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Southern California, and Los Angeles in particular, has great fame for its sunny beaches and crystal clear waterfront. Often, these natural resources help people relax.

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Let's look at some reasons people love boating in CA. For example:

  • Fishing
  • Motor sailing
  • Sailboat trips

But the bottom line is, whether on a cabin cruiser, large yacht, or another vessel, you are out on the blue waves away from land and first responders. Unfortunately, another boater on the coastal waterways could be negligent or reckless and cause harm to you and other passengers.

And if this negligence happened to you, a loved one, or some other innocent boater, it is usually severe. It's cold out there.

  • Water can become so chilly that people suffer hypothermia
  • Even with life preservers, you and your kids could still be gravely injured

Drowning and other problems are just a few of the other issues faced by a boatless crew. So probably everyone had gotten injured while boating at some point.

So it's likely that the parties, including you, will need some type of legal assistance. Most of all, a person needs legal guidance through this trying and confusing time.

Maritime laws often come into play, along with California and even Federal laws. The Ehline Law Firm stands ready to assist.

What Does Ehline Law Firm Do For Waterborne Accident Victims?

Vactioning boater anchored
Catalina Island and boats. Boats moored off of Santa Catalina Island

There is no time for you to wait to act after a Los Angeles boating accident. And this is not just because issues could arise with statutes of limitations. In fact, evidence could deteriorate if you wait too long, among other problems. A skilled boating accident attorney from the Ehline Law Firm can assist at any point.

And we will send someone to you to speak with you and witnesses right away once we are retained.

Our experts will document the injuries, evidence, and other factors needed in a case like this. Then we will compile any law record from the police or Coast Guard. Next, we'll make sure that your situation is properly documented.

About The Pacific Coast Off of LA

The Los Angeles Pacific Coast is one of the most beautiful vistas and coastlines in the world.

  • It includes harbors and ports of ingress and egress among a vast area.
  • Its reach includes Greater Los Angeles from Huntington or Newport Harbor, Orange County.
  • This nautical geographic area spreads all the way North to Oxnard, California.

There are many vessels and recreational craft headed to and from Avalon. Especially this remains true on the weekends during summers.

  • Sea Doo™ and Jet Ski™ style craft may be out there among the larger craft zipping around and riding the wakes of the larger craft
  • Often fog or other considerations allow collisions to take place
  • Sometimes captains become careless

No matter how hard the L.A. Sheriff and Coast Guard work, they cannot prevent drownings from watercraft accidents completely. Families should have the best possible lawyer when they get hurt or lose a loved one at sea.

How Can Some Boat Injuries Occur on the Water?

  1. Boating collisions
  2. Another negligent boat driver crashes your boat
  3. Gasoline fires and explosions from leaking fuel, etc.
  4. Inexperienced boat operators docking and departing the harbor
  5. Careless boat driving in general
  6. Poor judgment in piloting
  7. Lack of concentration on other boats and people in the water
  8. The boat capsizing due to defective bilge pumps and poor weight distributions, etc.
  9. Sinking boat
  10. Being thrown overboard
  11. Falling overboard
  12. Flooding of the ship due to open portholes

Most boats have overpowered engines that lead to higher hydroplaning speeds. But these high speeds can come with risks as the water become choppier and more vessels clog the harbor egress areas and paths to Catalina Island, for example.

And this is especially true for those not skilled in their vessel's operation.

  • Mostly, boaters in LA are weekend warriors. Lucky for them that there are also many professional skippers in these same sea lanes
  • So at least these civilian mariners have vets looking out for them with a nice blow of a foghorn

Novice Captains Negligently Testing the Limits of Fast Boats Is a Cause? 

Often, operators without much experience can be negligent and cause serious issues while at sea. Sometimes their passengers and others are hospitalized. Still worse, other times these passengers are taken to a morgue. Those surviving passengers and crew hurt in these circumstances can face severe brain and neck injuries among many ailments. And in some cases, coma even death will arise.

Contacting the right boating accident law firm is more than just opening a phone book and hoping for the best. The integrity, knowledge, and can-do attitude of the Ehline Law Firm is demonstrated in our online authority alone. And that makes all the difference.

What is the Difference Between Minor Versus Major Catastrophes on Private Sea Vessels

There can be minor accidents caused by two boats running into each other. So for example, these can cause damage to the boats, but no injuries to passengers, dockworkers, or crew.

  • But major incidents of bodily harm do happen when a boat driver gets intoxicated, for example

And this could obviously cause severe impairment and indignity to all involved. So already, these scofflaws are likely navigating recklessly. When this occurs, a victim often faces certain permanent disabilities.

Things like:

  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Lacerations
  • Missing limbs
  • Broken bones are not uncommon injuries at sea
  • Boat propellers can also cause devastating injuries

Also, when boats collide with objects or vessels, passengers can fall overboard. Often they get lost at sea, even if they are seamen and skilled swimmers.

For example:

  • People are thrown into the water risk drowning. And this is truer if they do not have the proper flotation devices.
  • Poor behavior can sometimes lead to the loss of passengers and severe emotional stress.

The need for medical and legal help is vital after a tragedy at sea like this.

Are Care and Understanding Some of Ehline Law Firm's Traits?

There can be many causes for such an accident, and our attorneys can handle them all. But most of all, you need a lawyer who is caring and understanding of your plight who can empathize with you.

Not only is Ehline Law Firm cognizant of all potential factors, we know that even a skilled captain cannot avoid all issues. We get it. And we are here to place you at ease.

Experience and Guts Set Us Apart

The track record of the Ehline Law Firm is second to none in the greater LA area. We have won hundreds of cases while representing victims of severe injury.

And the record reflects that we will stop at nothing for a total victory.

  • Lead attorney, Michael Ehline, is a disabled inactive U.S. Marine. So he doesn’t know how to quit

Most of all, he wants to help boating and other victims through this hard time. Our entire firm is attorneys with the skill and resources to assist you to win this case. Let us inform you of your legal rights and find you the proper funding and resources.

Our expert advice will help to guide you through this trying time. Because we are so good, we can help build the value of your case. And as always, we don’t recover attorney's fees unless we win for you. Some Excellent California Boat Accident Attorneys are Only a Phone Call or E-Mail Away.

Boat injuries happen every day on the West Side. If you or a loved one became injured, we vow to assist as we can. We can meet you wherever needed, whether it be at your house or hospital. Let us be there for you. Call us for your free consultation today at (213) 596-9642.