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    Slip, Trips And Falls Top the List Of Premises Liability Examples?

Misleveled sidewalk in Koreatown. Slip, Trips And Falls Top the List Of Premises Liability Examples?
Slip, Trips, And Falls Top the List Of Premises Liability Examples?

Ehline Law’s specialization in premises liability makes them the right choice for any overexerted worker or pedestrian with an injury or owner looking to minimize liability risk. In a premises liability case, the owner or controller of the land, structure, or others is legally liable to pay you after a trip, slip, fall, or bang your head into a low-hanging object like an unmarked or hidden merchandise hangar, shelf, or hook.

You can even be blinded by a sharp, protruding piece of metal from a display or lose an eye at a set of forklift blades. Think Home Depot or Lowes, for example, with all their warehousing and docking. Most of all, when the business fails to conduct inspections for known damages and keeps customers away and warned until repairs have been finalized.

When you get injured, an investigation is supposed to happen. But most of the time, the store manager will refuse to give you a copy of your supposed statements in their reports. And this is to try and get out of it later.

So be smart and record with your smartphone if the store manager has no reasonable expectation of privacy and states only facts. With the chance of injury on property existing for any place, making sure that you know the common ways that this leads to liability claims can help you prepare.

Slips And Falls Top The List Of Cases We Take

All injuries are not the same. One of the most common injuries in Los Angeles comes from slip, tripping, and falling. Often, these events are due to another person’s negligence, such as letting tree roots push up sidewalks, creating a ridge to trip on. Others can from slipping on wet floors at grocery stores in the vegetable aisles, for example. Moreover, in many cases, we help with will come in the form of slip and fall claims.

Most of all, these cases can happen anywhere or at any time. However, many are caused by issues that were not known or not addressed. This can include slippery floors that were just mopped or a broken handrail outside a building. These can face people in residential and commercial properties, resulting from nails sticking out of boards, rugs that run up, or other factors. Poor lighting can complicate any of these issues and make the injury more severe.

Obstructions And Overhangs Can Be The Cause Of A Premises Claim.

There have also been premises liability claims brought about for obstructions. Many are on the floor, but others can include implements that stick out into a walkway or one that hangs near the head level.

Animals Can Be The Cause Of A Premises Claim?

Yes! Dogs jump at people with paws, especially small children and elders. Knocking an old man to the ground, in particular, can lead to broken bones, brain injuries, and skull fractures. Little kids risk being knocked to the ground, getting bitten in the face, and being mauled. Animal owners have also been brought to court for pets that were not properly maintained.

Common causes include dogs that were not leashed or behind a proper fence. If the dog is dangerous, passersby should be warned. Dogs and other animals should be current with all shots and paperwork. If you or a loved one has been injured in such a way or you are looking to avoid liability, call the legal experts at Ehline Law Firm for a consultation with a lawyer who helps people in premises liability cases today.

Michael Ehline is a prolific blogger on California and international tort law. He has been a guest on CNN, discussed in major news publications like Forbes, Circle of Legal Trust, Personal Injury Warriors, and International Cruise Victims. He has lobbied congress on behalf of injured consumers, served as a United States Marine, and won millions of dollars for his clients. This blog discusses Ehline’s insights and musings on all aspects of negligence law related to all things “accidents.” Ehline can be reached at (213) 596-9642.

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