Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: COVID Numbers Are Off by Tens of Thousands?

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CDC COVID Numbers Absurdly Off

Did CDC Sell Out to Big Pharma?

The past two years have shown WHY MANY Americans NO LONGER trust the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

However, the most recent long-awaited disclosure of changes in confirmed cases and probable deaths merely confirms concerns that the CDC did not conduct the necessary investigation into the intricate confluence of politics at a federal level and healthcare that COVID-19 produced.

What Was the CDC’s Role in the COVID-19 Pandemic?

The CDC is an organization within the Department of Health and Human Services. It is committed to providing people with the data and resources they need to prevent disease using its own data tracker.

Moreover, it is the federal organization tasked with preserving Americans’ health and is one of the leading health organizations in the world, and has a significant role in the battle against illness on a global scale.

With a workforce of over 20,000 people, it conducts cutting-edge research. It assists when calamities like the Ebola outbreak in West Africa and the Zika disease outbreak in South America strike.

The CDC has been mandated to handle domestic and international health, security, and safety hazards. Its functions include:

  • Identifying and combating new and developing health hazards, such as the spread of COVID-19
  • Responding to the leading causes of disabilities and death
  • Promoting good health practices and healthy communities
  • Growing the public health team.

To do this, the organization uses more than 200 specialized facilities nationwide to conduct scientific analysis of emerging and persistent threats. Additionally, it frequently serves as the primary US agency for providing the public with vital health data.

It isn’t surprising, then, that people worldwide trusted the data and resources that the CDC provided during the COVID-19 pandemic.

COVID-19 Probable Deaths Overcalculated

According to several resources, the CDC altered the death data from COVID-19 in June, a further admission that undermines its trustworthiness. The organization admitted that it had overestimated the number of deaths caused by the coronavirus disease by over 72,000.

Discrepancies Caused By “Coding Logic Error”

Moreover, The Daily Wire claimed that 26 states, encompassing all age groups, were revised. Estimates of 72,277 additional COVID-19 mortalities were attributed to a CDC “coding logic error.”

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention believes COVID-19 caused approximately 969,000 deaths. The modifications result in a 7.5 percent drop in the number of deaths currently being reported. It is unknown if the total number of probable deaths caused by COVID-19 will face additional adjustments.

This Amendment in Probable Cases and Deaths Was Made in August Last Year

The CDC revised the COVID death figures months back. According to Mairead Elordi of The Daily Wire, the information on COVID fatalities was updated in August after they uncovered a statistical error.

However, reporting of the adjustment only occurred in the prior week, months after the adjustment was made.

Pediatric Death Data Was Affected the Most

Interestingly enough, the amendments had the most significant impact on the portrayal of pediatric deaths. The estimation of COVID childhood deaths nationwide has decreased to 1,341 due to the substantial reduction in the pediatric probable death count.

Children made up approximately 19% of all reported cases, although only about 0.25 percent of those cases led to a fatality, according to Elordi.

It’s odd that the CDC’s blunders typically intensify rather than lessen the threat levels posed by COVID-19.

March Adjustment

There have been several revisions since this one, and the CDC acknowledged that false statistics were used in March to increase public concern about pediatric COVID fatalities.

The reported deaths for COVID individuals under 18 dropped by an astounding 24 percent following the correction in March.

All the CDCThee said that the overestimation of fatalities in people under 18 due to this severe disease is also a “coding logic error.”

Investigations Took Place After Latina Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor’s False Reporting

A responsive agency would later analyze all of its reports immediately after discovering this serious error. However, significant factual errors are still emerging months later.

The March pediatric adjustment happened when Latina Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor ran with the CDC’s exaggerated claims.

When Sotomayor incorrectly stated that 100,000 children had been hospitalized because of COVID-19, many of whom were on ventilators, during a hearing in January, she contributed her own misinformation to the COVID discrepancies.

Vaccinations and Booster Doses Also Subject to Sudden Changes

Even the CDC’s vaccine guidelines have also been subjected to abrupt changes. To reduce the number of cases of the possible life-threatening side effect of myocarditis, they increased the interval between doses of the COVID-19 vaccination applied at a federal level to eight weeks in February.

A responsible organization would act considerably more firmly than that in response to a new vaccine.

CDC Criticized for Inflating the Number of Probable Cases

As we’ve already seen, the CDC is a human services provider, which means that it is an organization dedicated to meeting the needs of the people by supplying knowledge and resources for disease prevention.

In light of this, it was criticized for its lack of transparency in February. Critics challenged the CDC’s decision to share so little data it gathered.

However, the organization asserted that spreading knowledge would fuel misinformation. Experts pointed out that the opposite was true and questioned what the organization was trying to cover up.

Many people believed that the CDC was manipulating the COVID-19 statistics and the CDC’s admissions demonstrate that the critics were, in fact, correct.

The Discrepancies May Be Worse Than the CDC Has Let On

It is logical to assume that the discrepancies are much worse than the CDC admits if it had been off by tens of thousands.

The organization attempted to justify itself by blaming its data discrepancies on a coding logic error on inept bureaucratic procedures. It’s a simple justification for how the CDC manipulated and misled the people.

Currently, the CDC’s primary focus is on limiting and preventing the disclosure of information about its errors and misconduct concerning COVID-19 data.

Consequences of the CDC’s Incorrect COVID-19 Data

The truth is that the CDC’s misrepresentation of COVID-19 cases had several negative consequences for Americans.

Undue Panic

Citizens relied on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention COVID numbers to determine the severity of the pandemic, and reporting inflated data, caused undue panic.

People Are Still Confused About Changes to COVID-19 Probable Cases

Errors are inevitable because humans are fallible and make mistakes when reporting data. It is essential to explain what went wrong and discuss the measures employed to prevent a reoccurrence when these errors occur.

However, this was not done, and people are still left confused about the number of probable cases and deaths that can be attributed to COVID-19.

The CDC Manipulated People

This overestimation of COVID-19 numbers created unnecessary panic and stress at a time when people relied on this data to determine the severity and spread of COVID-19. They trusted the CDC’s human services and took the relevant precautions.

Study Shows That Americans Increased Their Health Coverage

Many Americans increased their health coverage during the COVID-19 pandemic in response to growing cases and deaths. A recent analysis of national trends in Medicaid services released in the prior week grew by 16.7 million people, or 23.4 percent, since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

This means that Americans may have been spending money on healthcare unnecessarily, prompted by the alarming growth in COVID-19 death data.


Additionally, the number of fully vaccinated people increased in response to the erroneous number of new cases. This means that the number of people who experienced adverse side effects due to vaccination also increased.

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