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    How Do You Know if You’ve Torn a Muscle?

How Do You Know if You've Torn a Muscle?
A catastrophic injury like a torn muscle can occur day or night and may or may not be your fault. You know how terrible and painful a strain may feel for your body, and no one should suffer this extreme discomfort from the negligence of others.

This is where the Ehline Law Firm steps in with the knowledge and expertise that you might expect from one of the top law firms in the state of California and beyond.

Led by the expertise and knowledge of Michael Ehline, we are focused on assisting our clients in any legal battle. A muscle tear can be extremely serious. You have a right to demand the right type of compensation you are deserving of when this type of incident occurs.

We are serious about the legal side of things. We use California laws can help you receive fair treatment following an accident or other negligence. When you need a tough team of legal experts to help determine your rights after muscle injuries, contact the Ehline Law Firm for more information.

How Do You Tell if You’ve Torn a Muscle?

The first sign of a horrible and extreme injury in the body is pain and discomfort that might fully debilitate your life and your well-being, including causing you to become bed-bound.

The severity of the injury generally is directly related to the pain or discomfort level, meaning the more serious it is, the more painful it becomes.

Most people realize when they have a tear in the muscle, it is not only due to pain; instead, there is surely some injury or action associated with or something that occurred at the same time. You might lose range of motion.

For example, you may have pain in the affected area where the suspected incident happened. This problem exists no matter where in the body it might be. You might notice swelling in the area where you were hurt, or some people experience symptoms such as spasms, inflammation, and bruising.

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A muscle tear can be very serious and require surgery, which can cause you to miss work; of course, surgery can be quite expensive and cost more than you can afford. A more minor incident, such as a pulled muscle, doesn’t require much professional intervention, if any.

In this case, it often heals on its own with self-care. If in doubt, however, and you feel as if things are more serious than it seems.

If so, you should quickly seek medical assistance for proper treatment. If you believe this might be a serious case, immediately start to use rest, ice, compression, pain relievers, and other treatments.

Always call a doctor. After this, reach out to the expert team at the Ehline Law Firm for help; you want a lawyer on your side with experience in this type of case.

Muscle Strain VS a Torn Muscle>

There is a difference between a strain and a tear in the body; not everyone understands this when considering how serious a situation like this might be.

Strain in a Muscle

Strains often occur to the body and the muscles when the same, repetitive motion occurs over and over, hour after hour, or day in and day out. Sometimes, this is caused by normal activities such as during a job or while performing some hobby.

A strain may cause discomfort, though generally, it isn’t too bad, and most people simply treat it at home with over-the-counter medications.

You may notice swelling or mild effects in this case, and you don’t have to worry much about long-term problems when this occurs. Treatment is usually straightforward, and recovery is swift with at-home care, including cold, compression, and rest. In addition, anti-inflammatory medications can help.

Tears in a Muscle

On the other hand, a muscle tear is much more severe than a simple strain, and a person who experiences this can be stuck in bed or at home for many weeks or months before returning to their everyday life. Recovery is difficult.

And surgery or physical therapy might be necessary to heal after an incident such as this fully. A physician is required for severe cases, and recovery is often long and painful, causing severe discomfort with every move of the injured part of the body.

Injuries that might cause a tear include playing sports, strenuous exercise, car accidents, or slip and fall incidents. The legal services available from the Ehline Law Firm can help determine if you have a case for your injuries.

And remember this: even mild or moderate sprains or tears can lead to a legal case.

Further Understanding Affected Muscles

Some people may not consider a muscle issue extremely serious, as you can still live your life, go to work, and participate in activity. However, that doesn’t mean you don’t deserve compensation, and on top of that, the symptoms are, very often, quite debilitating or perhaps get even worse over time. A person who has torn a muscle might need an operation. If so, fully healing from that type of trauma can happen slowly and take several months or even years.

Some torn or strained muscles might be in the neck or lower back, which can seriously affect a person’s day-to-day life. Those areas take longer to improve than, for example, a calf that hurts after a rough game of football or basketball.

Getting hurt while playing sports might require surgery. This remains particularly true in an accidental injury situation.

If the muscle’s range of motion causes a problem, a person’s life can become difficult as they try to get around without discomfort. Even moderate strained muscles are painful, and swelling is uncomfortable.

Pain relief does not occur overnight. Seeing a physician after a sports incident or other accident can help reduce swelling.

A muscle that is affected often requires more intervention. Muscles with tears can improve with physician intervention.

Contact the Ehline Law Firm for Torn Muscle Help

People with swelling, moderate discomfort or apparent tears in the fibers should call Michael Ehline. He is a Los Angeles spinal cord injury attorney.

He has vast experience in other legal cases and a history of helping his clients get fair compensation. Swelling in the muscles or the tears must be addressed quickly.

Remember that tears can negatively impact your well-being. An incision is extremely painful, so don’t let these tears affect your life anymore. You don’t have to because our team is poised to help with any tear or other painful situation.

Call Michel Ehline for Assistance

It doesn’t matter if you have a simple tear or a more difficult situation; call Michael Ehline at (833) LETS-SUE. The legal team is ready and waiting for your call. We can talk to you about your potential case with a free consultation.

You will know without a doubt if there are legal options you have. Accidents might not be on purpose. But these injuries can still be deadly serious. Someone must take the blame. The Ehline team ensures your rights are protected, no matter what.

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