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Did you suffer serious injury while traveling through or working in Orange County, CA, or near the Orange Circle, Tustin, or East Anaheim?

  • If we don’t win, you don’t pay.

Tell Us About Your Injury Case Before It’s Too Late

Don’t blow the deadline to claim in your injury claims. Ehline Law Firm has been providing legal assistance from local Newport Beach injury attorneys and other convenient locations since 2005. We help families and loved ones injured or harmed as the result of a spine injury, wrongful death, or other injuries at the hands of a careless person or business.

Do you have a personal injury case but want to know how hiring a lawyer improved your odds? Most people want to know their personal injury claim worth compared to handling it alone. Let’s discuss this.

Our Goal Is Making You Whole

Our goal is always the same, to help clients obtain full and fair financial compensation from the at-fault parties and their insurance companies in a personal injury claim. But getting fully indemnified requires advanced knowledge of personal injury law. Acting quickly is paramount, and that alone increases the case value. To swiftly facilitate your situation, our award-winning attorneys will come to your home, hospital, or workplace anywhere in Orange County.

We will then provide you with a cost and risk-free legal consultation. During this confidential conversation, the lawyer will listen to your side and let you explain your problems, pain, and suffering. Maybe you lost your job and are seeking compensation from work comp, as well as a manufacturer, or the city for negligent road maintenance.

Don’t Delay Speaking With A Top OC Personal Injury Lawyer

The longer you wait and vacillate, the more time the defense has to destroy or alter their story. Local commercial business videotapes are often erased automatically after three days.

You will need to send out a demand for the preservation of evidence to make sure shopkeepers, the government, and the defendants hold on to exculpatory and discriminatory evidence. So as you can see, and as substantiated by the Insurance Information Institute, you always get more by hiring a talented personal injury lawyer for your case.

Our Personal Injury Law Firm is About Urgency

Because of the urgency needed to win big, we are available 24/7 to strike while the iron is hot and swiftly move to investigate and lock in witness statements. You must also act quickly before your blow your case or statute of limitations to file a lawsuit. You can make so many mistakes without a lawyer; the insurance company is happy to let you make them!

So immediately contact Ehline Law Firm Personal Injury Attorneys, APLC in Orange County. Our legal assistance will guide you if you have been injured in an accident. We will help you get back on your feet as you heal. If you are seeking financial compensation, it makes sense to have a personal injury law firm like ours handle your case.

Many serious accidents and injuries occur daily in Orange County cities like the City of Orange, Santa Ana, Tustin, Anaheim Hills, Villa Park, Yorba Linda, Brea, and more. OC is a bustling, gorgeous area for tourists, financial sectors, and single-family residents. It contains 34 connected cities bordering Long Beach, San Bernardino, Riverside, and San Diego Counties.

These 950 square miles include roads, train tracks, bicycle paths, and vast swaths of commercial trucking activities in Southern California. When you or a loved one is injured in a mass casualty event, our Orange County personal injury lawyer can assist you in obtaining an award of maximum compensation for things like lost wages, medical bills, emotional problems, etc. 

Don’t Hire the Wrong Injury Lawyer

Most demoralized accident victims are already burned out. But don’t surrender and hire a lawyer out of emotion. Billboard ads and radio ads represent what is commonly known as a “personal injury mill.” Their goal might include weeding out the super valuable cases and then sending your file to a kid who just got out of law school, a paralegal, etc. Unless it’s a wrongful death or severe spine injury claim, don’t expect to meet the bearded bandit of the upside-down Lakers lawyer in person.

It would help if you had a traditional lawyer who built their reputation on small firm service and big firm results.

Illegal, Unethical Capping and Running Lawyers?

If you were approached at an accident scene, your home, or a hospital by someone working for one of these mills, this is a criminal act, and you should report this to us. In some states like Nevada, lawyers who engage in illegal capping and running can be disgorged of their ill-gotten profits. The Plaintiff’s Bar is already reeling from the dishonor Tom Girardi and his associates wreaked upon fellow lawyers in California.

Answers to common questions about OC Personal Injuries

  1. How much will a personal injury lawyer charge up front? 
  2. Does self-representation make sense?
  3. Will my personal injury case go to trial? 
  4. How much are the attorneys’ fees? 
  5. How much will I receive for my claim in Orange County?  

How Much Will You Pay Initially?

No Up Front Fee

You need to hire someone who won’t charge you an upfront fee. Before signing the retainer agreement, be certain you comprehend the terms and conditions of the fee structure. Although many personal injury law firms work on a contingency fee, some will use a sneaky sliding scale or even try and collect a percentage of your property damage settlement. Other times, your lawyer will try and collect 40% or 50% before having to file a lawsuit, which is not customary.

No Recovery No Fee

A contingency fee means you won’t be charged for your legal services unless your case is successful. This matters because many accident victims are already down on their luck, careless, and unemployed from their losses.

Why Handle Your Own Case?

You pursue your own claims as an individual. Sometimes filing a personal injury case in small claims court makes sense. But without the aid of counsel, it’s hard to know what to do or how to do it. Getting the most compensation for your money usually means having a background in negotiating with insurance adjusters and judges over personal injury cases.

How Much Does My Lawyer Get?

Most physical injury and property damages claims will settle before litigation. Most exceptional trial lawyers will only charge 1/3, or 33.33%, of the gross amount recovered before filing a lawsuit on your behalf. In some cases get expensive. So although your lawyer will advance those costs to hire experts, including forensic investigators, to gather and safeguard evidence, not all lawyers are so generous. So you get what you pay for and pay a fee for that service.

How Much Compensation Will I Get?

Every injury case will receive a different amount of compensation; there is no set standard. The particulars of your injuries and losses and whether your lawsuit goes to trial or is resolved out of court also have an impact. 

Orange County Personal Injury Claims

Orange County’s over 3 million residents share the lanes, restaurants, and landscapes with visitors worldwide. With over 50 million visitors per year, OC takes second place only to Los Angeles. We have Disneyland, South Coast Plaza, Fashion Island, Knott’s Berry Farm, white, sandy beaches, and the Newport Pier to boot. Fall accidents for vacationing retirees or auto accident is not out-of-the-ordinary mishap in the OC.

People Mean Accidents

All this traffic from strangers unaccustomed to our towns along the 55 Freeway, I-405, the I-5, PCH, and Beach Boulevard in Huntington Beach, have become traffic accident magnets. With places like Dog Beach in Huntington Beach, CA, OC sees its fair share of dog bites, especially to children. Our Orange County dog bite attorneys are second to none when handling dog bite insurance claims on behalf of personal injury clients for this reason.

Accidents Mean Personal Injury Attorneys

No matter your negligently obtained physical injuries, our seasoned legal team may be able to help you seek justice and financial compensation. Our top personal injury lawyer can provide free advice or even offer guidance when filing a personal injury claim independently. So stop dragging your feet.


  • Improve your situation by speaking to an experienced lawyer first.
  • Don’t give any recorded statements to the insurance company until you have been cleared by your lawyer first.
  • The same goes for a catastrophic injury from a worker’s compensation claim.

Our Orange County personal injury lawyers need to calculate the value of your severe pain and suffering (emotional distress), the medical treatment required, and any loss of earnings. If someone was hurt or suffered serious injuries and needs help, personal injury victims or their loved ones can call us 24/7 and send us an email to receive a free consultation with no strings attached.

Bringing a Lawsuit to Orange County Courts

The seat of government here in Santa Ana, CA. Most civil cases, including car accidents, will be handled in Santa Ana Central Court. Navigating the Orange County courts after vehicle accidents (motorcycle accidents, pedestrian accidents, etc.) or any accident represents a challenge for the injured party in most cases. But at the top-rated Ehline Law, our Orange County personal injury lawyers will lessen the burden and help victims recover their lives and the wellness of their loving family members.

Speaking to a contingency fee basis legal professional at our office before calling another law office is in your best interest. This is someone who knows how to use all serious injury practice areas of law and hard work to your advantage for maximum economic recovery.

There are three primary types of CA law:

  1. Criminal
  2. Administrative
  3. Civil.

Criminal Law: If a drunk driver crashes into another car and causes injuries, they may be arrested and face criminal charges. But they could also face a civil lawsuit. That is where we come in. We are plaintiff injury lawyers serving accident victims across Orange County.

Administrative Law: Under Penal Code Section 9, certain privileges and licenses will receive due process through an administrative hearing procedure. This is where we meet you and the defendant at a dog bite hearing, for example, as we negotiate the fate of the dog and your personal injury claim. If the person who hit you in a car crash was drunk, you might need us to ask the DMV to allow the accused to drive so you can receive restitution payments as part of a wage garnishment settlement when you seek compensation, etc.

Civil Law: A tort claim or personal injury complaint for damages is a civil claim that typically requires a preponderance of evidence as its burden of proof. The personal injury victim will typically file an insurance or government claim against the (victim) filing a claim against the at-fault party. This could be more one than one person. And the claim could include both private actors and state actors as defendants on the hook to pay for your damages, even one involving wrongful termination.

Comparative Negligence

These negligent parties may be comparatively negligent, liable to pay their shared portion along with you for any fault of yours. If insurance settlement or privately / publicly covered party negotiations are fruitless, personal injury lawsuits are lodged with the local Superior Court here in Santa Ana. If your personal injury lawyer wins, the goal is obtaining more than could have been won during insurance negotiations. In wrongful death cases, the procedure may require appointing a family representative to join the class. A representative or conservator may be sought in order to bring a survival action in the decedent’s name.

This is all very complex and will require an exceptional law firm with vast resources and trial skills. Once we file suit, the insurance company will often try to make a better offer on the courthouse steps after a judge ordered mediation or arbitration procedure. Our talented staff of compassionate, aggressive legal representatives has made it their number one goal to get you fully and financially compensated for fall accidents, auto accidents, and other injury claims.

Civil Statute of Limitations in Orange County

If you got injured in any type of accident, you must act quickly and seek out the warrior class to fight on your behalf. Hire Ehline Law in Orange County to battle any and all greedy insurers and others who stand in your way of receiving full value for your case. There is a statutory time limit, and the times may vary in cruise ship cases, some other contracts, and cases against government entities. Don’t get caught with your pants down, as exceptions that are not in your best interests may apply.

How Much Time to File a Claim? The California Statute of Limitations says

“Within two years: An action for assault, battery, or injury to, or for the death of, an individual caused by the wrongful act or neglect of another.”

The statute of limitations for a government claim is usually six months, and for minors, it will vary depending on the facts and circumstances of the victim.

Accidents Our Experienced Orange County, CA Team Proudly Handles

We handle a vast practice area array of accident & injury claims. Workers and others can be embroiled in complicated issues after being hurt. A child could be run over crossing the road. An old lady could slip, trip, and fall at a Walmart on a banana peel. We have seen it all. Our team has been stationed in Southern California for over three combined decades. We have the experience, knowledge, and skill to beat any defendant decisively.

If you’ve been in any of the following accidents, we can help you:

  • Car accidents
  • Dog bites and animal attacks
  • Slip and fall accidents
  • Hit-and-run accidents
  • Product liability
  • Class action lawsuits
  • Truck accidents
  • Pedestrian and cycling accidents
  • Hoverboard, e-bike, and e-scooter accidents
  • Wrongful death
  • Employment law
  • Auto defects
  • Brain injuries
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Motorcycle accidents
  • Boating accidents
  • Boating accidents
  • Public transport collisions
  • Swimming pool injuries.

Contact Ehline Law Firm in Orange County if you or a loved one has suffered significant injuries. An attorney from our law offices can help you receive the maximum compensation for your case.

Reasons to Hire Ehline Law for an Orange County Injury Case?

After an accident, you need to contact an Orange County injury attorney.

First and foremost, we think consulting with a knowledgeable Orange County personal injury attorney is crucial. It can be frustrating and challenging to deal with insurance agent discussions or to try and submit the required documents to the courts. 

Working with a lawyer reduces your stress while increasing your chances of success.

Why Ehline Law Firm, you might ask? We excel in the following areas:

  • For decades, we have been named one of the top 1% personal injury law firms.
  • Our firm has a 99% success rate in representing injured plaintiffs in California.
  • Our legal team is seasoned in and out of Orange County courtrooms with decades of experience in a wide variety of personal injury cases.
  • Free consultation, no fee if we don’t win your injury claim.
  • Among the Best Places to Work in Orange County because our staff are happy and committed to our clients.

We take great satisfaction in assisting victims and have a 99% success rate. Work with a knowledgeable attorney in Orange County to ensure you receive the assistance you require following an accident.

Verdicts and Settlements: What Personal Injury Cases Are Worth?

Personal injury law deals with various injury and accident types. The degree to which a client was harmed will always determine the potential compensation amount.  Ehline Law Firm is committed to seeking justice. We will strive to ensure that you receive fair compensation.

Some of the elements that impact the amount of compensation an individual may receive include:

  • Medical expenses
  • Pain and suffering
  • Lost wages
  • Property damage
  • Impact on future employment
  • Emotional trauma.

These are just a few of the variables that could affect the amount of money you might receive in a settlement.

After an accident, compensation is supposed to assist by paying for any losses. This covers everything from medical care to mounting medical bills.

By retaining the services of an Orange County personal injury lawyer, you can maximize your compensation, thus protecting your financial interests. Our team consists of legal professionals with the knowledge and abilities to win your personal injury lawsuit.

What to do After an Accident in Orange County, California

If you want to get through the legal process smoothly, follow these crucial steps after an accident:

  • Seek medical attention immediately
  • Gather evidence from the accident
  • Contact an Orange County personal injury attorney

It would help if you concentrated on getting better from your injuries while we manage every part of your case. It’s crucial to go to all of your doctor’s appointments, take your medication as prescribed, and continue your physical therapy. If you don’t, you won’t be able to get the best settlement possible. Your attorney won’t have any medical records proving you are still injured and recuperating from the injury if you don’t adhere to your medical treatment plan.

Evidence You Need to Recover Compensation

Our main objective is to win your case. Your Orange County personal injury attorney will create the best case possible to do this. It is advisable to provide as much pertinent proof as you can to support your legal claim.

Proof consists of:

  • An accurate description of the incident, including its setting, participants, what happened, and when it happened. Write everything down so you don’t forget anything
  • A duplicate of the accident or police report
  • Medical records
  • Any photos or videos of the accident, parties involved, or injuries
  • Witness statements
  • Contact details of any witnesses

Our legal team will add to this with medical experts and expert testimony to win your case.

Dealing with Insurance Companies

You might have to work with an insurance provider when filing a claim after getting injured. After an accident, you will generally file a claim with the at-fault party’s insurance company or look for a settlement.

Insurance adjusters are typically friendly and approachable but aim to settle claims as quickly and cheaply as possible. Any information you give them will be used for this purpose. The best course of action is to speak with an Orange County personal injury lawyer and have them handle all correspondence with the insurance provider. 

Ehline Law Firm: Outstanding Case Results

With excellent Orange County personal injury lawyers, Ehline Law Firm is equipped to handle cases involving all types of personal injuries, from a terrible car crash to medical malpractice.

We have had tremendous success when it comes to helping our clients recover compensation. 

Some of our case results are:

  • $10,500,000 – Motorcycle Accident Spinal Cord/Brain Injury (Former Army Airborne)
  • $8,700,000 –Motorcycle Accident (Former Marine)
  • $1,500,000 – Bicycle Accident

All Case Results


Client Reviews

“Ehline Law has been breathtakingly good at executing my matter from start to finish. After slipping and falling at South Coast Plaza and breaking my kneecap, I could not work and was in constant pain. I could tell right away that Mike and his team were genuine. Alan always called me back, or replied to my text messages. The compassion their legal team had for my case was genuine. I was well taken care of and was highly impressed by their military-like mode of operation. As a U.S. Marine, and Vietnam Vet myself, without reservation, I highly recommend this law OC firm. I even was invited to attend the Paul Ehline Memorial Ride against service-related cancer and felt as though Ehline is all in for my Marine brothers and sisters. Mike loves people, especially war veterans. Michael Ehline genuinely loved me and appreciated me as a fellow Marine brother, far more than as a client. We are friends to this day, and he will be invited to my funeral and has agreed to supply the bagpiper when that day finally comes. He is definitely NOT a typical ambulance chasing lawyer, got me more money than the lawyer I fired who had the case originally. All I can say is don’t fall for lawyer billboards or radio ads. Hire genuine warriors like the Ehline team.” – T. Allan

“I didn’t want to hire a personal injury lawyer, because of my car accident. I didn’t feel a lot of pain after the stress of being t-boned. But days later I could not get out of bed and went to the hospital after getting a ride. Turned out I have a slipped disc and needed expensive epidurals. I ended up calling Irene at Ehline’s Firm. She spent over an hour with me going over my case and listening to my work problems since I was bedridden. She informed me that Mr. Ehline would take my case, and I was really happy with the speed and compassion in their communications. The guy who hit me didn’t even have insurance, but Ehline was able to argue to the City of Los Angeles that their light signal was defective, causing the car behind me to drive forward based on his green light. My settlement amount was more than enough to pay my legal team, medical bills, and lost wages. Everyone I worked with was personable, helpful, and all in for me and my kids. Thank you Ehline Law, I recommend you and your staff to my friends and anyone else in an accident.” – Glenn R.

Contact our Orange County Personal Injury Attorneys Today

Ensure to contact an accomplished Orange County personal injury attorney if you were injured in an accident. Ehline Law Firm will make sure you receive fair compensation for your damages. If you’re ready to seek justice, contact us today at (833)-LETS-SUE for a free initial consultation!

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Michael Ehline is an inactive U.S. Marine and world-famous legal historian. Michael helped draft the Cruise Ship Safety Act and has won some of U.S. history’s largest motorcycle accident settlements. Together with his legal team, Michael and the Ehline Law Firm collect damages on behalf of clients.
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We pride ourselves on being available to answer your most pressing and difficult questions 24/7. We are proud sponsors of the Paul Ehline Memorial Motorcycle Ride and a Service Disabled Veteran Operated Business. (SDVOB.) We are ready to fight.