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Page Updated 12/13/2021

Has An Uber Driver Ever Kidnapped Anyone?

With more reports of sexual assault in an Uber surfacing, Uber drivers and passengers have been part of protests and lawsuits demanding more safety for the rideshare application users.

In 2019, the company released a safety document with data insights that brought to the surface the magnitude of sexual assault problems both drivers and riders faced during Uber rides.

The company admits that the figures might be slightly under-reported as not many people come forward to share their painful experiences with the world. Now hold on tight, as our Los Angeles Uber accident attorneys help you understand the dangers of riding in an Uber ride-sharing vehicle.

Has an Uber Driver put You in a Dangerous Situation? Ehline Law Wants to Hear About it

  • Is an Uber Ride Really Dangerous?
  • Driver Accused of Kidnapping a Woman Rider in Massachusetts
  • Ehline Law is Here for Victims of Sexual Assaults or Other Crimes

Is an Uber Ride Really Dangerous?

The 2019 report shed light on the gravity of the situation when a couple of incidents resurfaced on social media prompting riders to take their precautions.

Motor Vehicle Fatalities

The average number of fatal accidents while riding in an Uber is lower than the nation’s average. This is due to the company’s strict policy restricting users under 21 years to becoming Uber drivers.

Although these figures might be a relief, it is not the case when one looks at the bigger picture. Passengers and drivers in an Uber ride only contribute 35% of the dead victims, while the rest are pedestrians, cyclists, and third-party drivers.

The report stated that in the two years time of data collection, out of more than 2 billion Uber rides, there were 107 fatal car accidents.

Physical and Sexual Assault

The number of fatal physical assaults reported in the 2019 safety report is not alarming. Still, it does not include the large number of non-fatal physical assault victims that happen daily as per social media accounts.

The data only showed the number of fatal physical assaults but did not shed light on non-fatal incidents like kidnapping and robbing, leaving drivers and riders injured.

Even more surprising is that although the physical fatal assault figures are low, the document stated more than 6,000 sexual assaults reported on the Uber app, with around 45% of the cases where a rider abuses the driver.

Driver Accused of Kidnapping a Woman Rider in Massachusetts

On the 18th of March 2021, a woman called for an Uber to reach her destination, and she got greeted by Kamal Essalak, a 47-year-old resident of Acton.

The woman noticed Essalak behaving strangely during the ride and feeling uncomfortable. She decided to end the ride and get off. However, upon requesting Essalak to stop, she realized that the doors had child safety locks and could not budge them open.

A Boston Police Department report states that Essalak made his way to the rear passenger area where the woman was, laughing hysterically as he did. The passenger starts pushing and kicking, and in doing so, she makes her way to the driver’s seat from where she opened the door and made her escape. The police arrested the driver a few days later with an outstanding warrant to custody.

As the news surfaced, an Uber spokesperson expressed immense grief, stating that no one has to go through this. The company made sure to ban the driver’s access to the app to protect Uber riders or Uber users while staying in contact with the victim and law enforcement agencies to ensure justice.

Following the incident, Boston Police also requested riders to check the child safety door locks on the rear doors before getting into an Uber.

The police also ensured that Essalak attended the Brighton District Court to face the verdict on his charges and the situation at hand. This situation is not the first of the incidents, as in 2019, a 32-year-old Uber driver, Sean Williams, kidnapped a 15-year-old girl with the plans to assault the minor sexually. The girl managed to escape and call the police after she convinced Sean to stop at McDonald’s for her to use the restroom.

Uber is just one of the many popular ride-hailing platforms in the country. Lyft is another popular option, which means Lyft drivers, Lyft riders, and many other groups of people are vulnerable to such acts of sexual assault or kidnapping when using a ride-sharing service.

Ehline Law is Here for Victims of Sexual Assaults or Other Crimes

If you’ve gotten sexually assaulted on a ride-sharing platform, contact us at (213) 596-9642 and get a free consultation on your abuse case with our experienced attorneys. We understand the trauma associated with sexual abuse and are here to provide you with the best legal representation.

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