Statistics on Motorcycle Traffic Collisions and Accidents

Knowing The Crash Stats Can Help You Prepare For Safe Motorcycle Riding.

In California in particular, big government, high gas prices, and expensive social engineering has cut considerably into the solemn property rights of Citizens domiciled in the Republic.

The ability of employers and many small businesses to make a profit means that mom and pop shops that create most of the jobs are closing their doors. Jobs are fleeing the Soviet Socialist Republic of California in record numbers.

Because of this, and the outrageously high costs of fuel, individuals are turning to motorcycles in an effort to afford to remain in the beautiful Golden State. Many don't want to move to an economically free state, like Texas.

Of course, riders enjoy the thrill and excitement that comes with riding. But others like members of the armed forces, ride to get to and from places quickly. Avoiding missing man formations, AWOL, or UA is an important factor for military personnel who ride motorcycles.

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Statistics - Motorcycle Accidents.


Deaths and Serious Accidents.

Deaths and serious accidents from both pedal-powered bicycles, as well as motorcycles, have been steadily increasing since at least 1998. Noteworthy is the undisputed fact that California is the number one driver of motorcycle fatalities and collisions. [1. Motorcycle Fatalities By State] Some of these are characterized as single-vehicle collisions (only the motorcycle is involved), but most arise when another vehicle strikes the bike and rider.

City Riding.

City riding in the Greater Los Angeles area appears to be the most dangerous to life and limb. Cars are not as vigilant, or downright oblivious when it comes to observing for motorcyclists traveling the roads, as they are when it comes to the less obvious car, truck, or bus.

The City, County, or State becomes a defendant, however, when the roads are poorly maintained or altered in such a way as to cause a single-vehicle collision. This happens when bikes fall in potholes, or in poorly marked construction zones, for example.

But still, the greatest amount of motorcycle collisions consist of standard motor vehicles striking a motorcyclist that is riding down the highway on the surface streets. This means riders need to pay special attention when they are cruising around in cities, especially L.A.

Due to the nature of unprotected riding, serious bodily injuries, and death, are a frequent occurrence. This should come as no shock to anyone with common sense. When a person is launched from a motorcycle, the body flails around and the rider has little control over where, or how he will fall to the earth.

Many will land on their head, shatter their shoulders and collar bones and even snap their thigh bones. Spine injury is a known cause of permanent paralysis. Even a more common injury like road rash, and hairline fracture, can cause you to lose time off of work. Lack of finances becomes real.

The cards are always stacked against a wounded rider. This is even truer when a disfigured or broken motorcyclist is unrepresented by legal counsel. Overcoming a biased police report, and gathering evidence are so important, that it is crazy to not hire a motorcycle lawyer.

What the Statistics Tell Us About Hazards to Riders.

Below, are a few of the various available statistics regarding motorcycle collision causes and types of harm. This is illustrative. But it's only based upon reported incidents. The facts as of 1981, relate that 3/4 of traffic mishaps involving motorbikes were primarily motorcars versus bikes.

The other 25% of roadway hazards injuring riders, involved single-vehicle spills caused by road defects, and striking or being struck by an object. The studies assert that approximately 2/3 of those alarming cases, were caused solely due to rider error.

A common error is over-reliance on the rear brakes and spinning out. Curb jumping, taking corners too fast, and fast riding remains known causes of these crashes.

Left Hand Turn Accidents.

By far, riders are mostly injured in left-hand turn incidents. This happens most often when a car driver attempts to beat the traffic signal and negotiates a left hand turn when a motorcycle is heading towards the intersection on a green or yellow light.

It cuts the rider off and causes him or her to slam into the side of the car. Despite the fact that the biker had the legal right of way, the insurance company for the automobile that cut the rider off almost always tries to argue that the cyclist ran a red light. As an aside, this is why it is vital to gather witness statements of bystanders who will verify you had a green or yellow signal go ahead.

Riding Gear and Safety Measures.

Statistics show fewer daylight injuries happen when headlamps remain on. Also, wearing special armored riding jackets and steel toe riding boots saves lives too. Most experts say you should wear brightly colored helmets and vests as well.

And these items do help prevent lacerations, road rash, etc. But safety equipment does not always prevent more significant wounds like skull fractures, and broken bones. And no safety measures will stop an aggressive auto operator with road rage. Some people have vengeful agendas and run motorcyclists over.

Could be they don’t like bikers, the color of your bike, your skin, who knows. So riders have to be on the lookout. Basically, when riding, you need to keep your head on a swivel.

Helmets Remain Vital.

Wearing a proper riding helmet is the number one lifesaver in all motorcycle accidents. This is because it protects your brain. Without the use of that gray matter, you would be a vegetable. A helmet drastically diminishes the chances of you enduring a head, or neck injury, and seriously reduces the chances of a fatal brain wound, or loss of use of bodily functions post-accident.

Experience is Not Conclusive in Accident Reduction.

As we discussed previously, over half of the bikers in wrecks had 5 months or less rider experience. But astoundingly, acquaintance with the particular model of motorcycle is central to accident avoidance, not time riding bikes in general.

Over Relying on Rear Brakes.

Another interesting discovery that riders over-rely on their rear brakes often. Many believe they will flip the bike in a nosedive if they use their front brakes. But this creates the problem of slide-outs, which are also deadly. A great tip for all riders is to use front and rear in tandem.


The last most significant factor in accident causation if riders and other motorists, daydreaming, ho-humming, or otherwise distracted by a phone, or electronic device, or even a soft drink.

Weight Displacement.

Good news to you Goldwingers and Harley Bagger Riders. Bikes with larger motors and overall displacement are in a lower percentage of roadway accidents. And as with any good news now comes the bad. When a larger bike does wreck, the injuries are statistically more devastating to the riders and passengers.

Inclement Weather.

Interestingly, weather conditions by and of themselves, are not a statistically significant cause of traffic collisions involving motorcycles. But bad weather conditions often combine with some other man-made conditions to cause these types of wrecks.

Speed and Motorcycle Accidents.

In fact, most motorcycle accidents are lower speed. Typically they travel at 30 mph or less. Most wrecks take place close to home. So a trip intended to be quick places riders most at risk. Examples include a trip to the grocery store.

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