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Jun 1, 2020

How to Stay Safer In an SUV

Attorney Michael Ehline discusses tips to avoid serious injury while traveling in an SUV. Learning from an expert is key to your safety.

Jun 1, 2020

Tire Recall - What Several Brands Were Listed?

Did you get injured due to a defective tire that blew out that was recalled? Contact an experienced motor vehicle defects lawyer now at (213) 596-9642.

Mar 13, 2019

L.A. is One of the Car Chase Capitals of the World

High speed police chase
Police Cruiser
Police Cruiser Turn on the local news, and there is a fair chance you'll see a video of a car chase. Police car chases are not just a Southern California thing. However, recent evidence shows that it is more prevalent in L.A. Perhaps the most famous of all of these car chases is the OJ Simpson Bronco getaway. Broadcast on live TV across the country it burned the idea of such chases into our brain. Today, the greater Los Angeles metro area sees more chases than any other. There are many reasons why this is, and we're here to examine them. Part of it has to do with the weather. It's almost always warm and sunny in SoCal. Much less likely to see a high-speed chase on I-90 in two feet of snow in Buffalo, New York. Crazier things happen, but likely not in this case. Car-friendly roads play a large part, too. Southern Cali was built for and around the auto. It is no wonder that a large number of freeways and wide roads would encourage such pursuits. The asphalt jungle allows for a unique situation here rather than the back roads of Colorado. A different approach to law enforcement also plays a role. The LAPD has a separate manual than the NYPD. Besides, such chases would be difficult on the crowded streets of another city. Here it almost seems natural. A Complicated Situation. Of course, the above are just some examples. It doesn't look like the number of car chases will fall anytime soon. However, increased awareness of their potential dangers can improve road safety. No one wants to be on the wrong side of a police chase gone wrong. Understanding some of the reasons why they start in the first place will reduce crashes and injuries. and "Deputies in helicopter shoot wrong-way driver after the chase." ABC7 Los Angeles. September 19, 2015. Accessed February 13, 2017.

Jan 28, 2019

Attorneys Can Help With Debris Caused Car Accident Claims

This national forest road is blocked by a land slide of rock and debris to where it is a hazard for drivers in cars.
A photo of a national forest road blocked by a landslide of rock and debris.
A photo of a national forest road blocked by a landslide of rock and debris. Car accidents happen every day on California's roads. Most wrecks are caused by human error. And this remains especially of those behind the wheel. However, some issues are caused indirectly or due to passive actions. In cases where the person or persons at fault remain unknown, you must weigh the evidence. So that way, you determine who needs to take responsibility.   Road Debris and Car Accidents Go Hand in Hand Car accidents caused by debris are nothing new. Some debris results from a variety of material left on the road. Mostly, it is from other drivers, construction crews, state workers, or natural occurrences. And such obstructions can be a significant impediment for motorists. How the debris got on the motorway remains vital evidence.   Who Can I Sue for My Roadway Debris Caused Motor Vehicle Collision Danger Falling Debris sign underneath a skyway. If items remain left on the road negligently, for example, the at-fault parties are liable. In other more gray areas, such as who should take responsibility for obstructions left on the way after a severe storm or earthquake need an attorney specialized in car accidents. Ehline Law has seen similar issues in the past. For example, where the California DOT or Caltrans employees failed to take action after seeing a blocked roadway or walking path. Most of all, responsibility lies with negligent employers if the evidence shows this. Call or email us at any time of the day or night. No matter what, we will get back to you immediately. Afterward, we offer free consultations anywhere in the state. And we work on a contingency-- we don't ask for any money unless we recover for you. Contact us today for more information or to set up an appointment.

Jan 20, 2019

Underground Vault Explosions & Car Accidents

An abstract industrial electrical vault cellar.
An abstract industrial electrical vault cellar.
An abstract industrial electrical vault cellar. There are many ways for drivers to get into accidents. Thousands of collisions occur each day on America's roads. True, some wrecks are due to negligent drivers. And some are due to terrible weather conditions. But occasionally bizarre issues remain to be considered. Electrical Vault Explosion Car Accidents Are No Joke Yes, it's true. This is no laughing matter. Such issues are more common than you might think. In April 2015, KTLA reported on an electrical vault explosion. Fortunately, this scary event caused no injuries. But then ABC Los Angeles also said that a January 2015 explosion caused a car crash in Van Nuys. That blast caused severe damage to the vehicle. The driver remained unconscious for twenty minutes.  Amazingly underground vault explosion accidents are not uncommon in California. After all, the Golden State has an aging and dilapidated electrical infrastructure. What is the Explosion Risk to California Vehicle Drivers? So statistically, what is the risk of getting blown up? Well, such explosions carry a massive risk for drivers. And don't think a future spark won't destroy a car. In fact, that blast could leave you with severe injuries or even death. Unfortunately, no statistics presently exist regarding car accidents caused by underground vault explosions. But the news media has reported on many. What Is the Risk to the Population Generally? Tragically, there are people who remain unprotected by a vehicle chassis. Underground electrical vaults could be right under your street or school crosswalk. So many are at risk for terrible burns or death from these events. Examples of vault explosion victims include: Pedestrians Bicyclists School crosswalk guards Motorcyclists Skaters Joggers Building occupants And these above are just some of the potential victims. When an explosion takes place in a crowded city like L.A., it could lead to mass casualties. Who Must Pay You For Your Vault Explosion Accident? So now you wonder, who is at fault for these unintended blasts? Well, for one: If public agencies or private companies don't properly maintain these vaults, they remain liable for your injuries and damages. This is because when an organization takes on the responsibility of handling such infrastructure, there is a clear need to keep the public from any potential harm. Without regular maintenance or construction, these agencies could be held responsible. Hire a Trained Legal Expert for Your Underground Vault Explosion Car Crash If you have been involved in a vault explosion accident, a skilled legal expert is your best bet. Michael Ehline has handled similar cases before. This car accident lawyer is experienced in protecting drivers. He has handled severe infrastructure accidents in the past. Ehline and his team will be able to determine who is responsible for these errors. So now they can empower you with the evidence you need to know how best to proceed. Ehline Law offers free, no-pressure consultations and works on contingency. So we are not asking for any money unless we recover for you. We answer the phone or email 24/7. For more information, please contact us today.

Jan 19, 2019

Siren and Flashing Light Caused Accidents Information

black police car with included flashing lights
A black police car with included flashing lights
A black police car with included flashing lights For many commuters and bystanders, the sirens of police and emergency services mean that help is on the way. These brave, heroic individuals, like all segments of society, have their weak links. Today we will discuss how emergency responders have exceptions and licenses to violate our standard vehicle codes. And we will discuss how to efficiently deal with these people in case they go outside their acceptable risks for a given driving situation. Namely, if they cause you, the public at large, or someone you love a terrible roadway tragedy we tell you how to sue them in court. The various types of agencies and personnel most commonly involved in police and ambulance driver types collisions are the ones out there in the thick of it every day, and these kinds of characters include: Firefighters and EMS, for example, are usually heading to the scene of an accident or a blaze. So they make their way known with their flashing lights and loud sirens. At least that is what we are led think. Paramedics also rush to help injury victims across the country, often at significant risk to themselves. Police, of course, chase down speeders and criminals. But is this always the reason they are running red lights flashing, and having close calls with taxpayers on the roads? In their ways, each different emergency service plays a significant role in making sure that our society can function safely. But let's see if they were acting within the course and scope of their jobs, or just abusing the system to get somewhere quick, for example. Even the Most Honorable First Responder Can Be a Negligent Vehicle Driver Unfortunately, mistakes do and will happen. Every year due to accidents, police, fire, and paramedic vehicles collide with other cars and trucks on the road. The high rates of speed and large size of these vehicles can often lead to severe injury and even death. The situation is even more severe if these vehicles are one of the few in service in an area. Bogus Emergency Notifications/Alarms Can Lead to Devastation Sometimes these accidents are caused by improperly functioning emergency notifications. This can include sirens and lights that were not working well or at all. Many of the accidents caused by such emergency vehicles are due to drivers not seeing the lights flashing or hearing the siren blaring. If the other motorists do not have the time to get out of the way, an accident often results. The busy California roads and freeways can rapidly lead to a multi-car pileup and even more injuries. Legal Help is Useful in these Situations When injured in such an accident, it is vital to find out as much as possible about the causes of such a disaster. Next, you need to know how to respond appropriately. You will likely require immediate medical care. A skilled attorney will help you find such care, and in some cases a means to pay for it. Such legal experts like the hawk-eyes at Ehline Law will be able to work with accident reconstructionists. Then they can recreate the scene of the incident and determine which factors caused the crash. It Could Be That a Non-Working or Broken Siren that Caused Your Wreck They can help determine if non-working flashers or sirens played a role. Non-working lights can also be involved with certain construction vehicles and over-sized vehicles. If their lights were not functioning, this could be a primary cause of the accident. The agency meant to maintain these warning signs or the company that initially manufactured or distributed them could be liable. Get Help from a Motivated Lawyer Now! For more information, please call Ehline Law right away. We've handled hundreds of similar cases and have held our own to government agencies and large corporations. We've helped hundreds of clients get their lives back together. We work on contingency and don't ask for any money up front-- only if we win for you. Call or email us 24/7 to set up a free, no-pressure consultation or to find out more.

Jan 19, 2019

Illegal Aliens Legally Driving? Rule of Law is Overruled

No fun being illegal or is it?
Illegal immigration concept as a chain fence with a hole.
Illegal immigration concept as a chain fence with a hole. California set down a controversial path when it decided to issue driver's licenses to illegal immigrants. The reasoning went that these immigrants would now be covered in case of a crash, and allow for a reduction of risk on California's roads. One of the issues that led to the decision was the high number of hit and run accidents that occurred after an uninsured driver hit another vehicle or pedestrian. How Did Social Engineering Lead to Lawlessness on California Roads? What California is finding out quick is that this well-meaning bit of social engineering made the situation worse-- a lot worse. Some of the illegals did get the required insurance. But many others decided not to keep the policy. So now, the state needs all drivers to show proof of insurance when receiving a license-- but not during the period afterward. Accordingly, it has become a prevalent trend for illegal immigrants to drop coverage the day they receive their license. How Many Illegals Have Legal Driver's Licenses in California? Growing out of Assembly Bill 60, Governor Jerry Brown signed it into law in 2013 as one of his significant accomplishments. Recently, the Fresno Bee published an editorial in which it explained that the issue with drivers sans insurance did not go away. In 2014 a half million illegals gained driver's license under the plan. How Many Illegals Have Bought Subsidized Insurance? California expanded a program to allow these drivers to buy subsidized auto insurance. So far just a paltry 875 have. During a similar period, the California Highway Patrol reported 66,000 citations for operating a vehicle with no insurance. Giving False Information to Police at Crash Scenes is at "Epidemic" Levels? Good intentions often have adverse outcomes. In fact, there have been high-profile crashes in which drivers will give false information to the other driver or police. However, this has reached near epidemic levels, with many accident cases going unsolved. It has hit many in the legal field especially hard, as it has become desperate to take on auto accident liability cases because of these factors. The problem only compounds as those that cause such accidents to drive off with little to no repercussions. New Jersey is considering going down a similar path, local media reported. So the disaster on California's roads should act as a lesson, rather than a precedent for other states. Rather than being an act of compassion, the state's activism has instead directly led to hundreds of unreported accidents. And because of this, there are untold numbers of injuries and fatalities. Our legislators in Sacramento have the opportunity to step up over the next several years. At least they could put in place much stricter guidelines to check insurance. After all, this would significantly reduce strain on drivers fearing a hit-and-run accident. And this helps justice get served in and out of court.

Jan 12, 2019

Accidents and Sneezing

Sneezing and accidents
The extremes allergy sufferers must go to avoid sneezing injuries.
The extremes allergy sufferers must go to avoid sneezing injuries. To most people, sneezing while walking, laying in bed watching TV, and even while operating a motorized or another vehicle, is not uncommon.  In some instances when a person sneezes, it is not just a tissue paper grabbing situation, but one that results in excruciating pain in their arms. Sometimes the pain is so unbearable, that can feel like a stroke to some people. In most cases, the pain one endures causes loss of function of the appendage. Can Sneezing Arm Pain Cause Loss of Control of a Vehicle? Seems easy enough to answer this question at first blush, but not really. When one sneezes and suffers arm pain resulting in a temporary period of blocked sensory and control ability, which usually lasts seconds, one wonders if this spontaneous reaction could lead to the loss of the supervision of a vehicle. Think of it like this; we are looking in mirrors, touching knobs, etc. It would appear that even though sneezing can cause some people to be perhaps not able to steer, etc., the period of one second is not seemingly significant. But in some situations, it certainly could be, especially if the arm pain lasts any longer than a small second. Is Sneezing Arm Pain "Normal?" To determine is sneezing can place certain people at an increased risk of losing control over their moving vehicles, we must first ask, why does this pain happen at all? Is this a typical reaction, and can anything be done to prevent this pain and subsequent loss of control? The arm pain intensity, location and time it affects the person can vary with some people having pain in the shoulders and lower arm and others having pain and numbness in the elbow. For some people, this pain lasts for the length of the sneeze, while others it dissipates within seconds. But for some individuals, the pain can last for a couple of minutes and go from the location of the arms to the hands and fingers before going away completely. Some individuals have pain and tingling in either one or both arms, and in some cases, the pain may happen in the chest area. Pain in the arms and chest is often associated with cardiovascular disease. And this is true especially in cases where the pain radiates from the shoulder at the base of the neck and down to the fingers. Pain during or after sneezing does is not associated with cardiovascular disease, but other issues may cause the pain. Sneezing Pain Causes Suppressing Sneezes. Pain in the arms can occur when a person attempts to stop a sneeze, rather than allowing it to happen. Back and Neck Problems. Symptoms of back and neck problems can become more pronounced while sneezing or coughing. But this is due to a weakness in the bones of the neck and back because of the involuntary reflexes that occur during a sneeze. The pressure during a sneeze can cause irritation to the nerves of bulging discs and herniated discs since they reduce the area surrounding the nerves. Upper Body Tension. Upper body tension increases during a sneeze using muscles and when these muscles contract after tensing it can result in strain. The body may react to the stress by producing pain in the shoulders and arms. Herniated Disc. Sneezing for individuals that have a herniated disc may experience shooting pain in the arms. A herniated disc happens when the spinal discs that are the bone exterior filled with a soft gel-like interior and the soft interior can swell out of the hardened surface. Pinched Nerve. Pinched nerves are compressed due to pressure by surrounding tissue and this or a sudden movement of the neck while sneezing can cause pain in the arms. Dislocated Vertebras. Vertebras are small bones in the spine that can become dislocated due to trauma such as a fracture and may cause pain in the arms during or after the individual sneezes. The act of sneezing causes a temporary pressure on the spine. So this means neck and spinal problems with the pain traveling through these nerves. And that can result in pain in the shoulders, arms, hands, fingers and some case the chest. Thus, post car accident victims who notice shooting pain in the arms after they sneeze. For example, especially in between the shoulder blades or suffering from a serious back injury. Conversely, people with these ailments could be suffering from this shooting pain when they sneeze. And they may not even know it is due to a more serious condition. Stopping Pain from Sneezing In some cases, doctors stop the pain in the arms or shoulder through proper medical treatment for the underlying condition. So treating your pinched nerve or herniated disc may be the answer. Getting a diagnosis from a physician is the first step. And your doctor may ask questions about the location of the pain and how long it lasts after sneezing. The doctor often requests an X-ray of the spinal cord or MRI, identifying the neck or back problem. If the problem is a pinched nerve, the physician may recommend physical therapy. Chiropractic treatments and acupuncture may also be recommended to relieve the condition. Exercise is recommended for the person with a muscle strain. If the cause is inflammation of the spinal cord or a back injury, doctors often recommend ice and heat.  Or anti-inflammatory medications may be prescribed for the condition. The question of whether or not this condition could cause a car accident is plausible. As of yet, we have not located any sources that catalog reports of sneezing and car accidents. Hypothetically speaking, if a person is suffering badly enough from this condition, he or she could be liable for negligence. But that assumes this situation leads to a pileup or crash on the freeways, tollways, or highways in the U.S.

Jan 10, 2019

Dangers of SR 90 Extension Project

SR 90 extension
The attorneys at Ehline Law Firm Personal Injury Attorneys, APLC, have brought you this educational page because we want to prevent more deaths and traffic-related bad luck on Admiralty Way, Marina del Rey, California. Many residents and commuters have seen or heard of severe bicycle spills. Many times a year, people on foot are run over by motor vehicles on Admiralty Way. Now the Coastal Commission and Cal-trans want to increase the chances of calamity by extending SR 90, so it dumps heavy traffic right onto Mindanao and Admiralty Way. Our firm says no to the SR 90 extension. Read below to learn why. Have you or someone you know been injured or killed on Admiralty Way, or suffered bike injuries to children? If so, you're not alone. It empties directly onto Admiralty Way, a residential area road! The SR90 extension plan claimed to be "helping" relieve congestion. But the available facts reveal it will be made things worse for bicyclists, pedestrians, and motorists. Bicycle Rider Michael Ehline Is Fighting to End the Admiralty Way Nightmare Michael Ehline is an avid bicyclist and has brought you this informational and educational web page. He wants to warn the unsuspecting Marina del Rey resident, recreational bicyclist and even vacationer, that you may need to retain our illustrious legal assistants sooner than you think if the Route 90 expansion is allowed to continue. Because it is tough to get Admiralty Way accident statistics online, or from the State for that matter, our local law firm has created this user supported web page. We want to know about your predicament. We'll post it here online for free, so other Marina del Rey residents and vacationers alike can see just how dangerous Admiralty Way is. Tell us about your disaster case, and help fight the roadway expansion now. The SR90 extension will more than likely, cause more severe injury accidents and wrongful deaths than ever. And because the government has "design immunity' available as a defense under the California Government Code, the State may be immune from suit. Fighting the Cal-trans Route 90 expansion plan was so important. But we lost. Admiralty Way Bicycle Accident Statistics: In early 2006 a young girl was riding her bike on Admiralty Way, and she was run over by a car. The girl suffered severe adhesions and friction burns. In mid-October 2006, Michael Ehline, operator of Ehline Law Firm, witnessed another young girl who had been run over by a passenger truck. The young bicyclist was laying on the corner of Admiralty Way, holding her leg and crying. The young bicyclist was crossing Palawan Way from North to South on her bicycle when a green truck was making a right onto Admiralty Way off Palawan Way. Michael Ehline was riding his bicycle that day. So he informed the fire department it was a poorly engineered, blind corner. Ehline also related that he had many close calls as a rider while walking his bike through the same crossing. October 28, 2006, Admiralty Way Hit and Run Pedestrian Accident: October 28, 2006, at about 8:00 p.m. an employee of Ralph's grocery store was seen walking in the poorly lit crosswalk at Admiralty Way and Mindanao. The man was walking across Admiralty from North East to South East. The man was run over by a car and killed. And although these are just a few of the many problems on Admiralty Way, the government wants to dump the Route 90 freeway right onto Admiralty Way and Mindanao! This plan is merely shocking. In other words, even though Admiralty Way is one of the most dangerous roads on the West Side, the State wants to expand it. Now that will create a situation whereby more people will be injured and killed on Admiralty Way, Marina del Rey, California. Nationwide Bicycle Accident Statistics Show How Dangerous the SR90 Extension Will Be to Admiralty Way: Reckless and Negligent Car Operators Will Only Increase if this goes through. Nationwide bicycle contretemps are in accord with the above local accident statistics for Admiralty Way. Almost every 6 hours a bicyclist is killed by a car; About 1 million kids are hurt every year from bicycle type accidents; Nearly half of the cycling deaths happen to children less than sixteen years old; Traumatic Head injuries cause about seventy-five percent of all severe injuries and fatalities in bicycle accidents; Car crashes amount to 1/3rd of bicycle accidents. This riding is how the majority of severe injuries and wrongful deaths arise. Car operators are often not paying attention to bicycle operators. Car drivers are supposed to treat a bicycle as a motor vehicle. The same laws apply. Dumping a significant amount of highway traffic onto Admiralty Way, only served to compound these problems. Cal-trans Says Dumping Non-Resident Commuters Into Marina del Rey Residential Neighborhoods Will Help Decrease Traffic in Marina del Rey: Cal Trans is working hard to make life more difficult for residents and visitors. Cal-trans, along with the California Coastal Commission, is ramrodding this evil plan down the throats of Marina del Rey residents. (Read the CA Highways Report.) Cal Trans claims the 90 freeway expansion project is to "remove" congestion. How does Cal Trans think funneling traffic from highway 90 into residential neighborhoods is going to help solve anything? They say extra lanes to allow more traffic and extending a major freeway, so it empties into your backyard is the answer. Imagine this. Admiralty Way is now a "freeway" off-ramp. Our law firm notes that Cal Trans has no available reports online showing how this plan will protect Marina del Rey residents. Nor for that matter, do they explain how artificially increasing traffic will help lessen residential traffic congestion. All the material available online about this subject is full of conclusions that it SR 90 extension is good. No Online Reports to Prove Any of the Government's Assertions For example, Ca-trans fails to have available online any engineering reports or expert reports that dumping SR90 into residential neighborhoods will decrease congestion. Now, the Mindanao and Admiralty an SR 90 off-ramp cause people who would not normally pass through, to add to the already horrible traffic. t It will also encourage those who should be taking Lincoln to take a shortcut through Admiralty. So when Lincoln Blvd. is the real problem, with its ancient lane system designed for days of yesteryear, Cal-trans want to carve a path into the beautiful and modern Marina. Red Flags The fact that there is no material from any agency online that this plan will help us should raise warning flags. Instead, Cal-Trans has a report that concludes "residential development" requires that highway 90 be dumped into Marina del Rey proper. So in other words, since Marina del Rey is undergoing development, Cal Trans thought dropping nonresident traffic from the Route 90 highway would somehow "decrease congestion." And again, Ca-trans has no feasibility studies, expert reports, safety studies, accident statistic reduction reports available anywhere online. But Cal-trans and other state agencies do have what amounts to propaganda for the SR 90 extension. It's your kids, husband, wife, or workers who may get killed by a non-resident driver being dumped into your local area by this absurd Route 90 expansion proposal. Cal-trans should extend Lincoln, a commercial space, rather than a planned community like Marina del Rey. Adding Bicycle and NOT Car Lanes Will Make the Marina Safer Perhaps Cal-trans could merely improve the lighting on Admiralty Way and take into account that making bicycle lanes instead of more traffic lanes will save lives. Who has ever complained about gridlock on Admiralty Way? Instead of increasing traffic and corresponding wrongful deaths by dumping a significant highway onto Admiralty Way, we need to only take into account the substantially changed conditions on Admiralty Way. We need to look at the poorly designed roads on Admiralty Way and fix them. Many of locations of cross-walk posts create blind corners for a pedestrian pushing the walk button. And simple things like adding more lighting and relocating traffic posts would help decrease fatalities on Admiralty Way. Changing the traffic light sequencing from Mindanao and Admiralty at night and in the mornings would allow less traffic. That means less traffic jamming during morning and evening hours. The bottom line is that Lincoln Blvd. needs to be re-done to account for all the 405 freeway traffic that use Lincoln as a shortcut. Lincoln is too narrow, and there are too many signals. Q: What can I do? A: Vote the elected representatives out of office who approve or support the Route 90 highway expansion plan! Support those elected officials who provide SR 90 reports and statistics for our citizen's review. Express your outrage that the reports available online remain biased. Because they are only based on conclusions and unsupported by online studies or facts, or engineering reports, or feasibility studies, they are bad. Express your disgust with the Route 90 extension. Contact your local elected representative at the Marina del Rey Chamber of Commerce. Tell Congresswoman Jane Harman if she supports the Marina del Rey Route 90 expansion, that you don't support her! (Contact Marina del Rey Representative Jane Harman.) If you or someone you know has been injured or killed on Admiralty Way, Marina del Rey, California, call our free attorney hotline. (888) 400-9721. We will post the facts about your Admiralty Way hard times for free online. FIX THE HIGHWAY ROUTE 90 EXTENSION NOW!! There are no online expert reports, or feasibility studies showing how the SR 90 benefits Marina del Rey residents. Besides, we already know the dangers of Admiralty Way. Adding more traffic lanes increased traffic and failed to help. A good argument was made for adding more lanes. Making this beautiful the city into a freeway traffic off-ramp was a wrong move. Instead, increasing traffic lanes increased traffic from the new freeway off-ramp. It's right next to your newly remodeled grocery store, Ralph's! Cal-trans does not have a credible track record on this. And they compounded the problem. They failed to tackle the Lincoln Blvd. problems. That was a huge mistake.

Jan 9, 2019

What are Some Victim's Problems With Car Accidents on Desert Roads?

Driving in a sandstorm
Road in the desert
Road in the desert Across California and Arizona are plentiful scenic desert drives out in areas like Rancho Mirage, La Quinta, Redlands, and other cold spots. Some are along highways interlinking significant cities, and some are out in the middle of nowhere like 29 Palms Marine Base. Desert Accidents Are Often Worse than in Crowded Cities. You may just be driving out to Vegas for the weekend on your own, or in a rented limo, or party bus. Regardless, an accident in such a locale is often more dangerous than those in cities, especially during the day in the summer. Every car crash is a severe matter. But special care must be taken when it is in a potentially deadly biome. Evacuation Often Takes Longer in a Desert Area Crash When facing an accident in a motorized vehicle that took place in the desert, the need for immediate medical attention is evident. However, complicating factors such as heat and distance could make prompt response difficult, compacting matters related to the injury. You could also have been broadsided in a severe sandstorm and pushed off of the road, with no communications due to the turbulence and the wind static. You could be flipped over and trapped inside your vehicle, while hanging unconscious, upside down and bleeding profusely in what amounts to a tomb. Sometimes Know One Knows You Crashed? There are numerous situations like this and worse that can prevent first responders from even knowing there is a problem at all. All the while, life could be slowly draining away from your body. Beyond this, also when you do make it out alive, there are logistical problems for outsiders like you. There could be issues in getting back a severely damaged car to a mechanic-- which an insurance company might not want to cover. These problems, coupled with medical bills and recovery time can make the life of an accident victim a living hell. That is why it is vital to remember that you are not alone. Skilled car accident and personal injury attorneys, such as the ones at Ehline Law here, are always on the case. They are available to prospective clients 24/7 anywhere in Southern California and parts of Nevada and Arizona. Don't let an insurance adjuster or pushy insurance attorney back you into a corner. Never let them force you to give up the compensation your policy spells out. Such an accident may have caused you or a loved one considerable grief. How Can Experienced Lawyers Help the Victims? Take the time to recover with the assistance from Ehline Law and its team of experienced, specialized attorneys. They've won hundreds of cases both in and out of the courtroom, recovering millions for their clients. Their thoughtful and personal approach has won high praise from their customers, who became trusted partners until justice was done. Contact the Ehline Law Firm today for more information or a free consultation.

Jan 7, 2019

Police Cruisers Chasing Perps Means Death to Bystanders?

High speed police chase
Police Cruiser
Police Cruiser Annually in the United States tens of thousands of people are chased by police after they have violated the law. And in some cases, it may be a minor infraction or misdemeanor offense. The problem with high-speed police chases is that innocent people get put at risk. And the danger in many cases is fatal. Many car accident lawyers end up suing the police, which is not an easy effort. FBI Statistics - One Killed Per Day In Police Chases? According to an FBI statistical report, high-speed police chases kill one person a day nationwide, and innocent bystanders represent 42% of the fatalities. In other words, almost half of those people killed were likely minding their own business. Hence, they were in no way connected to the automobile chase. According to other federal records, police are not immune to being fatally injured in high-speed chases. Also, this type of pursuit ends up in car crashes with at least 139 police officers killed so far. police are not immune to being fatally injured in high speed chases... Authorities maintain that high-speed pursuits are necessary when uncooperative drivers or suspects flee the cops. The belief is that by not pursuing them it would send criminals a message that if they take off, they won’t be chased. So this gives them no reason to fear the police when they are operating a vehicle. In effect, many police feel that while casualties are unfortunate, especially when it is an innocent bystander or police officer. Also, it is an unavoidable consequence of the job. Their attitude is society should do a better job instilling patriotism, love of country and respect for the Constitution into the citizenry. That way, we would likely return to the low crime rates of the '50s. There are opponents of this belief in law enforcement that admit high-speed chases are dangerous. And they promote avoiding chases and using alternative means to enforce the law. This is the opposite end of the spectrum that gives criminals a pass to save lives in the here and now. Unfortunately, this leaves perps free to continue harming another person somewhere else.  And also, it breeds a certain disrespect and contempt for the law by both the protected and the criminals. The DOJ Thinks that High-Speed Chases are The Most Dangerous of All Police Activities The Justice Department has labeled high speed chases “the most dangerous of all ordinary police activities.” (Source.) They have advised to reduce these pursuits that all police departments set strict guidelines. These are to determine when law enforcement officers should or should not chase a driver fleeing. Even with the Justice Departments warnings about police chases, it is still up to the police departments. And most leave it to the officer's discretion whether they should pursue a fleeing driver or not. There is proof with police records that the officers do not always make the right choice. In California, a review of the high-speed chase police department records show that approximately 89% or more of these pursuits were for minor violations. So vehicle code issues such as expired registration, speeding, and reckless driving. In defense of law enforcement agencies and officers, it is not solely their fault these pursuits occur. But it is the driver who has violated the law that in fleeing initiates the chase. It is police officers job to enforce the law. Their job is to stop crime and criminal violations of the law. In this respect, it is understandable why police officers often choose to pursue a driver who has violated the law. Short of Deporting Illegal Criminals and Slowing Immigration, What Else Can Be Done to Reduce Pursuits? With sanctuary cities on the rise, and the current administration hell-bent on massively importing people from middle eastern countries who in large part want to kill us for "disrespecting" their religion, we have a severe problem on our hands. Now we have violent criminals using our system against us. Our government has created this problem for political purposes. We suffer from politicians' poor choices. In this case, the consequences are death from high-speed chases. Short of deporting these bad elements which are not supposed to be here anyway. So what then is the answer? What Can Technology Offer to Prevent Deaths and Injuries From High-Speed Police Pursuits? Police officers and high-speed chases are one place technology has left behind for longer than a decade. And it has been closer to a decade since the last advances in this area of law enforcement. But there are some devices like a GPS tracker tag, which the police could shoot as an adhesive GPS tracker. Attaching this tracker to a fleeing vehicle would make a pursuit meaningless since the car could be tracked. This has been commercially available since 2010. And out of about 18,000 police departments, only approximately 20 use the tracker. Other law enforcement officials have declined its use since the police officers would need to be within 30 feet of the fleeing vehicle to be able to deploy the GPS adhesive tracker. The other factor in the decision is the cost, which is five thousand dollars. One invention shut offs vehicle engines using microwave transmissions. But this isn’t available commercially. But it is still in development and research by Fiore Industries. Their reason is they claim not enough funding. This questions there are no technology advances in the area of high-speed chases to prevent loss of life.  And police officers would be able to track the fleeing driver or suspect without speed being involved. Without technological advances that are affordable to law enforcement agencies even with Justice Department warnings, there is little chance of ending high-speed chases or loss of life. Recent Examples Recently loss of life during police pursuits has not diminished, and in just this year some of the ones that resulted in innocent bystanders being killed include; a 60-year-old federal worker died March 19 in the vicinity of Washington D.C., a 63-year-old grandmother in Indianapolis, a 25-year-old man July 18th, in New Jersey. Recently in San Bernardino, California, the high-speed chase and shootout there ended with the deaths of two Islamic Jihadists.  One of whom came here legally on a Visa to marry a citizen of Middle Eastern descent born to parents who support groups like CAIR, linked to terror and Islamic extremism. His immigrant parents ostensibly radicalized the male, and in a local CAIR backed Mosque. By simply enforcing existing immigration laws instead of pandering to special interest groups, we could cut down on crime. (Learn more about terror funding.). Preventing and mitigating crime prevents chases. Short of this, law enforcement has tough choices to make. Also, they almost always have political ramifications that reverberate to elections. Until politicians start placing the interests of law-abiding Americans and stop kicking the can down the road in exchange for campaign funding, it is likely that the high-speed chase will become an even more familiar aspect of the American landscape.

Jan 7, 2019

Know The Signs Of Internal Bleeding And Seek Immediate Medical Attention

A Multi-disciplinary rescue team, consisting of paramedics, fireman and a police officer tending to the victim of a car crash
A Multi-disciplinary rescue team, consisting of paramedics, fireman and a police officer tending to the victim of a car crash
A Multi-disciplinary rescue team, consisting of paramedics, fireman and a police officer tending to the victim of a car crash Traffic accidents can take people’s lives or make them disabled permanently. Sometimes it’s the surface accidents that can result in the death of a person, and at times even the smallest of the impacts can take a person’s life. People who manage to survive such accidents end up with complications in their lives. They might become disabled and remain unable to live their lives as they used to before the injuries. Internal bleeding is one of the ultimate injuries that can cause a person to become disabled or paralyzed for life. There are many other damages that internal bleeding can result. A person whose internal organs have started to bleed due to an accident needs immediate medical attention. At the same time, the relatives and family members of such a person should get in touch with a lawyer as soon as possible. That way they can receive the proper compensation for the damages from the offending party. People need to be educated on the topic of internal bleeding.  They must know when their loved ones are in danger from this problem. Here is some relevant information about internal bleeding. Impacts That Can Often Cause Internal Bleeding? A car accident that results in a trauma could often cause internal bleeding in a person. However, small impacts can also create this type of bleeding. So getting doctor’s immediate help is always highly recommended. Here are the common impacts that could result in internal bleeding: Trauma From Blunt Force When a blunt object hits the person with force, it can result in internal bleeding. This bleeding is because it causes the organ of the body to become compressed. The compression of the organ causes bleeding inside the organ. If the lining of the organ gets punctured, the blood will enter the abdominal areas. In short, this is a severe type of internal bleeding that needs immediate medical attention. Impacts Due To Sudden Stops When a vehicle has an accident, it comes to a stop all of a sudden. Human bodies do not have excellent resistance to such sudden stops. When such stops cause the brain that is floating inside the skull to hit the cranial walls with pressure. So internal bleeding could be the result. Internal bleeding in the head or brain is considered severe damage. And it needs to be addressed with utmost promptness to avoid any permanent injuries to the person. Injury Caused By Medication People who take a lot of medicines a potent drug that has strong side effects can end up with internal bleeding organs. Such side effects of medication can arise when the doctor diagnoses the patient for a wrong condition. And the patient ends up having the wrong medicine as a result. How Would You Know Internal Bleeding Has Occurred A person with internal bleeding will show several signs. However, these signs can be different in different people. This difference is because the conditions that caused the internal bleeding are different for different people. Most commonly noticed signs of internal bleeding are as follows: Clammy skin can be a sign of internal bleeding. It might be coupled with a sudden drop in blood pressure. The pulse will also increase to a high degree. Sometimes you will notice bruises on the skin of the person who had an accident. These bruises are evident on the skin because the blood travels from inside to against the outermost layers of the skin. Feelings of dizziness are also signs of internal bleeding. This dizziness is often felt when a person stands up. Bleeding from nose and ears is also a big sign of internal bleeding taking place in a person. If an area of the body is looking inflamed and the person can feel pain upon touching, this could be a sign of internal bleeding too. When internal bleeding takes place, it takes a toll on other parts of your body as well. Brain and eyes are the organs that get affected by internal bleeding a lot. If you or someone you know has internal bleeding, then the effects on the brain would be something like: Seizures One side of the body might start to feel weak and numb Tiredness and lethargy Vomiting Nauseating sensation Coma Noticeable slur while speaking Fainting When internal bleeding takes its toll on eyes the symptoms are as follows: The person might completely lose his/her eyesight. The vision is blurred, smoky or hazy. The person will notice floating objects in the vision while looking at things. How Will You Treat Internal Bleeding? First, if you have noticed any of the signs mentioned above, it is highly recommended that you take the patient to the doctor as soon as possible. If possible, the doctors will try to fix the problem using pills and tablets. However, the damage can be severe at times. And any ruptures, punctures, and compressions that can’t be taken care of with conventional methods are repaired through surgery. Getting Law On Your Side It does not matter how big or small the accident was that caused internal bleeding.  If internal bleeding is taking place, you will have to visit a doctor, get surgery, stay at the hospital and spend thousands of dollars to get the treatment. That’s where the law and lawyers come in. They provide you with the legal representation that you need to obtain full compensation. Lawyers can help you in ways you might not have imagined. If you live in Los Angeles California and have had such a case, knock on the door of Ehline Law Firm.

Jan 6, 2019

Ways to Stay Safe When Driving For Two - Pregnant Driving Tips

Pregnant female driver
Happy smiling pregnant driver woman is standing near car near the road with green grass, summertime Driving is difficult enough when you're driving just for yourself. However, it becomes more difficult when you have a bun in the oven. Whether it is you, that is pregnant or a significant other, there are several things to consider when being behind the wheel. It is vital to keep you and your family safe when driving in and around for the next nine months. These safety tips and facts are brought to you by the Ehline Law Firm Personal Injury Attorneys, APLC. What are the Pregnancy While Driving Statistics? There are some dangers involved with driving while pregnant. Unfortunately, a person is more likely to be in an accident when with a child. NBC News reported that there is a 42% higher chance of crashes for pregnant women. This risk of a collision is especially present during the fourth month of gestation. Researchers pulled the records of over a half million women from 2006 to 2011 including the number of car accidents. For pregnant women, the risk increases significantly. It is also a leading case of fetal deaths. Chances are unusually high in the fall and winter, as well as during the afternoon. How Do You Make Your Ride Safer? There is no silver bullet, but there are several things that an expecting mother or family can do to lower the risk of a crash. It could mean the future of your whole family. Combine Trips into One: Combine several separate trips into one. This allows a lower risk of a crash due to a smaller number of transits. Consider Turning Over the Wheel: Hand over the wheel to someone that is ready, especially if you are tired. Change for the Circumstances: Your body is different than it was before you were pregnant. You're likely a bit bulkier and need some changes in how you position your seat. Take more stops as needed and don't rush. You'll get there. Seek Treatment in Any Crash: Any crash or trauma is a big one for the baby. Make sure that you seek immediate treatment for any issues or collisions. Keep it tuned here for more driving safety tips.

Jan 6, 2019

Car Accidents And Not Guns Increasing Yearly Fatalities and Reducing the U.S. Life Expectancy

Car accident lawyer Michael Ehline at gun range
Michael Ehline, personal injury lawyer
Michael Ehline, personal injury lawyer The life expectancy or average age before death continues to grow in many countries. In the U.S. the life expectancy should be at an all-time high. Also, it is not gangs or guns causing this number to diminish. So this is all about motor vehicles and inattentive, or negligent vehicle operators. Anti-self defense advocates use figures that include self-defense and justifiable homicide to falsely claim that maniacs with guns are killing more folks than negligent vehicle accidents. The only way that the number of gun-related deaths compares to the number of vehicle accident deaths, is if vehicle accident deaths are compared to the grand total of suicides, murders, defensive homicides by private citizens. Plus the legal intervention homicides by law enforcement officers, and the relatively smaller number of firearm accident deaths all must be added. And that math is as slippery as a garage floor mopped with 10W-30. (Source.) But because of fatal car crash numbers and other events, it has lowered the age. This country is one of the wealthiest. Also,  people live healthier than in many countries. The National Center for Health Statistics researchers found a problem. They discovered in the U.S. because of fatal incidents many people die younger compared to other nations. Researcher's Findings: Researchers found the top three kinds of fatalities in America are car crashes, drug overdoses, and guns (again, these researchers are trying to say that self-defense is "gun violence" to arrive at their numbers). The average age of men is expected to be 76.4 in the U.S. But in other countries, the average male life expectancy is about 78.6 years. The National Center for Health Statistics found Americans die with about an average of two years earlier than people from other countries like Germany, Italy, Austria, Spain, the U.K, and Japan. Women's average lifespan in the U.S. is 81.2 years, while in other countries it is an average of 83 years. Another thing found the U.S. has thousands more fatal traffic crashes than other nations. Accident fatality became the reason for the age difference in life expectancy. Lowering Death Rates: While this number of early deaths can become reduced, Los Angeles traffic crashes happen every day. Southern California fatal accidents and nationwide have diminished, but still, but to decreased further is the goal. Data shows the two leading causes of fatal crashes is driver distraction and speed. Reducing both speed and distraction could save thousands of lives every year. Michael Ehline and Ehline Law Firm Personal Injury Attorneys APLC, urge Southern California drivers to slow down and keep their eyes on the road. These two things can lower some fatal crashes. If you get hurt in an accident, or a loved one dies the law firm offers a free consultation. So we can evaluate your accident claim or wrongful death case. Citations: "General Statistics." Fatality Facts. N.p., n.d. Web. 17 Oct. 2016. The Best Time to Settle the Claim Could Be Huge A Hilsheimer (sc Search Consultants/owner), (Zip Code: 43054) $1000 to Tiberi for Congress on 10/13/10 Katherine F. "Five Star Car Insurance Companies Right Now Right Here." Five Star Car Insurance Companies Right Now Right Here. N.p., n.d. Web. 17 Oct. 2016. "Gun Deaths Compared to Motor Vehicle Deaths." Violence Policy Center. N.p., 2016. Web. 17 Oct. 2016. Written by David Mills | Published on February 9, 2016. "Americans Die Two Years Earlier Than People in Other High-Income Nations." Healthline RSS News. N.p., 2016. Web. 17 Oct. 2016.

Jan 6, 2019

The Morgan Case

Ehline Law Griffin Logo
The Griffin logo of Ehline Law Firm Los Angeles.
The Griffin logo of Ehline Law Firm Los Angeles. Tracy Morgan has become one of the most prominent comedians to enter the stage over the last fifteen years. His various Saturday Night Live characters put him on the map, and his role on NBC's 30 Rock built up his career even further. After starring in several movies, it appeared that the sky was the limit for the young and talented comedian. But that all changed earlier this year for Morgan. On June 7th Morgan's limo bus was rear-ended by a Walmart tractor-trailer. The resulting collision killed a passenger and injured Morgan. Morgan broke a leg and several ribs and appeared relatively healthy otherwise. However, the full effects of the crash noticed right away. Morgan insisted he was fine after finishing rehab in July. However, the impact of a severe brain injury has led his representatives to state that the actor may never be the same. Of course, this was a combination of several factors. For starters, Morgan allegedly should have had fastened a seat belt and did not. But those disputed facts in no way exonerates the likely reckless driving of the Walmart, truck driver. Morgan is suing the corporation in a negligence suit. The Morgan camp believes that the driver fell asleep and even the New Jersey criminal case states that the truck driver was up for at least 24 hours before the collision. The driver, Kevin Roper, plead not guilty to death by auto and assault by auto charges federal transportation safety investigators. Potential Liability It has become evident that many of Morgan's actions did not take place as early as should have been. Whether it was due to the debilitating type of injury he sustained or underestimating the true scope of the damage is unknown. In July he said that he was fine when leaving rehab. Like many accident victims, he may have believed that his injuries were limited to the tangible-- the broken leg and ribs and less on the mental side. The resulting brain damage can affect him and other severe accident victims for life. When faced with a similar situation, it is essential to have a skilled team of attorneys to properly work with your medical professionals to determine how to proceed. Trying to handle the case by yourself can result in an early settlement or none at all. Keeping care of mental health, especially during such a complicated and rapid-moving time is vital. Don't let the wild party, their insurance company, or their lawyers tell you otherwise. Click here to learn more

Jan 6, 2019

What is The Role of a Car Accident Reconstructionist After a Crash?

Experts Surveying for Fault
A team of engineers in group, site check the accident scene, documents and business workflow on the zone of danger.
A team of engineers in group, site check the accident scene, documents and business workflow on the zone of danger. A car crash can be devastating for a family. Severe injury or even death can occur and can completely change the trajectory of life or lives. Making sure that your family can get back on its feet should be your number one concern. With the help of an experienced legal expert, you can take significant steps in that direction. An attorney specialized in car accidents and personal injury, like Los Angeles-based lawyer Michael Ehline will be able to get you on the right track.   Ehline Hits the Ground Running By Hiring Experts Michael gets to work immediately, exhausting every resource in determining who was at fault for the accident and how to make sure that your family receives the medical attention they need. With the help of a trained car accident reconstruction expert, the many variables of the accident can be ascertained. For example, there could be hundreds of issues at play, including the role of weather, lighting, distraction, mechanical failure, poor maintenance, visibility issues, driver recklessness and more. The Better the Reconstruction of the Accident The Better Will Be the Payout The better the reconstructionist, the better the information can be compiled to supplement the police report after the accident. Any information collected will be invaluable in a court hearing and can even make sure to settle the case before getting to such a stage. For example, we saw this in the Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner crash. Jenner decided to hire an accident expert to determine whether or not he was at fault for a fatal accident earlier in 2015. In addition, Radar Online and other sources reported this and served to show the importance of such professionals further. We Work With Excellent Accident Reconstruction Experts Ehline Law has worked with some of the best accident experts in California. Secondly, with our team of experts, we guarantee the utmost professionalism and quality of care. We offer free consultations anywhere in the state and are available via phone and email 24/7. Furthermore, we work on contingency and don't ask for any money unless we recover for you. For more info, please contact us today. Lastly, we will come to you, free of charge.

Jan 6, 2019

Car Accidents and Child Safety Efforts

Baby on board
Vector illustration of a triangular warning sign for vehicle safety with a baby girl in bright, cartoonish style. Easy to edit ready to print posters in red, yellow and pink tones.
Vector illustration of a triangular warning sign for vehicle safety with a baby girl in bright, cartoonish style. Easy to edit ready to print posters in red, yellow and pink tones. Although vehicle safety for the bigger kids headed back to school is of utmost importance, just having a decent car seat is not always enough to provide that cocoon of security we want for our smallest and most vulnerable of the household, infants and toddlers. Child car seats are mandatory for children of certain ages in California and most states. In California, the law is as follows: Children under the age of 8 must be secured in a car seat or booster seat in the back seat. Children under the age of 8 who are 4' 9" or taller may be secured by a safety belt in the back seat. ....eight years and over shall be properly secured in an appropriate child passenger restraint system or safety belt. Passengers who are 16 years of age and over are subject to California's Mandatory Seat Belt Law. Buckling up is the single most effective thing you can do to protect yourself in a crash. Also, seat belts are the best defense against impaired, aggressive, and distracted drivers (Source.) Putting the Law in Action Parents understand the role of the back seat of moving vehicles for their own safety. Car accidents involving small children whose parents have taken responsibility by using child safety seats in the rear seat has reduced the number of children killed in motor vehicle accidents. There is one part of child protection that is not approached as often as it should be which are the injuries and deaths in children that occur in non-traffic situations. These are mishaps such as driveway and garage incidences where the family or neighbors vehicle strike a child. Annually there are approximately 100,000 children involved in non-traffic accidents involving children 14 years of age and younger. These incidences include back over and driving forward over a child in areas such as driveways, garages or parking lots. The number of this type of harm for children is nearly as high of a risk as the child being inside of a vehicle when there is a crash. In these types of non-traffic mishaps, approximately 70% of child injuries and deaths involve a family member as the driver of the vehicle. Rules for child safety and motor vehicles are essential. This fact remains especially true when the child is not inside of the vehicle. This knowledge includes knowing where the child is before starting or moving the car. Children often want to say goodbye or hello when the driver is moving in the vehicle. So this means there is a danger for their safety. So rules should be in place to ensure children are not behind or in front of the automobile. Such a mishap especially endangers younger kids. Increased Risk Because of the height of a toddler and the driver’s ability to see a small child you must be aware. Statistical data proves this out, with one and two-year-old children being at a higher risk of being harmed in forward or back-over accidents. Never permit children playing near vehicles. This could create bad habits for the child. And automobiles should be thought of in the same manner by parents as other dangerous items, such as guns, knives or poison. Parents should teach children to stay within a safe distance of at least several yards from vehicles, even when they are not in operation. Vehicles should be kept locked at all times to avoid children having access to a parked auto. This is because there have been incidences that had tragic results when keys were left in the ignition. Unlocked doors or keys in the ignition mean children could cause the vehicle to roll out of the driveway into traffic or start the auto. Does a Locked Vehicle Place Children At Risk? The other issue locking a vehicle can prevent is a child getting in the auto and suffering from heat stroke. Removal of the keys will mean that children will not be able to be injured in power doors or windows. Children should be taught that automobiles are not toys and can be extremely dangerous when an adult is not present. What are Some Other Risks of Leaving Children Alone in a Car? Parents should never leave a child alone in a vehicle. Many types of mishaps can occur including heat stroke when there is improper ventilation or air conditioning during hot weather. Even in short periods leaving a child alone in a hot car can result in tragedy. Thirty minutes is often all it takes for a vehicles temperature to become high enough a child will pass out from heat stroke or worse. In some tragic incidences parents in a rush forget the child is in the back seat in a child safety seat when exiting the auto. Approximately 50 children die every year in situations where during warm weather a parent has accidentally left their child in the vehicle. And they have died of heat stroke. It is essential for parents to always check the back seat before locking the car and walking away to avoid these types of tragedies. Another suggestion is to place a stuffed animal in the seat next to the child. That will provide another object for parents to see looking in the mirror war over their shoulder before exiting the vehicle. Parents dropping children off at a daycare in a rush to get to their job can set up a calling system with the daycare staff. The staff calls the parents in case of trouble. This is an accountability agreement. This is a backup system for you ensuring they are not in the car during the workday. Child Automobile Protection There are some other ways to protect children inside of or around motor vehicles. And some of these tips include ensuring the car provides certain elements that assist in ensuring child safety. More info: Purchasing a vehicle should include checking the crash score ratings to ensure buying one that has a stop safety crash rating to protect the family in the event of an auto accident. The vehicle should have an alert for when passengers in the rear seat are not wearing a seatbelt that is either light on the dashboard or chimes. Young children often unhook seat-belts and can put them in a vulnerable position in the event of a crash. When purchasing a vehicle, especially an SUV or pickup truck having a rear-view camera can prevent children from being backed over when the vehicle is in reverse. Vehicles with front and rear park assist can alert the driver when there is a child not big enough to be seen. This is often an option that is costly but can protect children from being hit by the family auto Vehicles with transmission shift interlock prevents children from otherwise engaging the transmission running into traffic, house or garage. Vehicles with auto reverse on power windows and doors can be a safety feature with children to prevent injury. Understanding the Risk: The most critical factor in the safety of the little tykes is that adults in a position of leadership rely upon their primordial instincts, and not take any risks that could put a small child in harm's way. No matter what government mandated rule, or societal demand there is, in the end, these are your charges, not theirs. Laws and rules are a small floor and not a ceiling when it comes to protecting the next generation. Be a zealous parent or caretaker and watch the risks of injury to children decline.

Jan 6, 2019

Dash Cams Could Save Your Car Accident Case?

These women could pull you over and film your arrest with a dash cam
These women could pull over and film your arrest with a dash cam.
These women could pull over and film your arrest with a dash cam. Dashboard camera videos from countries like from Russia have become increasingly popular on the YouTube hit charts. Millions view videos showing snowy crashes, bad passes, and other glaring driving oddities. However, there's a good reason that dashcams are so prevalent in the former Soviet Union and beyond: they offer drivers and passengers ironclad evidence in the case of a crash. Crashes also affect thousands of Americans each day. With these staggering statistics, there are many cases in which only substantial evidence can pinpoint the responsible party in such an accident. So this becomes especially vital if there is a severe injury or death involved in the case. Will Digital Technology Prove Car Accidents of the Future? With digital technology allowing for smaller, more efficient, and cheaper cameras, they've gained significant traction in the United States and Canada over the last five years. Consider that civil cases do not need evidence beyond a shadow of a doubt. Due to this, settlements and judgment can be achieved when one party has been determined to have been in majority fault for the accident. The bar of convincing a jury is much lower. Furthermore, it is not uncommon seeing visual evidence, such as an onboard dash cam that captures the whole incident giving one side an iron-clad advantage. Hundreds of videos are now swarming YouTube of American drivers having an extra layer of unofficial insurance when they drive. Now there is no denying fault in certain crashes, as the audio and video clears any misconceptions. Dashcams Replacing Courts of Law? Having a dashcam is a surefire way to additional court cases and keep you protected in a tort action. For more information about the legal ramifications of such incidents, reach out to professional legal experts. So this would be a significant reduction on our already taxed Los Angeles Court System for one. We look forward to seeing how far this technology will get integrated with the law and automobiles of the future.

Jan 5, 2019

The Right Age to Let a Child Ride Up Front May Shock Most Parents.

Shaken baby syndrome can cause developmental issues.
Watermelon injury baby?
Watermelon injury baby? When a child can sit in the front seat of a car is a bit of a rite of passage. It's an issue that is generations old and one that both parents and kids want to see come to pass. There's just something about sitting up front on the way to school or to a sports game to make your child feel grown up. However, parents need to be mindful of their kids' safety before allowing them to sit up in the front row. There are several things to consider before this should happen. Our column is brought to you by Ehline Law, a top car accident firm in California. These experts take their time and experience to ensure a safer ride for you and everyone in your family, regardless of age. When is the Right Time to Sit Up Front? Laws vary by state, so sometimes you have to consider a multitude of factors. Consider that airbags are designed for people above 140 pounds. Small children can be severely injured or even suffocated due to the deployment of even a regular airbag. In some cases, you can get the airbag manually turned off by your mechanic or auto dealer. Each option makes things a little bit safer. Some state laws allow kids down all the way to 10 years old to sit in the front. However, this may not be the safest plan. Often when they hit about 13 years of age, they are safe enough to sit up front. If they're a bit on the small side still, you may consider having them wait for just a little while longer. There's no exact science to when and where this should happen. Consider all of your options and the size and make of your car. All might be a factor in a potential crash. For more information, keep reading our site and our road safety tips. We'll be covering a number of other major road issues and potential solutions. To learn more call (213) 596-9642.

Jan 5, 2019

Seeking Compensation in Lost Consciousness Accidents

Modern automobile stuck on the road after rolling in the wet weather
Modern automobile stuck on the road after rolling in the wet weather
Modern automobile stuck on the road after rolling in the wet weather Auto accidents and their aftermaths are painful for everyone involved. Various injuries and damaged vehicles can lead to tremendous stress and expense. For those recovering mentally and physically from such a crash, the need for clarity is essential. For accident victims putting back the pieces of their day to day lives, it is crucial. Then to determine the causes of the crash and what if anything to do to learn responsibility.   Who is At Fault For a Driving With Loss of Consciousnesses Car Accident? How does a person pass out all of a sudden with no way to stop it or maintain lucidity? Such a situation occurs when a driver becomes unconscious during driving and causes a crash. The responsibility for such a collision is not immediately apparent. Many gray areas require the assistance of a skilled attorney specialized in these types of accident. Lawyers look at the particulars and determine what occurred. In most cases, by California law, if a driver passes out while driving, they cannot get sued in a court of justice. But this does not always remain true. What are the Situations Where You Can Sue a Passed Out Driver? In other cases, if the driver could become found negligent. So they could get challenged. So this could occur if they were taking medication that they knew could impair their ability to drive safely. Also, this could be the case if they have a stroke or heart condition that could cause driving issues and informed by their doctor. So there are exceptions to every rule. Our crack team of attorneys is always available via phone or email. And we offer you our years of experience to help you get through this challenging time. Further Reading  Tips for Settling a Car Accident Claim   SIRA - MAA  Who can claim

Jan 5, 2019

Bubbles and "Mobility Gap" Car Crash Bubbles?

Michael Ehline at the court
The United States Supreme Court
The United States Supreme Court In the U.S. we have seen all kinds of bubbles, like the .com and housing bubble. Now the bubble that is growing is called a "mobility gap." But this is something some safety experts say has been building for years and outliving its life expectancy. Like all bubbles, it will eventually burst. What is the Mobility Gap? This mobility gap involves baby boomers. These are people born between the mid-1940s and mid-1960s. They are aging in a large percentage with one of the boomers turning 69 every eight seconds. Hence, this raises the risk of car crashes every year because of older drivers. What are the Expert Predictions? Experts predicted 2015 to begin the most dangerous era for traffic accidents and deadly collisions involving drivers over the age of 65. Los Angeles car crash lawyer Michael Ehline said the statistics so far because baby boomers proved the experts wrong for 2015. Ehline said some older drivers compare with teen drivers for the risk of causing crashes. Instead, as the first wave of boomers approaches their 70th birthdays, older drivers get in fewer fatal accidents than a decade ago, even as they hit the road more than previous generations of seniors and hold on to their driver’s licenses longer. (See citations, infra.) What is the Study Data for the Suburbs? What does make a difference with these generations presently aging, is that many live in the suburbs. Hence, this means the need for more automotive transportation. So this will put them on the roads more than other aged generations. Last, and most dangerous, is they will not be as likely to give up driving. Furthermore, data shows that crashes involving drivers over the age of 70 in recent years have decreased by 15%. The reasons aren't clear, but new technology for car safety is a likely cause. Ehline said times have changed and vehicles. While vehicles have the crash and anti-crash safety features, older people are living more active lifestyles than other generations. The significance of AARP Senior Citizen Driver's Safety Because of many reasons other than safe travel, elders are also taking AARP Safe Driving courses. They take the courses not to hone driver's skills, but to qualify for safe driver insurance discounts. Yes, it's clear cars is safer today than even a few years ago or a decade before. Also, seat belt laws are stricter, and airbags are standard. The new brakes systems help avoid collisions like rear-end crashes. Most of all older drivers have changed from the more former driver in the past that held up traffic traveling at a slow speed or other dangerous maneuvers to the active and alert older drivers today. Doctors believe baby boomers might live longer than they can drive in their 80's or even 90's. Baby boomers don't have a fear of losing driving privileges when asked. Many also look forward to autonomous vehicles making it to car dealers. But Boomers aren't out of the woods nevertheless. The bubble experts believe the roads could be more dangerous with many of this generation yet to retire. So we can see that although seniors are proving to be in fewer vehicle wrecks, living in the suburbs will undoubtedly cause an uptick in crashes with older folks. Citations: "The Older Driver Comes of Age." The Older Driver Comes of Age. N.p., n.d. Web. 17 Oct. 2016. Katherine Shaver© 2015, The Washington Post Article Last Updated: Sunday, June 28, 2015, 10:18 pm, and Katherine Shaver© 2015, The Washington Post. "Aging Drivers Disprove Skeptics." The Durango Herald. N.p., n.d. Web. 17 Oct. 2016.

Jan 5, 2019

Older Drivers May Suffer Long-Term Pain After an Accident

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The Griffin logo of Ehline injury attorneys A study shows senior drivers may suffer lasting pain after a car crash. Therefore, the pain can affect daily activities. What About the Doctor's Study? The study headed by doctors and a research team at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill was to understand elder pain. They found car crashes as the second cause of continued pain and form of trauma for seniors. Another thing the study found is that four out of five senior crash victims will suffer long-lasting pain. It can take weeks or months after a crash to do necessary daily activities without problems. The goal of the research is to find ways to prevent the harm from increasing discomfort. Who were the Participants? The study consisted of over 150 people over the age of 65 that went to the hospital after a car accident for treatment of minor injuries. The study did not include older patients who suffered more severe harm like a head injury or fractures. In the beginning, over 75% of the people in the study reported pain from moderate to severe since the crash at the hospital emergency room. When researchers looked six months later still more than a quarter of the crash victims always complained of severe pain. What's the Deal With Trauma and elders? Another study researchers found had similarities with people with the most lasting pain suffered injuries to the head, neck, jaw, back or legs. Furthermore, the study also showed people with chronic pain often had less education and symptoms of depression before the accident. They compared this with crash victims without chronic pain. Head trauma's linked to cognitive failure in older adults. Researchers feel the way to deal with chronic pain is early treatment. They also suggest increased physical activity. Whiplash is one of the common crash injuries Michael Ehline said. It's also harm that might not have immediate symptoms diagnosed. Adrenaline and other bodily mechanisms can act to suppress pain, sometimes for days after a traumatic event. As it is part of the spinal cord, the brain must be guarded from impacts. Pain can be long-term and severe. Harm like this can happen even in a minor crash. Also, it can cause chronic pain at any age. Chronic pain means long-term treatment.  So this is one of the costly health problems. The Los Angeles car accident attorney said there are numerous car crashes daily in Southern California. Living with chronic pain is difficult. But it also causes a risk of another injury if the person is involved in an accident. Our law office handles claims for all kinds of accidents including car crashes. Last, the most common harm appears to be to the head, neck, or spinal cord. "Persistent Pain Among Elderly Experiencing Motor Vehicle Collision (Elderly CRASH)." Persistent Pain Among Elderly Experiencing Motor Vehicle Collision. N.p., n.d. Web. 16 Oct. 2016.

Jan 5, 2019

Glendale California Tops Providence Rhode Island for Worst Drivers

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United States Supreme Court This is interesting and better late than never. So I am always driving through Glendale. Most of all, they have some crazy roads. But finally, the annual report for Allstate’s America’s Best Drivers Report is out. This yearly report analyzes data from America’s 200 largest cities drivers. Providence Rhode Island Only 5th Worse for Accidents in Motor Vehicles? So this year, Providence Rhode Island drivers are the 5th worse in the country. But they were beaten by Glendale, California, Newark, New Jersey, and Baltimore, Maryland. Furthermore, Washington D.C. came in at number one. Allstate in their analysis of drivers considers several factors. But the original study originates from the number of times drivers in 200 cities drive without crashing. The Traffic Analysis Predictions This analysis predicts that drivers nationwide go approximately ten years without accidents. But this same prediction is not likewise for drivers in Providence. Most noteworthy, their estimate is about six years. But in Washington D.C. it is even less. So the accident rate for drivers there is approximately 4.8 years. Thus, people get in fender-benders more often there. In opposite, the report stated that the best driver’s in the country live in Sioux Falls South Dakota. Especially relevant, they have typically 13.8 years between motor vehicle accidents. But for Providence, this is not the first time drivers. Instead, they are poorly ranked for their habits. Consequently, Men’s Health Magazine ranked the city in March. Furthermore, they classified it as the 5th highest rated city nationwide for accidents. Sources:

Jan 5, 2019

What are Some Causes of Poor Los Angeles Road Conditions?

Mapping the bad roads
Topical map of L.A. roads.
Topical map of L.A. roads. Law enforcement treats single car accidents with suspicion. It makes sense, as cops get so used to taking Traffic Collision Reports from victims with two sides of a story. Our Los Angeles car accident attorneys know how cynical law enforcement can be in situations like this. Many police assume intoxication, and treat the case as a criminal investigation against the driver. Taking a Look at the Headache of L.A. Roads The reality is there are cities in Los Angeles and its connected locales with bad roads that can kill or maim vehicle occupants and bystanders. The condition of the streets in and around Los Angeles is a topic of constant conversation in the news, especially when it rains, or there is a flood. Taking a look at any of the roads of the city can cause a headache. Also, this is especially true if you have to drive them daily. There's a reason that many people were traveling through Southern California attempt to avoid the city altogether. Most of all, drivers are concerned about avoiding constant heavy traffic. LA Times Interactive Map The Los Angeles Times has an interesting interactive map to look at the road conditions across the city. The plan also allows users to see the conditions by road, by district, and by neighborhood. You can see how some of the worst roads are in some of the seemingly obvious places, including Hollywood Hills and Silver Lake. The high number of poor roads is unmistakable for commuters and pedestrians. Our Roads are Among the Poorest in the Country Two years ago, LA area roads were rated the worst in the country, with the neighboring Valley town of Glendale beating Rhode Island with having the most terrible drivers (check it out here.) A Los Angeles Times article shows just a portion of the street and highway conditions that are of concern. The combination of bad drivers nearby and torn up roads can be costly to taxpayers and commuters. In fact, according to a study conducted by the Washington DC-based research group TRIP, the conditions, including potholes and other issues cost each driver over $800 per year. Almost 9,000 Miles of LA Roads Get a C-Minus Grade? After a recent federal highway rating system had got put in place, LA's 8,700 miles of roads ranked a poor C-minus, while a quarter of roads received an F. Furthermore, officials loudly proclaim that there is a sixty-year backlog of urgently needed repairs, and almost two-thirds of the roads in the city are in bad condition, but commerce is a significant factor in slowing the repairs (view source.) Lawyers Can Help Compensate Victims Hurt on Bad Roads The shape of the roads that you and your family rely on every day is of the highest concern. If you were the victim of an accident due to negligence from Caltrans or LA DOT, contact an attorney immediately. Furthermore, they are under an obligation to keep the public safe and the roads well maintained. Let's make sure that they do.

Jan 5, 2019

The History of Saint Patrick's Day and the DWI Curse

Catastrophe Meter
Catastrophe Meter
Eat, Drink, and Be Merry, but Don't Drive Catastrophe Meter St. Patrick's Day is one of the most celebrated holidays in the United States. It is an excellent example of many of the things that make our country great. Furthermore, the festival also shows respect for a religious leader and old figure. It brings Irish culture into the wider American one. It brings all people together, Catholic or not, into one big feast day. However, some people go too far in their revelry. St. Patrick's Day is a beautiful tradition that we should keep as pure as possible. Drink if you choose, but don't get behind the wheel. Ehline Law's here to let you know some of the critical facts and figures behind this holiday. What is The History of St. Patrick's Day? St. Patrick's Day is often associated with the Catholic Church and Ireland. St. Patrick was a Christian missionary and later bishop in Ireland. He wrote a story of his travels, including his early days in Roman Britain. Members of his family were Christians. Patrick himself was kidnapped and brought back to Ireland at 16 years old. The raiders enslaved him, and he worked for six years as a shepherd. It is at this point; God told him to flee to the ocean, waiting for a boat. The future Saint did and made it back to Britain. He returned to Ireland and converted the formerly pagan Irish to the Christian faith. He spent much of his time-saving people. This famous fellow became the tale of his driving of snakes out of Ireland. According to tradition, he died on March 17th, which still bears his name. Ireland celebrates the holiday. But it remains more of a festival for people of Irish descent outside of the homeland. The day includes dancing, drinking, and parades. Chicago has one of the largest parades in the country-- even shown in the Fugitive. People often dress in green and wear clovers to represent the conversion of Ireland. Why are There So Many Drinking and Driving Accidents on St. Patrick's Day? The simple answer is booze. People drink much more alcohol on St. Paddy's day and those around it. This is even more so if it is over a weekend. Since St. Patrick's Day is a Friday this year keep an eye out for drunk drivers. According to NBC Los Angeles, March 17th is one of the deadliest days of the year. Police responded with DUI checkpoints. According to the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration, there were 276 fatal accidents on that day between 2009 and 2013. The Laguna Beach Patch reminds everyone that police are out in force this weekend. Additionally, the Riverside County Sheriff's Department is launching its own crackdown. Nerdwallet has a great feature on the increased cost of insurance after a DUI conviction. Drinking and driving are never acceptable. Also, DWIs are enforced more during this period. Stay safe on the road out there and don't drink and drive. Call someone a cab if they're considering doing so.

Jan 4, 2019

Booster Seats are Not Just for Small Kids

Mom with baby seat near a car
Woman with baby safety seat placing it in the car
Woman with baby safety seat placing it in the car One of the great misconceptions is that booster seats are just for little, little kids. Sure, they are vital for children under the age of four, but many parents feel as though they should be phased out after that. However, when parents do not follow the advice of the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration, state law, and car seat makers, there is a risk. All parents need to lower the risk of injuries to children as much as possible. Making Sure to Choose the Right Seat It's not always black and white when picking a car seat or phasing one out. In fact, there are certain ages and weights where it is not so clear whether a kid should sit in a particular booster seat. This choice is where the advice of experts comes in handy. In most cars, 4 feet 9 inches is the minimum height to start using the traditional three-point belt. Using it when shorter causes potential injury, including decapitation. Even worse, in some cases where the wrong belt is worn, airbag damage is also possible. There are several options available. A seat belt positioner is one that allows for shorter people to use the regular belt. In other cases, a booster seat might still be needed, even for a shorter adult. I'm not talking about the big one you lugged for your three years old. A smaller, NHTSA approved booster can ensure that your little one is tall enough to use the seat belt efficiently. Each one of these options provides a safer and more enjoyable experience for everyone. They might not be too thrilled with using a booster, but you'll both be glad that you did. Using Your Car with Children A Different Experience for Parents? Sometimes you don't know just how much having kids will change your life until you do. Some of the changes are a bit more subtle. Some you don't think about until after they happen. A good example is preparing a car for young ones. Often this is one of the last thoughts on your mind. Perhaps you picked out the first car seat you saw and called it a day. Sorry, new parent. It's not that easy. There's plenty of other things to consider. Ehline Law is proud to write this column to promote safety on the road. Our attorneys fought and won for thousands of clients harmed by car accidents. In particular, we go out of our way to help families with young people. We must prevent as many of these crashes as possible. Please help us get there. The Many Ways a Car Changes A car before and after parenthood might look the same from the outside. But the inside and how you drive it can change a lot. Gone are the old McDonald's wrappers and grocery bags out of the back seat. Here comes the new child's car seat. With all of the changes, there's a couple of things you have to remember: The right car seat means a lot. Not just any chair will do. Your child snowballs in the first several years of their life. So make sure that you have a seat that strikes a balance between comfortable and safe. Buying one approved by the National Highway Safety Transportation Administration is an excellent start. Engage child safety locks. Keep sharp and throwable objects out of their reach. Kids get into anything if you let them even if you hide things. Don't give small children food in the car. Make sure that the kids get used to eating outside of the vehicle, in case you cannot keep track of them. Safe travels! Keeping Your Family Safe with Your Choice of Car Safest Models for a Young Family You're thinking about changing out your car to meet the needs of your expanding family. You need space and more. For a family car, you are likely looking for the safest possible vehicle for the value. Some of the most reliable cars on the market are also within reasonable price ranges. We've taken the trouble of finding some of the safest cars that also values insofar as pricing is concerned. Read on further and learn some of the ways to keep your family safe. Choosing the Right Vehicle for Your Car Seat. It's hard to choose just one vehicle, but you'll only be driving one with your family. US News and World Report had an article about the safest midsized SUVs on the market today. Among the ones that might be within your price range, some may include the following: The Honda CR-V is one of the most popular models on the road today. The 2017 model is very safe and is named one of the best all-around vehicles. It is the number one best-ranked SUV for both reliability and safety. That's impressive. It comes with some features, including a forward collision warning, automatic emergency braking, and even more! The Mazda CX-3 is one of the safest models on the market-- with an overall score of 9.7/10 from US News and a starting price under $20k. The 2017 Hyundai Santa Fe has the same incredible safety rating as the Mazda above. The starting price is a little higher, but it comes with a rearview camera standard. It also has a variety of other potential features, including adaptive cruise control and lane change assist! Take a look at these vehicles and more for a better idea of what might be appropriate in your situation. If you want to learn more about auto safety, use our online contact form or call us at (213) 596-9642.

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Accident Reconstructionists Can Make You Shine in the Aftermath of a Bad Wreck?

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Expert BioMechanics expert (woman) looks at one document by the magnifying glass while sitting in tufted chair
Expert BioMechanics expert (woman) looks at one document by the magnifying glass while sitting in tufted chair yes they can! In the aftermath of a severe, disabling car accident, you will naturally have a lot on your mind. There are many factors at play from this tragic point in your life, from seeking medical care. Plus you will want to find a new vehicle. And you still need to deal with the flashbacks and after-effects of the crash itself. If it is a death case, the survivors are going through hell. And the last thing they want to deal with is an insurance adjustor or smart-alec lawyer from a downtown Los Angeles defense firm, for example. The bottom line is that for many vehicular accident survivors, these are the most overwhelming and confusing times to cope with, even for the toughest of men. With the help of a skilled attorney, navigating this transition can become a lot smoother. Such experts will be able to figure out the speed and direction of each vehicle involved, the state of the driver, and the state of repair of the cars. This expert will play a vital role in the deposition to the court in determining who was at fault. This expert could be perhaps the essential part of receiving any compensation for your injury.

Jan 4, 2019

Risks Abound with the New Technology

Hollywood Weekly Magazine
Attorney of the Year Awards. Hollywood Weekly
Attorney of the Year Awards. Hollywood Weekly With the advent of self-driving cars, technology does not stop. And just as driver-less Google vehicles have become mired in controversy over car accidents, electric vehicles have other issues too. Many of us know that Tesla has great dreams for the potential of self-driving cars, or SDCs. While the subject gets a lot of media attention, there is often less than meets the eye. Tesla's reputation is brand new. It still has a lot to prove. This need to prove is especially the case with such a new tech. In fact, there are more potential dangers than rewards at this stage of the game. When this change comes is anyone's guess. Look no further than Tesla's website. A large-scale pipe dream explains a few points but not much else. For families that put their lives in trust of their vehicle, this is not reassuring. Tesla has some information and photos on the site, but it is not nearly enough. The technology is still years away. When will Tesla give firm answers to how it will put these aspects into motion? Mired in Controversy. Inverse reported on some of Tesla's issues. So this includes complaints about poor conditions. The company singled out an employee for whistle-blowing. Also, this received harsh criticism from the United Auto Workers. If the company can't even keep its factories in order now producing few cars, what will the future bring? Most of all, the appearance of placing profits over people is never good for consumers. As a car accident lawyer, it is my opinion that reliability issues could put other motorists at varying degrees of risk. Now combine this with the fact that Tesla could replace Uber/Lyft's human drivers, and we can see where this is headed. A Smart Tesla Could Kill Off Taxi Services Altogether? Instead of flagging down a human driver from the side of the road, Musk wants self-driving cars, like his revolutionary Tesla vehicles, to become part of a massive, robotic fleet of hyper-smart cars willing to take a fare along without a cabbie at the wheel. (See Footer.) Accidents, injuries and a new cottage industry for attorneys will be the outcome. All of these factors have a firm foundation. No doubt, Tesla could help Uber avoid employment and work comp claims, and help create a whole generation of unemployed Millennials. With $15 an hour guaranteed for burger flippers, we have also seen fast food places go automated. All is not as it appears it seems. Are Technology Lobbyists Pushing For Minimum Wage Increases? In fact, many technologies and automation lobbyists are active supporters of forced, unmeritorious salary increases. After all, who stands to benefit when employers can't make a profit? Indeed, potential new hires won't be driving for Uber or flipping burgers as entry-level jobs at this rate. The people making money are lobbyists and automated tech companies. In any event, concerns remain about Tesla's decades-old business model. Elon Musk's big promises often come out flat. We don't have time for falling short. Car consumers have high standards. Of course, with so many displaced workers, it is hard to see who will be able to afford these cars. A Whole Generation of Poor Passengers? And maybe that's the idea? Perhaps we have a whole generation who will be forced to ride in an Uber, driverless Tesla. Indeed, when a car accident takes place, the victims will rarely have jobs or income. So what is a case like that worth to a PI lawyer? The answer, not much. Tort Reformers Win? Of course, the defense bar would be happy. So tort reformers stand to win big on this deal. Tesla has an opportunity to come clean with the public. But much of this will only come after it unveils its new self-driving tech. However, if Tesla's grand dreams are any indication, it is likely to be underwhelming. Consumers Win? When the company can produce more than several thousand cars a year, it can gain respectability. Before that, point it might not be a good idea to get your hopes up. In any event, so far we have seen vehicle fires and other issues with car batteries. Also, with the capability of producing hydrogen on site, and no need for coal energy, hydrogen vehicles rather than coal and petroleum vehicles should be the basis for their propulsion. "Tesla's Self-Driving Uber Service Could Kill Off Taxis -- and Car Ownership." Inverse. Accessed February 13, 2017.

Jan 4, 2019

Alphabet Suit Shows Depth of SDC Mess

Uber car accident
A car with a damaged backend
Just the Latest in Alleged Self Driving Car Abuses A car with a damaged backend The ongoing back and forth between Google's parent company Alphabet and Uber is a delight to watch. The two competed over the self-driving car market. Now the fight spilled over into the public eye. Now Alphabet says Uber was colluding with an employee while the former still employed him. This is just a small portion of the issues between the two companies. SeekingAlpha reported on the incident. A multitude of allegations and lawsuits mixed between the two. Furthermore, neither company is backing down. Multiple suits and allegations of sexism mired Uber down already. This is getting more interesting by the day. Allegedly, the employee worked for Waymo, an offshoot of Google/Alphabet. Alphabet offered documents showing Uber interfering with their then-employee Anthony Levandowski during his employment at the former. The engineer worked on self-driving car tech. Allegedly the documents show that Levandowski downloaded and transformed 14,000 documents to Uber. The suit further alleges he received stock options worth over $250 million. What is The Role of the SDC Industry? What does this all mean for the self-driving car industry? Well, for one it shows the weaknesses of the major players. Both Uber and Google taunted each other for years over the development of such tech rights. However, when push came to shove they were each weaker than expected. Each also spent more time and money fighting each other than anticipated. All of these weaken the case for self-driving cars anytime soon. Rather than putting their focus into the tech, these companies delay and delay. For the average consumer, this is a mixed bag. Many people want self-driving cars. However, they realize the reality that it isn't happening soon. They also see the fratricide between these companies and the results it has on the tech process. We here at the Ehline Law Firm cover this issue very closely. Keep it here for more info. We update our readers all the time.

Jan 4, 2019

Dangers of Electric Vehicle Fires

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The Griffin logo of Ehline injury attorneys The electric motor vehicle: The car industry has made significant advances in technology in cars and models. GPS navigation is a choice and is standard for some models. Some cars have self-driving, slowing or stopping features. The evolution is moving at light speed. But other models not on the market are entirely self-driving. These newer autonomous vehicles are also electric/battery powered and don't rely on gasoline. So they have little impact on the environment. Injury lawyers and others are seeing these new technologies blossoming into whole new industries. There are many types of electric vehicles. Some are using autonomous technology heavily based on GPS. We have already seen cases where famous people were killed while riding in driverless cars like that. Electric vehicles require special safety training. So this is a new and exciting technology. But it requires specialized knowledge and practice. No matter what, electric vehicle technology is a burgeoning new industry. Burgeoning Industry for Lawyers Tempered By Political Corruption Placing Consumers at Risk? One would think this new car would create new jobs. Unfortunately, as with any new technology, there will be accidents and deaths caused due to faulty designs. Likely, also, there will be weak warnings, and wrong instructions. So the plaintiff's bar is likely to see an increase in filings for manufacturing defect and strict products liability. Defects usually exist because many electronic technologies are placed in the marketplace too early. In other words, products are put out there without adequate testing or warnings to consumers, or end users. Many of the products can prove themselves to be dangerous to end users. But the government is behind hybrid and electric cars. Since they allegedly don't harm the environment or use fossil fuels, it fits in with the global warming taxing scheme agenda. The U.S. government is helping to put at least one million electronic vehicles on the roads. So due to this cooperation between industry and state, count on courts and the political systems to make bringing tort cases like this difficult. What Can Lawyers Do To Force Electric Vehicle Safety? The plaintiff's bar needs to push for legislation banning donations or campaign money by any industry seeking government favors. Examples could include a politician asking industry to donate money to a charitable foundation the politician runs. Then the politician can put pressure on administrative agencies, and politically connected friends. You see, this is how they get granted that tax break, make a grant or loan. Whatever it may be, it stinks. Whenever the government interferes with free markets, they place consumers at risk. What are Some Technology Problems? New technology often has problems in the beginning, and vehicle advances are no different. Things can go wrong even after the cars are on the market. Electronic vehicles depend on lithium-ion batteries to run, which can fail. They can fail due to dampness, water, and crashes. Damage or dampness causes them to burst into flames and burn at a high temperature. A stark warning is coming from many Los Angeles car accident lawyers that anyone near or inside of the vehicle is in danger of severe harm or death. Batteries, Fires, Testing, testing, and more testing Before cars get put on the market, they undergo testing for design and safety. The Chevrolet Volt is an electric vehicle was used in a safety crash test. And this was done to determine the level of protection the car provides for people inside. Batteries and Combustible Chemicals There are cases of batteries unexpectedly catching fire. A car left unattended can even become engulfed in flames. There is even a danger after a minor collision with an electric vehicle. This danger exists even when the automakers designed and built the batteries to be safe. Contrast this with gas-powered cars. Incredibly, this is not a danger with regular gasoline cars or trucks. Despite the flammability and explosiveness of gas, there is no fire in practically any gas-powered car accident. The reason the batteries pose a danger is that they have flammable chemicals. Chemicals that have extremely flammable contents are in the batteries. When the cells ignite they burn at a high temperature. The temperatures reach about 840 °F degrees. Damage, punctures, moisture from the air or humidity can cause fires. Also, any amount of water can cause batteries to ignite. The volatile ignition and high fire temperature can be dangerous or deadly. Need Technology Accident Help? Electronic battery design no matter how safe can have problems. Nothing is 100% percent infallible. Furthermore, battery fires are rare. But they can happen, causing severe injury or death. So if you or a loved one has suffered harm or lost a loved one due to an electric car crash or battery fire, you may have a claim. The claim may be against the automaker, battery manufacturer or another party. Contact our lawyers for a free consultation to learn about your rights. In conclusion, we will fight for the settlement or court award for your losses and harm you suffered. Source: Lampton, Christopher. "Are Electric Cars Safe in Accidents?" HowStuffWorks. N.p., 2011. Web. 08 Oct. 2016. "Are Electric Cars Dangerous?" Auto Notebook. N.p., n.d. Web. 08 Oct. 2016. Steve Doughty for the Daily Mail. "Nearly Silent Electric or Hybrid Cars 'are a Risk to Pedestrians': Walkers 40% More Likely to Be Involved in Accident ." Mail Online. Associated Newspapers, 2015. Web. 08 Oct. 2016.

Jan 4, 2019

Caltrans Employee Injury Claims Against Negligent Drivers

Caltrans picks of rocks
This national forest road is blocked by a landslide of rock and debris to where it is a hazard for drivers in cars.
This national forest road is blocked by a landslide of rock and debris to where it is a hazard for drivers in cars. Caltrans employees have a risk of serious injury in a crash in Southern California. This year by September 1st there were 185 worker deaths. A tanker truck in Acton struck the last worker who was killed. While employees work on the I-405, I-110, I-10, I-5 and other freeways they are in danger of harm. Most Los Angeles car accident lawyers know that these crashes happen due to distracted drivers texting, speeding and taking their eyes off the road. But sometimes they arise due to poor supervision and inadequate signage that would warn driver's there are worker's nearby. These can account for the basis of a work comp and government claim, for example. What are Some Commonly Asked Questions? Workers often have questions when they get hurt because of another driver. What is Caltrans Employee's Worker's Compensation? How Can a Caltrans Employee Recover Compensation? When a worker becomes seriously harmed, they can get workers compensation. The employee's benefits include: Payment for medical care. Temporary disability benefits during recovery. Permanent or partial disability benefits. Vocational training to work in a new field because of long-term disability. Workers comp pays no money for pain and suffering. Do You Have Other Choices Aside from Workers Comp Insurance? The usual way for a worker hurt on the job to pay for medical care and other bill is workers comp benefits because of on the job risks. Plus, this bars the employee from filing a lawsuit against the employer for a work-related injury. There are exceptions for bringing a suit for employees. One example is if a driver hits a work vehicle causing it to impact and to hurt a worker outside of the car. What is Third Party Liability? Can I File a Claim After Another Driver Causes Injury? The worker was hurt because of another driver, rather than hurt on the job or by a co-worker's actions. In that case, the law in California allows the worker to bring a third party claim against the at-fault party. This claim means filing against the other driver's insurer. If the driver is a commercial driver like a truck or taxi driver, the request can be against their employer. When filing a claim against the driver's employer for negligence, the worker must prove: The worker suffered harm qualifies for compensation. The commercial driver had a duty of care. The driver breached the duty of care. The breach caused by the worker's injuries. The duty of Care Breach What Happens When A Duty Gets Breached? The worker must prove one of the breached duty of care elements to have the right to seek a settlement. The settlement or court award includes money for medical costs, future medical attention, lost wages, future earnings, and other damages. Also, the claim can also cover non-economic damages like pain and suffering and loss of ordinary life. The worker can bring the third party claim while receiving workers comp. The employee's case can then go in front of the Worker's Compensation Appeals Board during the third party lawsuit in civil court. What About Negligence and No-Fault Liability? What does Negligence and No-Fault Liability Mean? Workers comp does not matter if the harm happened due to the employee's negligence or another operator's actions. The negligent third party claim falls on the at-fault party. This is the no-fault liability. However, in some cases, the worker may have some responsibility in the accident. Then comparative negligence will apply to place a percentage of fault on the employee and the other person. So for example, if the worker gets awarded $10,000 and their responsibility is 20%, so the injured worker would get $8,000. What are the Two Recoveries Available? Can I Keep All My Worker's Compensation and a Third Party Settlement? California State law, like most other states, does not allow the worker to keep the money they got from worker's comp and pay from a civil suit. When the settlement or court award is obtained, the employer has the right to file a lien claim on the third-party prize. Third party claims should get investigated since this suit is often a better result than the Workers Compensation Appeals Board. This board is used for cases that require ongoing treatment or long-term disability. What is the Benefit of Legal Assistance? Workers comp with minor injuries is often clear where the fault lies. When the harm is more serious, you need ongoing treatment, surgery or therapy. It may include lost wages and future lost earnings. Third party claims must show fault, so an injury lawyer is necessary. They have the skill to investigate the complaint. They will negotiate with the at-fault party's company and insurer. If you or a loved one is harmed while at work in Los Angeles and areas of Southern California contact our lawyers for a free consultation. We can go over your case to know if there is a third party claim. We can help the hurt worker through the employee's comp process and with the Workers Compensation Appeals Board.

Jan 4, 2019

Will the National Media Take on The Self Driving Car Risk?

Self driving meter
The words Self-Driving on a vehicle speedometer to illustrate the rise of autonomous vehicles to increase safety and reduce accidents
The Many Issues of the New Tech The words Self-Driving on a vehicle speedometer to illustrate the rise of autonomous vehicles to increase safety and reduce accidents Even Newsweek is getting in on the action. In their recent column, the magazine explains that the ordinary person may never ride in a driverless car. Many people are disappointed that self-driving cars are not all they were cracked up to be. We do know that car companies pay news outlets a lot of money for ads. So the question arises, "will the national media take on the self-driving car risk?" After repeated crashes, intellectual property disputes, and technical issues, the problems are adding up. It looks like it will be decades, not years before you can ride one. In fact, the issues are mounting so fast some companies are overwhelmed. Even Newsweek is getting in on the action. In their recent column, the magazine explains that the ordinary person may never ride in a driverless car. Fortune cited Tesla claims its car was not on self-driving mode after a crash killed a man in the Netherlands last year. However, as Dutch media reported recently, a Tesla car on self-driving mode crashed into a truck there this year. Uber-Google Fight Could Sink Self-Driving Cars Fight Over the Future of Self-Driving Cars. The recent fight between Google and Uber may portend far more significant changes to come. The conflict arises regarding the role of self-driving car tech. The SDC movement has garnered a lot of smoke, but not a lot of fire. Furthermore, despite multiple attempts promises keep vanishing. Fortune reported on the ongoing battle between the two giants. Underlying the whole situation is the fate of SDC tech. Google claims that Uber stole their proprietary info. This suit will eat up a whole lot of time and money. It also exposes the weak foundation of self-driving car hype. The years showed that such technology is more often than not a puff of smoke. Also, repeated crashes and even a fatality followed the rise of this tech. Testing is inconclusive and is well behind schedule. Uber's Mounting List of Problems. The situation regarding Google is just the tip of the problems for Uber, according to the LA Times. Thus, regarding the lawsuit, Uber received 14,000 company files from its former employee Anthony Levandowski. Google, owned by its parent Alphabet, soon discovered that its tech was ripped off by Uber. Furthermore, many cases the files were almost the same. According to the suit, Uber took three patents. Also, Google wants Uber to stop using any of the techs. All of this is terrible news for consumers. The trust they put in ridesharing services such as Uber and Lyft is misplaced. There are multiple cases of abuse by their drivers and the company. Many instances of violence rocked the news. Ultimately self-driving cars are a boondoggle of epic proportions. They show that many of the promises are hollow. It also shows a misunderstanding of the American consumer. Consumers do not want the fraud of major companies. The lofty promises are just that. Follow us here for more information about Uber and updates on fraud cases. The video below shows just one of the many accidents caused by these types of vehicles: Furthermore, this is only one example of issues these cars produce on the road. Considering these are just pilot cars, wait under they come out in large numbers. Decades of Work? Many of these issues are not just bugs to work out. In many cases, they are full problems which will require decades to get through. These car companies are lying straight out about the capabilities of these cars. Self-driving cars are a danger on the road. Don't let the fancy videos and commercials fool you. Tesla, Uber, Google, and the others need a long time to work out their problems. Keep it tuned here for more information about the self-driving car phenomenon and how it is growing-- and fizzling. Ehline Law has several experts in both auto liability and autonomous car issues. We are abreast of the latest case studies and the chance you'll be sitting behind the wheel of an SDC. In conclusion, whether or not the national press will risk losing advertising dollars and expose the self-driving risk is a matter to be seen. So we'll keep you updated.

Jan 4, 2019

Car Accidents | Filing a Lawsuit

lawsuit form or document in business office
lawsuit form or document in the business office
lawsuit form or document in the business office It is relatively straightforward actually to file a lawsuit in a car crash case. In some straightforward situations, some accident victims will elect to go in propria persona (also known as in pro-per depending upon fed or state jurisdiction.). So this means that the victim usually represents him or herself in the negotiation process. Ultimately he or she may sue the at-fault party(ies) either in small claims court (learn more) or in some other venue of competent jurisdiction. Knowing how to file a lawsuit is more of a procedural aspect.  Understanding who to sue and not be malicious is more of a substantive issue. We will cover the latter in a companion article to this one. What are The Various Steps in Suing? So many people want to cut to the chase and sue the person who crashed into the victim's car or ran them over.  But courts appreciate tenderness in the handling of potential suits. In the interest of efficient administration of justice and judicial economy, courts favor mitigation and attempt to resolve before seeking judicial involvement. As attorneys, once we have exhausted all reasonable means of recovery without court, and at the conclusion of our investigation, it is in your best interest to file a lawsuit. But as noted below, there may be multiple defendants. There could be parties such as the employer of the person who was driving the vehicle during working hours. Other defendants can include the manufacturer of a poorly made car. The more big pockets, the higher the chances of a pre-trial resolution and adequate recovery. How Do I Determine Limited or Unlimited Jurisdiction and Statute of Limitations Compliance? If you believe you have named all the proper parties, and are still within the legal statutory time the time to file a government claim, or regular civil lawsuit (e.g., remains within the Statute of Limitations), you can go for it. You still will need to determine whether to file in the limited or unlimited jurisdiction. Typically if you think all the bills and suffering in your case exceed $25,000, you file in "unlimited." The opposition may still bring a Walker Motion (See, e.g., Walker v. Superior Court (1991) 53 Cal.3d 257), and try and have the case bounced back to "limited jurisdiction" if they think you cannot meet the threshold burden of damages more than the minimum amount. If the case has a value of less than $10,000, the law mandates that small claims court be utilized. The benefits of limited jurisdiction are many, assuming you don't have a big injury.  The biggest benefits are streamlined discovery, and trial by declaration as far as experts go. This streamlining means trial costs are much less. The biggest downside is that the max you can recover in gross is $25,000. Once you have resolved the other jurisdictional issues like the subject matter, and in personam questions, the next step is preparing and then filing the lawsuit in court. How Do I Prepare the Court Summons and Complaint? For a non-represented party, it is recommended that a Judicial Council approved "Form Complaint - Motor Vehicle Accident" be used. These more easily defeats a demurrer or motion to strike (discussed in more detail in another pending article.) The idea is to fill in the facts, and check the "Motor Vehicle" box. The complaint is ready for filing. There are companion documents in Los Angeles like a Civil Case Cover Sheet and local cover sheets. You need to check into the state, and local rules discussed more below. You don't want the papers to get bounced. Now you need to go to the courthouse, stand in line, and pay the filing fees. Currently, the filing fee is in the $400.00 range. You will need to have copies of the face pages of each document that you file so that you can serve file-stamped copies of each upon the defendant. Now you have 30 or so days to serve the complaint. And then you will have a status conference if it is not served. And if proof of service is filed, the dunning conference is ordering you to show good cause why it was not served, is called off. But let's not get ahead of ourselves, because you are not done yet. Preparation and Filing of the Mandatory Companion Documents. The next step in filing a car accident lawsuit is to prepare the documents that are required by the local rules, as well as the Civil Case Cover Sheet, and if in LA, the LASC Civil Case Cover Sheet Addendum. The Cover Sheet requires you to identify where the accident occurred, or where the defendant resides. This ID makes sure you file the case in the right courthouse. So many plaintiffs over the years have had their case bounced on the last day for filing. And this was due to them failing to determine the correct courthouse to file the original complaint. The LA Superior Court Website has a zip code identifier, to help you locate the proper court to file suit. In Orange County, all civil lawsuits are handled in downtown Santa Ana Court, which makes that effort easier for a newbie plaintiff. In any event, look online and make sure there are no additional forms for filing for that particular courthouse. And make sure all these documents are submitted when you present the lawsuit. Then you still need to serve and then record the proof of service once served. What is Service of The Lawsuit? At the outset, this is sort of a hat tip for new lawyers and the self-representative. Some companies specialize in serving documents, and who can hire you out a process server. Many of these document retrieval and delivery services will already know what needs to be filed and served for each local courthouse.  And this will often guide an unrepresented party through a checklist of sorts. Also, they have certainly assisted busy lawyers who may have overlooked some necessary local document that was not earmarked for filing. The last thing anyone wants is a rejected document and more fees to re-attempt a filing. In any event, once you have filed the complaint, gotten stamped copies of face sheets, etc., copies of everything are sent out for service. Since you are a party in interest, you are deemed hostile, or biased, and thus, unless a small claims action, you need to have a disinterested third party. Or you need an attorney to serve the documents upon the adversary under penalty of perjury. As discussed, there is a limited time window to do so. So if the defendant is evading process, you may need to make several trips to and from a court to explain to the judge what good faith efforts were done. What is a Motion for Default? At some point, you may need to make a motion to have a judgment entered on your behalf. This happens will be once you have published notice of the lawsuit in a magazine, for example. That affords the defendant every notice and opportunity required to appear and answer for their alleged tortious activity. This is called a Motion for Default. And it is tough to get entered, even for an attorney. This is because public policy favors allowing a party every opportunity to defend themselves in person. Assuming arguendo, the defendant was served correctly, the proof of service gets entered at the courthouse either in person or by mail. When sending copies of documents to the court, it is essential to include cover sheets of each paper filed. Also include a self-addressed, stamped envelope. That way you have proof that the court has everything it needs. This is especially helpful should the court later misplace or lose something, which has been known to happen. In small claims cases, as shown above, this process is streamlined. Is Filing a Car Accident Lawsuit Easy? Filing a car accident lawsuit is no walk in the park.  Non represented parties should seek the help of an experienced paralegal at a minimum. In most cases, going it alone means leaving money on the table and losing valuable time. In almost every case, it is smarter to have an attorney represent you and try and settle. Studies show that people with a lawyer tend to fare better when facing the legal system. Want to learn more about car accident lawsuits? Feel free to give us a call at (213) 596-9642.

Jan 4, 2019

What are Some Tips to Escape a Sinking Vehicle?

Sinking Car Danger
Escaping a sinking car
The Smarts You'll Need Escaping a sinking car A sinking car is a nightmare. It's not a matter of fact or fiction. Drivers and parents alike fear the possibility that their vehicle will careen off the road into water. Standing and flowing water are both threats to drivers and occupants. Each person in the car should know how to escape such a situation. This is even more dangerous, considering that hundreds die each year from just this situation. It is easier than thought to escape from such a situation. Learning how only takes several minutes but can be the most valuable thing you learn today. There are specialized tools that knock out windows in case they are sealed shut. Roll down the windows and get ready to head out. Get out the front as the back windows probably won't roll down all the way. There's little chance to get out through the door. There's also no chance an ambulance or fireman can get you out. You're on your own. A Common Fear is Drowning in a Sinking Car. Mythbusters even did an episode showing the risk and response to a sinking car. These types of issues are a real risk for drivers. A bridge issue or driving off a bank is not uncommon. Submerged cars are a unique danger to drivers. A car accident is a risk we all face. Floods and wet areas present these risks more than in dry areas. But this may not always be true. Flash floods happen in desert areas, and dams can break in dry areas. So know what is needed to protect your family. You don't want to be in a situation where you don't know what is expected of you. There's still time to learn. Furthermore, you owe it to your loved ones. Each one of these tips can save a life. For more info continue reading Ehline Law's ongoing blog series about safety tips and tricks. We are committed to the highest safety planning for you and your family and preventing road accidents. In conclusion, our firm stands ready to help with any road safety issues you have. Call or email us for more information.

Jan 4, 2019

Time's Changing For Drivers - Beware Drowsiness!

Michael Ehline at the court
United States Supreme Court
Turning the Clock Back United States Supreme Court It's that time of year again when nature's clock is changing the hours of light and dark. Soon we will be setting our clocks forward. Benjamin Franklin suggested the idea back in 1784, as a way to economize on sunlight and burn fewer candles during winter mornings and nights, but the practice did not become steadily official in the United States until Congress passed the Uniform Time Act in 1966, with the same intention of saving energy. (Citation, infra.) This time of year is when you need to get extra rest because of the change in the times of dusk and dawn. It's sleep awareness time since this change can make a difference in traveling to and from work or doing simple errands. When the clocks change there will be an hour difference, but for a driver, it can mean leaving for a job in the dark or just as it is beginning to get light. Then coming home it can be nearing dusk after a long day. The sun can also be a factor as it sets for drivers. What is Fall Back? The adage is fall back and spring forward. This is a time of year when we fall back, which means we lose an hour of sleep when the clock changes. Michael Ehline, Esquire a Los Angeles car accident attorney said this one hour makes a big difference to drivers. Especially, for people that work night shifts or are commercial drivers who every year feel the effects of the time change. The loss of the hour can make drivers feel drowsy and affect their reaction time. In addition, judgment can be impaired and so can your vision. Also, drivers involved in a crash because they fall asleep risk police infractions. And that can cause a loss of their license. Are drowsy drivers a Major Cause of Accidents? Every year drivers who become drowsy cause thousands of accidents. To combat this problem, some states have installed thousands of miles of rumble strips on highways. These strips are bumps in the road to deter drowsiness. This measure may reduce some crashes, but there are still thousands yearly by tired drivers. Ehline said drivers often open their windows, turn on the air conditioning, or turn up the radio in an effort to help them stay awake. The lawyer said it doesn't work as an effective method for drowsiness usually. He said they still see many crashes and rear-end accidents causing injury to the driver or another person. What are Some Driver Tips? The Los Angeles car crash lawyer urges drivers to get proper rest now so when the clocks change they won't feel the sleepy effects of Daylight Savings Time. Ehline offers a few tips for drivers: Almost all Americans do not get the 8 hours of sleep recommended every night. It is essential to make sure to get the right amount of sleep this time of year. Medications may cause drowsiness, whether it is prescription or over the counter. It is essential to know the side effects of any drugs. Even something as simple as an over the counter allergy medication, see if it causes drowsiness. Take breaks if driving long distances. Take a 15 or 20-minute nap whether driving a short or long distance. Make sure to have sunglasses in the vehicle. This time of year, the sun rises and sets at different times than in spring and summer months. This time can cause sun blindness when driving. Also, the sun is lower than it has been in recent months, putting the sun at a different angle when driving. Do not drink before driving even for a short or long distance. Most of all, people must be mindful of their surroundings. Also, drivers must consider that others perhaps were not so prepared to be on the roads with the difference in hours and light. Hence, those enlightened motorists have to pick up the slack and surround their vehicles with a cushion of space. In conclusion, here we have discussed daylight savings, the risks of driving and tips to avoid incidents while driving. If you need to learn more, please review the citations below. Citations: Poppick, Laura. "5 Weird Effects of Daylight Saving Time." Livescience. N.p., 2 Nov. 2013. Web. 13 Oct. 2016.

Jan 4, 2019

Google Unmanned Cars To Bankrupt PI Lawyers?

Self driving meter
The words Self-Driving on a vehicle speedometer to illustrate the rise of autonomous vehicles to increase safety and reduce accidents
The words Self-Driving on a vehicle speedometer to illustrate the rise of autonomous vehicles to increase safety and reduce accidents Orwellian Control Logan's Run, the hit 70's TV show, warned of days like this. But it appears that nothing will stop the wave of technology that places the citizen under control of an Orwellian, government monitored computer database. We already know that our texts and emails are being monitored and stored by the NSA, in violation of the plain language 4th Amendment. We also know that many politicians and judges they appoint, actually think that our unalienable rights are mere privileges. But many tort and consumer attorneys still look to more government regulation and control over the lives of everyday citizens as a positive thing. Well, just as Obamacare will eviscerate what is left of the collateral source rule, and reduce economic damages under the Nishihama, Hanif and Howell line of cases in California, the driverless car could very well bankrupt what is left of the personal injury plaintiff's bar. However, there are always winners and losers. Products liability attorneys may still be able to thrive in the car accident field, by pursuing products liability lawsuits against Google and their technology companies when, or if these cars go haywire, maim and kill. The Google cars not requiring a driver to operate the vehicle may change the car accident rate on the nation’s highways and suburban streets forever. The Google non-driver car could change the way people look at commuting and travel, much the same as the company’s search engine changed Internet searches. Engineers have focused on building a car that is self-driving that will use sensors, computer data, and satellites, with Google claiming the vehicle will reduce the number of car accidents. The company known for its Internet search engine believes there will be a reduction in car mishaps due to technology intervention. Google Says There Will Be Fewer Accidents and Diminished Congestion? The computer data and sensors the cars will use can see 360 degrees at all times. This is something that human drivers are not able to do when operating a motor vehicle. Blind spots, weather conditions, limited vision all are eliminated with these driverless cars. Google alleges that in testing the unmanned vehicles over thousands of miles, the only accidents occurring were from other drivers. The company believes the use of this type of vehicle by drivers in the future may reduce traffic congestion as well. And this is because the vehicles will be able to drive closer to the one in front. The other way Google feels this will reduce traffic congestion is by virtually linking the vehicles together. That way they will be connected by a unified computer network, similar to a train. Google cars are not available to consumers and won’t be for some time. The company wants the autonomous vehicles to be tested for one million miles before putting them on the market. Google vehicle technology will be paired with an automaker in manufacturing the automobiles. Do Vibrations Save Lives? Auto manufacturers have been using technology to make cars safer and reduce some human error and continue to improve safety in motor vehicles, primarily to reduce human error. The manufacturers include Ford Motor Vehicles. They have been installing lane keeping technology in their vehicles to alert the driver if an auto has veered out of its lane. It does so by causing the steering wheel to vibrate. If the driver does not correct leaving the lane the car will autocorrect. The road feature can help in avoiding accidents caused by driver distraction or a driver who has fallen asleep at the wheel. At-Fault Liability with Driverless Cars While testing continues on the vehicles that operate on their own without the need for a driver, also known as robot cars, they will be sharing the road with autos operated by a driver. This poses the question about accidents and at-fault liability. The states of California and Nevada are both proposing or passing legislation. This will place requirements on the testing on roadways of these latest technology vehicles. Colorado is expected to follow in the proposed legislation. But it may be some time before this future generation of automobiles is available to consumers. After all, rules and regulations for manufacturing specifications and testing need to be in place, as well as roadway use. The proposal of legislation before the cars being on the market for consumers is an important factor since. Because of this liability could become an issue not only in crash mishaps but also in defective products. The Google car is a vehicle might reduce traffic accidents. This remains the case since it does not require a driver behind the wheel.  Instead, it is dependent on software and other technology that may pose a hazard. Especially if defective making it essential to have laws involving liability for this type of vehicle. When this fails, and it will, there will be casualties. The Future of Car Accident Claims from a Lawyer's Perspective Google will probably be able to carve out exceptions for itself from lawmakers it donates money to on both sides of the aisle regarding liability for lawsuits. So the concern among the plaintiff's bar is that the same legal standards must apply to Google cars, as is for any other technology. The real issue here is if Google can make technology part of a government program. After all this could potentially shield the internet powerhouse with sovereign immunity. We have seen similar things happen when the state takes over a train or transit system. When the government designs something under part of an approved plan, it can also try and assert immunity. So this could throw a wrench in any potential suit as far as the timing goes, among other problems. Presently, under the law, if a Google car causes a wreck, a consumer can just bring products claim. So they do not have to worry about all these potential defenses. But just think of the partnership between Big Brother and Google that could be. We already know that California is issuing licenses for these cars. Information for Consumers As more and more businesses flee California to business-friendly states. The more and more driverless cars take the roads, it is highly likely there will be a dip in car accidents. This will certainly devastate the car crash attorney's bar. But as seen above, this is clearly not a technology that is ready for prime time. If it is rushed to market, it could be the next Pinto case. The choices are clear, find a chink in the technology and sue now while you can. Plan on your practice taking a big hit. If this pattern continues, it is only a matter of time before motorcycles are either outlawed. Of bikes will be made driverless in the interests of controlling government-run healthcare costs, just as kitchen knives and glass beer mugs are being slated for retirement in the UK. At some point, the crystal ball is showing a stark future for personal injury attorneys. Soon we will all live in a common padded room.

Jan 4, 2019

Worst Chances for Accidents are Right Here in L.A!

US DOT and Michael Ehline
Ehline attends the US traffic safety hearings.
Ehline attends the US traffic safety hearings. Los Angeles was built around the car. While this is the case, the city isn't always the friendliest to motorists. Instead, we see some of the worst traffic in the country in and around the town. The greater Los Angeles area is well known for its rage-inducing traffic jams and hours behind the wheel. Unfortunately, Los Angeles is home to seven of the top ten most congested roads in the country. These include the following: Harbor Freeway/CA-110 Northbound: Just over three miles of road is the most congested road in the country. Harbor Freeway/I-110 Northbound is also among the most congested in the country. Almost seven miles from W. Redondo Blvd to W. 111th Pl. San Diego Freeway/I-405 Northbound is the third most congested in the area. This congestion is between Santa Fe Avenue to Getty Center Drive. The fourth most congested road in the city is the San Gabriel River Freeway/I-605 Southbound, almost five miles long. The Santa Monica Freeway/I-10 Eastbound. The Santa Monica Freeway/I-10 Westbound is the sixth most congested road in the city. The I-110 Southbound stretch near 50th Street is about two and a half miles of traffic pain. See the map below for some of the worst traffic zones in and around the city. This map shows just one portion of the potential traffic, which ebbs and flows. The natural peaks, of course, are during the morning and afternoon rush hours. Furthermore, commuters are sometimes best served by public transport or ride sharing. Traffic maps [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="1052"]

Jan 4, 2019

Child Backover Prevention—Lifesaving Tips

Keeping children safe around motor vehicles, especially in soccer mom situations, is crucial. One of the most common ways little kids are run over is when they are hit by passenger cars like SUVs and mini-vans that are moving in reverse. This topic is a tremendously gruesome and arduous topic to think about or discuss. But this is one topic that is necessary to keep your child from being harmed or killed. Children of all ages can be hurt when a vehicle is moving in reverse. And this remains especially true for small children, those on skateboards and those lower profiled toys like Big-Wheels, tricycles, and bicycles. These types of mishaps are often referred to by personal injury attorneys as backover accidents. These mishaps occur in crowded parking lots, and the lesser dense neighborhood driveways more often than one might fathom. This mishap is even more true in the hustling and bustling areas of Greater Los Angeles, California. Of course, these events are not just in the City of Angels. In fact, every other state in the U.S. is faced with the tribulations of a child getting run over by a car backing up. Knowing these tips below may help prevent a devastating situation involving your child. As discussed, backover mishaps happen when a vehicle is backing out of a driveway. But they also occur at parking spaces. Most of all, the driver backs over a child, because the driver is unaware and/or unable to see the behind the vehicle. Not All Cars Have Safety Features to Avoid Kids. In fact, the more expensive cars like Mercedes and BMW are often equipped with rearview cameras, so this can severely diminish the risks of running a kid over. But not all vehicles have these devices or beepers. And still some over-rely on cameras and buzzers instead of keeping their heads on a swivel. This type of event is especially emotionally distressing when the driver of the vehicle is the parent. After all, they either hit or ran over their child. Plus, in most of these incidents, the children are young. So this makes them too small to be seen by even the most astute driver. Avoid Guilt by Looking for Children When In Reverse. Most of all, in many of these cases the parent backing up tells the authorities they did not see the child behind the vehicle. This lack of vision is a heartbreaking situation for the parents and leaves the feeling guilt-ridden. But can also leave a parent facing a negligent homicide charge, or worse! What are Some Common Factors in Car Backing Up Accidents? Common factors are many of these tragedies revolve around small children. Of course, they are riding bicycles, tricycles or other riding toys that are low to the ground. Statistical data from shows that approximately 50 children are hurt or killed in back over vehicle accidents weekly in the United States. Ehline Law Firm attorney Michael Ehline understands this is an upsetting and traumatic topic to discuss. But one key thing that is important for anyone who operates a car. Being educated about the ways they can prevent back over accidents is a must. Human interaction is key. Take a look at this below list I compiled to help people out. Key Facts: Rear vehicle Detection Devices: Do not depend on backup cameras or warning noises when the car or truck is backing up. These devices can be helpful to the driver, but they cannot take the place of visually walking around the vehicle. Also look behind and use the mirrors. It is reasonably foreseeable that a child can be behind a car in certain situations. Pay close attention and keep your head on a swivel when leaving the little league and soccer practice. Same goes for backing out of parking lots in areas like schools. Pay particular attention at shopping malls where more children are typically present. Supervision: Children should always be supervised when they are around or near vehicles that may be moved. Even at home if one of the family may be going out, both parents need to coordinate the moving of the car concerning where the kids are on the property. Negligent supervision is also a crime in California. So for those of you who are more concerned about saving your skin, than looking after the skins of your little ones beware. Education: Teaching children to never play near or behind cars or pickup trucks is essential. Move Away: Children should be taught to move away from any vehicle that starts or as soon as they see the driver getting into the car and transfer to a safe area. Bicycles and Toys: Do not allow bikes or toys to be in the driveway or children to use them in the driveway. Teach them that is a danger zone and off limits. Alertness on the Road Children and Vehicles: Always be alert to children, especially smaller children who may be near or behind a vehicle. Standing to the Side: When children outside always have them rise to the side of the vehicle to see them. That way drivers can view them while backing out of the driveway or parking space. Prior to Reverse: Before engaging the vehicle in reverse walk around the car or truck to ensure nothing is behind it. Make sure there is no child behind the car. Mirrors: Always use the mirrors when the vehicle is in reverse. And remember children can move in the path of the car quickly. Look: Always look when the vehicle is in reverse. After all, children’s movements are unpredictable. Blind Spots: Remember that every car, SUV or truck has blind spots. So when backing up, especially in some models, the blind spot can be enormous. When care is taken and precautions are used, back over accidents can be prevented. So do your duty and save children from being harmed or fatally injured. Pay attention while backing up your car. Author Michael Ehline is a philosopher, father, and attorney who can be contacted at: (213) 596-9642.

Jan 4, 2019

California’s New Traffic Laws and You

Mini van versus car accident.
Beverly Hills car crash involving minivan.
Changes for Commuters and Passengers Alike? Beverly Hills car crash involving minivan. A new slate of laws came onto the books recently. California's new legislative year means some critical changes to just about every role of life in the Golden State. Furthermore, many of the most significant changes involve the road and those on it. The LA Times reported on some of the changes ahead. One of the most substantial changes responds to the Pokemon Go craze. Drivers are not able to operate a motor vehicle while playing the game. Also, the state established rules for motorcycle speeds while lane splitting. And there is a significant advance revolving around ride-sharing apps. The companies Uber and Lyft can no longer hire sex offenders, DUI offenders, or violent felons. The companies hired some drivers accused of attempted rape and violence against passengers. This is a significant win for all riders. Also, drivers for the ridesharing companies cannot operate their vehicles with a blood alcohol level above 0.04%. There were also advances for passengers of other types of transport. And this includes a charter bus. The action comes two years after the Orland crash killed ten people. Drivers of these vehicles must give their passengers written, or video instructions on how to use safety equipment, and emergency exits. School districts now must change their bus driver training to prevent children from being left alone on buses. Violations must be reported to the state DMV. Many Avenues for Effects. All of these have their changes. It is not clear how the laws will function in the real world. Some, like protections for ride-sharing consumers, are well overdue. It also follows other locations outright banning the practice. Changes to charter vehicles are also past due but likely do not go far enough. We here at Ehline Law watch these types of cases closely.  And we will advocate for the rights of motorists and passengers alike. Keep reading our site for more information on how these changes will affect you and your family.

Jan 3, 2019

Shoulder Injuries and Car Accidents 101

Shoulder Injury Diagnosis
Doctor with a patient checking a shoulder injury
Doctor with a patient checking a shoulder injury Car accidents can injure nearly every part of the human body. Often the forces involved are similar to those felt by a pilot ejecting out of a fighter plane after being shot down. In fact, severe injury and even death can follow many auto accidents. Safety concerns should near the top of everyone's list when driving or riding in a car as a passenger, or as a fare. The injuries can vary in type and severity. But the human body seems especially vulnerable to joint damage as a result of sudden traumatic force. How to Mitigate Problems Immediately? Quickly See a Doctor for Diagnosis and Prognosis In the aftermath of a car accident, a thorough medical examination is key. In any event, many issues can develop in the days, weeks, and months following a severe crash. And all of these are unbeknownst to the victim. A skilled physician will be able to identify the short and long-term consequences of these injuries. And this is especially the case when dealing with joint and muscle damage. Vital joints, such as the shoulder can severely inhibit a person's ability to work or lead their life. Furthermore, these types of injuries could be longstanding, especially if not treated properly. Also, it is also of importance to recognize the possible types and effects of shoulder injuries as follows: Fractures are among the most common, often including the collarbone, or clavicle, the upper arm bone, or proximal humerus, or the shoulder blade, or scapula. These fractures are often felt immediately after the crash. And symptoms usually include pain, bruising, swelling, and limited movement. These often become identified with X-rays during a full examination by a doctor. Clavicle fractures often include swelling around the middle of the collarbone, perhaps taking the shape of a bump. Many times this type of injury can be treated without surgery. But extreme cases could include full surgery with plates or rods inside the bone itself. Humerus fractures are identifiable due to a severely swollen shoulder, including extremely limited mobility. These types of fractures are commonly very painful and require varying treatment options. If the broken bone fragments have not moved out of proper alignment, surgery may be avoidable. However, if the fragments have moved, surgery including plates, screws, or pins is commonly required. For more severe cases or older patients, shoulder replacement may be required. Shoulder separations can severely impact the victim's life. And these are commonly felt as an irritation sticking up out of the shoulder. Sometimes a noticeable bump develops on the top of the shoulder. Depending on the severity and direction of the separation, surgery may or may not be necessary. But in more severe cases, surgery to repair ligaments is needed. Most of all, this is common among those that use the shoulder as part of work. Shoulder dislocations also feature a bump. But this time it develops on the front of the shoulder. So the arm is unable to move, and the arm is commonly rotated outward. Many people lose sensation in part or all of their arm. This type of injury requires the arm to be placed back in the socket, including medical intervention. But sometimes this is done manually by putting the arm back where it should be. And then it gets placed in a sling. Of course, at times this requires surgical options. So if you or a family member have faced a severe injury such as this, it is vital to reach out to both a medical and legal expert as soon as possible. Personal injury expert Michael Ehline has helped hundreds of accident victims. He is a car accident attorney, in Los Angeles and a legal professional. So he takes pride in ensuring accident victims they can return to full function and enjoyment of life. As a disabled former Marine, Ehline understands the pain of severe injury. Also, he comprehends the need to repair lives after accidents. Ehline Law works on contingency, not asking for any money unless Michael wins for you. He and his team will answer the phone 24/7 and will visit you anywhere in the state. Call or email us today for more information.

Jan 3, 2019

Traffic and Accidents Go Hand in Hand Near Independence Day

MAMMOTH LAKES, CA/USA - JULY 4: Independence Day Parade guard of honor at Mammoth Lakes California on July 4, 2011. This is an annual event.
MAMMOTH LAKES, CA/USA - JULY 4: Independence Day Parade guard of honor at Mammoth Lakes California on July 4, 2011. This is an annual event. The long July 4th weekend is upon us. Over the next couple of days, millions of Americans will head to and from their camps, homes, and favorite places. If you've already hit the road or will do so over the next several days, here are some ways for you and your family to save some time, money, and stress. Heck, maybe it will also keep you from an accident. AOL recommends avoiding both rain and traffic. With 44 million people hitting the road, it's no surprise that this could be a heavy weekend traveling. Often, experts recommend leaving on Saturday instead of Friday. Leaving Friday morning before 8 am gets you well ahead of most traffic. Furthermore, there will also be a tremendous rush of people headed to and from work in anticipation of the time off. CNBC has its own list of recommendations. At least the average price of a tank of gas is way down. July 4th weekend is the heaviest for buying gas the whole year round. The Other Side of Holiday Traffic Unfortunately, there is another side of heavy traffic around holidays. During such periods, both traffic and accidents spike. With the increase in parties and alcohol consumption, DWIs and booze-related crashes will produce an uptick. Sometimes there's no way to avoid a drunk driver, but understanding the risk decreases the chance of an accident. If you are involved in a crash, it's important to remember the simple steps to follow: Stay calm: Don't let your emotions get the best of you. Make sure everyone is okay: If need be, seek immediate medical help. Document everything: Take photos, interview witnesses, take notes. File a police report: And ask for one for yourself. Don't settle with the insurance company: Before speaking to a skilled auto accident attorney. These tips and trips brought to you by the Los Angeles car accident lawyers at Ehline Law Firm Personal Injury Attorneys, APLC. Keep it here for up to date information.

Jan 3, 2019

What Happens When a Robot is in an Accident?

US DOT and Michael Ehline - Los Angeles car accident lawyer.
Ehline attends the US traffic safety hearings. Making traffic and surface streets safer for commuters and pedestrians.
Ehline attends the US traffic safety hearings. Making traffic and surface streets safer for commuters and pedestrians. In a few decades, consumer motor vehicle operations will be a thing of the past. Planes will be self-directed, trains will be automated, and we’ll all enjoy the peace of a self-driving car. It’s a pretty appealing concept. Long road trip on the horizon? Just jump in the back seat and let your Tesla’s A.I. take the wheel. Nissan's CEO recently stated that he expects the first self-driving vehicles to be on traditional roads by 2020, but you can already enjoy the convenience if you work at Google - which loads a ton of automated cars on their campus. The goal is to create a safer, saner experience on America’s roadways. The human race is distracted and angry; it’s about time we pass over the reigns to a neutral, respectful autopilot program. However, the rise of the self-driving car will open up a brand new controversy. Namely, what happens when a robot is involved in an accident? We’ve spent decades drawing up the specifics for personal injury law in vehicular collisions. We’ve all danced with insurance companies sussing out fault, irresponsibility, and injury graveness. But how does that change when a computer is behind the wheel? It’s a complicated question, and at this point, it’s only a matter of time before we confront it head-on. Who Is At Fault in an AI Crash? The vast majority of accidents involving self-driving cars are not the fault of A.I. itself. The motorized, automated vehicle is following the rules of the road, and some fallible human idiot rear-ends them or merges into their lane. However, that’s not always the case. Last Valentine’s Day a Google self-driving car slammed into a bus after it tried to negotiate a right turn. It wasn’t a glitch, the car’s software simply made an error in judgment that caused a collision - which is a tacit confirmation that the era of the self-driving car will not be an era utterly free of car accidents. Occasionally, there will be a need to get into the legal weeds. There’s nothing fun about being in an accident, but there is evidence to say that being involved in a collision with a self-driving car might be more beneficial to the victim than a conventional personal injury case. Bryant Walker Smith, a law professor at the University of South Carolina, has taught a course on the burgeoning sector of automated vehicles, and told the Associated Press that “assuming you’re not dead, you’re in a much better position than if you’d been hit by an ordinary, human-driven vehicle.” This is because self-driving cars will shift the legal nexus away from the traditional questions that surround piloted negligence. Now, these cases are directed toward product liability. “Whereas today’s crash liability regime is based largely on the liability of individual drivers under negligence, tomorrow’s may be premised on the liability of manufacturers. So this would be under product liability broadly,” he writes in a paper called Automated Driving and Product Liability. “This shift will also create new issues for the judges and juries evaluating the resulting crash claims—as well as for the lawyers negotiating to avoid such trials.” The reason that’s advantageous for a legal client is that you’ll be dealing directly with a corporate entity. After all, it’s difficult to prove negligence in a personal injury case. A lot of the specifics are left up to unknowable conjecture. How can you prove that a driver took his eyes off the road in an inopportune moment? Do we know for sure he was looking at a cell phone? However, this becomes a lot easier when you’re dealing with cold hard calculations of a self-driving vehicle. If the nuts and bolts show that a car on auto-pilot miscalculated an off-ramp merge, you quickly eliminate any guesswork. There’s also speculation that the manufacturers of self-driving vehicles will want to err on the side of caution. That way they can hand out generous settlements to keep the industry looking pristine. Volvo, Google, and Mercedes-Benz have all already stated that they’ll take responsibility for any accidents involving their vehicles. Going to court over the specifics about a computer’s decision making doesn’t look good from the outside looking in. That being said, there’s also a chance for the fault of a self-driving car accident to fall on the owner of the automated vehicle. Let’s say an accident happens because a self-driving car’s tire blows out and swerves into traffic, and after an investigation, it’s clear that the tire in question needed to be changed for a long time. In that case, the fault may fall to the pilot. It’s a pretty easy defense to claim a driver wasn’t maintaining the proper conditions necessary to keep an automated vehicle safe. But again, that discretion will be left to a judge. Yet, this is all speculative. Despite all the money being poured into the self-driving industry, the legal jurisdiction is still lost in the Wild West. In a few decades enough legislation and precedents will be passed to outline the specifics of the status quo, but until then your best bet is to get a good lawyer and hope for a big settlement.

Jan 3, 2019

Did You Know the No.3 Cause of Los Angeles Deaths and Injuries are from Car Accidents?

Ehline Law Firm DTLA personal injury law building. Motorcycle accident specialists.
The Los Angeles commercial building where Ehline Law Firm at (213) 596-9642 is located.
The Los Angeles commercial building where Ehline Law Firm at (213) 596-9642 is located. Leading Cause of Death Motor vehicle accidents with an injury to occupants remain the number three cause of unintentional injury and death in Los Angeles. (Source, California Department of Public Health.) But these seem to be the most well-known injuries because so many people see the vehicle pileups as they drive around. All they were doing is conducting day to day activities in their conveyances and commercial vehicles. In 2013 alone, Los Angeles County reported 54,994 car wrecks. (Read more statistics here.) For example, take a look at the surface streets and freeways like the I-10, or I-405 during rush hour traffic. Any daily driver has seen people pulled over after a low-speed rear hit bumper impact early in the morning, or around 5:00 p.m. Typically people are delayed because motorists slow down to look at the crash scene as the victims exchange license and proof of insurance info. In fact, this choke point can lead to more accidents because drivers are not paying attention to the brake lights in front of them. But it's not just the main highways where this happens. Many more terrible T-bone and left turn wrecks to happen on surface streets near where consumers live and work. Everyone remains inconvenienced by the hazards presented by car crashes in LA. Ehline Law acts as a shield and sword to those injured, thereby helping avoid drama and mistakes in filing a valid insurance claim. So What Exactly Is a Motor Vehicle Anyways? A motor vehicle is any conveyance powered by an engine with an internal, or external power source not human. So it is not a bicycle powered by a human's legs or arms. But it could be a motorcycle because it is powered by gasoline, internal combustion engine, or electrical motor, for example. So what motor vehicles are often involved in LA roadway motoring incidents? Passenger Cars (including commercial taxis, limousines, Uber and Lyft). Motorcycles and Motor Trikes (Including off-road ATV's, quad bikes and other two-wheeled vehicles). Commercial and Light Trucks (including trash trucks, armored cars, UPS, FedEx, and other transportation vehicles). Commercial and Non-Commercial Buses. Segways. Are You the Victim of a Los Angeles Motor Vehicle or Car Accident and Need Help? Passenger cars seem to be involved in a lot of roadside smash-ups. A passenger car is a road motor vehicle, other than a motor cycle, intended for the carriage of passengers and designed to seat no more than nine persons (including the driver). (Source). However, sometimes legal lines get crossed when a vehicle gets used for seemingly commercial purposes. For example, what about Uber, Lyft, and Taxi? So here it is more about how it gets used and not what it is called. A passenger car remains a passenger car. But technically, a 120, or 9 passenger limousine is a passenger vehicle. But sometimes it becomes a passenger car used for commerce. As such, it must carry commercial liability insurance. (Source.) So in case you are hurt by or in a vehicle for hire, the chances remain more magnificent that commercial insurance will cover you. And this is often much more than for a noncommercial car. The same formula is used to determine fault in a passenger vehicle crash under Civil Code Section 1714. Does a duty exist to keep passengers or others safe? If so, was that duty breached and were people damaged as a cause of the breach? If so, contacting a Los Angeles car accident attorney would be beneficial to the victim. A Los Angeles car accident lawyer will be able to investigate the accident scene, order police reports. And after that, you must prepare a settlement demand package to the liability insurance adjuster. This package is vital to building a substantial personal injury motor vehicle accident claim. If no agreement gets reached, the case should to trial and more mediation. What Makes Los Angeles So Car Accident Prone? In Southern California, we see all manner of cars and even custom bikes. We see sports cars, limousines, luxury sedans and everything in between. With L.A.'s distances and traffic, we have evolved a car culture unique to specific area codes and zip. For example, in the 818 or 213 area codes, cruising is a happening thing for blue-collar types. Take Huntington Park, for instance. Have you ever driven the main street when there was an L.A. Laker's win? The scene is reminiscent of the L.A. Riots. All manner of cars with Dubs and custom features are rolling. An outsider risks crashing just out of sheer terror when traveling here. Then when we go to the 714 and 949 area codes, we see the white collar types driving sports cars and sports sedans rolling along and crashing. The common denominator is that sometimes drivers become drunk or distracted — millions of small cars ingress and egress along the many thoroughfares, highways, and freeways of Los Angeles proper. In fact, these are some of the most crowded streets in the world. Poorly maintained roads, road-ragers, and other factors only add to the problems. In 2014, the California Office of Traffic Safety counted 37,546 injury and death collisions in Los Angeles County. Also, 3,409 of these wrecks were alcohol-related. Will You Always Know You Are Injured After a Crash? Being dazed and confused is part and parcel of a newly motorized vehicle accident. Adrenaline, fear, and shock all tend to mask pain. So you may not even know you are hurt. The time right after a surface street or even a parking lot crash is one of the most critical moments for protecting yourself.  And it's crucial to preserving your ability to get compensated down the road. There is never a better time to collect evidence about how the accident happened then right after the crash. Is Making a Record Important After a Crash? Yes. Making a record and collecting evidence is key to winning a car accident case. Below are some ways you can help your lawyer protect the case. We suggest the following: Make a Digital Record. Ask for permission from percipient witnesses to use your iPhone to videotape them. Have them narrate what happened, and identify who they are. Even though the car may look like a crate, take pictures of license plates and vehicle damage. Take Written Statements From Each Witness. Just the facts. Time of day, date, place, location, directions of travel. And get a narrative of how the accident happened. Don’t rely on the CHP or local police to interview everyone. Even if they do, it could be absent in the Traffic Collision Report. Gather Witness Names, Addresses, and Phone Numbers. Be nice. Don’t spook potential witnesses. For example, what if witnesses are illegal aliens? They may be scared to speak in a court setting in the future. But qualified lawyers can explain there is nothing to fear. And always try and get phone numbers too. Focus on contact info for their place of employment. And get their cell phone number. You need this info. Document the Defendant’s Driver’s License and Insurance Numbers. By law, the parties in a motoring accident must exchange info. Make sure you verify proof of valid auto insurance with your own eyes. Refuse to rely on the defendant to pen the info. Of course, the other driver may be scared and shaking too. Maybe thinking straight was impossible. And take a picture of these items with your phone camera? Be smart. Call the Police. If injuries and vehicle damage happened, get a copy of the police report. (Source.) Here is a partial list of parties who may have to compensate you for an accident. Companies and Government Agencies. Both private and public organizations can be liable for a car accident. For example, when the employee causes a crash while acting within the ordinary scope of business, the employer bears some liability under the legal theory of vicarious liability. But if the employee was off the clock, or exceeding the range of their job description, employers can wiggle out of the case. Of course, government employees and agencies can cause a wreck by failing to maintain or repair roads, for example. So the City and County of Los Angeles could be liable, along with the private contractors they hire. Traffic signal phasing problems have been known to result in massive casualties. But failing to place a light or stop sign in an area known to have substantially changed is also a basis for legal liability. Unfortunately, many lawyers don't even know the various statutes of limitations in cases against the state, local or federal government. Vehicle Makers. Automobile manufacturers regularly recall defective vehicles for some latent defect. Often it is learned that a design error has led to a partial or complete failure of a safety system, such as an airbag. But bad or brittle fuel hoses have been known to start vehicle fires. Sometimes seatbelts fail and need to be retrofitted. These are just some of the more common defects faced by commuters. If such a mistake was the cause of occupant's injuries, the passengers could sue all those in the chain of commerce. In other words, the dealership, car factory, and anyone else involved in the construction or sale of the car remain potential defendants. What are Some Insurance Coverage Problems in Car Accident Cases? Whether a slip and fall, car collision, or some other mishap, many victims think they can turn their problems over to their insurer and wash their hands of building their case. Defendants assume they will be protected. Plaintiffs may even think their insurer will have their best interests at heart. But we have all seen property damage claims handled shabbily by adjusters. We have seen crummy aftermarket parts installed on exotic vehicles, and worse. Besides that, the personal injury claims are almost always undervalued by both Defendant and Plaintiff's insurance alike. Sometimes UM and UIM won't cover everything. In any event, only a personal injury lawyer will be able to evaluate the case honestly. For example, sometimes no insurance exists at all. Only the most qualified Los Angeles car lawyers understand the nuances of these complex cases. Contact one now at (213) 596-9642.

Jan 3, 2019

Pregnancy and Car Accidents

Happy smiling pregnant driver woman is standing near car near the road with green grass, summer time
Happy smiling pregnant driver woman is standing by a car near the road with green grass, summertime
Happy smiling pregnant driver woman is standing by a car near the road with green grass, summertime Keeping Care While Pregnant and Driving. Car accidents can be dangerous for anyone, and they are significantly more dangerous for pregnant women and the unborn child. For this reason, when a woman who is pregnant is involved in a car collision, they should immediately seek a medical examination for their health and the health of the unborn fetus. One of the things that any woman who is pregnant should carry is a list of any particular medications. So anything she is taking, and a list of important phone numbers is an excellent idea. I would include the primary care physician, hospital, Obstetrician/Gynecologist, midwife, and other emergency contacts in the event there is an emergency. After being involved in an automobile crash, it is not uncommon to have bumps, external bleeding, and bruises. Also, you may back pain and even concussions due to the jolt of the impact. When a pregnant woman is involved in a traffic collision, the result can place risk on the unborn child. So the unborn can be jolted about inside the amniotic fluid. Injuries to the fetus may go undetected if the mother believes she was not harmed during the impact. So if she experiences no symptoms from the unborn infant, she may think she is ok. Any injuries to the unborn child may not be immediately apparent. And the mother should seek immediate medical treatment. Also, some harm may take days or weeks to begin to become evident in some cases. Pregnancy Protection in Crashes. But the fetus has some protection in the womb. This fact remains true even in the event of a traumatic impact, such as a car collision. One of the compelling reasons for the mother to seek an immediate medical examination is to ensure the placenta has not separated from the womb due to the distressing event. Separation of the placenta is medically referred to as placental abruption. And this can be a health threat to an unborn infant. Plus, the auto crash can cause the expectant mother to hemorrhage, have a miscarriage, or go into premature labor. One unfortunate fact for women in this situation is that X-rays are almost always out of the question. While X-rays are not likely to harm an unborn infant, especially during the later stages of pregnancy, most healthcare providers will not take the risk. And they will usually refuse to prescribe one altogether. Naturally, this can create a high degree of uncertainty for an expectant mother as far as her injuries are concerned. However, the medical examination for an expectant mother after a motor vehicle crash will usually include an ultrasound. And it will also cover the treatment of other injuries that are detectable without radiation. Why Must Mothers In Accidents Take Caution? The mother will be warned to monitor any changes she experiences within the following days. The pregnant woman will be instructed to immediately contact her physician if she experiences abdominal pain, a decrease in movement by the fetus, vaginal bleeding, the leaking of amniotic fluid, or contractions. The expectant mother should contact a personal injury attorney as soon as possible. The legal professional will be able to preserve evidence when negligence played a role in the car crash. The legal advocate can assist the expectant mother of a car collision in the legal aspects of an injury claim, even if the injuries are still uncertain. The pregnant woman, if not seriously harmed in a motor vehicle accident, should make every effort to obtain the name, contact information, and insurance information of the parties involved in the mishap. She should also collect the name and contact information of witnesses. She must ask anyone stopping to help after the crash. This information will be relevant when filing a claim. Also, she needs to use a smartphone and take pictures.  So take snaps of the accident scene, vehicle damages, and physical harm. All of this can be beneficial later on. The attorney representing the expectant mother may review any photographic or video evidence from traffic and nearby business cameras. Such proof can strengthen the proof of the case when negotiating a settlement or litigate claims in court. Why Must Mothers Be Cautious While Driving? Driving cautiously is important for all drivers.  Especially this is the case when pregnant women help in avoiding collisions. The other thing the expectant mother can do is to sit as far from the airbags as is comfortable as a driver or passenger. Car accidents can happen in a split second. And these can result in serious physical harm. So being pregnant means, it can be harmful not only to the mother but the unborn baby as well.