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Attorney Ehline is the Best Los Angeles Car Accident Attorney

Retired U.S. Marine car crash victimI am a motorcyclist and I was in a severe car accident wherein my ankle was broken. Also, I had terrible scars and friction burns. I served in combat as a U.S. Marine. So I wanted a true personal injury warrior to represent me for my accident insurance claim. I Googled for a former Marine injury attorney, and discovered Ehline Law Firm. Michael actually met with me personally, and bought me dinner. We hit it off. I never even had to go to his office!

This guy is Gung Ho. He called me and gave me regular updates, he guided my medical recovery. In the end the service was amazing, and the result was better. I was able to pay off all my bills and got a great economic recovery. If you are ever in a car accident, don’t hesitate to call ELFPI! Do or die, they made it happen for me!