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How Can I FIle A California Insurance Company Complaint?

The California Department of Insurance (CDI) remains a prestigious institution. They even have a section on their website that allegedly helps insurance policyholders file a complaint against an insurance company for unfair insurance practices, punish them for unprofessional conduct, or get a copy of their claim for further insurance processes.

I say allegedly, because in my more than 30 years in law, first as a paralegal, and now as a personal injury lawyer, I’ve never seen any clients helped by this administrative agency.

I am personal injury lawyer, Michael Ehline. Below, as I showed you earlier with suing in small claims court over a car crash, now I’ll show you another alternative remedy towards gaining leverage over crummy insurers.

CAVEAT: This is not legal advice, and again, I’ve never seen anyone directly helped by the CDI. However, I have seen insurance companies actually start returning calls and become more attentive when angry clients start complaining and the insurance company sees they have a bureaucrat asking questions.

File a Complaint Against an Insurance Company, and then Call Ehline Law

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  • How Does the California Insurance Department Keep Insurance Companies in Check?
  • How to File a Complaint with the California Insurance Department?
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If an insurance agent is not acting professionally or is demonstrating unfair insurance practices, you can contact the California Department of insurance and file a complaint against the insurance company.

Contact California Department for Unfair Insurance Practices

Many insured people try to contact the consumer complaints department at CDI to resolve their high dollar value personal injury cases or any other case against the insurance company. However, that is something the CDI does not do.

CDI has nothing to do with Los Angeles insurance litigation, unless it’s involved in a criminal or administrative action against an accused insurance company, or insurance agent. is a regulatory body that ensures that an insurance company acts in good faith towards its policyholders.

Individuals who get unfairly treated or in bad faith or are facing unnecessary insurance problems can pursue regulatory action against the insurance company by contacting the CDI.

If you want to seek legal help, CDI can help you get a copy of your policy which you can then give to a private attorney for legal advice. Simply call on their consumer hotline at 1-800-927-HELP and an agent can help you file a complaint, receive a copy of your policy, or even try to resolve small to medium issues.

Oftentimes bad faith manners can complicate things and affect your life. You should file a complaint against the insurance company so that they can pay for their behavior and contact a California injury attorney to help you file a claim lawsuit.

How Does the California Insurance Department Keep Insurance Companies in Check?

After the 1994 natural disasters, it was clear that insurance companies in the United States were violating the law and CDI regulations. The insurance companies were conducting bad practices to avoid paying out to genuine consumers.

The CDI was quick to notice that and took severe actions to ensure that the insurance companies avoid such bad practices in the future. Insurance companies had to:

  • Pay hefty fines
  • Face court proceedings and legislatures
  • Negative publicity

After taking action on the insurance companies in 1994, the policyholders all received fair compensation from the insurance claims department. These days, the CDI does random audits to ensure compliance at insurance companies just like an external audit done by an audit company for a business.

How to File a Complaint with the California Insurance Department?

Insurance companies are in the industry to do business and in doing so, many people might find themselves in an unfortunate situation where the insurance company is not processing payment for claims by consumers.

To hold these insurance firms accountable, one must file a complaint with the CDI. Here are the steps that you need to follow to file a complaint with CDI against the insurance firm.

Request for Assistance Form

Just like when you fill a claims file to file for claims, the same applies here where individuals can file a complaint by filling the request for assistance form (RFA). You must fill the RFA form to start the complaints process and report the insurance company’s bad faith practices. You can even ask someone to fill the form on your behalf and submit it to the CDI.

CDI Contacts the Insurance Company

Upon receiving your complaint, the CDI will start to investigate and get to the bottom of the situation. This means that they will get in touch with your insurance company to know their story. Remember, the CDI is not a judge but a regulatory body that ensures compliance and punishes bad faith practices.

It will not take your side or the insurance company’s side because CDI does not handle disputes. CDI monitors for trends and flags concerning issues upon which they take proper action to hold the insurance company accountable.

Note: Make sure to document your problems in a complaint. Simply filing a complaint without being descriptive about the nature of the problem you’re facing won’t warrant any action from CDI. But make sure you don’t give them too much detail in the complaint form as it can end up hurting your case (for the underinsured) if you were to file a lawsuit in the future.

Check The Website for Additional Information

CDI website contains valuable and up-to-date information that can help insured individuals to know their rights and file for claims with their insurance company accordingly. The legislation and law change from time to time and to keep updating yourself on how the change in law affects your insurance policy, you need to visit CDI’s website.

You will find laws on local natural disasters such as wildfires and earthquakes. For example, there was no such thing as “additional living expenses” or ALE but after the spread of wildfires, the website got updated with a new section featuring this new “law”. ALE requires insurance companies to give their policyholders 24 months of benefits and also additional ALE expenses that individuals can claim.

CDI Hosts Public Meetings

Not all individuals file complaints against their insurance company and to raise awareness on the complaints process and CDI’s mission the regulatory body has public meetings. These meetings act as a platform where individuals can learn about CDI and how they operate while the CDI can learn about the bad behavior of insurance firms.

Management level executives at insurance companies attend these meetings making it a great opportunity to convey your concerns directly to them.

Reach out to Us for Insurance Litigation

You can file a complaint against an insurance company but don’t stop there. A complaint might start an inquiry but the results may not be what you may be expecting. You need to take legal action and Ehline Law and our attorneys are just the people to reach out to.

Our Los Angeles-based injury attorneys are legal experts that will deal with your insurer on behalf of you and get you the insurance coverage that you deserve. For more information, contact us at (213) 596-9642 and get a free consultation with an expert lawyer today!

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