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    Lawsuit Highlights Risk on LA Skyslide – Serious Injuries on Rides

Less than a month after the opening of LA Skyslide, the OUE Skyscape in downtown Los Angeles started facing lawsuits. Let’s explore the details of the lawsuits and the risks of Skyslide with Ehline Law and our premises personal injury attorneys.

Bank Tower Skyslide and Observation Deck Opened in 2016

In 2016, OUE Skyspace LLC introduced an experience fit for thrill seekers.

The Skyspace featured an observation deck providing 360-degree views of Los Angeles and the nerve-racking Skyslide, a 45-foot transparent slide in the air that launches you onto the lower scenic terrace.

An Injured Passenger Holds Bank Tower Skyslide Operators Responsible for Injuries

While riding the Bank Tower Skyslide during the July 4th weekend, a woman, Tiffany Arnold, suffered face and neck injuries. 

She demanded the Skyslide managers and operators pay for her medical expenses, but they refused.

Arnold filed a personal injury lawsuit against Legends Hospitality LLC, the LA Skyslide operator.

Lawsuit Highlights Risk on LA Skyslide, Alleging Defective Design

Another lawsuit soon followed after a woman, Gayle Yashar, suffered a broken ankle.

The lawsuit alleges that the woman got her foot stuck in the gaps due to a design flaw, causing the riders to speed throughout the ride, resulting in her injury at the end of the slide.

Yashar and her husband sued OUE Skyspace LLC and Legends Hospitality LLC for damages of over $25,000

Personal Injury Lawsuit Filed in Los Angeles Superior Court Claims Owners Failed to Warn Visitors

Yashar spoke to the media stating that the rider operators should’ve been aware of the dangerous and defective design. 

According to the lawsuit filed in the Los Angeles Superior Court, the building owner and the rider operator failed to let the visitors know of previous injuries suffered by riders on the Los Angeles Skyslide.

La Skyslide Permanently Closes down after Four Years

In 2020, the Developer Silverstein Properties purchased Bank Tower, and soon new OUE Skyspace LLC announced that they are permanently closing their services. 

Following the purchase, the new company announced that it would not continue with the LA Skyslide and the observation deck.

Skyslide Attraction More Dangerous than Previously Believed

While the new Skyslide is a significant tourist attraction, there is a hidden risk for visitors. Many seek out the “Skyslide.” And at least one woman has been severely injured while riding it. Some L.A. personal injury attorneys may have found a new cottage industry here. A new lawsuit shows the risk presented to the public and the insufficient safety checks done to prevent harm from coming to visitors.

Even though it’s open for a month at the U.S. Bank Tower, the slide has already claimed a victim. Gayle Yashar, 57, of New York, claimed she broke her ankle while using the slide. She and her husband filed a complaint in Los Angeles Superior Court, the company that owns the U.S. Bank Towner, Our, and Legends Hospitality, the slide operator.

The lawsuit says that the slide accelerates so fast that visitors cannot correctly slow down in time to prevent injury. Yashar and her attorney even posted the video of her trip down the Skyslide on Youtube.

Recent Amusement Park Accidents in the United States

Although the LA Skyslide remains closed, there are other amusement parks and rides across California and the United States posing a risk of injuries to visitors in recent years. In August 2022, five visitors suffered injuries at the Six Flags Great Adventure theme park after the El Toro coaster jolted violently.

In March 2022, a 14-year-old boy died after falling from 100 feet above ground at an amusement park ride at ICON Park. Investigations revealed serious negligence as the boy was over the weight limit, much above the maximum passenger weight for the ride.

Ehline Law has experience fighting for tighter safety requirements at these sites to prevent future injury to others. We also seek compensation for the victim’s families, including medical expenses, loss of work, and more. Hence, our team has the experience to goof going toe with even the largest companies and demand making the injured party whole again. We will travel anywhere in California to discuss your case with you. Furthermore, we offer a variety of services, determining your legal options.

Schedule a Free Consultation with Ehline Law

If you or a family member injured yourselves using the Skyslide, options are open for you. Ehline Law successfully represented hundreds of clients injured due to unsafe conditions at entertainment venues, including amusement parks and others. We understand the risks that many companies overlook to open their locations, often at the expense of visitors. If you suffered a serious injury on a ride or attraction at an amusement park, contact us at (833) LETS-SUE for a free consultation, as you may be eligible for compensation.


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