according to your type of injury claim to avoid hearing ancient disputes and avoid injustice along the way.

The general time limit to sue is a two-year deadline in most PI claims. But some cruise lines and government entities have additional claims filing procedures shortening the plaintiff’s amount of time to sue outside the statute, hoping you won’t notice so they can break your back.

Evidence of incompetency, imprisonment, or being offshore can also extend the expected time to sue. Only experienced attorneys know all the secrets.

Get A Free Consultation From a Top Personal Injury Lawyer in San Diego Today

Most people put off hiring a California lawyer due to expense. We offer free consultations using video conferencing, email, or text messages, even if someone is looking for basic information about California’s laws. Don’t make the mistake of seeking justice from an insurer hiding behind the cover of darkness without attention from a trained professional at our firm.

Our job is to answer any type of question you may have. We can help resolve legal issues and protect your rights in the event of a bad accident. If you suffered moderate to severe injuries during an accident, Ehline Law Firm is the one you call to cover your back. We’re considered one of the top law offices in the country in a crash for cash lawsuit.

After you call us, a San Diego personal injury lawyer at the Ehline Law group team will promptly review your claims. We’ll take steps to explain all areas of the law and procedure at no cost with superior customer service.

Seeking an attorney in San Diego? Our top-quality firm is ready to help defend your rights today with extreme professionalism. Schedule a free consultation. Call us today at (619) 312-6050 or use our convenient online contact form. Our personal injury firm’s job is to protect the rights and success of accident victims and their family members.

“The Ehline Law Firm team was spot on. Alan, returned all my calls, and helped us receive a fast settlement. My wife and I are extremely happy with the end result and incredible six star service we received from this inactive U.S. Marine devildog run law firm.” – Staff Sergeant Jim Basilone of Camp Pendleton, CA.

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We can also help victims in Carlsbad and San Marcos, CA.

Michael Ehline is an inactive U.S. Marine and world-famous legal historian. Michael helped draft the Cruise Ship Safety Act and has won some of U.S. history’s largest motorcycle accident settlements. Together with his legal team, Michael and the Ehline Law Firm collect damages on behalf of clients.
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Michael Ehline

Top Injury lawyer, Michael Ehline, Esq.
We pride ourselves on being available to answer your most pressing and difficult questions 24/7. We are proud sponsors of the Paul Ehline Memorial Motorcycle Ride and a Service Disabled Veteran Operated Business. (SDVOB.) We are ready to fight.