Jan 30, 2019

A Team of Pros

Alma A. Registered Nurse
Alma A. Registered Nurse

I was in a bad car accident and needed help fast. Mike over at Ehline Law Firm PC helped me win a significant settlement. His team of legal pros got me an excellent result. They returned all my calls and kept me informed. Ehline got my medical bills reduced.

I liked it that Mr. Ehline and his staff of lawyers and legal assistants made themselves available pretty much any day of the week. I was euphoric with the results. I was grateful I was able to avoid filing a lawsuit. They handled my serious car crash case with professionalism and pride. I enjoyed working with him.

It was nice knowing that all the insurance issues would be resolved. Attorney liens were be dealt with, etc. Helped me sleep better at night. I recommend this firm without reservation for anyone who needs to have confidence in their legal rep.

- Registered Nurse Alma A. of East Los Angeles, CA