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Los Angeles injury lawyers at Ehline Law Near KoreatownBounce Houses are inflatable structures and slides that have become enormously popular at birthday parties, gatherings, school events, and fairs. Children enjoy these structures where they can jump and bounce, defying gravity in adults perceived to be a safe environment for this kind of activity. When supervised, maintained, and set up accurately, these inflatable structures can provide children with hours of fun. But in the event there is a mishap because of an issue with the Bounce House, it can result in serious accidents and bodily harm.

We have seen a lot of news in LA about Bounce Houses causing severe injuries. And it could be for many reasons. For one, it could be a design defect that caused the malaise.  But more often than not, the owner or operator of the house knows of these problems and does nothing to keep it safe for kids. And in that case, you can sue the ride operator, landlord, and any agent responsible for the equipment. And this is the essence of a bounce house injury claim. We call it “Negligence.”

There have been hundreds of lawsuits involving bounce houses in the United States, generally due to broken arms or legs. But due to its dense population and a large number of Hispanic families, in particular, Los Angeles is a haven for these incidents.

Sadly, in rare legal actions, the lawsuit is for wrongful death. And this is because death often follows a traumatic head injury or a broken neck. Sadly, most of these legal actions involving harm to small children. Often the tragic incident occurred at public gatherings, and families not only bring the lawsuit against the bounce house company but may include the organizer of the event and, in some cases, the sponsors. You may even have to sue a brother, aunt, or uncle to get homeowner’s insurance coverage. What this means for a large family is so tragic, it remains indescribable to the spoken word.

But the case’s facts will help identify early on the liable parties and their amount of responsibility. And the responsible parties can include the rental company of the bounce house. But it can consist of others when harm befalls the victim at a private party during the inflatable structure. So, in that case, the rental company and the landowner can be held responsible. Injury claims for harm caused in an inflatable recreational structure are complicated cases because of the facts and the negligence involved in a personal injury claim.

The parties that can be held liable in the event of an injury accident in an inflatable structure include:

  • Property owners
  • Business owners
  • Equipment owners
  • Installers
  • Operators
  • Manufacturers
  • Distributors

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