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Did you know that over 65% of all deadly and horrific traffic accident involving people walking on foot take place in only 6% of Los Angeles City streets? (Source.) Did you know that school kids under 18 years of old make up at least 17% of all deadly pedestrian and bicycle collisions in the City of Los Angeles?

Knowing when to stay off the streets is a great way to avoid getting run over by a car. In fact, the risk of a pedestrian death increases immensely on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays.

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Clearly, when you are living in a city as busy and populated as Los Angeles, you have to be just as careful walking on a sidewalk as when you are driving a car. The biggest problem with pedestrian accidents remains the potential life-threatening outcomes. After all, people on foot have no protective shield around them.

And this is always the case when you’re in a car. Furthermore, the speed and uncontrolled behavior of the driver can further damage a person for life — any injuries caused by motorized vehicle drivers due to their negligence or irresponsible behavior.

Pedestrian Accidents in Los Angeles

Like other large cosmopolitan cities and towns, a considerable portion of Los Angeles road accidents occurs at busy intersections. And according to studies mentioned in the Los Angeles Times, and elsewhere, some crossings remain far more dangerous to people on foot than others. In fact, virtually every LA traffic accident occurs at less than 1 percent of the city’s total intersections.

The most treacherous intersections are in the downtown Los Angeles and Hollywood areas. And this is not surprising, as these are highly populated areas with confusing streets to navigate even in the best conditions.

Naturally, a collision involving a car versus a pedestrian means risks of severe injury and death to the person on foot. 1 in 10 involved pedestrian accidents from 2002 as well as 2013 totaled over 35 percent of roadway deaths on LA's narrow, long-drawn-out streets and close to freeway onramps.

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Pedestrian accidents are more common in living areas where there are a lot of houses and people. The drivers are not as cautious as they are on highways, and this unexpected behavior can cause life-threatening accidents. Common factors in pedestrian accidents are as follows:

What are the Dangers of Speeding Drivers?

Anywhere in any populated city, this turns out to be one of the common reasons for pedestrian accidents. Drivers are always directed to drive slowly in pedestrian streets and areas that are densely populated.

Drivers continue to drive speedily when they are either too passionate about driving fast, or are busy on their cell phones and miss the speed limit signs.

What are the Ramifications of Not Focusing On Your Surroundings?

This happens to old and experienced drivers as well as new ones. For many reasons, they can end up ignoring their surrounding, thus not knowing that there is a school nearby or some other place where there could be a lot of people and children.

Drivers can ignore surroundings out of frustration too, i.e., they wouldn’t slow down even after seeing that an older person is crossing the road and he’ll obviously go real slow.

What are the Missing The Caution Signs?

Pedestrian accident
Severely wounded pedestrian hit by a car, being smashed through the windscreen

This can also be a result of frustration or distraction in the form of texting on mobile phones. Slow down and stop signs are common in populated areas and neighborhoods. But if you miss any of those signs, you can get ready for a fatal accident. It is not ok to surrender your personal injury rights. So when someone you love is injured in a pedestrian accident, you must get a lawyer. But you remain entitled to every penny in compensation for the damage done.

For example, you can get money for injuries to your body, mental condition, income, and finances. The most significant costs remain medical bills. As a matter of fact, these items make people go bankrupt.

What are the Most Deadly Times and Days to Walk in the USA?

Most of us realize that New Years Day is one of the most dangerous times of the year to drive. But not too many people realize just how critical it is to walk this time of the year. There are more pedestrian deaths that take place each year on New Years than even Halloween.

What are the Pedestrian Accident Statistics?

Knowing when to stay off the streets is a great way to avoid getting run over by a car. Also, the risk of pedestrian death increases immensely on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays.

Of particular interest, almost half, 49% of these fatalities happened on these days. And most of these deaths involved driving while intoxicated. Plus, a whopping one-third of people killed while on foot died from a DUI related case.

The 2008 Statistics Show That:

  • 69,000 pedestrians were suffered injuries in car crashes and 4,378 were killed back in 2008.
  • Each 8 minutes, one pedestrian was injured
  • One person was killed every 2 hours.
  • 38% of pedestrian deaths of people below 16 years old took place between 3 p.m. and 7 p.m. (Source.)

Who Can Help You Get Money for Your Pedestrian Accident?

We cannot bring back the time. But at Ehline Law Firm we are ever-ready to deal with any pedestrian accidents. Also, we are here to ensure that you get full compensation of every type. Whatever your loss from the accident, we stand ready to make it right. Contact us today. Let our most experienced attorneys solve matters out for you.