Mar 6, 2019

Women Riders a Hit or a Miss?

Motorcycle Culture and the Sexes.

The stereotype of a biker is often a rugged looking man. Sometimes he's dressed in leather. And other times, he has an incredible beard. In yet others, he wears a bandanna. Still others he's decked out in sunglasses. Regardless of the stereotype, it's not quite an accurate statement.


Riding motorcycles has become far more prevalent among women over the last several decades. As traditions change and stigmas fade, we can expect it to become even more so. Also, women are making up a growing number of riders on the road each year.

Take a good example from the Joshua Tree run recently. Thousands of women of all ages showed their skills and motorcycle prowess. As a matter of fact, thousands of witnesses watched the rally.

These women showed up in lines past the crowds. So this shows the incredible competence and diversity of the hobby. The Babes Ride Out Campout is another excellent example.

Riding Not Just a Men's Hobby?

Also, some brands have got in on the action. Some including Biltwell, Chop cut, and Stance Muse Socks are involved in giveaways. Additionally, these examples help build awareness of women riding motorcycles. While women are still a minority of bikers, they carve out their niche and subculture. It also allows women to be more comfortable and confident in the hobby and other aspects of life.

These examples are just several of the integration of the hobby. One of the best portions of these changes is that it is not forced. There are no government mandates from above declaring that women have to ride. They do it because they love it.

Women do it for the love of the open road-- the same as their male counterparts. These are essential factors to remember and consider when discussing the role of each gender on the open road. These are the chances for everyone to enjoy the same hobby.