Bill by Lindsey Graham to Make Military Veterans Security Officers for Schools

[Page Updated 06/17/2022] The United States of America has millions of people who are proficient and well-trained in operating firearms. Many service members in the country have gone through extensive trainings for self-defense.

Senator Graham to Push Vets

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Democrats Seek to Punish Gun Owners as Grahams Asks Vets – HELP

Such training exercises allow people to defend themselves against armed robbers. The fear has increased from armed robbers to people whose only goal is to target and kill innocents. 

In recent years, the United States has become an easy target for a school shooter or other morons who have lost their sanity.

These people are attacking some of the most less-guarded and unexpected faculties. But former military members and even off duty service members could easily pass a certification process and protect our schools as armed school security guards within U.S. school districts.

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They would be labeled as a school resource officer in the school districts they work. If you have been aware of the attack situations, you would know how many attacks have taken place at the elementary schools in the recent years. Every time an attack takes place at a school, the parents and the affected demand answers from the law enforcement authorities.

They are questioned what is their strategy in dealing with such attacks and what the schools need to do to save themselves from such attackers.

Senator Lindsey Graham Wants to Change Things

Senator Lindsey Graham now wants to bring change to the security system at the schools. Among the millions of people who know how to use firearms in the United States, the senator is eyeing the military veterans. The senator has recently proposed the implementation of a new program that would see the utilization of the military veterans.

Graham has proposed that the skills and experience of the military veterans can be used at the schools. He has proposed that the military veterans should be given the post of the security officers at the schools. However, Senator Lindsey Graham has not done it on a smaller scale. Instead, he is aiming to present his idea with the help of a legislation he is going to present at the Senate.

Comments Made by Senator Lindsey Graham

The senator stated that it is not simple to handover guns to the military veterans and let them perform their duties as security officers at the schools. He added that they cannot just ask the veterans to do as they please and start shooting at the next shooter who appears out of nowhere. But service members and military members and vets understand rules of engagement and would be a great choice.

The senator stated that they will have to do things in a very organized manner. For this purpose, the veterans will need to go through a proper training procedure. The senator stated that before the veterans are given the duties, they will have to be given proper training and instructions. The training, instructions and certification process will involve firearms training, deescalation and other techniques needed for the security of the schools.

He added that if the legislation is passed, then military branch will be required to given the particular training and instructions to their personnel. This way, the personnel will be well-trained and aware of the instructions they will need to adhere when acting as security officers at the schools.

The major part of the training would revolve around the protocols and the strategy that the military veterans will follow whenever a school shooting takes place.

The Senator Referenced the Robb Elementary School Massacre

While talking about the training of the veterans, the senator openly talked about the massacre that had taken place at the Robb Elementary School. He mentioned how the law enforcement authorities hesitated in quickly responding to the shooting at the Robb Elementary School.

He stated that the law enforcement authorities were not able to deal with the shooter the way they were supposed to. Instead of dealing with the situation as an active shooting site, they treated it as a siege. This allowed the shooter enough time to shoot 19 kids and 2 teachers at the school before being gunned down.

The shooter was brought down by the ICE and the Border Patrol officers who did not follow the instructions that were given to them. If Graham’s legislation gets approved, then every school in the United States will have a military veteran as a security officer.


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