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How Much is a Bulging Disc Injury Worth?

Being involved in a car accident isn’t something that anyone can plan for, but whenever it does happen, you need to be ready.

We know that the first several hours after an accident can be crucial.

Our injury lawyers handle all types of accident injury cases, including those involving herniated discs or bulging disc injury.

How Much is Herniated Discs/a Bulging Disc Worth?

    Doctors can confuse a bulging disc injury for a herniated disc. While they both do affect the same area of the body, you should be aware that there are differences between bulging disc injuries and disc herniation. Those differences can affect the value of your herniated disc injury claim.

    What Is a Bulged Disc? 

    To understand what a bulging disc is, you first have to understand the anatomy of the spine. Your spine comprises interlocking bones called the vertebrae, and these are probably the bones that you know the most about. You can run your hands along your back and feel all the bones involved in your spine, but what most people don’t know is that there are discs between each vertebra.

    A soft disc or spinal disc separates each vertebra from the others. The discs help to keep your spine separated and prevent the bones from clacking together to form injuries. Whenever old age or a car wreck compresses your spine, then those discs spread horizontally, and that can cause severe pain in your back.

    What is the Difference Between a Bulging Disc and a Herniated Disc?

    The spinal discs also have gel in the middle of their outer layers, and when the gel leaks out due to the disc compression it is a herniated disc.

    A bulging disc injury can lead to problems, including issues with your:

    • Legs
    • Bladder
    • Your overall mobility

    Doctors often consider a herniated disc injury much more serious. A herniated disc isn’t as common as a bulged disc, but it is much more severe given the effect it can have on your body.

    Insurance agencies try to brush off a bulging disc case as ‘not as bad’ after an accident when compared to a disc herniation. They try to get you to quickly agree to a settlement so they can sweep the case under the rug. However, an improperly treated bulging disc injury can cause more damage to the nerves in your spine than a herniated disc can.

    While the leakage of gel into your body can cause problems, the most common effects of bulging disc injuries are problems with pain and suffering in the arms and legs from the already widening parts of your spine from the bulge. It only becomes a herniated disc when it leaks fluid into your body. 

    A defense lawyer is going to argue that a bulging disc is a soft sign of a real injury, while a herniated disc is something you should be concerned about during your post-car wreck recovery. After all, gravity pushes down on our spines, so our discs bulge a little bit anyway. 

    Additionally having a bulging disc can happen naturally as we age, so most defense attorneys and insurance companies don’t treat a non-herniated disc too seriously.

    A bulging disc from accidents is also much more common than a herniated disc case. The impact and jolt from a car accident can cause some problems for your spine. If you already had a hurt spine due to a vehicle accident, then the trauma can activate a bulging disc and cause a herniated disc.

    Herniated discs are also much easier to justify on your medical bills because they are so uncommon, and if you have a herniated disc due to an auto accident our injury lawyer should be able to help you out with your medical bills and the portion of the disc that is herniated.

    While doctors treat a bulging disc with kid gloves, our injury lawyer team treats any bulging disc case or herniated disc case with much more respect. A herniated disc is unnatural because our spinal discs don’t slip and start releasing spinal fluid into our bodies as we age like bulging discs. The discomfort from a herniated disc is much easier for people to understand, so those cases often go for more settlement money.

    How Do Our Spinal Cord Injury Lawyers Argue a Bulged Disc Case?

    Bulging disc cases often receive less money than cases for herniated discs, but that doesn’t mean that our lawyers aren’t going to fight hard to reverse that trend with you. Our attorneys focus on disproving the myths that state that bulging and herniated discs are not serious. The firm’s accident lawyers work with experts and try to explain that a bulging disc or disc herniation injuries are causing your pain and suffering.

    Whether it is normal or not, our injury lawyer wants to prove that a disc bulge or herniated disc is a debilitating injury and is causing you pain and suffering.

    We then can prove that the bulged disc injury can award you compensation for your medical bills, including physical therapy, and for lost wages. The main problem is that all sorts of preexisting conditions can cause bulging discs and our personal injury attorneys need to prove that the car wreck caused the disc bulge or ruptured disc.

    Arguing for a bulging disc or herniated disc is the same as if we were arguing about you breaking your leg. The type of wound doesn’t matter as much; we just need to prove that the driver at fault for the accident was negligent and that the injuries you have are because of the car accident for the settlement claim.

    We can not guarantee that this is the case, but the sudden jolt that happens when you are rear-ended during car accidents causes most bulging disc injuries. Cases that involve a car getting T-boned or sideswiped by another driver are also car accident cases that tend to have higher payouts by an insurance company.

    How Are These Spinal Cord Injury Cases Calculated?

    Since the bulging discs can happen after an accident, how valuable they depend on a number of factors. Your age, medical history, lost wages, the need for physical therapy, and any previous car accidents all increase and decrease the amount, the value, and the money you can get for your car wreck. 

    If you are older and have a history of back problems when you get into a car accident, it is going to be much harder to prove that the crash caused your back issues and you didn’t always have a bulging disc or herniation. Younger drivers tend to get a higher settlement on their cases once they are settled but that isn’t always the case. If you have high credibility as a plaintiff, then herniated or bulging disc cases can fall into your favor.

    How Can You Recover From a Bulged Disc?

    With most of the money going towards your medical bills, it can give you some good peace of mind when you realize that a bulging disc can eventually heal on its own. The lumbar spine can heal itself over time as the body sends the immune system against the extra material of the disc. With the extra parts of the disc destroyed, the inflammation goes down.

    The spinal discs are filled with water and over time all of that excess water goes back into the body. This eventually decreases the size of the bulging disc and brings it back to its proper size; the size it was before the car crash. 

    What Are Bulging Disc Medical Treatments for Pain and Suffering?

    Medical treatments can include proper exercise, pain medication, physical therapy, and doing certain things to relax the muscles can also aid in repairing bulged discs. Other treatments include injecting the hurt portion of the disc with Cortisone, which helps to reduce the pain and the inflammation with a single shot. Your medical coverage might cover the treatment to help the bulging disc heal.

    What If They Don’t Treat a Bulging Disc?

    If you do not seek immediate treatment for a bulging disc, it can put a ton of pressure on your spine and lower body. The disc can cut off nerve impulses to your nerves and the cauda equina nerves, which can cause you to lose bowel and bladder control. Developing incontinence from a bulged vertebrae is something that you certainly do not want to experience.

    Saddle anesthesia isn’t what you get when you sit on a horse for too long, but rather what happens whenever you lose the feeling in your rectum, inner thighs, and the back of your legs.

    Admittedly the above cases are very rare following an accident, but in most cases, bulged discs don’t have too many long-term effects. Aside from the pain that happens whenever you deal with an injury to your spine right after an accident, you don’t need to deal with any lingering pain after the recovery itself. 

    Still, don’t put off seeing a doctor right after a collision because a severe burning disc can be a massive threat to the nerves of the spine.

    Why Hire Us as Your Law Firm?

    The time after the accident is normally a very vulnerable time for those involved in the event. People are healing, mourning, and adapting to the new normal after the accident’s pain and suffering. It’s at this time that most insurers are going to try to trick you and take advantage of your pain and suffering with your bulged or herniated disc. 

    Insurance companies want to avoid paying you the money you rightfully have earned after the accident, and they want to pressure you into settling out of court for much less money for your pain and suffering.

    Our spinal cord injury attorneys share with you the fruits of our amazing attorney-client relationship. Our team manages to respect your time and give you time to heal, without wasting that time or giving ground to the insurers. We can also work around your injury for a free case review and a free consultation call. 

    We request the police report and create a schedule of the events of the crash, showing the expenses and the timeline of the accident. We then give this to the company as an offer for your bulging disc.

    We place all of the evidence supporting your side of the car accident story into a package and then give this to the opposing attorney. By organizing the chaotic events of the car crash into a cohesive timeline, then we can show off the case from its proper angles. Once the story is told, the negotiations over your spine injury begin.

    How Does Our Team Handle Negotiations?

    Once our team of car accident lawyers shares everything with the necessary agent, they usually look at the risk involved and present a low-balled counteroffer. You can accept it, refuse it, or make a counteroffer of your own once our accident lawyers get back to you. The negotiations might go on for a while, but we can make sure that we keep you in the loop through your pain and suffering. That’s what a good accident lawyer is for.

    If negotiations aren’t working well, we can file a civil lawsuit on your behalf, and then take the case to court. An injury lawsuit is a way to get more money, as insurance companies can offer more to cover the risks of potential losses versus the costs of the trial. 

    Once we finish the case, we sign a settlement release and the herniated disc cases for the crash are to be dismissed. 

    The Worth of a Bulging Disc

    Our team of attorneys has found that a bulged vertebra is worth around $15,000 to $30,000 when given an average settlement out of court. The average jury award is around $31,000. These are the averages, and of course, every single case is different. A bulging disc is also much lower in terms of your settlement whenever we compare it to herniated disc cases in a crash.

    With that amount of money on the line, you need to hire a law firm that is not afraid to fight for you and your needs. That firm is our firm because we can help you get the money you deserve for your bulged spine. We also try to foster a good attorney-client relationship, whether you are suffering disc injuries for your body or something else.

    Why Should I Hire a Personal Injury Attorney?

    A bulged disc is a large case that requires a lot of attention from a specialized car accident lawyer. This isn’t a case that your local claims court can handle, and you shouldn’t try to take on insurance companies alone. 

    Hiring our law firm means that you don’t have to fight insurers on your own while dealing with the pain and suffering of a herniated disc. We know herniated disc injuries very well, and that’s one of the perks of working with Ehline Law.

    Additionally, you pay nothing upfront. We only get paid our attorney’s fee after you win your case and your money is in your pocket. You shouldn’t worry about costs while handling all of the other problems and pain and suffering a car accident brings your way.  You just need to heal from your herniated disc injuries and know that you are going to pay us based on the average settlement.

    You don’t know the exact value of your bulged or herniated disc injuries right away because every single case is unique. As we gather evidence about the crash and the circumstances of your post-wreck life, then we are going to be able to put together a settlement plan that covers all of your pain and suffering.

    Does Having an Attorney Mean I Have to Go to Court?

    Despite all the terms like ‘plaintiff,’ ‘defendant,’ and ‘attorney’ floating around, only about 5% of all injury claims go to court. There, a jury and judge hear them and decide verdicts for them. They often settle most cases through out-of-court settlements and other means to decide who is going to receive the money, such as forking over the average settlement. 

    Mediators, arbiters, and negotiations settle on your behalf. It’s a lot of back and forth and negotiation, but we can eventually get a closing settlement that is fair.

    Talk to Our Team Right Away

    After you have dealt with healing from the accident and sought emergency treatment for your wounds, you need to talk to our team. Our personal injury lawyers are some of the best in the area, and we can get you the compensation you deserve. Make sure to keep any evidence, including site pictures from the wreck and medical documents away from insurers, and show them to us first.

    Our staff is going to speak to the insurance agency for you, so allow all the communication to go through us. This allows all the experts in the field to communicate. They are wise to the tricks of the insurance agency. Plus, it also gives you time to rest from your pain and suffering and plan your next move once you recover from your bulged disc.

    Insurers don’t want to pay you for a bulged disc, and if they do pay it ends up not being much. Instead of fighting an uphill and ultimately futile battle against an insurance company, you need to come to see our law firm so we can fight for you.

    We can have a much easier time of it and see more success too, and that means more earnings on your end. Call the Ehline Law Firm today at (213) 596-9642 to see how we can help with a herniated or bulging disc following an accident.

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