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    Injured at Nordstrom? | Hire a Good Lawyer and Sue!

Did you get hurt while working or shopping at a Nortdstrom and are stuck holding the bag? Did you think you were entitled to compensation but got grief and patronized instead? Maybe you were falsely arrested for shoplifting, beaten by loss prevention, and carted off to jail with serious injuries. Each day we hear legal terms, such as “Fourth Amendment” and “Reasonable Doubt,” without really considering how these things could affect us on a daily basis.

Not many people realize that the right to remain silent, for example, is reserved for criminals being arrested and can also help in a personal injury lawsuit! A workers compensation claim can sometimes become an open court battle between your lawyer and the insurance company. You will wish you had paid more attention to your Miranda rights at such times!

Even if you are an employee at Nordstrom Rack, you could get injured anytime while going about your daily routine. This will burden an injured person with medical bills, lost wages, pain, and suffering.

At Ehline Law, you can hire one of many experts in workers compensation laws to help you every step of the way, from taking stock of the accident scene to helping you present evidence in open court.

If you get injured on the job while working at Nordstrom, or any other company, the US Constitution is on your side! Whether it’s a slip and fall or any other work-related injury, you can sue for workers compensation. And if you are a regular shopper caused of a crime, even if you have witnesses, the cost of defending a crime and bringing a lawsuit and going to trial doesn’t mean you won’t lose the prosecution or the civil action.

Call Michael Ehline and his team of civil law, criminal defense, and workers compensation experts at (833)-LETS SUE. We can help you get the help you need to fight against employers, the government, or insurance companies for a false arrest, for example, that do not want to pay for your injuries in or out of custody.

Nordstrom Inc. Company Profile

Nordstrom Inc. is a large retail clothing store comprising 116 outlets in 38 states across the United States. Its headquarters is in Seattle, Washington. The company sells clothing for men, women, and children in its main stores and its discount, called Nordstrom Rack.

Workers compensation law is there to protect any employees that are injured while on the job. However, for you to take full advantage of workers comp law, you have to know your rights and how they apply to your circumstances.

If your employer abuses any of your rights, for example by searching your personal belongings without your consent, this could be used in your favor during a workers compensation claim.

In California, workers compensation laws can be very complicated, which is why you need to consider hiring the services of a good lawyer to help you with your claim and guide it to victory.

Insurance companies can try to take advantage of an injured employee’s lack of knowledge regarding their rights, but at Ehline Law, our experienced attorneys will not let that happen!

What Risks Are Faced by Nordstrom Employees?

What circumstances can result in an employee getting injured working at Nordstrom? The risk one faces depends on the nature of the job and the area in which one works.

The following are some of the risks faced by Nordstrom workers:

  • Baristas

When working in a Nordstrom coffee shop, employees are exposed to the same type of risks that one would expect in a normal kitchen.

This includes:

  • Burns
  • Slip and fall accidents
  • Cuts.
  • Retail Workers

Cashiers, salespersons, and other retail workers face a big risk of suffering injuries caused by a slip and fall accident. These injuries may include back or head injuries and have the potential to become very serious.

Those that work at a cash register or similar station that requires constant repetition of actions are at risk of suffering from repetitive stress disorder.

  • Janitors

Cleaners and janitors working at Nordstrom face two major risks of getting injured, which are:

  • A slip and fall injury due to walking on wet surfaces
  • Occupational hazards caused by being exposed to various cleaning agents and chemicals
  • Warehouse Workers

Warehouse employees are among the most at-risk workers at Nordstrom due to the dangerous environment they operate in.

The following are some common injuries/situations:

  • Shoulder, neck, and back injuries caused by improper lifting techniques or attempting to lift boxes that are too heavy
  • Slip and fall accidents while working on the warehouse floor
  • Being stuck by falling objects and suffering head injuries
  • Getting run over by trucks or other warehouse vehicles.

Types of Workers Compensation

Depending on the particular circumstances of the accident, the nature of your injuries, and the specifics of your insurance policy, you may be entitled to one of four types of workers compensation claims, which are:

  • Medical benefits that will cover doctor’s visits, medical bills, medication, physical therapy, etc.
  • Disability benefits in the case of permanent injuries that will not allow you to get back to work or work at the same level of productivity as before
  • Rehabilitation and career support services in cases where you will require extensive physical therapy, and you will need to deal with the resulting reduced earning potential caused by your injuries
  • Death benefits for your dependents in the event that you get killed as a result of workplace accidents.

Steps To Take After a Personal Injury at Nordstrom

In most cases, a good lawyer can help a visiting person or employee to get the compensation that you deserve when making a claim to insurance companies.

However, there are a few things you can do correctly between the time of the accident and the day you file a claim that will assist in making the job easier for your attorney.

To help ensure that the liability for the accident is placed on the employer or the owner of the property on which the incident happened, take the following steps:

Stop Working

Surprisingly, one of the most common mistakes made by injured workers is trying to continue working after the accident happens. This is very common in cases where the employee suffers what they think is a minor accident or if they are afraid of retribution from the employer for being injured.

However, when a worker carries on working after being injured, it makes it very difficult for the attorneys to prove that the injuries are significant enough to warrant a workers compensation claim.

It is important to remember that no matter how minor the slip and fall or other accident may be, you should stop work immediately and either report the incident, get it listed or get medical treatment.

File an Accident Report

Many employers have a rule that says any workplace incident must be reported immediately and they often try to use this as a way of avoiding settling a workers compensation claim. To be safe, always make it a practice to report any accident to the manager, supervisor, or any other person who is in charge.

However, filing a report does not mean you have to consent to be interviewed if you do not want to. You can ask to speak to a lawyer first before proceeding any further.

Report to a Police Officer If Needed

In some situations, it may be necessary to report the incident to a police officer in cases where the accident happens while an employee is working away from the business premises or if you suspect some kind of crime may have been committed.

Again, you have the right to refuse to be interrogated by the police officer any further without your lawyer present, as well as the legal rights to the Fourth Amendment, which protects you from being searched without your consent.

Seek Medical Treatment

If, for example, you happen to slip and fall, causing serious injuries to your head, your life must be the most important thing to you. Before doing anything else, you need to find a doctor and get medical attention as soon as possible. You also must use any opportunity available to ask questions of witnesses you trust and get statements from these people over what they saw at the store or warehouse that day.

Gather Evidence

You need to do all you can to gather as much evidence of the accident as possible. This includes:

  • Statements from witnesses
  • A medical report from the doctor that treated you
  • A report from the police officer on the scene
  • Photos of the incident
  • Footage from any Nordstrom surveillance cameras in the vicinity
  • Receipts of any medical bills and doctors you paid.

File a Workers Comp Claim

When you have all your evidence in order, it is time to approach a good personal injury lawyer with experience handling a workers compensation lawsuit. If you agree, you still have details to worry about if you want to improve your situation.

There is a statute of limitations of two years for personal injury claims that you must remember, meaning you have limited time to appeal any workers compensation ruling, gather evidence, and sue your employer. Want more information about suing Nordstrom? Read below.

Hire a Personal Injury Attorney To Fight for Your Rights!

Have you been injured while working at Nordstrom or any other place of employment? Ehline Law workers compensation lawyers can help you get paid for medical treatment, lost wages, property damage, or even pain and suffering.

You will need a good lawyer by your side! Do not hesitate to call (833) LETS-SUE and ask for a free consultation on behalf of you or your loved ones seeking maximum compensation!

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