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Ehline Rejoins Comrades at MCA Dinner

Michael Ehline at Marine Corpse Event

Marine Corps to Serving Veterans

It’s been a long way for Los Angeles’ top personal injury attorney Michael Ehline. Of course, this means both literally and figuratively. From Bootcamp nearly three decades ago to becoming an attorney, Ehline’s worked about every job you can think of since. And all the while, he never forgot the lessons that his time in the Marine Corps taught him. In addition to personal discipline, a great sense of humor, and working with peers, Ehline brings something else to the table. It’s the dedication to those who served that sets him apart.

“I can’t just sit around and watch my comrades in arms suffer when I can help,” Ehline.

You’ve probably seen Michael Ehline in the pages of Leatherneck magazine. In fact, Ehline recently partnered with MMA heavyweight Renato Laranja on a viral blitz showing what he can offer for vets in need.

A Defining Role

Furthermore, Ehline was recently a guest of honor at the February 2nd West Coast Marine Corps Association Dinner. In between the excellent meal and catching up with his fellow Devil Dogs, Ehline wanted to offer something that he learned first in the Corps.

“I can give back,” he said. “I worked my way through reading the law to the Bar, then to my doctorate,” he said. “It’s been an experience. Now I have the skills to aid my fellow service members.”

Ehline Law is rated as one of the top personal injury law firms for veterans. And it makes total sense, considering that Ehline is a disabled vet himself. He promises something simple– an A to Z process for vets and their families. In some cases, the law firm can pay for medical expenses upfront. Besides, he works with this team determining loss of income and severe changes to an injured person’s life. He leaves no stone left unturned.

“The Marine Corps will always be my first love,” he said. Now that he’s out of uniform, Michael Ehline wants to give back to the Corps that gave him so much.

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