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Cruise lines have created an experience that is becoming a major form of vacation for American families, but that also comes with significant risk for the unprepared U.S. consumer. Hundreds of passengers are injured on these colossal luxury liners every year.

Cruise ship on blue ocean.
Big ships like this are responsible for massive cruise ship accidents.

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These consumers get injured in various ways– including rape, slipping, tripping, and falling, or being thrown overboard, never to be seen again by their surviving family and friends.

Important: When many of your fellow wounded travelers return from their trip, they wait too long to do anything and forgo their legal rights. The need for an injury attorney that specializes in cruise ship accidents remains vital to avoid "sleeping on your rights."

Florida Charters - Must I File My Case in a Florida Court?

While many cruise ships have charters in Florida, the lawsuit does not have to be filed in Florida federal court. Inexperienced attorneys with no experience in cases like this can easily blow the contractual time to file a claim.

Important: In fact, some cruise ships like Princess Cruises specifically require cases against them must become filed in Los Angeles, CA.

What About the 2 Year Statute of Limitations in C.A.?

Important: Many lawyers think the two-year statute of limitations applies and sit on the file trying to negotiate a settlement. So these poor souls can miss the claims provisions of the carriage license. In other words, you lose the case, and the lawyer accidentally commits legal malpractice.

Why Must You Beware of the Passage Contract!?

Unfortunately, the Jones Acts, passage contract, international law, and treaties restrict the rights of passengers, including where they can sue. As discussed, these are things you would typically take for granted.

Important: Some attorneys that attempt to sue in Miami will have the case rejected by the court clerk for improper jurisdiction and venue. By then it is too late to sue in California, where the case belonged.

Why Should Cruise Ship Victims All Over the State of California Call Ehline Law Firm?

Hiring a traditional PI lawyer could place your rights to sue in jeopardy as time passes. Our experienced attorneys will make no such mistakes. Our firm has successfully represented individuals from states like:

  • Georgia
  • Ohio
  • Florida

Many clients had severe issues on cruise ships, including sexual assault. Others had weight stacks fall on them in troubled seas in the ship's gym, slipping and suffering severe head injuries.

Many of our clients will require:

  • Long-term counseling
  • Surgery
  • Can miss months or years of work

Did You Know Most Risks Are Unknown to Passengers Till It's Too Late?

Many voyagers who cruise for the first time have no idea of all of these potential risks. Some became injured on tourist shore excursions and falsely assumed that they had to sue the defendants in their home countries. But this is where the Ehline Law Firm excellence comes into play.

So What Makes Ehline Law Different?

Our lead attorney, Michael P. Ehline, has been recognized as outstanding in his field. His accolades and awards include the "Cruise Ship Attorney of the Year" title. Michael has even lobbied the United States Congress to strengthen the "Passenger's Bill of Rights."

Did You Know Michael Ehline was featured on CNN for Cruise Ship Legal Advice?

Michael Ehline is well known for his fighting on behalf of his clients and has even been featured on CNN. He works with Miami cruise ship attorneys for cases filed there. He has filed lawsuits in federal court and California state court and is a licensed, high profile attorney.

When you hire us, Ehline and his staff will stop at nothing to get you results. We will fight big, multinational corporations and their high paid attorneys. Ehline Law is the great equalizer for cruise victims. In fact, in every case that we filed, we have won a payout to our clients. 

Enjoying a cruise ship ride
Photo of a young man on a Disney cruise.

The Ehline Law Firm and its staff offer our experienced attorneys with specialization in cruise ship claims. Our firm is well versed in cases like this, including those against lines like Carnival, Royal Caribbean, Canaveral, and others.

We also handle Princess Cruise Liner cases:
Many suits against this company must be made in these jurisdictions, as seen in the passage contract here:

(B) Forum and Jurisdiction for Legal Action: (i) Claims for Injury, Illness or Death: All claims involving Emotional harm, bodily injury, illness to or death of any Passenger whatsoever arising out of or relating to this Passage Contract or Your Cruise shall be litigated before a court of competent jurisdiction located in the County of Los Angeles, California, U.S.A., to the exclusion of the courts of any other country, state, city, municipality, county or locale. You consent to jurisdiction and waive any objection that may be available to any such action being brought in such courts. (Read more here.) 

Are Cruises Safe?

Many cruises are not always safe and fun. Some may depart from Florida and face severe issues before reaching California. These can not only ruin a vacation but result in severe physical and mental harm — and in some cases, death.

A wreck or severe accident can severely injure or kill passengers. There have also been horrifying cases of rape, murder, and man overboard disappearances.

There are also cases of infectious diseases breaking out on cruise ships. Victims can be left without legal recourse if they do not retain a skilled attorney to recover damages. Examples can include a Norovirus, Norwalk-like viruses, or guinea worms that can get caught in the Western Caribbean.

Other mishaps that could affect passengers:

  • Food poisoning, including negligence in exposing passengers to infectious diseases.
  • Sexual assault or rape by a crew member or passenger.
  • Negligent medical care, medical malpractice, or inadequate medical personnel.
  • Accidental death, wrongful death, and missing passengers.
  • Injuries due to collisions at sea, in port, or due to defective equipment.
  • Personal injuries, including slip and fall accidents or drowning.

Why Getting the Right Legal Advice is Mandatory?

Liability can be challenging to establish without the proper legal counsel. Furthermore, this can compound existing problems and necessitate a skilled attorney. We have assisted cases in Los Angeles, Orange, and San Diego Counties and tourists from across the world.

  • What Law Applies in Your Case, State, or International Law?

Much of the case depends on the place where the injury or accident occurred. If this happened more than three miles off the California coastline, the maritime law applies. If it happened within the three-mile limit, then state law applies.

When a terrible mishap has occurred, make sure to contact a skilled attorney at the Ehline Law Firm Personal Injury Attorneys, APLC immediately. Our specialization is necessary to take on a case like this that is so delicate and life-altering.

What About Death at Sea?

When a loved one is killed on a cruise ship, then the Death on the High Seas Act applies. This Act is separate from either maritime or state laws. This means your case is particularly complicated, and one for our specialized attorneys to take on.

More About Time Limitations.

These catastrophes must be acted upon immediately as statutes of limitations could severely impact your case. When such an incident happens, you may be entitled to monetary compensation– but only if the matter is acted upon quickly.

How Do I Get Money For My L.A. Venue Cruise Ship Claim?

There could be severe issues stemming from a cruise ship accident. These could include months of lost revenue from work, limitations on how you could work, or even the need for a long-term caretaker.

These all could severely impact your life. The Ehline Law Firm stands ready to make sure that the full circumstances are investigated and that you can rebuild yourself– mentally and physically.

Read the Passage Contract and Get a Lawyer?

The large corporations that own these ships are looking to pay you little or nothing. They can use the passenger tickets to limit the typical two or three-year statute of limitations and other rights. Also, they use a forum selection clause to make the port of departure the only legal venue to prosecute a claim.

This could make L.A..A. the only city for this to happen. If a passenger sues a shipping line in another location, the lawsuit can be dismissed. If this occurs and the one-year statute is already expired, then the victim would have no legal rights, except maybe an attorney malpractice claim against the inexperienced lawyer who blew the case.

  • Self Insurance and Cruises:

Cruise ship accidents are often covered by "self-insurance." But to bring a claim, passengers must jump through hoops. Hence, to get the maximum payout or defense for that matter, parties to a suit should always seek outside and even Cumis Counsel when necessary. If you or a loved one got hurt in such a manner, don't delay. Call the Ehline Law Firm 24 hour hotline for a free, no-pressure consultation (213) 596-9642.

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