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5 Most Common Premises Liability Claim Types You Should Know About

Law Office Study Blog. 5 Most Common Premises Liability Claim Types You Should Know AboutMany preventable accidents can happen on someone’s property giving rise to premises liability. When a property owner or manager fails to ensure reasonable care for its invitees or guests, resulting in harm that could’ve been preventable, the injured victim has the right to pursue compensation for their injuries.

Ehline Law and our premises liability attorneys have handled many premises liability cases successfully. Let’s go over the 5 most common premises liability claim types so that you know your rights.

Most Common Premises Liability Claims in the United States

Premises liability occurs when the premises owner is negligent in maintaining a safe environment for visitors. Fortunately, under personal injury law, injured victims can pursue personal injury claims for their loss.

Here are the five most common types of premises liability accidents that can occur on someone else’s property for which you can file a liability claim.

Dog Attacks

Lack of training, inadequate attention, neglect, animal abuse, and aggressive training can make pets aggressive toward other individuals.

Pet owners are responsible for ensuring that their dogs do not cause harm to others; this is especially relevant if the dog has a history of violent or aggressive behavior. Property owners must keep their animals on a leash if they know the animal is aggressive and they have visitors on their property.

Many people stigmatize certain breeds of dogs, such as pit bulls, but the sad truth is that all animals can injure you. Injured victims might pursue a dog bite claim if they suffered injuries from a dog bite on someone’s property.

Inadequate Security

When you’re working for a company or are their patron, the company is responsible for ensuring a safe environment for you, including adequate security measures.

Lack of security can lead to break-ins, robberies, and vandalism, all posing a serious threat to employees and patrons present on the premises at the time of the incident.

The company may be liable for the injuries if an employee or patron suffers harm due to the company’s inadequate security measures.

Obstruction Hazards

A property owner must ensure that their premises, including walkways, are free from hazards and obstacles that could harm visitors.

The premises owner must close the area on their property where an obstruction creates a hazardous environment for people. Dangerous obstructions in walkways are common hazards for visitors, leading to severe injuries.

Although premises owners must ensure reasonable care to prevent accidents from happening, you must remain vigilant of your surroundings at all times to protect yourself from devastating accidents.

Inadequate Maintenance

Poor or lack of maintenance can lead to all sorts of hazardous situations, especially when it comes to heavy equipment, automatic doors, and elevators.

A property owner has a legal obligation to provide reasonable care and maintain their property to ensure no hazards or dangerous conditions can lead to accidents and injuries.

Slip and Fall

According to National Floor Safety Institute, slip and fall accidents are the leading cause of hospital visits (21.3%) in the United States, with more than 8 million requiring medical attention annually. It can result in traumatic brain injuries.

They are also the leading cause of workers’ compensation claims and occupational injury for individuals aged 55 or above. Consumer Product Safety Commission states that floors and flooring materials contribute to 2 million fall injuries annually.

Make sure to watch your step when walking on someone else’s property because you never know what types of hazards present themselves.

Whether swimming pool accidents, slip and fall accidents, or any other type of accident, speaking to an experienced personal injury lawyer can increase your chances of securing compensation.

Elements of Premises Liability Cases

To have a successful premises liability case, you need to prove the following elements of premises liability lawsuits:

  • The defendant was the property owner
  • The defendant was negligent in caring for and maintaining the property
  • The plaintiff suffered injuries on the defendant’s property
  • The defendant’s negligence resulted in the plaintiff’s injuries

Proving the elements of a premises liability case can be challenging, which is why it is crucial to seek legal assistance from an experienced premises liability lawyer.

Schedule a Free Consultation with Ehline Law

Ehline Law firm and our personal injury attorneys have substantial experience handling personal injury cases, especially when the victim suffered harm on another’s property.

Our attorneys maintain a positive attorney-client relationship, keeping clients updated on their legal process, answering their concerns, and, most importantly, fighting for their rights.

If you suffered injuries on another’s property due to the property owner’s negligence, contact us at (833) LETS-SUE for a free consultation, as you may have a potential premises liability case.

We will help investigate the cause of your accident, file a personal injury claim, and hold the negligent premises owner responsible for your injuries.

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