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Burn injuries rate among the most painful wound an injured victim can suffer, requiring very long convalescence and healing periods. A victim suffering melted skin will often experience severe, traumatic nerve-related issues, affecting their personality, mobility, and sense of self, traumatizing some families for life.

But our top-rated, five-star burn injury accident attorneys at Ehline Law Firm Personal Injury Attorneys, APLC, have the requisite experience, knowledge, and skill to level the playing field and score you and your family a win. 

We have won seriously injured clients over $100 Million since opening our doors in 2005, and we don’t intend on stopping soon. Our award-winning burn injury law firm, talented staff or paralegals, law clerks, and attorneys have assisted our law practice for over 15 years, winning us media recognition, the trust of courts, peers, and past clients.

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Burn Injury Compensation In A Nutshell (Video With Transcript)

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 Hello, I’m Michael Ehline of Ehline Law Firm Personal Injury Attorneys, APLC, here today to discuss burn injuries. You must know, in the 1950s, there were fewer than ten hospitals in the United States dedicated to burn injuries. Now there are many more. Our experienced burn injury attorneys could help you find a trained medical professional to help you get the best care. And we can help you recover money damages for your serious burn injuries like water heater burns, acid and chlorine chemical burns, natural gas explosion burns, and other types of burns. Don’t leave money damages on the table. Hire an experienced and aggressive attorney like me. I am an inactive U.S. Marine. And I will fight hard for you. Call me now at (213) 596-9642. Don’t leave money damages on the table. At Ehline Law Firm, we make it happen. You’re not just a file with us. You’re also our friend. [Music]

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Just because you think you don’t have a burn injury insurance claim, there is no way you can know for sure without calling an honest lawyer with a legal opinion for a free, confidential phone call or Zoom chat. Learn about our burn injury legal representation below, or contact a superior injury lawyer near you right now at (213) 596-9642.

On many occasions, the suffering victims of burn injuries cannot survive only because of the pain. The mental anguish and suffering are another sensitive side of this picture. Burns are painful, but they permanently affect the injured person’s body, causing severe nervous system damage and body tissue injuries, disabling victims for life.

Blindness is another common problem when facial burns are in question. The superficial disadvantages represent the bitter side of burn injuries and can be extremely painful for a person. Even if you can survive the burn injuries, they can leave unsightly scars on your face and other parts of the body. Facial burns will typically require multiple cosmetic surgeries, but sometimes plastic surgery treatments will not be suitable if you receive a severe burn.

You lose your self-concept and confidence. Your personal and social life is directly affected. Your friends could also start to behave abnormally towards you if the burns have caused your facial features to become distorted. Plus, your love life is always at stake after suffering a severe burn to your groin or facial disfigurement from burned or melted skin. Many burn injury victims will find these unsavory conditions to be the most painful part.

Who Offers Excellent Legal Services For Burn Accident Victims In Los Angeles?

For example, when you suffer burns in Los Angeles, only the best in medical and legal care will suit you. A victim without a skilled injury attorney can often be taken advantage of by insurers and doctors. Also, you can be more emotionally vulnerable than before. After all, living with disfigured, burned-up skin tissue is now a sad part of your life.

And L.A. is a prominent place to find a good lawyer. Getting the best legal and medical team is like finding a needle in a haystack. But only a section of phenomenal attorneys with the knowledge needed to take on a case like this can give you solace. The best attorneys will help you avoid significant and long-standing issues preventing you from winning your case and getting paid. Ehline Law Firm has years of experience as aggressive, award-winning lawyers. Congratulations, we are your needle in a haystack. Keep reading to find out why.

What Do the Medical Experts Say About Burns And Scalds?

When faced with these severe burns and other injuries, doctors and other medical professionals see the long-term emotional and physical effects. Because of this, our attorneys try to help you find the right surgeon to deal with this burn injury. And this remains part of our case management process. With the proper treatment and the rehab process, the wounds may heal.

However, this is still a painful and lengthy process. To recap, only with the best physicians and specialists do you have the best chance to become whole again. And to do that, the major first step is retaining the right law firm for the case. Keeping the insurance adjustor and doctors under scrutiny with a charismatic burn injury lawyer helps keep you protected legally.

Get the Best Medical Care For Your Local Los Angeles, California Burn Case

In the 1950s, fewer than ten hospitals in the entire United States specialized in these types of injuries. There have been significant advancements in determining the problems associated with burn injury, and are now approximately two hundred burn care centers in the United States.

Our skilled burn injury lawyers in Los Angeles could assist those needing the right medical professional. These people could help you get the best treatment for your scarring, melted skin, nerve damage, and even inability to sweat.

Most Burns Are Preventable

True! Burn injury statistics show that at least 50% of all burn injuries are preventable. One of every 13 building fire deaths in the United States was caused or created by a child. Children playing with fire/matches, and the resulting fire, as an example, account for more than one-third of preschool children’s fatalities.

The Statistics on Number of Burn Injuries

In the United States:

  • Approximately 2.4 million burns are reported every year.
  • Hospitals treat about 650,000 burn injuries.
  • Seventy-five thousand patients get hospitalized.
  • Of those burn victims hospitalized, 20,000 have significant damages involving at least 25% of their total body area.
  • Between 8,000 and 12,000 patients with burn injuries die.
  • Approximately one million will incur significant or permanent disabilities due to burning injury (Journal of Burn Care & Rehabilitation, May/June 1992)
  • Most of these statistics are based on the reports received from the hospitals.
  • Thousands of unreported cases remain absent from the official statistics.

Unreported burns cause things like:

  • Sunburns
  • Scalds from caustic liquids
  • Match and lighter burn injuries causing disfigurement
  • Curling iron burns
  • Burns from coffee, tea
  • Clothing irons and others

Children sometimes get admitted to hospitals for these various types of wounds. They are often injured in the kitchen, with the bathroom tub also causing many issues. Burn injuries are nearly as common as car accidents annually.

What Are The Different Types And Causes Of Burn Injuries?

Burn injuries have many categories based on the severity of the burn. Each classification identifies the extent to which the negligent defendant burned a person’s body, class three being most severe.

Burn injury classifications are:

  1. 1st-degree burns,
  2. 2nd-degree burns,
  3. 3rd-degree burns.

All people suffering burns will be exposed to differing danger levels, with significant burns spreading throughout the body. Some victims’ burns are so severe that the flesh on the bones will be burned off, eaten away by flames, showing the bone through the wound. Burns injuries of all types will be capable of causing a person’s death or endless suffering. Victims must seek and retain legal counsel within the first 24 hours of their injury if they wish to win big money and equal justice under the law.

The different types of burn injuries include the following:

  • Burns due to explosions: Explosions in vehicles or other toxic waste of factories or within the factory equipment
  • Electrical burns:  Burns caused by faultily built products
  • Thermal burns: Direct exposure to heat or objects that are extremely hot to cause burns
  • Chemical burns: Caused by chemicals present in factories and homes
  • Scalds: This happens when a person comes in contact with scalding liquid, such as water

Trial Lawyer of the year, Los Angeles accident lawyer, Michael Ehline of ELFPI.

Whatever the type of burn is and regardless of its intensity, you are always encouraged to contact a reliable firm like Ehline Law Firm Personal Injury Attorneys, APLC, to get the representation you need to be compensated for the damage. The financial responsibility for your burn injuries can be on different entities, depending on your scenario. A defective product can cause burns, and the liability remains on the manufacturer. For example, such would be a geezer turning up their water hotter than is required because they have nerve damage from old age.

Who Are Some Potential Defendants In My Los Angeles Burn Injury Claim?

Best Los Angeles Injury Attorney

In one example above, we already discussed that water heater thermostat temperature in a hotel or apartment could cause a severe burn or even kill someone. Victims will need to recover money damages for their injuries. But who do they sue for their burin injury?

In our above example,

  • Our legal team would make an insurance claim against the management or administration responsible for allowing boiling water into the premises’ water taps.

Defendants in your burn injury claim can include:

  • Construction companies and contractors are responsible for exposing people and workers to faulty or exposed electrical wiring and temporary powerlines.
  • Factories expose their workers to caustic chemicals causing thermal, skin, and lung burns (Ex: Management fails to provide you with proper protective equipment like a respirator or chemical suit).
  • Government agencies of states, counties, and cities, including their maintenance workers exposing the public to dangerous electrical lines, power conductors, and other innate dangers causing burns and scalds. (Ex: CalTrans maintenance crews or Edison Electric are examples of defendants in a downed powerline lawsuit).
  • Product manufacturers may be defendants for their role in introducing poorly designed burn injury-causing products without warning consumers about their burn injury risk propensities.

Our serious injury attorneys may need to file lawsuits against various defendants jointly and severally, depending on the role they played and the injuries caused. Your bottom line, what is it? A decent lawyer such as your top-notch burn injury lawyers at Ehline Law Firm in California will work aggressively to win you money damages from anyone playing a role in causing you harm.

Bureau of Labor Statistics Statistics from 1992 – Most Common Types of Burns Reported:

  • Forty-one thousand heat-related injuries caused an average of 4 lost days of employment work per person
  • The most recent figures show 16,500 retail burns, 9,500 manufacturing job burn injuries
  • 8,600 service industry burn injuries, including food service
  • Fifteen thousand seven hundred significant chemical burns were causing about two lost days of work per person

Those averages include:

  • Five thousand eight hundred manufacturing burn injuries occur from items such as chemical products
  • 3,200 service industry burns
  • Two thousand six hundred retail industry burns and injuries
  • People aged 5 to 74 get most burn injuries outside the home, followed by the kitchen area
  • From ages 75 and above, a kitchen burn is the most common area for burns. Outdoor fire accidents are the following most common locations.
  • Burns and fires are the most common causes of accidental death rates in the U.S. home for children 14 years of age and under and the third leading cause of unintentional death for all adults
  • Scalds are the primary nexus of burn injury death in the home for children from birth to age four and are forty percent of the burn injuries for children up to age 14
  • The U.S. National Burn Information Exchange statistics show that people older than sixty have an increased risk of burn injury. Their burn risk is higher than any other time since their youth. These burns are more severe than in any other age cohort
  • The most typical burns for older adults are from flame or scalding, often due to trash fires, furnaces, explosives, bathing, or falling asleep while smoking
  • The U.S. National Fire Protection Agency states that the one age class more likely to be killed in a house fire is 75 and above
  • Burn injuries are among the most expensive catastrophic injuries to treat. A burn of 30% of the total body area can cost more than $200,000 in initial hospital bills. There are high additional costs for an extensive burn injury, including repeat admission fees for reconstruction and rehabilitation.

What Compensation Is Possible For Your Severe Burns?

Ehline Law wins the gold award again!

You can receive an award of compensation for all types of damages and losses you suffered from being burned. Your injuries could be physical, emotional, or financial, etc. You can help guarantee yourself compensation by immediately contacting a lawyer experienced at handling and winning burn and explosion cases. Once you have the right lawyer standing by your side, you can righteously demand the responsible party compensate you for the following:

  • Expenses on medical treatment of burns
  • Expenditures on nursing
  • Any plastic surgery expenses
  • Physical therapy
  • Psychological mentoring
  • Cost of medication
  • Loss of wages
  • Loss of capacity to work
  • Mental anguish
  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of companionship.

Excellent lawyers will be obligated to help find you the best surgeons and doctors for your medical treatment once they have picked up your case. After all, they’re the best lawyers for a reason, so naturally, they will already have excellent public relations and access to a medical resources network. At Ehline Law, we can arrange the best treatment for you at the state’s best hospitals and from the world’s best medical doctors.

Why Else Should I Hire Ehline Law Firm’s Los Angeles Burn Injury Attorneys?

Ehline Law Accident Attorneys Image

Good question. First of all, burns and explosion cases are challenging to prove and win. If you have little to no legal training, you will not be able to hold someone responsible legally for paying your damages. Your burn injury legal team will be able to conduct a proper investigation to identify all responsible parties, gathering vital evidence, including the defendant’s asset or insurance information. A burn injury victim standing against big companies (i.e., the manufacturers of defective products) cannot fight alone and expect superior results. Only people who know the game can win the case for you by fighting insurance companies, offending parties, and obtaining complete compensation.

You will need money for physical, financial, and emotional damage, and you can only do this by retaining the most experienced, seasoned, and knowledgeable burn injury attorneys. Ehline Law Firm’s top team of professional lawyers will work for your benefit, seeking the maximum compensation allowed under the law. We know Los Angeles and can help you receive medical treatment at the best burn hospitals and facilities for burn injury care and recovery. That way, we can help you remove unsightly scars from your body and help you get your life back on track. We have fought such cases in the past and for 30 plus years, building an impressive track record.

Plus, we are here to make sure you don’t pay a penny out of your pocket since this was something you didn’t cause. Someone else or some entity caused the damage placing you under our representation, so why should you be made to pay for and fix damages caused by someone else? Many satisfied past clients agree that Ehline Law Firm was the best choice to get well and get even. If you seek Los Angeles burn injury legal assistance, speak to burn injury expert Michael Ehline today by telephoning (213) 596-9642. Our seasoned legal professionals are attentive, caring and we want to listen to your side of the story and earn your trust with actions, not words. You can also feel free to use our online contact form to discuss your important legal matter with a highly experienced Los Angeles injury lawyer.

  • Hot Water Heater Injury? Tap water, when overheated, can cause painful burns. These often occur with a faulty water heater or thermostat.
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