Case Consultation FAQ

So What is a Free Case Consultation Anyways?

Simply put, we don't charge you a dime for your initial telephonic or in-person meeting with a lawyer. In fact, we make sure our phone lines remain open 24/7. Ehline Law Firm is even willing to come to your residence, hospital, jail, or office if necessary. Below we will explain everything.

Why Is Your Initial Case Consultation So Important?

An initial case consultation is where you learn what must be done today to get paid money later. But only a trained expert can help you understand your cash value, and what you need to do to properly preserve and strengthen your case.

Regardless of the time of the incident, you can contact us. Don't you agree that you should let hard chargers us to help you with your case?

Michael Ehline and staff are discussing motorcycle accident claim.

Other Los Angeles car accident firms might charge big time bucks just to take your urgent call.

  • ELFPI believes you need instant help at no cost.
  • We know you may be down on your luck.
  • So when you're in trouble and laid up after an accident, you can't afford the costs and expenses of meeting a lawyer. We get it!

Why Does A Case Consultation Help You So Much?

This is probably the most critical meeting in your journey to getting paid. As unfortunate as it may be, many people don’t approach injury lawyers for their cases. If they do, they may wait too long, and the case is now stale. So no matter how severe the situation is, these people lose out.

  • The top reason they don’t want to go for legal procedures is that they are not aware of them.
  • Often they are scared of the complexities involved in legal processes.
  • Many simply think they cannot afford a superior lawyer.

Another big reason for people not taking legal actions in personal injury cases is that they are not aware of their legal rights.

But this has been the case for centuries – ordinary people simply don’t know their rights. Hence the vulnerable find themselves without justice in most situations.

Ehline Law has made sure you don’t hold back from fighting for your rights. So just because you don’t have much knowledge of the law and legal procedures, it's ok. In fact, it’s not your job at all to know these things. We are the people who are supposed to know the law.

Also, we must provide you with the best of our services. And you will use our knowledge and experience every step of the way. You don’t have to know how to fly a plane to travel on a plane, for example.

Because of this, we take your matters in our hands. No matter what, we make sure to recover every penny, we can to compensate you for your loss.

What Do You Get From Your Free Consultation?

When you come to us for your first free consultation, we:

  • Disclose every piece of information about your case you must know.
  • We answer any questions you might have in your mind about your scenario.

In this way, we make sure to draw a clear picture for you. The idea here is to make sure you know what we're fighting for. Also, you know what you can receive as compensation for your losses.

In fact, thousands to millions of dollars can be received from the offending party with the right events and lawyers at the helm. It's all based upon your damages and liability of the parties.

If a person caused you damage due to their negligence, they are liable. From emotional to physical pain to every penny you have spent, defendants must account. Also, the defendants who caused your calamity and losses need to cover your medical care.

That's what's fair, and that's the law. Ultimately, everything gets fairly compensated when you have the right lawyer standing by your side.

Do You Know What You Have To Do Now?

By now, we believe that you have understood that there is nothing scary about legal procedures. Most of all, as long as a professional lawyer is taking care of everything, you're better off. Moreover, if someone has caused you mental, physical, emotional, and financial trouble due to negligence, you are entitled by law to receive full compensation.

The negligent party needs to cover your losses and damages. Call right now and get the help you need to win. Call right now and see how one of our experienced lawyers takes you smoothly through the legal procedures.