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In many cases, American workplaces are getting safer. And many employers offer jobs for employees in many fields.

There are federal jobs, state jobs, local jobs, and private forms of employment in California. However, certain professions in California carry an increased risk of injury or death.

Were You Injured At Work? Get Help From a Top Workers’ Compensation Lawyer Now!

All workplaces carry some risk of injuries. And when employees get faced with such conditions, they deserve decent treatment. Most of all, if an employee does get hurt working on the clock, these workers deserve monetary coverage for their personal injuries and emotional trauma.

Agreed? Workers’ Compensation is a form of employment law medical protection. Sometimes it is intermingled with employment and disability discrimination claims. But it is not handled under the same rules as, say, a sexual discrimination case. Instead, it comes with its legislative guidelines, and it can get tricky and confusing.

How Am I Covered If I Get Hurt On The Job?

In the case of bodily harm at work, all employers are supposed to have workers’ comp insurance. Some private employers are self-insured or covered by the government. So, for example, postal employees getting bit by a dog, and even FBI special agents who get hurt at work are covered under the federal scheme.

Sadly, most lawyers do not take these federal types of claims because the costs of handling a central government work comp claim are rarely enough to cover attorney’s fees and still help the worker recover financial losses.

California’s rules are a little better for private and public workers than getting decent compensation for personal injuries while at work.

  • Are There Differences Between a Regular Personal Injury Civil Claim?

Yes. Each case will generally be restricted in how and when the claim is brought, as well as total payouts. Also, the procedures used to conduct discovery and medical care will be different. And how and who gets paid remains far less equitable compared to a traditional negligence claim in State civil Court.

You may qualify for unemployment insurance and other benefits. Most of all, when bringing legal proceedings, your attorney must be able to function at a high level in both federal and state work comp and tort law claims in regular court.

Because third parties may also be partially liable for your injuries, a good attorney will look for money beyond what your work comp and unemployment insurance can provide.

And this is why the attorneys at Ehline Law Firm, Personal Injury Attorneys, APLC, has a full-time staff of veteran lawyers who can take on your matter with confidence so if you were injured.

At the same time, at work, you can rest assured that our well-mannered and award-winning attorneys will swiftly and gingerly guide you along the way to victory.

What Makes Us Special For Your Work Comp Case?

Our personal injury attorneys in Los Angeles have received major accolades from both peers and clients. Michael Ehline has been a complex litigation attorney for over 15 years.

His personable demeanor and advanced skillset have earned him multiple Super Lawyers Rising Stars Awards, The Hollywood Weekly Cruise Ship Lawyer of the Year Award, and the Personal Injury Warrior of the Year Award from International Personal Injury Warriors.

Michael Ehline also has a perfect AVVO rating score and hundreds of positive online 5 star reviews across Yelp! Google and Yahoo!

Michael and his team have recovered over $100 million in compensation in verdicts and settlements over the years. Together, Michael and our staff are ready and willing to guide you through the arduous legal process and pounce on any legal issue with our substantial bankroll and can-do attitude.

Our sole mission will be getting you back on your feet after being seriously hurt during working hours from the time you retain us.

We provide legal representation for a range of workers’ compensation cases, including construction site accidents. There are many types of injuries in these workplaces, mainly depending on the field. But some jobs carry the increased odds of such an incident.  

What Are Some Examples of Type of Labor Claims Our Los Angeles Attorneys Take?

We help with all types of workplace injuries. But we thrive on cases in the high-risk fields of labor and employment.

Some of the more dangerous jobs include:

What Are Some Typical Injuries Faced By These Workers?

Common injuries faced by California workers include:

  • Lung Cancer
  • Arthritis.
  • Asbestosis.
  • Carpel Tunnel Syndrome.
  • Friction Burns.
  • Lacerations.
  • Facial Scars.
  • Loss of Smell.
  • Broken Knee Caps.
  • Blindness.
  • Deafness.
  • Loss of Taste.

But even gardening or landscaping comes with risks:

For example, imagine having your hand skin torn off or your arm chopped off by a wood chipper or shredding machine. These are all cases that could involve work comp. But they may also involve a claim against the manufacturer of the unsafe machine, for example.

No matter what the workplace, several common factors lead to injury.

These factors may include:

  • Unable to meet workplace or government standards and regulations.
  • Reckless actions by management or other employees.
  • Equipment failures and poor maintenance.
  • Lack of proper signs and information.
  • OSHA or PESH violations.
  • Blocked walkways.
  • Improper training.

In the different work fields and conditions, injuries on the job could vary. So they may only be bruises. By the same token, someone could become mangled in a machine.

Regardless of the injury, if you can’t work, several steps must be taken. And you must do so right away. That way, you can ensure your financial and medical well-being.

What Should I Do After A Workplace injury?

Because of the myriad of rules connected to getting injured on the job, you will need legal help sooner than later. But the good news is that our Los Angeles work comp attorneys are zealous in their advocacy. So we will dedicate our time to you to get everything taken care of for your case.

But you need to do certain things before a work comp lawyer can assist you with your workplace injury as follows:

  1. Get to a doctor immediately. (All your medical treatment, including doctor visits, driving time, and time at the hospital, must be meticulously logged.
  2. Document your injury with your boss or designated person listed in your employee handbook, if possible. (Take a day in the life videos and pictures as your wounds begin to heal)

Most of all, you will significantly benefit from having our work comp injury lawyers holding your hand throughout this boring, stressful, and arduous process.

Also, we will inform you as to who the defendants are and assure proper compliance with federal, local, or state workers’ compensation guidelines. Our goal is to get you a windfall because we shoot for the stars.

After these steps, a skilled attorney can assist you or others in need. And you will need help in many facets of the injury’s aftermath.

  • Ehline Law has retained experts on workplace safety and bodily harm.
  • So we can determine if there was a hazard at the workplace.
  • Then we can see if your employer should be liable.
  • We can also assist in finding quality medical treatment.

And we can seek out the means to pay for it. That way, we can help with issues such as unemployment insurance. In any case, we can assist in determining if you require challenging anyone.

For instance, you may need to take on your employer or insurance company after a serious burn injury leading to permanent disability or a death.

Schedule a Free Compensation With A Workplace Accident Attorney In Los Angeles

Our negotiating team has recovered millions in hundreds of cases. Our rapport with our clients makes a difference. We work on contingency — we don’t get paid unless our customers recover. And we have a personal stake in each of our friends’ cases.

Above all, we want to help them get back on their feet. For more information, including setting up a free consultation, please call Ehline Law Firm today at (213) 596-9642. Contact us here using our website form 24/7.

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