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What Happens If My Car Crash Was Caused By Someone With No Insurance?

Left with a bodily injury in a car accident and it was not your fault? A quick inquiry led to the at-fault party with no car insurance? Below, our charismatic Los Angeles insurance attorney will discuss everything you need to know when the guy that hit you had no insurance coverage.

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If not, let’s talk about getting hit by uninsured drivers. According to 2018 figures, the United States had over 270 million registered vehicle users and around 2.7 million injuries from car accidents.

Many motorists wish to secure themselves against any losses during a car accident and will have car insurance, however, others do not have any insurance.

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  • You’re at Fault Without Insurance: What to Do?
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The Insurance Research Council states that there are one in every eight drivers without insurance in the country. You may not feel the need to get car insurance, perhaps, because you’re a good driver. However, drivers are legally required to purchase auto insurance in almost every state.

What should you do in such situations when the at-fault driver does not have any insurance?

Medical Expenses and Financial Responsibility in a Car Accident

A car accident can cause severe injuries and in serious cases can lead to wrongful death or accidental death. Seeking treatment in a hospital can be hectic especially if you do not have health insurance.

Medical expenses and hospital treatment costs are more than enough to paralyze an average family causing a financial and social calamity. This is a lot for the victims and their families to take, and it even becomes a greater concern when it’s an accident with uninsured drivers, as getting insurance claims for such events can be tricky to deal with.

Whatever the case, it is the insurance company’s financial responsibility to compensate the injured for their loss.

Handling a Car Accident with an Uninsured Driver

When both parties have insurance, the first step is to seek medical treatment for any injuries from the car accident. The victim files a police report and the police reach the accident scene to get more information about the situation.

It is important that the victim has pictures and videos from nearby CCTV cameras to create a solid case against the at-fault party, as this helps in getting the compensation you deserve.

Having information on the other driver’s license can also provide good insights to support your case as driving history, credit score, any jail time, and other relevant information are what holds the insurance company liable.

In many cases, the adversary party will try to settle or give you a settlement so that the case does not go to court. However, if the victim feels that they deserve fair compensation, they can take the matter to the court.

By having a legal expert like our law firm’s lawyers, victims stand a better chance of getting claims from the other driver or the other driver’s insurance company.

The process of dealing with an uninsured driver remains the same. You need to seek medical treatment first before working on your legal case to file lawsuits. We must send in these reports and medical documents to your insurance company to determine the loss and compensation; however, if the other driver is underinsured or does not have any insurance, you may not receive the settlement offer you are looking for.

What Does Auto Insurance Coverage Cover?

Before knowing your legal options during an accident without insurance with an uninsured driver, it is important to understand the need for auto insurance.

A car accident can leave you with injuries that may affect your life and this is why insurance coverage gives policyholders peace of mind after the accident. A basic auto insurance policy may cover the following:

  • Medical payments coverage including bodily injury
  • Property damage liability
  • Uninsured motorist coverage
  • Collision
  • Comprehensive coverage including lost wages

Insurance varies depending on the applicant and their age, gender, driving history, and more. The cost of insurance also depends on the issuing insurance carrier. You must do a bit of research on insurance products to get an idea of which insurance product is right for you.

What Are Your Options If the At-Fault Party Does Not Have a Car Insurance?

Drivers in a car accident with the other driver who does not have insurance should not rule out the possibility of receiving compensation. Accidents without insurance, although not so common, have happened many times.

Use Your Underinsured Coverage

If you have uninsured motorist coverage or underinsured motorist coverage and have a car accident with a driver who does not have any auto insurance, the driver’s insurance company is liable to help pay for medical expenses and give you compensation for your injuries or loss.

There are situations where you may crash with an underinsured driver and in such situations, having underinsured coverage can help pay for the restrictions on the applicable insurance policy of the other driver.

When approaching your insurance company for an uninsured motorist claim, they will ask you for evidence of an accident, medical costs, and other relevant documents to process and evaluate your claims. However, this can be a long process, as insurance companies will tend to buy time to delay payouts, as that works out in their best interests.

Filing a Lawsuit

We understand that not everyone has underinsured insurance and not all states require it. In such cases filing a lawsuit against the party without any car insurance is your best option for any sort of respite. Have a car accident lawyer look into your case to expedite the insurance claims process so that you can have enough money to pay for your medical bills.

You’re at Fault Without Insurance: What to Do?

Insurance companies try to negotiate or lowball a settlement in the hopes to save money and maximize their business profits, however, certain state policies also affect the amount of compensation you can get.

For example, California is a no-fault state, which means that drivers who are at fault can also claim from insurance companies, but the compensation would depend on the degree of their fault.

But before you even get a claim, you would have to face some consequences of driving your vehicle without insurance and this could be license suspension, fines, or even jail time.

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