Slip And Fall Attorney for Cases In L.A.

Did you fall on a slippery floor of the mall or shopping store? Or perhaps you stumbled on a poorly built, misleveled or broken sidewalk? Or maybe you tripped on an uneven boardwalk, or nail heads at the Redondo Beach, or Huntington pier? In any event, you may have the right to money for your fall.

A man who slipped on a wet floor beside a bright yellow caution sign
A man who slipped on a wet floor beside a bright yellow caution sign holds his back in pain in Long Beach City

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The fall can cause severe bodily injuries, and fixing them can cost you financially, big time. But misleveled sidewalks and beach boardwalks are just part of this nasty problem. As will be discussed, slip and fall injury attorneys help people in a vast array of falling accidents caused by many scenarios.

Most of all, it is a good thing if you have visited the hospital. In fact, getting everything fixed straight away shows you are serious about your health. But what about the money that you have spent on your treatment?

So why should you end up paying for medical bills caused by someone’s negligence? You shouldn't. And Ehline Law Firm has helped happy consumers get a ton of money for their cases. Now you can read about the Ehline difference.

Where are the Most Common Places People Slip and Fall In Los Angeles?

Common locations in LA, like most cities where people slip, trip, and fall are:

  • Hospitals
  • Grocery Stores
  • Fast Food Joints
  • City and private sidewalks
  • Public Parks
  • Workplaces
  • Construction Sites
  • Hotels
  • Amusement Parks

What About the Duties and Responsibilities of Land Owners?

First of all, under the eggshell skull theory (click here), you take your victim as you find him. What that means is people at particular risk for broken bones, etc., get fully paid regardless of their frailties.

Who is at particular risk for trip and fall injuries?

  • Elderly (in particular, elders can suffer a fatality or permanent disability from a bad fall.)
  • Cancer Patients
  • People with blood clotting issues
  • Female gender who are more at risk for Osteoporosis
  • Infirm

For example:

  • If a bodybuilder falls and doesn't get hurt, that doesn't mean your grandma who broke her neck and knee after falling won't get paid. Is this making sense so far?

Slip and fall accidents are some of the most common types of accidents that take place when the property owners are not able to take their responsibilities as they should.

  • If their irresponsible behavior has caused injuries to someone, Ehline Law makes sure that they compensate the victim for the loss.

Medical bills normally make up the largest loss in an injury case. We urge the citizens of Los Angeles to consult with an experienced lawyer no matter how small the accident seems to an observer. A little accident today could result in big injuries tomorrow.

So if the property owner is not made to compensate your damages could grow. The legal action that you take today guarantees the safety of many in the future.

However, you have to make sure that you get in touch with only the right people who understand the law prevailing in California about slip and fall cases.

Furthermore, it is not always easy to prove a trip, slip, and fall case as negligence from the property owner’s side.

What are Some Slip, Trip, and Fall Accident Statistics?

Did you know that more than a million people in the U.S. were treated in hospitals last year for tripping and falling injuries? Did you know that one out of five falls results in broken bones or a head injury?

In fact, tripping and falling account for:

  • Over 800,000 hospitalized patients, mostly with hip fractures or head injuries
  • Most brain injuries
  • 95% of hip fractures (usually from a sideways fall)
  • $50 billion in medical expenses that are mostly funded by Medicare and Medicaid (by 75%) (Source.)

Seeing these statistics, one can see why property owners should take sufficient measures to obviate the risks of these mishaps. 

Avoiding Risks Means Making Inspections?

Yes. Absolutely. A simple inspection from time to time can make sure the property is safe from a fall risk. If there is a problem, the landlord can rope off a hazardous area and repair or replace things as needed.

What About Los Angeles Sidewalk Injury Lawyers?

Sidewalk injuries are nothing to sneeze at.

  • According to the LA Times, they cost the city and pedestrians millions each year.
  • The city consistently allowed these sidewalks’ deterioration.
  • They simply sat back and did nothing.

This includes several common causes of injury, including:

  • Falls off of bicycles
  • Wheelchair injuries
  • Trips and falls
  • Stroller accidents

Each of these types of accidents is serious. They lead to some common injuries. These often include soft tissue damage, concussion, lacerations, and more. Each one could land a person out of work or seriously change their life.

What About Compensation in Slip & Falls?

The party himself can decide not to compensate you for your loss. In fact, the defendant could try and prove the case as if the negligence was shown from your side.

  • Eventually, you could never get the compensation for the expensive medical bills that you have afforded from your pocket or insurance money.

That’s when the experienced and expert Ehline Law lawyers step in. As a matter of fact, we make sure you don’t get dodged by the offending party.

So we work hard to assure you receive every penny and more. After all, that is what you spent on your treatment for something due to someone else’s fault.

How Can You File a Government Claim for a Sidewalk Injury?

You can file a claim with the City Clerk’s Office. However, doing so without speaking to a skilled attorney is not advisable. Here is a chance to speak to a specialized expert in the field.

What are Some Types of Compensation Available to Victims of Slip and Fall Cases?

  • The medical expense.
  • Pain that you have gone through due to the injury.
  • Income that you have lost because you were not able to work with the injury.

If you or someone you know has suffered injuries due to slip and fall, get in touch with Ehline Law today. That way we can provide you first free consultation on your case and see how we can arrange the compensation for you.

Plus, we have been doing this for decades and have recovered millions of dollars already due to the diligent works of our attorneys. Get in touch with us now and empower the law at (213) 596-9642.