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Events Page – Stay Updated on the Latest Events with Ehline Law Firm

Ehline law public outreach

Whether it is giving interviews to some of the most reputable news channels in the country or arranging a law firm event that people talk about for days we can help!

Ehline Law is a proactive law firm that not only protects the interests of injured victims or creates awareness on legal issues but also arranges events that involve the entire community.

Ehline Law is passionate about standing with accident victims against large and greedy insurance companies, but we also like to have a bit of fun, share a few laughs, and enjoy a meal together as part of the community. We like to arrange events all year round that entice our customers and clients to join and surprise them with unforgettable moments.

Ehline Law Firm Personal Injury Attorneys APLC Arranges Unforgettable Events Every Year

Through our events, we like to leave lasting and memorable moments with all the guests, customers, and clients. We like to think outside the box and move away from the mundane events law firms arrange.

November 11, 2023

USMC Birthday and Vets Day 2023 (Conroe, Texas)

Strap on your helmet, rev up your bike, and get ready! It’s just 40 miles from the hustle and bustle of the energetic Houston region, and the relaxed charm of Austin is within easy reach, yet the heart of our event lies within the scenic beauty and vibrant community that is Conroe, Texas.

May 13, 2023

Paul Ehline Ride 2023 (San Bernardino, CA)

Ehline Law and their personal injury attorneys have arranged a ride-and-shoot event at a Firing Range where guests will enjoy a motorcycle trip with food, music, and a lot of laughs. 

To Stay updated on any upcoming Ehline Law firm events, bookmark the Events Page so that you don’t miss out on fun-filled activities planned for a great cause.

April 22, 2023

Paul Ehline Ride 2023 (Houston, Tx)

The Leatherneck Peacemaker Chapter in Houston Tx will be in full effect providing a motorcycle escort for the fallen. We are moving forward to raise awareness over service related cancer on West Coast bases.

If you or a loved one was stationed at Camp Pendleton, or MCAS(H) Tustin, and got cancer, we want your signature so we can petition on their behalf and get legislation passed now!


Although there is nothing wrong with having a seminar at a law school or showing up with a presentation to inform the community about the dangers of a motorcycle accident or relevant legislation, we like to do things differently.

Music, Food, Laughter, and a Little Bit of Booze Is What You’ll Find at Our Events

In 2022, we organized a fun-filled event with the Paul Ehline Memorial Ride, where several chapters of the Leathernecks Motorcycle Club International, singers, and performers entertained the guests.

At the Paul Ehline Ride event arranged by Michael Ehline, founder of Ehline Law, we had food stalls that supplied delicious meals throughout the day.

So what sets our events apart from other law firm events? The roaring Harley Davidson motorcycles! If you’re a motorcycle rider, you know how it feels to hear a Harley roar in the morning. And these aren’t serious events, so expect a lot of music, dancing, a motorcycle trip, and even a little bit of alcohol to get you in the mood.

Speak to Michael Ehline about Your Legal Troubles at the Event!

Our events are fun and enjoyable, but they are also educational. We have marines from all over the country that discuss range safety or the legal process for claims for service-related cancers.

Press and other Inquiries


Whether you’re a vet or a civilian looking for legal assistance, you’ll find reputable marines and legal professionals at our events who are more than willing to give you a helping hand. Heck, Attorney Michael Ehline, a top-rate personal injury lawyer, is always there at our events in person to provide you with the help you need!

Events That Are Not Only Fun but Also Make a Difference

Ehline Law and Paul Ehline Ride also arrange events that are not only fun but also make a difference, especially to the veteran community.

November 26, 2022

Paul Ehline Ride 2022 (Houston, Texas) USMC Birthday – Special Guest, Country Star, Tyler Jay

In association with Leathernecks LMCI, Peacemaker Chapter, in Houston Texas, Paul Ehline Memorial Ride sponsored Marine and Country star, singer Tyler Jay and other top dogs. Live music, drinks, food, Marines, and a fun family event.

May 14, 2022

Paul Ehline Ride 2022 (San Bernardino, CA) Special Guests from Taran Tactical Made It Awesome!

Taran Tactical and the local USMC ROTC color-guard showed with many other special attendants. Check it out.

Michael Ehline served in the US Marines before receiving an honorable discharge and Paul Ehline, a veteran who lost his life to service-related cancer, knows what it’s like to lose a colleague, brother, or father.

Ehline Law Fundraiser Events Are Always for a Good Cause

For years, the veteran’s community continued to struggle financially as the Department of Veteran Affairs, which promised us the help we needed after we gave our lives to them, suddenly took a step back. Veterans saw their claims denied or struggled to prove their service-related illnesses.

The Ehline family has experienced the trauma of a serving veteran denied the help needed, but even in the harshest times, Paul Ehline shared his faith and generosity with others. With that mindset, we at Ehline Law want to make a difference.

Attorney Michael Ehline arranges events, especially for military vets throughout the year, where Marine Corps veterans, service members, and motorcycle riders gather and share a few laughs. But, at the end of the event, we encourage our guests, clients, and customers to donate to a good cause.

Your financial assistance goes a long way in helping the military veterans who continue to receive a cold shoulder from the VA. It goes towards family members of vets who have lost their loved ones in a wrongful death event.

Attorney Ehline makes sure that your donations are put to good use, whether it is helping the Marine Corps vets or their surviving families.

Bookmark Our Events Page to Stay Updated on the Latest Events

Bookmark this page in your browser to stay updated on the events arranged by Ehline Law firm. We like to hold events all year round and will keep our readers, customers, and clients up to date on the latest events here on this page.

Whether it is a communal motorcycle trip in the San Bernardino mountains or target shooting at a firing line, you’ll find all the latest news and event updates here on our events page.

If you would like to know more about our upcoming events or have queries or concerns about a particular event, contact us at (833) LETS-SUE or email us at, and we will get back to you.