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  • Top 20 Personal Injury Settlements in the United States in 2019

    Top 20 Personal Injury Settlements in the United States in 2019

While acts of negligence can cause soft tissue injuries and other minor injuries, they sometimes have life-changing consequences for deserving clients who were hurt by no fault of their own. Let’s take a look at some of the highest jury verdicts and settlements in 2019 with attorneys recognized by Super Lawyers and Personal Injury Warriors International at the boutique firm of Ehline Law group.

Below, Michael Ehline, Esq. will look at cases where someone was injured or killed in a crash at school by the other driver or killed in an elevator shaft to help you understand how to obtain the best settlement or verdict when a human being is injured.

What Is Top Verdict Recognition? is a website that honors law firms from all over the country that have consistently attained the highest personal injury settlements for clients, from California, to Florida to New York State.

It identifies companies by examining court documents, gathering electronic contributions from attorneys, and studying credible legal journals and other resources. These rankings honor the narrowest circle of legal industry achievers.

Moreover, Top Verdict offers legal firms and lawyers the chance to exhibit digital badges and medals honoring their accomplishments.

Personal Injury Cases That Made Top Verdict’s List

According to Top Verdict, most law firms only make this list once. However, Ehline Law Firm has featured on this list many times over the years! Let’s look at the top 20 personal injury settlements in the United States in 2019.

1. Anderson v. Caltrans

A construction worker filed this lawsuit for a work-related accident that caused severe injuries that resulted in quadriplegia. He was awarded $37.35 million for his injuries.

  • Attorneys: April K. Stratte of Reiner, Todd E. Slaughter, and Russell P. Reiner of Slaughter & Frankel LLP
  • State: California
  • Type of Accident: Construction accident, motor vehicle accident, single-vehicle accident, dangerous condition, personal injury, work accident, car accident, brain injury, quadriplegia, workplace safety, catastrophic injury, and negligent tort

2. Tavares, et al. v. City of NY, et al.

Another construction accident case that involved a closed head injury was Tavares et al. v. City of NY et al. The plaintiff recovered $36 million in settlements.

  • Attorneys: Glenn K. Faegenburg of Edelsteins and Paul J. Edelstein from Faegenburg & Brown LLP
  • State: New York
  • Type of Accident: Falling object, construction accident, personal injury, dangerous condition, workplace safety, work accident, brain injury, premises liability, excavator accident, paralysis injury, negligent maintenance, and negligent tort

3. Sanchez v. Martinez, et al.

A pedestrian accident in California won the plaintiff $28,715,000 to cover medical bills and other damages.

  • Attorneys: Ian P. Samson, Rahul Ravipudi, and Paul A. Traina from Panish Shea & Boyle LLP, as well as Daniel B. Miller, Bobby Saadian, Jon C. Teller, and Bobby Saadian of Wilshire Law Firm as referring attorney
  • State: California
  • Type of Accident: Pedestrian accident, dangerous condition, car accident, brain injury, negligent supervision, failure to warn, premises liability, negligent tort motor vehicle accident, and government negligence

4. Hensley v. MultiCare Health System Inc. – Serious Injuries Caused by Medical Malpractice

This medical malpractice case was settled at $28 million. The plaintiff won the case for his injuries because of a negligent error during spinal infusion surgery.

  • Attorneys: Nathan P. Roberts and Evan T. Fuller from Connelly Law Offices
  • State: Washington
  • Type of Accident: Medical malpractice, failure to monitor, professional malpractice, surgical error, personal injury, surgical error, vicarious liability, negligent tort, neurosurgery malpractice, paralysis injury, respondeat superior, and failure to test

5. JB v. XYZ Corp., et al.

A bicycle accident that led to bodily injury helped one victim obtain $25 million in settlements.

  • Attorneys: Robert and Gail S. Kelner – Kelner & Kelner
  • State: New York
  • Type of Accident: Personal injury, bicycle accident, negligent entrustment, motor vehicle accident, negligent tort, truck accident, catastrophic injury, single-vehicle accident, and vicarious liability

6. Burley v. Johnson Supply and Equipment Corp., et al. – Car Accident Settlement

Sometimes, a negligent act can lead to a fatality. The family of the injury victims involved in a deadly car accident obtained the maximum compensation – $ 23.5 million.

  • Attorneys: Eric J. Allen, Matthew L. Martin, and Ryan H. Zehl of Zehl and Associates
  • State: Texas
  • Type of Accident: Motorvehicle/car accident, wrongful death, truck accident, emotional distress, personal injury, catastrophic injury, brain injury, and head-on collision

7. V.P.R.M., Pro Ami v. Chalifoux, M.D., et al.

This case settled for $22.5 million for negligent medical treatment in a Wisconsin medical care facility.

  • Attorneys: Daniel Rottier from Habush Habush & Rottier
  • State: Wisconsin
  • Type of Accident: Personal injury, failure to monitor, medical malpractice, professional malpractice, negligent tort, brain injury, overmedication, and anesthesia error

8. Tie

The following cases take the number eight spot:

  • Plaintiff v. Premises Owner – $20 million for premises liability in California
  • Du v. The City of San Diego – $20 million in personal injury settlements for government negligence in California

9. Henderson v. Elizabethtown Gas et al.

The deceased’s family was awarded $19.2 million in settlement following a fatal accident involving a gas leak.

  • Attorneys: David M. Freeman, Matthew R. Mendelsohn, David A. Mazie, from Mazie Slater Katz & Freeman LLC
  • State: New Jersey
  • Type of Accident: Gas explosion, wrongful death, personal injury, negligent tort, burn injury, utility negligence, gas leak

10. Bicyclist v. Confidential Bicycle Part Retailer, et al.

A defective bicycle that caused a disability cost the defendant $14,249,348 in settlements.

  • Attorneys: Plaintiff was represented by two law firms – Heather M. Cover and James S. Rogers of The Law Offices of James S. Rogers and Eric J. Ryberg and Daniel A. Rottier of Habush Habush & Rottier
  • State: Washington
  • Type of Accident: Bicycle accident, paralysis injury, product liability, paralysis injury, personal injury, strict liability, defective product, and quadriplegia

11. Tie

The following three cases are tied for 11th place on Top Verdict’s list:

  • Jane Doe v. Farm Operator, et al. – $14 million awarded for a work accident in California
  • JR v. Cook County Health & Hospital System – $14 million in settlements for a birth injury in Illinois
  • TJ v. University Community Association – $14 million for premises liability in California

12. GF, Pro Ami v. Albany Medical Center

A birth injury cost Albany Medical Center $13,502,558 in settlements.

  • Attorneys: Sean M. Duffy, Mary Ellen Duffy, and Michael E. Duffy of Duffy & Duffy, PLLC
  • State: New York
  • Type of Accident: Birth injury, negligent tort, failure to test, delayed treatment, professional malpractice, medical malpractice, failure to monitor, personal injury, respondeat superior, and vicarious liability

13. Gillespie v. New Jersey Transit Corp., et al. – Brain Injury

A bus accident involving a pedestrian resulted in a brain injury. The plaintiff won $12.75 million in compensation.

  • Attorneys: Adam M. Epstein and David A. Mazie, Mazie Slater Katz and Freeman LLC
  • State: New Jersey
  • Type of Accident: Personal injury, bus accident, DUI, brain injury, government negligence, vicarious liability, motor vehicle accident, negligent retention, pedestrian accident, negligent tort, respondeat superior

14. SV v. VHS of Illinois, Inc.

Another birth injury won a victim $12 million in Illinois.

  • Attorneys: James Urtis from The Law Offices of James M. Urtis
  • State: Illinois
  • Type of Accident: Failure to test, birth injury, vicarious liability, personal injury, delayed childbirth, brain injury, negligent tort, respondeat superior, medical malpractice, professional malpractice, Cerebral palsy

15. Tie

The following lawsuits are tied for 15th place:

  • DB, Pro Ami v. U.S. Naval Hospital Guam – 11.5 million for medical malpractice in Virginia
  • Zeqiraj v. 45 E 22nd Street Property – $11.5 million for a work accident in New York

16. Tie

Here are the cases that are tied for 16th place, according to Top Verdict:

  • Mirzayev v. JPER LLC, et al. – $11 million for a construction accident in New York
  • M.B., Pro Ami v. Pennwood Partners LP, et al. – $11 million for premises liability in Nevada

17. Calderon v. Ozinga Ready Mix Concrete, et al. – Construction Accident

This motor vehicle accident in which the victim suffered injuries cost the defendant $10 million.

  • Attorneys: Patrick Salvi II, Patrick A. Salvi, Carly E. Shannon, and Brian L. Salvi from Salvi, Schostok & Pritchard PC
  • State: Illinois
  • Type of Accident: Construction accident, amputation, pedestrian accident, truck accident

18. Dumitrescu v. City of Chicago

The plaintiff was awarded a settlement of $9.5 million for this government negligence case.

  • Attorneys: Brian LaCien and Todd Smith of Smith LaCien LLP
  • State: Illinois
  • Type of Accident: Bicycle accident, government negligence, personal injury, premises liability, dangerous condition, Negligent maintenance

19. A.M. v. Kofinas et al. – Birth Injury

This birth injury case settled at $8,772,727.

  • Attorneys: William T. Burdo of Levine & Grossman
  • State: New York
  • Type of Accident: Medical malpractice, birth injury, professional malpractice, Cerebral palsy, quadriplegia, brain injury, respondeat superior, medication error

20. Fowler v. California Community News LLC

$8,625,000 was awarded to the plaintiff by the defendant’s insurance company for a motor vehicle accident that led to a fatality.

  • Attorneys: William W. Weathers (Peach & Weathers) and Armine SafarianArash Homampour (The Homampour Law Firm)
  • State: California
  • Type of Accident: car Accident, truck accident, emotional distress, negligent tort

How Ehline Law Firm Can Help

Suppose you were involved in a car accident, truck accident, or construction site mishap. In that case, you can file a personal injury lawsuit. Maybe you got run over by a tow truck sent my Morris County PD. Maybe you are a pedestrian struck in a crosswalk by a Bergen County maintenance truck running a stop sign and aren’t sure who to sue.

Like the plaintiffs on this list, you, too, can enjoy a positive outcome with the help of our national trial lawyers. If the jury awarded you too little, maybe you want to pursue an appeal or file a legal malpractice claim against your current lawyer. We can help get you the top verdict you or your loved one deserves and even restore your ot of pockets costs, etc.

Why Choose Us For That Top Verdict?

Here are a few reasons to choose our legal team:

  • Ehline Law is an award-winning personal injury firm that has secured millions of dollars in settlements for clients in California.
  • We made Top Verdict’s list of the top 20 personal injury settlements in the United States in 2017 and the top 100 in 2016.
  • You can take advantage of our 24-hour helpline to talk to one of our personal injury experts.
  • We take great pride in maintaining an exceptional attorney-client relationship with every client we work with for the last few decades.
  • Contingency-fee-basis means our best personal injury attorney does not get paid attorney fees unless you obtain a settlement and get you properly compensated!
  • You can discuss the specifics of your personal injury case in a free consultation personally and confidentially. Let us negotiate your case.

Suffer a Fracture or Fell? Schedule a Free Consultation With Top Personal Injury Settlement Attorneys Immediately

Let us help you investigate and pursue restitution for things like lost wages, medical expenses, and your pain and suffering! Contact Ehline Law Firm today at (833) LETS-SUE to book your free consultation or fill out the contact form, and we will typically call you back immediately!

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