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[Content Updated Feb 7, 2021]

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If you suffered a dog bite in Los Angeles, the award-winning dog bite lawyers at Ehline Law Firm would maintain an impeccable, proven track record for helping dog bite victims through their insurance claims and medical issues. Since 2005, our steadfast, compassionate Los Angeles dog bite attorneys have assisted families and victims of injuries caused by attacking dogs. L.A.'s dog culture also lends itself to more people, particularly kids walking on sidewalks, playing in parks, or running along the beach, risking dog bites. The fierce dog bite injury lawyers in Los Angeles located at Ehline Law Firm have successfully recovered over $100 Million for happy clients in California State.

If You Are A Golden State Dog Bite Victim Seeking Superior Legal Representation:

  • Our highly trained and

People still continuously flock to Los Angeles, California, making it an attractive destination despite its dangerous reputation for dog attacks and generally heightened accident risks. The sheer number of unleashed and leashed dogs roaming about Venice Beach and Santa Monica, California, is simply enormous. Some dogs may carry diseases like rabies, other potentially deadly viruses, or bacteria because Santa Monica and other Los Angeles cities have such high numbers of loose animals roaming around. Not even Santa Monica's dedicated animal control unit can deal with all of the dog-related problems. When you receive a dog bite, your case will likely need personal injury lawyer help. You will probably want to get animal control involved to quarantine the animal after you or your child receive your tetanus shot.

Did You Know Most Dog Attacks Are Against Children?

Yes, it's true. Innocent, small children suffer most dog bite injuries under ten years old. Of those kids, over 70% of children under ten years old receive dog bites to their face, neck, and head area, with Los Angeles seeing a resurgence of dog attacks involving Pit-Bull type dogs.

Some people buy pits so that they can look "tough," possibly as a form of self-defense, and other times to intimidate others. But animals of this type were initially bred to kill fighting bulls in a fighting pit, such as present within a coliseum. These fighting dog types will require excellent supervision and training to reign in their aggressive instincts.

But small dogs can severely lacerate children's appendages, including their face using their sharp teeth and sharper, tinier claws. Small dogs can hurt adults, especially older adults, who these dogs may perceive as threats. You can read more here about dog attacks against kids.

Did You Know Private Homes Are The Most Common Places Dogs Bite?

Dog assaults frequently occur within the United States.

Statistical data shows:

  • According to official estimates, annual dog bite costs absorbed by public taxpayers hover around $2 Billion or more each year.
  • At least 61% of these dog attacks happen in the dog owner’s own home or immediate neighborhoods.
  • Dogs who are familiar to you or your child are the dogs who will most commonly attack you, especially if a smaller child approaches the animal's danger zone of space.
Skating with dog on a leash in Venice, CA

Important: Many dog attack victims will refuse to sue or make insurance claims against their friends and neighbors, nor do these people understand California and local Los Angeles dog laws generally.

Do you know who will pay for your severe injuries and medical bills?  

  • The Home Owner's Insurance often covers much of your destruction. But even then, sometimes, this coverage can fall short. 
  • A true friend wouldn't leave you stuck with bills from their animal attacking you, right?
  • Call Ehline Law Firm if you're fed up and need a resourceful and aggressive lawyer today.

California has one great law that helps dog bite victims get compensated for their injuries. 

The Pertinent California Dog-Bite Statute Used In Los Angeles Courts

California Civil Code Section 3342 (Strict Liability)

Dog Attack at Dog Beach-Goldenwest Street HB

The conventional “one bite” rule does not hold sway in California courts. So in other states, the attack victim must prove its owner or controller knew the dog to be dangerous. Thus, if a dog had bitten another person, only then is the dog deemed hazardous. Only then can the owner be sued by law. But the California legislature felt this one bite rule was unfair.

Thus, the Golden State has a dog bite statute for personal injury cases when canines assault people. When individuals fail to exercise due care in looking after their injury-causing dog, they may be held liable.

The dog bite statute found at California Civil Code Section 3342 is a floor and not a ceiling on what a dog owner should do to safeguard innocent humans. Because of this, the injured person no longer has to show the dog was dangerous. Most importantly, this means almost zero defenses are available to the controller of the attacking dog.

Under California Civil Code Section 3342, a dog owner is almost always liable for injuries when a dog bites a human being.

Do Exceptions Exist To California's Strict Liability Dog Bite Statute?

Even though it is “strict” liability, it is not strict in the real sense. The primary exception is when a biting police dog attacks a person during the performance of official law enforcement duties, they get a pass. Even then, the cops can exceed the reasonable use of force and be liable to suit. Other dog bite law exceptions may occur when a person deliberately taunts or tries to injure the animal.

Dog bite defenses are discussed more here. If a person gets bitten under the statute while lawfully on private land or a public place, liability will still attach, so long as the injuries were foreseeable, certain, and unavoidable. California laws about attacking dogs empower courts and juries to hold dog owners liable and make them pay you. (Read more about dog bite laws here).

What About Suing Multiple Defendants?

Another reason dog bite victims should steer clear from PI law mills is their reputation for skimping on money for research and lax evidence gathering process. The lawyers are the less motivated of our quiver, too lazy or broke to track down all the parties with money to pay the suffering victim. Bad lawyering by failing to research the case properly means victims will face losing large sums of money. You must understand how vital the first 24-hours after a dog attack will be to identifying other individuals and businesses liable to pay a portion of your damages award.

Another person may have contributed to the injury as a matter of law. For example, a person other than the dog, like a dog walking service with an insurance policy, retained control over the attacking animal. Other potential defendants could include a pet store washing a pet, biting an employee or a visitor. You don’t know everything about your case until you properly investigate your dog bite and gather all your medical reports.

What Is The Dog Bite Statute Of Time Limitations?

You will generally have two-year years to file your dog bite lawsuit against a private actor under our statute of limitations in California. Traditionally victims of dog attacks only had one year to sue civilly. Our California changed that rule to reduce delays and courts backing up with cases by giving personal injury victims and their lawyers additional time to negotiate with insurance companies and people with money to pay accident victims compensatory damages.

As we mentioned, the statutory period to us can change when a state actor is a defendant. But you may only have six months to sue a police canine unit, for example. If you blow the statute, you give up your rights to receive money damages FOREVER. But if you and your legal experts do things right, the law will likely mandate the dog owner to pay you. Their payment to you would be in the form of special and general damages awarded to you, as the dog bite victim. We can help you win his money by filing and negotiating an insurance claim on you or your family's behalf, or we can forego the niceties and try your dog bite case to a civil jury. Our aggressive Los Angeles, California dog bite lawyers will make it happen either way and when you need help most.

Essential Steps to Take – Outcome of Dog Attacks

A person bitten by a dog should:

  • Immediately go to the hospital.
  • File a police report
  • Take pictures of the dog bite injury.
  • Consult with aggressive counsel shortly after the animal attack.

What About Unleashed Dogs, Who Is Liable?

Dogs running loose are common ways people, especially kids, will find themselves confronted and attacked. Los Angeles County, California, and the City of LA have dog leash laws to help prevent these confrontations between dogs and people. Either way, a dog bite by a leashed or an unleashed dog can cause a severed artery or even coma or death. A nip or chomp by a loose dog or leashed dog can still cause psychological & emotional distress. We have sued business owners and won our clients significant sums of money after these shops allowed dangerous dogs to roam at large on the premises.

You must keep in mind; dogs don't just run loose outside. If a loose dog bites you while you are shopping inside a business, and the shop's owner knows the animal is walking around loose, the store owner will be held strictly liable. In those cases, courts will find store owners negligent, directing them to pay for your dog bite-related injuries as a defendant, along with the dog's master.

So we have held the negligent dog owners liable, and we want to do that for you. No one should get bitten by an unleashed or inherently dangerous dog. Great lawyers identify the potential insurance coverage that may be available. At the Ehline Law Firm, if necessary, we will get your child the best expert witnesses if we can’t settle. Experts helping with the dog bite matter from the very beginning will strengthen your case for trial, sending the defendant a message we are ready for battle. We are not afraid to try dog bite cases either.

Elders are Not Immune from Dog Attacks Either

Elderly citizens can be easy victims of a dog attack. Seniors are less able to defend themselves. Rabid and wild dogs can sense weakness and fear, and all scared animals may emit the smell of fear upon seeing a scary looking animal, including another human or a dog. Dogs can detect these smells, as their noses have sensitivity levels and olfactory conditions making it possible for dogs to sense emotional manifestations humans will not sense.

Dogs view fear scent as an impending attack on the dog, often attacking humans who are only scared, presenting no real threat to the animal. You or your child may have suffered severe emotional distress. Most parents also become nervous when their child suffers a dog bite or animal attack. You hiring the right dog bite lawyers will be supremely important, and you must find counsel capable of separating their emotions from your matter. You need calm, calculated, charismatic counsel who will proceed with calm efficiency during the pendency of your dog bite case.

Communication With Your Lawyer is the Key in a Dog Bite Case?

In any case, even in personal relationships, communication is critical. We know it, you know it. With us on your team, you will understand the implications of your injuries to your future. We place a value on that, laying out your dog bite case for you and keeping you up to date from beginning to end. Supporting our clients and keeping them in the loop is a significant key to our success as top Los Angeles dog bite lawyers. From the moment we meet our new customers, we educate these potential new clients. We often find victims can teach us a thing or two about them and their case, helping increase dog bite claims' overall value.

Instead of our attorneys being aloof and ego-maniacal, we try and help reduce your stressful experience, as we have all been victims deserving of empathy. The lawyers at our dog bite law firm will make you part of our discussion, giving you some certainty about your future case success. We will inspire confidence in you using these personable tactics and strategies, ultimately getting you a windfall like settlement or verdict for your dog bite lawsuit.

Winning Your Dog Bite Case With Elan is the End Result!

The goal is to win. But we win with elan. Carrying this pervasive attitude is everyone within our law firm. What it means to clients is that our staff is personable and friendly. It also means that we are always on the alert for your best interests with pride and courage. Winning clients' truckloads of money isn’t the only thing that makes your case a success. It also means treating clients with dignity. With Ehline, you get all these excellent, winning traits.

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Let our Los Angeles law firm help you recover from your terrible injuries and property losses. Remember, get help now. Don’t hesitate to call one of our Los Angeles, personal injury attorneys for a free consultation and free case review. We litigate cases everywhere in the United States. So if you, your children, or other family member needs help, call an experienced Los Angeles, California dog bite law expert now. Our 24-hour attorney hotline is (213) 596-9642, and you can also use our online contact form or faster service today.