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What Are The Worst U.S. Insurance Companies?

Americans want to secure their health, homes, properties, and future against life problems.

This has made the American insurance industry a most thriving one.

The industry makes a whopping sum of $1 trillion every year from premiums, according to research made by the American Association for Justice (AAJ).

What are the Worst Companies in the Insurance Industry?

Researchers at the AAJ carried out an all-inclusive investigation of companies offering auto insurance. This is to know if car insurance policyholders have been suffering any injustice. From this research, they discovered that most car insurance companies are extremely profit-oriented, and they make so much profit at the expense of their clients; who ironically took out their policies to protect themselves against these issues.

AAJ found out that the worst auto insurance companies make their wealth through cutting corners by rejecting claims, denying coverage, and inflating premiums.

Additionally, AAJ carried out research using court documents, Securities and Exchange Commission records, FBI records, state insurance department investigations, policyholders’ complaints, news stories, testimonies, and depositions of former auto insurance companies’ agents and adjusters.

The research cut across insurance companies in various fields. These include homeowners’ insurance and auto insurance companies, health insurers, life insurers, and disability insurers.

According to the AAJ, the following are the top 10 worst insurance companies in the US:


Allstate Insurance Group tops the list as the worst insurance company in America because of its reputation of being extremely profit-oriented at the expense of its own policyholders.

This company is not after customer satisfaction. Even the CEO of the company, Thomas Wilson, said that it is the obligation of the company is to earn a return for its shareholders.

This is fair enough, but the greedy manner with which they attain this is evident in the ridiculously low settlement offers it make to its clients who make an insurance claim, using all manner of tactics to delay claims and force them to accept the offers and how hard they fight their clients when their cases go to court. Allstate is one of the worst car insurance companies in the US.

It is very evident through documents the company has released to the public that Allstate’s loyalty is to the shareholders at the expense of the policyholders. All these have earned them the top spot as the worst insurance company in America.


Unum is the top disability insurer in the United States and also offers car insurance and life insurance. It has the reputation of treating clients with total disrespect and disregard, which makes it one of the worst insurance companies out there.

Research shows it denied the claim of a client suffering from multiple sclerosis for three years and ruled that her conditions were “self-reported” despite doctors’ evaluation proving otherwise. The policyholders complain that Unum finds every means of delaying claims and denying claims made.

The company is constantly investigated in the media for all these allegations made against it and the unjust manner in which it treats its clients.


AIG is the largest insurance company in the world, and it is on this list because of its involvement in massive corporate fraud. The executives have embezzlement allegations with their ex-CEO reportedly taking away a payout sum of $68 million dollars.

In 2008, the company had conspired with other insurance brokers to fake bids that deceived the government of several states that there was a competitive insurance market. This is just one of the games insurance companies play according to former insurance employees.

State Farm

State Farm has the reputation of denying and delaying auto insurance policyholders’ claims with very distasteful practices. The company has been accused of manipulating the medical records of clients to escape settlements and is known as one of the worst car insurance companies out there.

There were also allegations of forgery of clients’ signatures wavering their claims after Hurricane Katrina. Despite all the tactics to avoid paying clients, the executives at State Farm still manage to go home with millions of dollars in remuneration.


This company makes the list by shamelessly leeching off elderly citizens who are its main clients. The company sells long-term policies to senior citizens and then employs delay tactics when it is time to pay out settlements.

AAJ reported that Conseco uses the deteriorating health of the clients to its advantage by delaying payments for as long as possible knowing that the clients will die soon enough. Additionally, it equally pays its executives huge remuneration despite cheating its clients.


This company rips off its clients by canceling the policies of chronically ill and pregnant policyholders. It is extremely profit-oriented at the expense of its customers. Executive loyalty lies with its shareholders, and they equally pay their executives outrageous sums in remuneration.


This company is also extremely profit-oriented at the expense of the customers. The goal is to pay customers the lowest settlement amounts possible, and it even offers incentives to employees for meeting their low payment goals.

Consumer Reports have rated the company among the worst auto and home insurance companies in America.


This company, according to AAJ, jeopardizes the well-being of its customers for profit by giving very low reimbursement rates and employing all manner of tactics to delay payment. Physicians have reported that these acts of the company put the lives of the customers in grave danger. It pays its executives ridiculously high salaries and they have criminal and civil allegations.

Additionally, it has a practice of ripping off elderly customers by promising high premiums and delaying payments until they die.


This company has the allegation of being racist, charging higher premiums for minority customers and charging less to its Caucasian customers. It tends to target low-income Southerners and has the reputation of refusing to insure minority Americans and selling fraudulent policies to senior citizens.

Liberty Mutual

Liberty Mutual has the reputation of employing all manner of aggressive tactics to rip off its customers. The company is notorious for its non-renewal of policies for the people living in hurricane-prone and northern states.

Liberty Mutual also has left millions of customers stranded without covering them, leading to very poor customer satisfaction.

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