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    Directions from WeHo

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  • Suicide Prevention Lawyer

    Directions from WeHo

    California Personal Injury Lawyers Helping Accident Victims Nationwide

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How Do I Get to Ehline Law from WeHo?

West Hollywood has a notorious reputation for its vibrant and colorful ways of life. Its nightlife since the early 1970’s has been the spotlight for many up and coming artists, all thanks to the multitude of legendary music venues sprinkled throughout the city limits of West Hollywood.

However, there is one group of people within the West Hollywood that created this dynamic community it is today, and that’s the LGBTQ community. The LGBTQ community was not always as glamorous as it today.

In the early ‘70s, members of LGBTQ were heavily discriminated everywhere they went. The discrimination was particularly more elevated in the city of Los Angeles and many fled the area to escape police brutality. In the midst of seeking refuge, many gays and lesbians found sanctuary in West Hollywood. West Hollywood was able to provide them with a safe haven due to its physical location.

They were not apart of the city of Los Angeles, but were loosely under the jurisdiction of the Los Angeles County Sheriff Department. Thus, allowing people of the LGBTQ to settle down and live more freely.
West Hollywood is known to be one of the most gay-friendly communities throughout all of the United States. The gay population makes up as much as 40% of the total demographic in West Hollywood.

While creating a safe place for themselves, the LGBTQ community contributed greatly to the culture and the atmosphere that the city has today. The city has a very welcoming and accepting environment to it with a splash of vibrancy. Since the start of their stay, many members of the community had built bars and nightclubs catering towards their needs.

One of the nightclubs that has established a name for itself was Jewel’s Catch One. Built in 1973, Jewel’s Catch One was a pioneer in many different aspects. It was one of the first clubs in West Hollywood, first African-American oriented discotheque, and first club geared towards the interests of the LGBTQ. This club paved the way for more gay clubs to arise like Flaming Saddles and Micky’s West Hollywood.

In addition to the nightclub life, West Hollywood is really involved with gay pride. They hold the gay pride parade in June now that the City of Los Angeles doesn’t have one. The city preserves gay history and the libraries in town even offer many books by LGBTQ authors.

Plummer Park is a favorite place for homosexuals also. So if you were injured there, you may want a local personal injury lawyer. The Ehline Law Firm is minutes away.

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