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    Motorcyclist Killed in Collision at Stockdale Hwy and Coffee Rd in SW Bakersfield

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    Motorcyclist Killed in Collision at Stockdale Hwy and Coffee Rd in SW Bakersfield

Motorcyclist Killed in Collision at Stockdale Hwy and Coffee Rd in SW Bakersfield

Wrongful Death or Property Damage Claim?

In recent news, a fatal motorcycle accident happened in southwest Bakersfield, CA, where a motorcyclist lost his life. Let’s explore the details of the Bakersfield accident with Ehline Law and our motorcycle attorneys.

Motorcyclist Dead in an Accident at Stockdale Highway and Coffee Road in South Bakersfield, Kern County

On September 17, 2022, the Bakersfield police department received a call for a collision at the intersection of Stockdale highway and Coffee road in SW Bakersfield, CA. The Bakersfield police department received a call before 9:00 PM after the accident occurred between a motorcyclist and another vehicle on Saturday evening. They immediately dispatched their nearby officers to assess the situation.

Upon reaching the accident site, the intersection of Stockdale highway and Coffee road, the police saw a motorcyclist lying on the middle of the road suffering severe injuries. The man in the motorcycle crash was pronounced dead. The driver of the vehicle involved in the auto accident remained at the accident site for further questioning. Early investigation into the Bakersfield motorcycle accident revealed that the motorcyclist didn’t stop at the red light resulting in a serious collision. Police officers questioned the driver about the motorcycle accident and, in a statement, revealed that the motorist was highly cooperative.

After the accident, Kern County Coroner’s Office received the task of identifying the motorcyclist killed in Bakersfield, CA. In the meantime, the officers closed the intersection for a few hours and requested anyone with additional information to contact the local police department.

Who Is Liable for the Motorcycle Accident in Bakersfield?

In the incident “Motorcyclist killed in collision at Stockdale Hwy and Coffee Rd in SW Bakersfield” that occurred on Coffee Road Bakersfield, preliminary investigations suggested that the rider was at fault for not stopping at the red light at the intersection.

However, until further investigations occur, it is difficult to pin the blame on the motorcyclist as both the parties could be equally, if not more, responsible for the deadly motorcycle accident. Perhaps the driver was overspeeding, and the rider could be safe if he were not. There could be many possibilities that one cannot rule out at this early stage of the investigation.

The fault of the accident determines how much compensation the victim party may receive. Suppose the driver was at fault for the motorcycle accident. In that case, the deceased’s family members could file a wrongful death claim against the driver’s insurance company to recover compensation for their loss.

However, if the rider is at fault for the fatal Bakersfield motorcycle accident, the driver can file claims against their estate or insurance company to recover. If both parties are responsible, the degree of fault determines the compensation amount.

So far, there is no update on whether or not the driver involved in the fatal collision is suffering from injuries. But, they can submit a claim to recover property damages if their vehicle sustained any damages from the accident.

Another critical thing to remember about accidents is that you must stay at the accident site no matter what until law enforcement arrives. Had the motorist escaped the accident site, it would’ve turned the Bakersfield motorcycle accident into a hit and run, just like the September 12, 2022, accident on South Union Avenue and Adams Street, where the motorist escaped after hitting a pedestrian, resulting in their death.

Secondly, staying at the accident site means you get to tell your side of the story and request a police report that can help strengthen your case when filing claims.

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