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Jason Momoa Motorcycle Accident – Who Pays?

Jason Momoa Motorcycle Crash Video – The Aftermath Update

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Did you hear about the Jason Moma motorcycle accident?

Ultimate Guide to Understanding Momoa Motorcycle Crash

At first, I thought he crashed a bike since I saw his Instagram account with him riding Harley’s and apparently with a Hells Angels entourage in Hawaii.

He may even be a supporter, based on the Instagram video here. But no, he was not riding a hog. He was actually in a car, there were no brothers riding nearby, and it happened in Los Angeles, CA. TMZ obtained a video of the crash scene of Jason Mamoa’s scary car wreck that happened over the weekend a few weeks back on July 24, 2022. The video shows Jason walking back towards his motor vehicle while paramedics are tending to the motorcycle rider behind him. 

The footage was taken on a camera mounted to a bike that happened to be traveling by, on Old Topanga Road, and it is evident that from the footage that was captured, it was a fairly serious scene, and with the amount of manpower that arrived at the scene, it was most certainly treated as one. 

Is the Motorcycle Rider Fine?

Overall, the good news is that Jason’s fine, and although there was no sign of an injured rider initially, we did see a bike and gear that can be seen on the side of the road in a front and rear shot that captured the entire thing. 

More Information About the Head-On Collision Occurring on Topanga Canyon Road, Sunday

Apparently, Jason Momoa was involved in a scary head-on collision with a motorcycle rider. Luckily, Jason was not harmed from the initial report, and it appears police say no one is to blame for the accident. As a motorcycle law expert, I can say that anytime a rider crashes, there will be some injuries and a lot of property damage to multiple vehicles or surrounding obstacles and safety barriers. Also, it is hard to believe someone wasn’t negligent.

What Happened?

Law enforcement sources have revealed that the ‘Aquaman’ star was driving along Old Topanga canyon road, near the Calabasas area, on Sunday.

Apparently, another motorist, perhaps the motorcycle rider, crossed a double yellow lines and ran into the path of Momoa’s 1970 Oldsmobile. The motorcyclist, “21-year-old Vitaliy Avagimyan, was ejected from his bike and later brought to nearby Northridge Hospital with minor injuries, per the California Highway Patrol.” (Source: U.S. Magazine.) There is no word if the rider was a Paparazzi. No arrests have been made in connection to the accident, though “the exact cause” is under investigation.

What he know so far is during his drive that a motorcycle rider crossed paths with him. Unfortunately, the motorcyclist made contact with Jason when coming around the curve. 

Word on the street is that the motorcyclist who was traveling in the opposite direction crossed over into Jason’s lane when coming around the bend, hitting the left front end of his Oldsmobile muscle car – and to put this as nicely as possible, the motorcyclist went flying. 

The Outcome of the Accident

Fortunately for the motorcyclist and everyone else, he was able to land on his feet. He did, however, first bounce off of JM’s windshield, clearing off the hood of his car. Nevertheless, sources still say that the rider was apparently left standing after the head-on motorcycle crash. 

What Happened with the Other Motorcyclist After the Scary Car Wreck?

It was reported that the motorcyclist was transported to a nearby hospital with minor injuries – the minor injuries sustained by the rider included bruising to the leg and a thumb injury, but beyond that, both victims appeared to be okay. 

Back at the scene, police officers that were present took reports, but other than that, nothing else came of the accident. 

Who Is to Blame?

Responsibility for any accident is rarely a clear-cut matter, which is why general liability is usually apportioned between the victims of a collision, dependent on their level of responsibility for the accident. 

In this case, however, the motorcyclist would most likely have to accept greater responsibility should the actor want to take legal action against him and claim compensation. 

Assuming the rider crossed the double yellow, he would be negligent per se, because the statute was written to prevent the type of harm, to another motorist, and in this case, Momoa suffered emotional distress and property damage. The rider might counter that he did nothing wrong, or that he was only partially at fault under California’s Pure Comparative Negligence law. We shall see if anyone lawyers up or not!

How Ehline Law Could Help Victims of Similar Situations 

Anyone who has been involved in a motorcyclist collision in Los Angeles – like the one on Old Topanga road – and has sustained serious injuries, as a result, can hold the other driver liable if they were acting negligently. 

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