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  • Gender Ideology Dictates Court Decisions-Erodes Parental Rights in California?

    Gender Ideology Dictates Court Decisions-Erodes Parental Rights in California?

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    Gender Ideology Dictates Court Decisions-Erodes Parental Rights in California?

Twitter is constantly trending about some local school board members or teachers in California trying to groom children or sexualize k-12 into thinking they are another sex than they were born with biologically. Elon Musk calls it the “Woke Mind Virus.” The message is always the same: California wants to erode parental rights and make it easier for adults to have sex with kids with San Francisco-style values statewide. But now, gender ideology is more than just a topic of social discussion; it is a factor that now dictates legal decisions, potentially threatening parental rights.

A striking example of this is that of a California Superior Court that, in a landmark decision, ended a father’s custody of his (15-year-old?) son. Why? Simply because the father did not support his son undergoing a gender transition procedure in Texas. You see, California says it’s emotional abuse if you don’t defacto go along with the findings of the freshly graduated UCLA student (and former defund the police campus crusader), now LAUSD school nurse, or newly credentialed teacher that your son is now a girl, etc. In this case, some reports suggest the mother, who also performs transgender medical care, fled Texas for liberal CA in hopes of transforming children medically in CA. She allegedly claims, as part of her divorce, that her male child was born in the wrong body, so he needs her to do a medical transition to remove this biological reality.

I am Los Angeles child abuse attorney Michael Ehline; as a parent and lawyer, I wanted to write about this hot topic since many children who had their body parts amputated at the urging of adult “child groomers” now regret it and are suing the doctors and everyone else who “brainwashed” them as MINORS!! Woke college professors are targeting these disaffirming victims. Their triggered students and ANTIFA have been attacking families at school board meetings, and some families are finally starting to fight back.

Parents Fight Back Against ANTIFA and Teacher’s Union Activists at Parent Pride Event

However, the FBI, California Supreme Court, and lower courts appear to side with Newsom, according to parental rights groups that have little hope for success in the Democrat Supermajority state. Many parents are saying if you don’t want LGBTQ bureaucrats deciding or pushing radical gender ideology, California may not be the best place for you.

And your choice of a long-term spouse is becoming even more critical if you are a planner and provider. Choose wrong, and your son could have his penis lobbed off (“gender-affirming care”) with help from the state and its busy agents at Child Protective Services (CPS). The California Attorney General and influential teachers’ unions want your transgender child taken away from you if you don’t agree as an affirming parent. (See the video, “We’re coming for your children.”)

This is What Many Parents See Happening in our Courts

In California, it’s child abuse when a parent disagrees with the state about its faith-based “science,” apparently. Your daughter could lose her breasts and lose her ability to have children as well due to surgeries and cross-sex hormones. It all boils down to two opposed belief systems when it comes to the gender affirmation of a particular child.

The Two Sides Battle-Individual Rights v. Collectivist Controls

  1. Woke: One type of person (woke, academic, professionally unemployed, etc.) wants to be controlled and, by proxy, wants the government to control others, including what they can say or be called by others (If they disagree with you, you are “violent.”). They want to discuss sexuality secretly with your MINOR CHILD as part of their gender-affirming care agenda. They feel they must discuss sexual, grammatically incorrect pronouns with their kindergartner, with no duty to notify parents. Courts have been siding with them. Typically, they think the dysphoric mental health of a child who has a mental disorder should be “affirmed” instead of treated with counseling and logic.
  2. Families: Parents, in particular, two-parent homes, are typically on the other side, called “traditional families.” This type of individual wants to be left alone unless they need roads repaired or another issue affecting public safety or commerce. This would be the more traditional “question everything, trust no one” individual we would associate with Thomas Jefferson or Ronald Reagan. Academics call this the patriarchy, whereas traditional families call this the “nuclear family.” This side tends to think parental consent is a foundation of society. They believe California courts and woke politicians from San Francisco should stop infiltrating schools and colleges as teachers. They believe parents best decide the health, safety, and welfare of children, not some woke California bill designed to please the WEF or Blackrock. They believe child custody proceedings are no place to decide whether a child has their body parts amputated. To them, a politically appointed judge is being used as a legal method to invalidate the parent’s affirmation or lack thereof if it goes against a woke school admin, nurse, or CPS. This is the first time in America that Marxist-style control systems like this have been used against parents, and parents are furious. In other words, parents who gave birth to their kids place family educational rights over the public servant appointed to teach their child writing, reading, and arithmetic. Who’d have thought?

So, let’s get into the facts and learn a little about the role schools and the family court system are playing in pushing gender expression in minor children who are incapable of consent. Amid intense political battles and a near media blackout on the parent’s side of the story, we hope this will present all sides fairly.

Mandatory Reporters Twisted Into Tools of Radical Gender Ideology?

Since California politicians in bed with doctors and nursing unions (who stand to make billions off of child cross hormones and surgeries) declared it’s in your child’s best interest to be the gender they have decided, judges could consider it a violent act, not to affirm it. Because not affirming a child’s belief (with the urging of the school system) goes against transgender rights, your kids can be taken away from you by the state and placed with a “right thinking” family! The tax-funded “affirming care” transformation can begin, and you’re a bigot if you disagree, just like their college professor told the LAUSD teacher they trained at UCLA. After all, you are “violent.” So, you don’t deserve a say in whether your offspring can be medically or surgically destroyed, you “patriarch, racist, bigot, homophobe,” etc.

Let’s dive in and unpack it together. 

“Mandatory reporting” is a term used to describe a legal obligation for certain professionals to report situations where they believe a child is a victim of child abuse or neglect. In California, this applies to a designated group called “mandated reporters”.

Among these mandated reporters are educators – professionals who play a pivotal role in our society and have a powerful impact on the youngsters they encounter during their work. They are often in the unique position of spotting problematic situations, and the law requires them to protect their young charges by reporting any incidents of abuse or neglect. They can even make sure you don’t get custody and visitation, another reason to pull your kids from public schools immediately if you don’t want your child taking puberty blockers.

And if you are a father from another state, the betrayal doesn’t matter. According to parents, the academics in the teachers’ unions don’t care about the Due Process Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment and the Full Faith and Credit Clause. As evidenced by the most recent court cases, school staff and divorcing mothers will be the primary medium by which your child could be kidnapped, surgically and medicinally altered forever, according to many families.

California Mandatory Reporters: A Closer Look 

  • Teachers – Teachers from preschool to high school are mandatory reporters. This includes specialized educational professionals such as counselors, aides, and substitute teachers.
  • School administrators – As key figures overseeing day-to-day school operations, principals, vice-principals, and district superintendents all fall within the scope of mandated reporters.
  • School support staff – Staff members who are not directly involved in teaching but encounter children in their roles, such as school bus drivers or cafeteria workers, are also obligated to report suspected child abuse or neglect.

Gender Identity Surgeons Getting Sued For “Gender Affirming Care”?

Many minor attracted person (MAP) advocates and physicians have long argued that physicians should receive the same immunity politicians gave Big Pharma since the now adult kids are suing their parents (Many experts claim these mothers had Munchasen’s Syndrome By Proxy), as well as the doctors and hospitals that mutilated their bodies and emotional well being.

Gender Identity Surgeons Getting Sued For "Gender Affirming Care"?

Detransitioner Woman Calls on Congress To End Child Mutilation

The Texas father alleges his ex-wife is using his impressionable, obviously brainwashed son as a marketing tool for her gender-affirming medical practice. Remarkably, the mother pushing for the gender transition will also facilitate it. Her name is Dr. Anne Georgulas. She’s Younger’s ex-wife. She fled to California family court despite having an existing matter in Texas. We lawyers call this forum shopping. California is a sanctuary state, meaning they ignore laws they disagree with depending on who is in office. The main issue in their divorce proceeding involved “child mutilation” surgery.

Moms and Not Dads Typically Raise Child’s Gender Identity?

True. I say father’s rights because so far, we could find no cases of traditional married couples divorcing where the father wanted to conduct mutilation surgery, put his kids on “gender-affirming” synthetic steroids, estrogen, etc. A Texas jury later ruled the mother, a child sexual reassignment surgeon, could castrate her son. Still, a California judge ruled that was likely irrelevant because it could go full steam ahead in CA regardless of what Texas had to say about the dad’s parent-child relationship.

Here is An Example of a Judge Taking Away Father’s Rights for 5 Years

The boy’s mother started making her wear dresses as a toddler, and the court system “rubber stamped” the mother’s decision to make her into a girl, according to the father. His rights were taken away when his son was 5 years old when dad refused to pretend his son was really a girl.

California Sees No Duty to Notify Parents While Child Isolated From Family?

True. Their argument is the child is “coming out,” and the teachers had nothing to do with it at all. It’s “science.” Hence, it is violent to tell Mom and Dad. So, we will keep this between the minor child and the adult school teacher, a.k.a. “authority figure.” They call this a “forced outing” if you tell Mom and Dad. So everyone in the class gets to know your son’s new pronoun, the bus driver, etc. All the while, the new school nurse has CPS investigate mom and dad for “failure to affirm” their child’s gender and off to the foster home for little “they them there.”

“It’s like something out of the motion picture Logan’s Run,” says Robert Hammond of Orange, California, a former school board member.

Logan’s Run Video Demonstrating California Style Governance

Makes sense. This alarming situation in CA and how it got here raises several critical concerns about justice, parental rights, and the increasingly pervasive influence of gender ideology on our society. 

Many in Sacramento and the teacher’s unions think there should be no duty to notify parents of any gender-affirming care or grooming by “woke” public school teachers. To them, it is violent to disagree with pretty much anything they agree with. Parents, in response, are leaving the state or going down the homeschooling route.

Parental rights are fundamental and should not be eroded by the influence of gender ideology in court decisions.
– Michael Ehline, Esq.

“This case should frighten and awaken our entire country. Our own judicial system is under attack by dangerous gender ideology, and if we don’t boldly stand up now, the trend will continue and parents’ rights will be dependent on their wokeness.” – California Family Council

Key Case Details 

  • The presiding judge was Judge Joni Hiramoto of the California Superior Court.
  • “Judge Joni Hiramoto presided over the Hudacko case but never disclosed that she is a mother to a transgender child herself.” (NY Post.)
  • The case revolved around a Texas father, Ted Hudacko, who was against his gender dysphoric son (child) undergoing a gender “reassignment” transition with hormones and surgery.
  • Judge Hiramoto decided to revoke Hudacko’s custody rights based on her own belief that he was not supportive of his son’s choice (a minor CHILD) to transition – irrespective of the potential risks involved, such as hormonal imbalance, destroyed endocrine system, gynecomastia, and permanent infertility.

The escalating influence of subjective belief systems often overshadows objectivity and infringes upon the rights of individuals. In this opening section, we will continue to explore these critical issues in detail, spotlighting what should be our primary concern – fundamental rights, justice, and guarding our society from precarious ideology-based rulings.

Testing Ideology: The Father’s Perspective

The Trial: Intrusion of Personal Views?

  • The judge purportedly asked the father hypothetical questions about his religious ideology on gender, which were not pertinent to the case.
  • The judge ultimately ended the father’s parental rights and gave him no say in his child’s transition.
  • Republicans argue that court cases like this are the unintended consequences of medical professionals fudging science and tolerating shoddy research to appease activists.
  • Parents who are fleeing California say that judges are making decisions for children and their families based on false metaphysics as if it were factual that all adolescents have an immutable ‘gender identity.’
  • Fleeing parents complain our authorities impose junior college-campus style groupthink upon us, as evidenced by this court case and others.
  • Parents say we must stand firmly against judicial activist rulings and speak out about the lies and dangers of leftist gender ideology.

According to many observers, throughout the case, Judge Hiramoto’s questions appeared to prioritize personal perspectives and political ideologies over the actual legal and ethical aspects of the situation. Inquiries related to what Hudacko thought about transgender issues, for instance, were designed to prove the father disapproved, which is all the court needed to take away his parental rights. Hudacko’s overarching priority, like most parents, was his child’s safety and welfare—especially concerning a procedure of such grave [PERMANENT] implications.

Judge Hiramoto persistently probed Hudacko’s beliefs about his son’s gender dysphoria. Whether he regarded transgenderism as a “sin,” bypassing the real issue at hand—that is the enormous risk and permanent implications of the transition surgery. Although this apparent religious test could be an issue on appeal, the California Supreme Court is not expected to support the side argued by the majority of ANGRY parents fighting this zealous ideology throughout So California School Districts.

Ted was deeply skeptical that the boy he’d coached in little league was actually a young woman, but he tried to keep an open mind. Nevertheless, Ted was adamant that he did not want Drew to begin medical transition. Ted delved into the research on medical transition and gender dysphoria (severe discomfort in one’s biological sex). He learned that puberty blockers could impair cognition and diminish bone density. If given puberty blockers along with estrogen, Drew could become permanently infertile. Ted wasn’t even sure his son had gender dysphoria.

Source NY Post.

Can you imagine if a judge decided it was ok for your estranged spouse to effectively “destroy” your child’s body? How would you handle it? Would our founding fathers have sided with state bureaucrats, Harvard academics, or the people?

The shocking part is that the father’s only crime was expressing concern about the irreversible risks associated with gender reassignment surgeries. He wasn’t speaking out of bigotry or prejudice but out of worry for the irreversible damage such a life-changing treatment might cause his child. He wants to protect his offspring.

Here, a father lost his parental rights because he did not support his gender-dysphoric son’s decision (heavily influenced by a mother who already castrates children as part of her medical practice) to undergo a gender transition. This left a permanent mark on their family, inflicting emotional and psychological trauma. To promote acceptance, we are endangering parental rights – the most fundamental institution of our society, say many angry families, especially in the OCUSD. 

Other California Ruling Against Parents

A superior court judge in California recently temporarily blocked a Southern California school district from notifying parents if their child seeks to change pronouns or gender identity. (Source: NY Times.) The push here is for public school teachers (many of them admitted LGBTQ activists) to secretly “transition” kids. So far, the administrative state is winning, and courts are rubber stamping according to several parental rights organizations.

The Inevitable Verdict: A Systemic Failure 

Hudacko’s parental rights were allegedly disregarded despite his earnest pleas as if obliterated overnight. He found himself devoid of any say in his son’s impending transition surgery and, shockingly, was deprived of even the bare minimum—his right to see or communicate with his son. This is no joke and sounds like something from a George Orwell novel to many of us who learned about George Orwell and the Holocaust as youngsters.

Families are saying that what transpired out of this case was a precedent that concluded based on a leftist judge’s biased viewpoints, ostensibly corrupted by false science and individualistic beliefs. Tragically, the system, anchored in principles of justice and safeguarding citizens, perpetrated the exact opposite in the majority eyes of the non-LGBTQ community.

The Precipice: Our Society at Risk 

This alarming trend is gradually pushing our society towards a precipice of destruction, according to the record numbers of citizens fleeing the criminal sanctuary state of California. The innate role of the judiciary is also under siege, and it is high time to recognize this dangerous influx of gender ideology. Without objective judicial interpretation and application of the law, devoid of personal beliefs, we risk losing the essence of our country. California is rapidly losing its tax base from what many complain are political ideologies being made and enforced in our courts. With the release of the Twitter Files, it has become clear, that there was NEVER any consensus that any of this transformative change was ok with those most affected, traditional families.

Just like Larry Fink of Blackrock is doing with corporations, the Biden Admin is actively seeking to punish school districts that won’t force the LGBTQ agenda.

Woke Biden Lunch

According to many pro-family organizations, this grave situation demands immediate attention and action. Supporting the California Family Council’s initiative and pressuring our legislators is crucial to overturning this dangerous mainstream movement and upholding the value of parental rights. Parents have an opportunity to challenge activist rulings and emissions of gender ideology. Many parents are asking, “Why not just homeschool and bypass these weirdos?” The time to act is now. 

Request your lawmakers to consider this pressing issue. Visit:

Most parents agree we need to acknowledge the potential psychological damage as much as the physical risk. Having an LGBTQ activist inside the public school system secretly “helping” your child “come out” is something you might want to know about. A child denied the right to communicate with their parent due to a court ruling based on a debatable social construct is alarming. 

Our judicial system is supposed to protect and establish justice, not enforce trendy ideologies or act as an echo chamber for any belief system, including religious, secular humanist zealotry. But that’s precisely where we seem to be headed. If we continue down this path, there’s a real danger that our judicial system will no longer be viewed by parents and families as a fair arbiter of disputes. Already, fathers, in particular, are seeing the courts being used as a tool for pushing a specific political agenda. And males have no place in this new equity-based solution of affirming gender confusion with surgeries and synthetic chemicals.

We must strive for judicial understanding and flexibility, not ideologically-driven rigidity. Our judges should be steadfast in maintaining neutrality and focus on the child’s welfare rather than shaping society through court decisions. Without objective and unbiased judgments, our justice system is in peril.  

Parents Think Judges Are Bad Now?

Based on our conversations, many parents think this is an unforgivable overreach into their children’s lives. Many believe university system activists have black robes and vast power to create law from the bench. We have interviewed hundreds of parents who fled California, starting when Gavin Newsom signed a bill lowering the penalty for older men having sex with young boys. However, the parents who cannot afford to move say that advocating for objective judges and accurate medical standards can rectify these societal missteps.

They claim good judges who support the Constitution over politics could pave the way for a more balanced society. These caretakers say we must act to protect the most vulnerable amongst us, not sway according to the changing societal winds and a bright political future. Parents say we must take action, or our kids will be having their body parts chopped off after being groomed by an LGBTQ public school “teacher,” etc.

If you support kids and parents, you can call your local representatives and voice your concerns. People can encourage politicians to champion a bill to stop punishing parents over differing beliefs on the deeply personal subject of gender transition for a CHILD!!! To many parents, the California Family Council is working hard to protect parents from losing their fundamental rights. To leftists and many public school teacher’s unions, the CFC is archaic and engaged in backward thinking.

We hope this article exposed the gender-affirming care pipeline, who runs it, and how it’s fueled. We learned, according to Gavin Newsom, that when it comes to chemical castration and secretly using pronouns at school, all is clear to keep it secret from mommy and daddy. Minors can even apparently consent to sex with adults and genital mutilation, says Gavin Newsom and California. Even Harvey Milk, a known child predator, has a special day named after him in California. So it’s understandable why informed parents would be angry and moving away.

You can join either side and stand up for what is right in your mind. Parents can fight for their kids. Teachers’ unions, CPS, and bureaucrats can fight to decide what’s best for your offspring without needing to notify parents. Reasonable people can make a difference in our children’s lives and our nation if we stop buying into the prepared narratives and start thinking as individuals with individual rights, liberties, and rights to happiness, free from government. 

How much will a physician get paid for chemically and surgically altering a child under the Affordable Care Act? Will activist judges insulate doctors who mutilated the minor children who are now suing? Will schools continue advancing radical works and continue interfering with families? Only time will tell. But we will keep our viewers posted as we learn more about the next move against parents in favor of the state. Please tell us what you have to say. If you are detransitioning and need legal help or a referral to a good doctor or psychiatrist, we can try to get you off in the right direction. If you want to learn more, please add our site to your feed. If you want to hire us for a car accident or wrongful death claim, call us immediately and reserve an appointment.

Show your support and get involved. Visit:


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