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Updated List 2023: Accused Los Angeles Catholic Priest Child Abusers

Updated List 2023: Accused Los Angeles Catholic Priest Child Abusers


Updated List 2023: Accused Los Angeles Catholic Priest Child Abusers

Are you a straight male seeking to hire a Catholic priest abuse lawyer but are scared and embarrassed to tell law enforcement you had your manhood stolen by a priest obsessed with man-boy-love? Or perhaps you were a young woman who was lulled into a false sense of security and sexually abused by your diocese. Due to their status as authority figures, Catholic Priests and public school teaching positions have become favorite places for pedophiles to seek employment, especially in California. The Catholic Church child sex abuse scandal is a massive indictment in the United States and has gained considerable notoriety worldwide. Yet, the staggering number of priests credibly accused of child sexual abuse remains largely unrecognized by many.

In the Archdiocese of Los Angeles, an alarming number of over one hundred accused Catholic priests and clergy have been implicated in cases of child sexual abuse. Each one of these alleged abusers held faculties to minister within the Archdiocese. Although it’s not just priests accused of sexual misconduct, we will focus on the most high-profile clergy members accused of child sexual abuse claims.

“Child sex abuse incidents cause life-long trauma for the survivors. The courage of survivors to speak out against the accused priests has inspired others who were sexually abused to do the same and has contributed to making society safer. Did you suffer child sexual abuse at the hands of a Catholic priest? We are ready to file your civil suit today.” – Michael Ehline, Esq.

What is Pedophilia?

Pedophilia is defined as an ongoing sexual attraction toward pre-pubertal children.” (Freund, 1963, 1967; Seto, 2009).

Why Many Pedos Seek Teaching and Priest Jobs?

  • The Power Dynamic: Teaching and priest positions offer an unequal power dynamic that such individuals may exploit.
  • Access to Vulnerable Targets: Schools and curches continuously stream potentially vulnerable students.
  • Trust: Teachers and clergy are trusted figures who can provide the necessary cover for illicit activities.

Many parents in CA are complaining that the rainbow flag is being used as a weapon to groom children in public schools sexually. If you disagree with the school, you are branded as a “domestic terrorist” by Merrick Garland’s FBI and a “bigot” by the leftist teacher’s unions you are funding every time you send your kids to school.

Kids playing in tree

Gavin Newsom recently signed a law making it easier for convicted male pedophiles to stay off Meghans List, giving judges Newsom appointed the discretion to keep their names off. He also lowered the legal age for a male adult to engage in anal sex with a minor child.

And it’s not just closeted, secret pedos getting jobs at public schools. This law has made it far easier for KNOWN, convicted pedophiles to get education and daycare center jobs, according to the thousands of parents fleeing California since the past elections. Even before this law, we saw as far back as 2010 that: “Registered sex offenders are getting jobs in schools as teachers, administrators, volunteers, and contractors, despite state laws that …” (Source.)

Repeated Failures to Stop Abusive Priests

The repeated failure of the Church’s oversight to control child sexual abuse has thrown the lives of countless survivors and their families into disarray and turmoil. Many victims, out of fear, guilt, or shame, continue to suffer alone, while the abusive clergy and those who allowed sexual misconduct to persist remain unaccountable. The Catholic Church appears to be pushing for same-sex marriages, acceptance of emotionally gender dysphoric men who think they are women, and sex with young boys more and more. In other words, they are starting to support things their Bible condemns. But why?

Many commentators think the policy changes are designed to lower the age of consent and eliminate this steady flow of lawsuits emptying the coffers of the Los Angeles Diocese in particular (The Long Beach and Santa Monica Dioceses appear to have received multiple allegations of priest abuse over the years. Was your priest accused of abuse too?)

What Family Rights Groups Say?

Many conservatives opine that the left is pushing hard to lower the age of consent so the billionaires and Hollywood celebrities who raped kids at Epstein Island won’t be prosecuted. The Catholic Church and its Los Angeles Diocese have decided many times that rather than fire the clergy accused of raping abuse victims, moving Los Angeles accused priests to a different Roman Catholic Church is the extent of the punishment for allegations and even convictions of sexual abuse of minors.

How Can Ehline Law Help Stop Catholic Church Sexual Abuse?

For over 15 years, Ehline Law Firm Personal Injury Attorneys, APLC, has been at the forefront of persistent priest abuse advocacy in California, representing survivors of Catholic Church sexual abuse. We are devoted to holding the Church and the abusers accountable, using our expertise and tenacity to shine a light not only on the perpetrators but also their clergy member enablers, who continued to expose innocent children to these abusers and a steady stream of alleged abuse allegations.

By Creating Updated Child Sexual Abuse Databases

To continue our efforts towards transparency and to provide resources for survivors who may still be suffering in silence, we have been diligently updating and publishing the Los Angeles Archdiocese list of accused priests to the public. Our updated list for 2023, compiled from various sources through painstaking research, includes 352 clergy members who have been credibly accused of child sexual abuse. Many Catholic priests have been proven guilty of past abuse. This has led to a call for legislative reform to protect children from these monstrous defendants accused of abuse.

Predator priests accused of abuse are just the tip of the iceberg. In California, Senators like Scott Weiner have been pushing full steam ahead to normalize sex between men and minor boys. So, it appears the goals of the atheist politicians and many abusive priests may be the same in California. Those goals seem to be placing people in positions of power so they won’t be investigated or convicted of accusations by raped children and their parents. And it’s far easier to cover up when everyone you work with is also a child predator or in fear of being called a “bigot” if they report the crime.

List of Priests Accused in Los Angeles of Child Molestation – Updated

Below is the updated list of 2023 priests accused of abuse in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles. Although this database only included publicly accused Roman Catholic priests, we are updating another list to include accused nuns, brothers, deacons, and seminarians in other counties and states. This is what we have discovered so far from a regularly maintained database created by ProPublica after kids were abused by a priest.

The updated database comprises the following names of priests credibly accused of child sexual abusers in Los Angeles alone.

  1. Abaya, Ruben L.
  2. Abercrombie, Leonard 
  3. Aguilar-Rivera, Nicolas 
  4. Ahumada, Arturo Federico
  5. Albalaa, Pierre
  6. Alonso, Jose
  7. Altamirano Torres, Sebastian
  8. Alzugaray, Joseph
  9. Anderson, David E.
  10. Anderson, Roger
  11. Arias, Andres
  12. Atherton, Gregory
  13. Arzube, Juan 
  14. Babilonia, Delfin
  15. Baker, Michael 
  16. Balak, Fredrick
  17. Balbin, Victor
  18. Barco, Roberto
  19. Barmasse, Kevin P.
  20. Bautista, Gaspar
  21. Berbena, Christopher
  22. Berumen, Matthias A.
  23. Bismonte, Honesto
  24. Boley, Robert
  25. Bond, Robert
  26. Bouska, Jerome
  27. Boyer, Leland 
  28. Brennan, John Lawrence
  29. Brown, Lawrence
  30. Buckley, Michael D.
  31. Buckman, Franklin
  32. Cabaong, Honorato
  33. Cabot, Samuel
  34. Caffoe, Lynn 
  35. Cairns, James
  36. Campbell, Stuart B.
  37. Cano, Juan
  38. Carey, Cleve W.
  39. Carriere, David 
  40. Carroll, Michael 
  41. Carvajal Hernandez, Raul
  42. Casey, Edward 
  43. Casey, John Joseph
  44. Casey, Michael Joseph
  45. Castellanos-Morfin, Gildardo
  46. Cavalli, Vincent
  47. Cavanagh, Brian
  48. Castro, Willebaldo 
  49. Chandler, David 
  50. Chong, Damien
  51. Cimmarrusti, Mario Walter
  52. Coffield, John 
  53. Colosimo, Eugene
  54. Connolly, Bernard
  55. Cook, Ozias Bailey
  56. Corcoles, Candido
  57. Corral, Andres S.
  58. Cosgrove, John 
  59. Cotter, Patrick John
  60. Coughlin, Richard T. 
  61. Cousineau, David
  62. Cremins, Daniel J.
  63. Cronin, Sean 
  64. Cruces, Angel
  65. Cuevas, Jose Luis
  66. Cunningham, Chrisopher
  67. Daley, Wallace 
  68. Dawson, John H.
  69. De Otero, Roberto
  70. Deady, John P.
  71. Deehr, Anselm
  72. DeJonghe, Harold 
  73. DeLisle, Harold F.
  74. Devaney, James
  75. Di Peri, Joseph B.
  76. Diamond, William L.
  77. Diesta, Arwyn 
  78. Doan, Michael Son Trong
  79. Doherty, John B.
  80. Doherty, Roger
  81. Dolan, James 
  82. Dominguez, Jesus Jesse
  83. Dove, Thomas
  84. Dowd, Francis
  85. DuFour, Donald J.
  86. Duggan, Albert J.
  87. Dunne, Joseph
  88. Duplessis, Donald
  89. Elanjimannil, Sebastian
  90. Encinas, Andrew Gabriel
  91. English, Thomas Patrick
  92. Epperson, Mark
  93. Eslava, Joseph
  94. Falvey, Mark
  95. Farabaugh, Clint 
  96. Farmer, Donald G.
  97. Farrell, Terrence
  98. Farris, John V. 
  99. Fatooh, Charles
  100. Faue, Matthias 
  101. Feeney, John J.C.
  102. Feeney, John Patrick
  103. Fernando, Arthur N.
  104. Fernando, Walter 
  105. Fessard, Gerald B.
  106. Finn, William
  107. Fitzpatrick, James J.
  108. Fitzpatrick, Thomas Q.
  109. Flannery, Patrick
  110. Flynn, Vincent Stephen
  111. Foley, George
  112. Ford, James
  113. Gaioni, Dominic
  114. Gallagher, George Michael
  115. Gameros, Miguel
  116. Garay, Jesus Atilio
  117. Garcia, Cristobal
  118. Garcia, Peter 
  119. Garcia, Ramon
  120. Garcia, Richard Francis
  121. Garcia, Sergio
  122. Ginty, Denis 
  123. Granadino, David F.
  124. Grasha, Donald Francis
  125. Grill, Philip 
  126. Grimes, James 
  127. Gunst, George 
  128. Guzman, Vicente
  129. Hackett, John Joseph
  130. Hagenbach, Clinton V.
  131. Hanley, Bernard Brian 
  132. Haran, Michael Joseph
  133. Hardy, Paschal
  134. Harman, Charles
  135. Harris, Michael A.
  136. Hartman, Richard 
  137. Havel, Thomas E.
  138. Hawkes, Benjamin
  139. Henry, Richard 
  140. Hernandez, Alfred
  141. Hernandez, Stephen 
  142. Higson, John
  143. Hill, Patrick Joseph
  144. Hollenbach, Frank A.
  145. Hollinger, William
  146. Horvath, Bertrand 
  147. Hunt, Michael A.
  148. Hurley, Daniel 
  149. Hurley, John J.
  150. Hurley, Richard
  151. Ilagan, Jose Medrano
  152. Jablonowski, Anthony
  153. James, Joseph
  154. James, Melvin
  155. Jaramillo, Luis 
  156. Jayawardene, Tilak A.
  157. Jimenez-Pelayo, Emmanuel
  158. Johnson, Dave
  159. Juarez, Anthony
  160. Juarez, Robert Jesus
  161. Kain, Steven (Stephen)
  162. Kareta, Gregory J.
  163. Kavanaugh, Phillip M.
  164. Kearney, Christopher W.
  165. Keeney, John
  166. Kelly, Matthew H.
  167. Kelly, Patrick
  168. Kenny, John A.
  169. Killeen, John
  170. King, Thomas F.
  171. Klikunas, Bruce J.
  172. Knoernschild, John 
  173. Koerner, Robert
  174. Kohlbeck, Frank
  175. Kohnke, John 
  176. Krumm, Gus
  177. Lacar, Sylvio
  178. Lalor, Michael
  179. Lane, Timothy, C.J.
  180. LaPierre, David 
  181. Lawless, Fergus
  182. Leon, Modesto
  183. Lindner, Jerold William
  184. Llanos, Theodore 
  185. Loofborough, Charles
  186. Loomis, Richard A.
  187. Lopez, Fernando L.
  188. Lopez, Joseph 
  189. Lorenzoni, Larry
  190. Lovell, Lawrence (Larry)
  191. Lyons, Denis
  192. MacSweeney, Eugene 
  193. Maio, Eugene
  194. Manning, Robert
  195. Marshall, Thomas 
  196. Martin, James Aloysius
  197. Martinez, Ernest
  198. Martinez, Ruben 
  199. Mateo, Leonard 
  200. Mateos, Francisco
  201. Mayer, Charles Patrick
  202. McAsey, Joseph 
  203. McCabe, Vincent
  204. McCarthy, Kevin 
  205. McClean, William A.
  206. McElhatton, Thomas H.
  207. McGloin, James
  208. McGrath, Philip Joseph
  209. McHugh, Patrick Joseph
  210. McKeon, Martin
  211. McNamara, Patrick
  212. Mejia, Gonzalez Jose
  213. Mendez, Jose
  214. Meyer, Louis L.
  215. Messenger, William P.
  216. Miani, Titian Jim
  217. Miller, George M.
  218. Mitchell, John D.
  219. Mohan, Thomas J.
  220. Molthen, Vincent
  221. Monte, Alfred 
  222. Morales, Raymond D.
  223. Moody, Michael Andre
  224. Moreno, Kolbe
  225. Murguia, Ralph
  226. Murphy, Francis J.
  227. Murphy, Joseph L.
  228. Murray, Daniel J.
  229. Newell, Jeffrey David
  230. Nocita, Michael
  231. Nwankwo, Cyril Ndubuizu
  232. O’Brien, Kenneth
  233. O’Byrne, John
  234. O’Carroll, Charles 
  235. Ochoa, Javier
  236. O’Connor, Donal 
  237. O’Dwyer, Patrick
  238. O’Leary, Mark G.
  239. O’Loghlen, Martin P.
  240. Orellana, Samuel
  241. O’Rourke, Thomas
  242. Paone Ernest
  243. Pacheco, Albert Gary
  244. Pecharich, Michael
  245. Peck, Daniel P.
  246. Peguero, Roberto H.
  247. Pena, Amado
  248. Pereira, Anthony
  249. Perez, Henry 
  250. Perez Carillo, Antonio
  251. Perez, Francisco Javier
  252. Person, James
  253. Pick, Louis V.
  254. Pina, Joseph D.
  255. Pleimann, Bernard
  256. Plesetz, Gerald 
  257. Poon, Stanislaus
  258. Porter, Thomas A.
  259. Power, Vincent
  260. Purcell, Patrick
  261. Puthenkandam, Joseph J.
  262. Quinlan, Celestine
  263. Ramos, Eleutario 
  264. Regan, Joseph
  265. Reilly, Terrence
  266. Reina, Nicholas J.
  267. Riebe, Loren
  268. Robinson, James
  269. Rodie, Ernest
  270. Rodriguez, Carlos Rene
  271. Rodriguez Macal, Saul 
  272. Roemer, Donald Patrick
  273. Roper, William 
  274. Rosas Flores, Fidel
  275. Rowe, Dorian 
  276. Rozo Rincon, Efrain 
  277. Rucker, George Neville
  278. Ruhl, John E.
  279. Ryan, Joseph Francis
  280. Ryan, Thomas
  281. Salazar, Alexander
  282. Salazar, Armando
  283. Salazar, John Anthony
  284. Salinas, Gabriel 
  285. Sanchez, Jose
  286. Sanchez, Jose L.
  287. Sanchez, Juan
  288. Sanchez, Manuel
  289. Sandstrom, Lawrence 
  290. Santillan, John 
  291. Satterthwaite, Richard W.
  292. Savarianandam, Arulappan
  293. Savino, Dominic 
  294. Schaller, Emmett Gilroy
  295. Scheier, Maurice
  296. Schimmaly, Edward
  297. Scott, George 
  298. Selmo, Louis
  299. Sharkey, Joe
  300. Sharpe, Joseph Francis
  301. Sheahan, John A.
  302. Shelton, Charles
  303. Shepherd, John R. 
  304. Silva, Fidencio Fores
  305. Sintef, Michael Charles
  306. Spader, Robert William 
  307. Speciale, Stephen Emmet
  308. Sprouffske, Matthew
  309. Stack, Jerome
  310. Stadtfeld, Joseph
  311. Stallkamp, Louis G.
  312. Stiechen, Raymond
  313. Su, Stanislaus S.
  314. Sullivan, Thomas
  315. Sutphin, Carl M.
  316. Sweeney, Francis M.
  317. Tacderas, Joseph
  318. Tamayo, Santiago L.
  319. Teluma, Lukas Bao
  320. Tepe, Raymond (Jose)
  321. Terra, Michael
  322. Thorne, Vance 
  323. Tresler, Carl Duane
  324. Tubbs, Leo
  325. Tugade, Valentine Q.
  326. Turba, Jerome
  327. Ugarte, Jose I.
  328. Van Handel, Robert
  329. Van Liefde, Christian
  330. Van Ter Toolen, Vincent
  331. Verhart, John
  332. Vetter, Henry Xavier
  333. Villa Gomez, Gilmero Nemoria
  334. Villaroya, Ernesto Corral
  335. Villoria, Luis
  336. Vita, William
  337. Vorisek, Rudolph
  338. Wadeson, John Howard
  339. Walsh, James Joseph
  340. Warren, A. Thomas
  341. Weber, Francis J. 
  342. Weitz, Wilfrid 
  343. Wempe, Michael E.
  344. Wert, William
  345. Wertz, Gerald
  346. Wishard, John W.
  347. Wolfe, Phillip
  348. Wood, William J.
  349. Ziemann, G. Patrick
  350. Source
  351. Source
  352. Source

If you are a victim survivor and see your abuser is on this list, or even if they are not, please understand that there are resources available for help. Dealing with the trauma of abuse can be an overwhelming task, but you don’t have to face it alone. Those responsible must be held accountable. We don’t want victim survivors just to settle claims; we want to punish the Los Angeles Archdiocese for allowing so many victims to be molested by its gay priests. Catholic clergy are supposed to be abstinent to begin with. Either way, if you don’t act now, you could blow the statute of limitations and give up your right to pursue monetary compensation from the Archdiocese of Los Angeles.

It’s Not Just Boys Suffering Catholic Priest Child Sex Abuse

Although it is primarily little, pre-pubescent “golden boys” being targeted by abusive male public school teachers and Catholic priests, sometimes girls are raped too. A priest from Argentina, who served as an extern, has been newly added to the list following accusations made in 2016. The allegations pertain to sexual misconduct against a teenage girl while he was serving in the Diocese of San Bernardino a few years ago. The Los Angeles Archdiocese clarified that it discontinued appending names to its ‘People of God’ report post-2008. This is due to parishes and schools proactively publicizing instances of abuse as they unraveled.

Out of 27 parishes in the Archdiocese that have significant Black populations, at least 19 — 70% — previously had priests on staff who have been accused of sexual abuse. As you can see, victims come in all shapes, sizes, and races. Despite new laws, male child groomers, in particular, actively seek employment as priests and public school teachers. When a priest or teacher is reportedly removed, many Dioceses pass on their problem to other families. This is unfair to past victims and will create more rape allegations in the ministry.

We hope this updated list of male priests accused of raping little boys (and, less often, girls) helped shed some light on the new wave of pedophilia sweeping California since the last presidential election. We learned that pedos seek positions of authority, especially as school teachers and priests. Priests accused of abuse, and sexual misconduct in particular, pale in comparison to the reports of male public school teachers abusing kids. We are constantly hearing stories of freshly credentialed male teachers trying to secretly “transition” children away from their parents. We will discuss this latest administrative state trend in another article.

Abused by a Catholic Priest? Call for a Free Consultation with a Los Angeles Catholic Priest Abuse Lawyer

Ready to come forward and sue? Childhood sexual abuse ruins lives, and if you don’t come forward with your lawsuit, other kids will be ruined, too. In other words, the list of accused priests in Los Angeles, CA, will continue enlarging. At Ehline Law, our skilled team of attorneys is committed to championing the rights of survivors of priest and Catholic Diocese clergy abuse. We understand the pain, confusion, anger, and sense of betrayal you may be experiencing, and our mission is to help you navigate through this difficult time. If you think you have a potential case against an abusive diocese, even if it happened long ago, you may have a California claim.

We can help in Orange County, San Jose, Santa Barbara, and even the Lone Star State of Texas. It’s time for justice to be served and you to reclaim your life. Stay tuned for more released lists of Roman Catholic Church child abusers and clergy members accused of rape, as well as any legal action taken, including criminal charges. Till then, we will keep fighting to make sure your rights are protected until your priest is proven guilty of his crime in criminal court.

And our compassionate advocates will bring a civil suit to get you compensation for your years of secret child sexual abuse. If you or a loved one are a victim-survivor who suffered abuse, please get in touch with our legal team at 833-LET-SUE for a free, confidential consultation. You can also email us 24/7 using our online Contact Us form. We are ready to protect your legal rights today and start the accusation investigation, all on a contingency fee basis.


Michael Ehline

Michael Ehline is an inactive U.S. Marine and world famous legal historian. Michael helped draft the Cruise Ship Safety Act and has won some of the largest motorcycle accident settlements in U.S. History. Together with his legal team, Michael and the Ehline Law Firm collect damages on behalf of clients. We pride ourselves in being available to answer your most pressing and difficult questions 24/7. We are proud sponsors of the Paul Ehline Memorial Motorcycle Ride, and a a Service Disabled Veteran Operated Business. (SDVOB.) We are ready to fight.

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